The duck followed Jing Lin's footsteps into the backyard and rushed excitedly toward the vegetable patch as usual. As a result, after rushing in, it was found that the surrounding area was empty and all its food was gone. It was immediately dumbfounded.

Jing Lin saw the duck standing there stupidly. He didn't react until all the rations specially reserved for the duck were cleared away by Yan Lu as weeds. The weeds piled up in the corner were all of one color. They were light green and tender green. It was really not easy to find out the rations for the duck. Jing Lin pulled out a handful from the inside and handed it to the duck for it to eat.

The duck hesitated for a moment, then bowed their heads and took a bite, and soon vomited it out in disgust. The duck shouted two times at Jing Lin.

Jing Lin took it to the edge of the weed heap and said, "I can't tell which one you ate before, you can only find it yourself."

Then he patted the duck's head and got up and went into the kitchen. He had to burn his own bath water and Lele's bath water.

When Jing Lin cooked the water, took Lele to take a bath and was ready to sleep, and went to look for ducks, he found that the ground was full of crushed grass leaves, and the culprit was slumped in the haystack gasping for breath. He was still eating at the edge of his mouth with a straw tip. He saw Jing Lin coming with the oil lamp and whispering to him weakly. He looked tired and hungry.

Jing Lin saw that it was still eating. After cutting some grass and putting it into the chicken's food box, he carried the oil lamp back to the bedroom.

After that, Lele was allowed to play by himself, and he began to practice as he did a few nights ago. At the beginning of the operation of the mental formula, there was no change as usual, with a fixed amount of aura and a fixed route of operation. But wait until the back, the surrounding surge of reiki suddenly increased, almost rampaging through the meridians, causing bouts of tingling. Jing Lin endured the pain and worked more intently on the mental method. After a long time, he only felt the sound of "Peng" coming from his mind. Something was smashed. As the sound fell to the ground, the pain immediately disappeared. His whole body felt light and refreshed. The tiredness of the day was gone. Look at the reiki flowing through the meridians again. It seems that the speed is slow as before. It is a good thing. And the air mass between the eyes seems to be a little more viscous.

Jing Lin knew that he had entered the second floor of the initial motion.

There was a buzzing of mosquitoes in my ear, and a black mosquito the size of a needle tip fluttered precariously in front of the scene, as if looking for a place to lower its mouth. Although the mosquito is small, it is reflected in the eyes of Jing Lin like a striking black spot, even the afterimage of the mosquito's wings can be clearly seen. Jing Lin's hands were raised and his eyes were on the black mosquito. When he opened his hands, the black mosquito was already dead.

It is normal to have mosquitoes in summer. Jing Lin propped up the mosquito net on the bed, so he was not bothered by mosquitoes when sleeping, and Jing Lin did not take it to heart. Clean up this black mosquito. Jing Lin sat quietly on the bed for a while. when he saw no more mosquitoes, he blew the lamp and went to bed.

As soon as I opened my eyes in the morning, Jing Lin heard the frantic cries of chickens from the debris room. He thought there was something breaking into his house, so he ran to the junk room and found nothing. The flock of chickens saw him coming and shouted more vehemently. Some even flapping their wings to fly out of the wooden fence. Jing Lin looked inside and saw that there were still many pieces of grass left in the normally empty food box. There were still many pieces of grass leaking out of the ground, and they were trampled badly. He hardly touched it.

No wonder it's so loud, I guess I can't stand being hungry. However, he thought that the duck was picky about eating because the duck had developed spiritual intelligence and the chickens were picky about eating. Do they all have spiritual intelligence?

Jing Lin looked at it carefully and found that there was still a difference. Most of the chickens were shriveled with hunger. Some of them were especially energetic and showed no signs of starvation.

The chickens kept barking, causing Jing Lin a headache. He said quickly, "Stop barking and get you something to eat right away."

The chickens were indeed quieter.

Jing Lin has even more headaches. He raised chickens just to eat chicken and eggs in the future. At the moment, these chickens behave just like people. How can he do it in the future?

There was nothing in the house for the chickens to eat. Jing Lin remembered the two small cabbage pieces in the front yard. He took a knife and cut two back. He left some special water-tender vegetables to cook porridge later and chopped up the rest.

Chinese cabbage is very tender, and even smells a faint scent when it is cut.

The Chinese cabbage was put into the food box of the chickens. Before he could put the box down completely, the starving chickens jumped high to peck at each other.

After watching the chickens eat for a while, Jing Lin, who did not practice this morning, felt hungry and turned into the kitchen to wash the rice in the pan. He washed and chopped the cabbage and put it into the pan. When the water was hot, he added a little lard and salt and boiled it for a while. The delicious porridge would be good.

When eating, Jing Lin thought of the toad and looked at the corner of the corner. The toad was still sitting there motionless. When he saw Jing Lin looking at it, "gung" said hello, proving it was alive.

Jing Lin got up early, and there was still a while before the gathering time after eating. Because Yan Fei said that he would come to see him when he was separated yesterday, Jing Lin was not in a hurry to go out. after tidying up the house hygiene, he drew three sets of symbols of the lock spirit array, specially prepared one for Yan Fei's house.

