Gu Changjin came in with two big bags filled with vegetables.

Now the whole world is full of radiation, even in cities, it is only a little less radiation, and the molecular formula will change and then change after plants are irradiated.

Plants in the wild have long mutated and cannot be eaten, and it is also very difficult to cultivate plants in cities.

Shi Qingyang always does not like to eat vegetables, but he still knows the price of vegetables. As long as Gu Changjin has these two bags of things, at least he needs tens of thousands of credit points.

Although the country now has many security systems, including not only relief funds but also shelters, the difference between the bottom and the top is still great. The life and status of the person after he becomes stronger is beyond the imagination of ordinary people.

"Gu…Grandpa Gu, he, he makes delicious meat." See Gu Changjin, Cheng Ran immediately stood up, and eager to explain, so much so that the talk of stumbling, say that finish, but also looked at Gu Changjin nervously.

Why does Cheng Ran seem a little afraid of Gu Changjin? Shi Qingyang was puzzled, but smiled and looked at Gu Changjin: "Uncle, have you eaten? I made some more. Do you want to eat?"

Gu Changjin looked at Cheng Ran with a sigh and finally said, "Thank you, please."

"Uncle, let me get it." Shi Qingyang left a copy for Gu Changjin. He came out with the barbecue and saw Gu Changjin and Cheng Ran seem to be talking. Xu heard the noise. Cheng Ran immediately raised his head and smiled at him, but Gu Changjin was not very enthusiastic.

Do you not like cooking for Cheng Ran? Shi Qingyang only didn't find Gu Changjin's coldness. After all, the meal just now has greatly narrowed the relationship between him and Cheng Ran. Even if Gu Changjin is unhappy, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

Moreover, what he gave Cheng Ran to eat were all good things specially selected. Apart from not being a whole piece of meat, there were no other problems. Even the meat he kept for Gu Changjin was also relatively good.

Shi Qingyang ate the most, but he was the first to finish eating. After he finished eating, he could only watch Gu Changjin and Cheng Ran eat quietly.

Although Cheng Ran is very immature in many aspects, he is not the same as everyone's childe whom Shi Qingyang met, who has great skills and understands communication. However, the way he eats can be seen at a glance. He was not born low.

Shi Qingyang did not learn to eat in such a gentle manner even when he was standing on high in his previous life. At first he didn't have a chance to learn. Later, there were people everywhere who ingratiated themselves with him, so it was completely unnecessary to learn. During that time, even if he ate a large plate of snacks at the dance, others would only praise his true temperament and even others would learn from him.

Cheng Ran was very cultured when eating, but he always took a look at Shi Qingyang from time to time. The smile on the corners of his mouth was hanging all the time. People knew at a glance that he was in a good mood. Seeing him like this, Shi Qingyang's mood inevitably improved.

However, he also noticed that Gu Changjin has been looking at Cheng Ran, awkward.

Is there something wrong? Shi Qingyang had some doubts, but he did not delve into it. He is now playing a simple 16-year-old boy. At the age of 16, he still grew up in a simple environment and did not think too much.

After Gu Changjin finished eating, Shi Qingyang asked, "Uncle, what are you looking for me for?"

"You are going to Spark College to sign up? I want to be your sponsor." Gu Changjin direct way.

Supporters, as the name implies, are those who contribute money to help others study.

Building new cities, hunting exotic animals, laying optical fibers outside the city, etc. , all depend on the radiation energy fighters, which makes the radiation energy fighters, especially the intermediate or senior radiation energy fighters, have a very high status.

But want to have that kind of strength, but need a huge investment early…Shi Qingyang do so much, in fact, is to get Cheng Ran funding.

"Uncle, my test result is double C-, up to become a three-level radiation energy fighter…" Shi Qingyang hesitated on her face, according to the normal situation, radiation energy can accommodate and radiation energy adaptability is C, is likely to become a three-level or four-level radiation energy fighter, he is C-, generally can only reach level 3.