As for his ability to arrange the battle array, Jing Lin did not want to hide it from those close to him. Zhao Zhiwen's family needless to say, told them from the beginning. As for Yan Fei's family, judging from their recent meeting, they are all of good character. They are both close to each other in the village. With Yan Lu's help yesterday, Jing Lin also plans to make a brief statement about his scribbling skills, so as to make the three families closer together and help each other in the future.

The grass around the house has not been cleared away, so it will not be ready for a while. Jing Lin drew three sets of array symbols, just as Yan Fei and Yan Lu also came.

Yan Fei has some dark circles under his eyes at the moment. A look shows that he did not sleep well last night. Jing Lin also saw several red pimples on his face and asked him what was going on on his face.

Yan Fei said, "It was bitten by mosquitoes." I couldn't help scratching because of itching.

Jing Lin thought Yan Fei's family did not prepare mosquito nets because they came back in a hurry. His family still had mosquito nets left, so he suggested that he could use the mosquito nets he did not use.

Results Yan Fei wry smile way: "mosquito nets my family had prepared a dozen beds. I was bitten awake in the middle of the night last night, but I can't see a mosquito in the mosquito net, which is strange." Moreover, Yan Fei also said that besides Yan Lu's good night's sleep, his parents suffered from mosquitoes all night long, with dark circles under their eyes and looking gaunt.

By this time, Jing Lin felt that the situation was slightly wrong, but he didn't think much about it. he also said that Zhao Zhiwen's family had dried wormwood, and he could ask for some points to go back and burn the mosquito repellent tonight.

When I arrived at Zhao Zhiwen's house, I saw that their arms and faces were also red pimples bitten by mosquitoes. I heard Zhao Zhiwen rubbing his eyes and complaining that he could not see mosquitoes all night but had been bitten all the time. It was useless to use mosquito-repellent incense and moxa to wipe toilet water all over. It was also strange. Several people felt wrong when they arrived here.

When they went to Ma Renshan's house to gather, all the people present except Jing Lin and Yan Lu had no spirit. Their faces and hands were covered with a red pimple. They stood there one by one and yawned. Several people looked at Jing Lin and felt that they could fall asleep while standing.

Seeing Yan Fei's pimples on the side of his face were bleeding, Jing Lin quickly stopped him: "broken skin, don't catch it."

Yan Fei frowned. Jing Lin took the palm of his hand to rub him if he didn't want to catch him. "it's too itchy."

Zhao Shaogan was also badly bitten. He was wearing long sleeves today. He rubbed his arms across his clothes and said, "Today we'll go out and see if we can buy some medicine. Then I'll prepare some antipruritic medicine. Everyone can come and get some."

Ma Chunzheng, Ma Renshan's son, said: "It is necessary to prepare some medicine. My family Yan Xin was bitten until she cried last night, and her back was covered with red pimples. She felt very distressed for me." His family woke up in the middle of the night last night and didn't sleep. They couldn't find any mosquitoes. They thought they had fleas in their house, but they still didn't work when they changed sheets and napkins. Looking at her daughter's appearance that she wanted to sleep but did not dare to sleep, she guarded her with a fan until dawn.

Jing Lin watched a group of people move like monkeys, but couldn't laugh at all. At the beginning, the pimples on Lele's body were all regular circles, and these people were all irregular shapes, which was different from the pimples on Lele's body at the beginning.

Moreover, this group of people, how can Lele and he and Yan Lu have not been bitten. He remembered the mosquito he shot dead last night. The mosquito is very small in his eyes and has a large tip. theoretically, he should not be able to see it under a dim kerosene lamp. But he saw it and shot it to death.

Is it because of his practice method? Lele was immune to mosquito bites because she had red pimples before? What about Yan Lu? Is it because she is strong?

I felt uncomfortable again, but when it was time to gather, I still had to go. Not many people went, just eight. Some people in the village like to take advantage of others, thinking that it's okay for them not to go anyway. when they come back, he can just ask about the situation outside.

From the situation in the village, we can see that the road outside is not good, so we all walk. Yesterday, everyone was busy cleaning up the main roads in the village and had no time to pay attention to the surroundings, so when they arrived at the village entrance, they seemed to enter another world. The grass spreading in the middle of the road is flanked by tall trees that can be folded by three or four people. The thick branches on the top cover the sky overhead. Only a little light leaks out from the sparse gaps. Therefore, the light is very dark. The surrounding area is filled with loud and low sounds of unknown animals, giving people the illusion of being in the mountains and jungles.

Li Feiyu looked at the grass, which was beyond sight, and said with consternation, "will we get lost when we enter here?"

"You can't follow the road." Yan Fei said. There are big trees on both sides of the road. As long as the road is marked by big trees, it is still a little difficult to get lost.

Because a group of people, Yan Fei is the highest, followed by Zhao Zhiwen and Jing Lin, so the three walked in the front, holding a thick wrist stick, while pouncing on the grass while opening the road.

They are going to Huangtai town, which is the nearest to the village. When they arrived at the next village, they were relieved to see that the grass on the road had been cleared like their village. It's too tired to walk in the grass pile. Although there are tall ones in front, it's not as easy as walking on an open road. And although the top of the head is covered by trees, but in high temperature weather, the grass pile is very hot, very not easy out of the grass pile, a line of people feel clothes off can twist out of the water.

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