"It doesn't matter," Gu Changjin smiled. "You are a good boy, and I won't lie to you. I just hope you can take care of my young master at school. If you like, we will bear all your tuition and living expenses."

"Grandpa Gu?" Cheng Ran a full face of surprise.

"Uncle, even if you don't give aid, you should take care of your classmates." Shi Qingyang also said.

Gu Changjin glanced at Cheng Ran and then at Shi Qingyang: "You should know that this is the best choice. I know that you are working part-time and can earn enough for your tuition, but if you want to be a radiation fighter, you don't have to pay the tuition. I asked the people of Spark College, where the price of renting the training room is very cheap compared with the outside, but it also requires 20 credit points for one hour. after you start studying, you can't work as long as you do now. how can you take out the money? Moreover, as a radiation fighter, if you want to make the radiation in your body conform to the rules, you need to take medicine. A bottle of the most basic soothing medicine for mass production needs 1,000 credit points, and the better one is more expensive. If your radiation in your body is unstable, can you get the money?"

Shi Qingyang was silent. In his previous life, he had no money to rent the training room of the school. He could only practice at the entrance to the city. He had no money to buy soothing drugs. He had to stand firm in case of radiation riots…Those years were very painful for him, but they also buried hidden dangers for his health.

"You haven't had much contact with radiation energy before, so you probably don't know that radiation energy is very violent. If you are careless, people with radiation energy will be attacked by the radiation energy in their own bodies. If you are only a Class I or II radiation energy fighter, you must be assisted by drugs to reach Class III or IV." Gu Changjin added.

Gu Changjin said that Shi Qingyang could not have been unaware that radiation caused radiation and was extremely violent. When this energy was first discovered, basically all radiation fighters died from radiation riots until someone later discovered the drug.

Some mutated herbs in the wild have no intention of poison to ordinary people, but after refining, they can be used as medicaments to treat radiation injuries or appease radiation riots in radiation fighters.

Moreover, the higher the rank of radiation fighters, the greater the demand for drugs, because this, there is also a profession, that is pharmacists.

"I know." Shi Qingyang was silent. His mother, a junior pharmacist, and his father and mother had planned to plant some herbs outside the city that would be bought in large quantities.

Twenty years have passed since his parents died, but Shi Qingyang still felt a little sad. However, he soon recovered and saw Cheng Ran's eyes full of hope.

"Uncle, thank you. I will take good care of the young master." Shi Qingyang said earnestly that the stone in his heart finally landed.

He will take good care of Cheng Ran and will definitely not follow the old path.

"My name is Cheng Ran, you call me by name, and I call you Shi Qingyang, okay?" Cheng Ran suddenly said, also broke some dignified atmosphere.

"Well, Cheng Ran." Shi Qingyang smiled, and could not help but inwardly lament the simplicity of Cheng Ran. He and Cheng Ran did not pass the name, but Cheng Ran was able to call out his name. If someone else did, they would surely feel Cheng Ran investigated themselves and were not happy: "How did you know my name?"

This time, of course, he can't have no response at all, rather than asking nothing to make Gu Changjin think he is all deep, it is better to ask a clear question.

"You and I are both studying in Class 10." Cheng Ran revealed a big smile, completely don't know to hide.

Next to Gu Changjin saw this scene, breathed a sigh of relief.

Shi Qingyang finally talked a lot with Gu Changjin and also discussed what to do in the future.

Of course, I can't continue to wash the car at Tao Rubao's. after all, the entrance to the city is too far away from here. in fact, according to the meaning of taking care of Chang Jin, even Shi Qingyang should quit his job of delivering food now, but Shi Qingyang did not agree.

Although he spent a lot of time getting Cheng Ran and Gu Changjin to subsidize himself, he did not intend to rely on them, so he connected the money he would use and he also planned to return it in the future.

Moreover, it is only a part-time job, which has no influence on him and will not delay the course. After all, he has already learned those things in the school.

In fact, if it weren't for the fact that he can't even be a radiation fighter now and needs to practice in the city, he wouldn't have any problem even if he didn't go to Spark College.

Qingyang, a part-time job manager, insisted, but he agreed to all of Gu Changjin's requests to move to the villa.

The place where he originally lived was a little far away from Spark College. It took him a lot of time to go back and forth. He had already planned to be Cheng Ran's attendant in Spark College. He didn't have to insist on spending money to rent another house.

After talking for a long time, when Shi Qingyang finally left, it was getting late, but he had already said hello to Tao Rubao in advance, and it would be fine.

Things have finally come to an end. Everything will change in the future. Shi Qingyang is in a very good mood. Even in the gray sky, he feels very lovely and can't help but want to eat something to celebrate.

Thinking of food, he unconsciously touched his pocket, only to find that the dried meat put on him had been given to Cheng Ran.

There are still a lot of dried meat prepared by him a few days ago in the home. When he goes back later, he must pack another bag on his body…Shi Qingyang touched his nose and quickened his pace.

He likes to bring some food with him, and when he has food around him, he feels that the whole people are at ease.

Shi Qingyang has already gone, on the other side, Gu Changjin is looking at Cheng Ran long sigh.

Cheng Ran's intestines and stomach, no one knows better than him. It used to be good. At most, it ate less than others. However, since the radiation inducer was injected four months ago, Cheng Ran has been extremely repelled by radiation. For a long time, even a little meat can't be eaten-the meat of foreign animals still contains some radiation. Even human beings, there are only a few that don't have radiation in the body now.

Now Cheng Ran is better. Unlike at the beginning, he cannot eat a mouthful of meat, but he also needs vegetables. He signed a delivery contract with the vegetable cultivation farm in Spark City and bought many vegetables back.

He was going to cook something for Cheng Ran when he returned home, but he didn't expect to see Cheng Ran eating meat as soon as he came back…He should have stopped it immediately, but Cheng Ran immediately stood up to help Shi Qingyang speak, but he couldn't say anything.

"Grandpa Gu, it's okay, it's just a little meat." Cheng Ran smiled happily.

"young master, you should know that you will feel uncomfortable after eating so much meat." Gu Changjin was somewhat helpless. He wanted to talk to Shi Qingyang about this before, but Cheng Ran kept a close eye on it, and he knew how much Cheng Ran wanted friends…Seeing Cheng Ran's smile, he finally said nothing.

"Grandpa Gu, I…I want to eat meat myself. It's really nothing." Cheng Ran's words were fast, and there were some difficulties.

Gu Changjin found some medicine for Cheng Ran: "Master, don't do this in the future. Since you can't eat it, you must tell him clearly. Otherwise, he will blame himself when he knows you feel uncomfortable after eating meat." Cheng Ran does not know how to refuse many times. It doesn't matter if he is raised at home like before, but he will suffer when he goes to school.

Cheng Ran obediently took the medicine. Hearing that Shi Qingyang knew about it, he might blame himself. His face was also a little tangled: "Grandpa Gu…you said I like vegetables, okay? Don't say I don't eat meat."

"Ah, you…" Gu Changjin couldn't help sighing again. Cheng Ran's parents don't see him once a year, and other relatives don't care about him. He didn't go to school before, and there are really too few people he contacts.

Perhaps it is a good thing to come to spark city. at least Cheng Ran can know a few more people. Shi Qingyang looks very good. I hope he can always be good to Cheng Ran…

That night, Cheng Ran naturally had loose bowels and made several trips to the toilet. In the end, the whole people were weak. Gu Changjin regretted the situation, but he was still very happy.

This is the first time he has a friend.

Finally settle down, it was already midnight, Cheng Ran ate a small bowl of mashed potatoes and returned to the room, then touched the dried meat in his pocket, slightly disappointed.

He has diarrhea, and these jerky meat can't be eaten for the time being…

Although it is very difficult to chew, chewing for a long time only a mouth of slag, but this is just a friend sent him, he felt better than in his grandpa's birthday to eat the meat of senior animals.

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