It is not difficult for Shi Qingyang to resign from Tao Rubao. What he did at Tao Rubao was only a part-time job. Even without him, Tao Rubao was too busy to find another one.

Of course, because he worked hard, Tao Rubao also tried his best to retain him at the beginning. only after knowing that he would resign because he wanted to study in Spark College, he immediately agreed and gave 800 credit points as bonus to help him take care of the car wash business in the future.

Shi Qingyang smiled and answered, leaving here with some sadness.

That night, Shi Qingyang tidied up his things. After finishing his part-time job the next morning, he retired from the house. Then he took all his possessions to Cheng Ran and planned to start living together.

Cheng Ran lives in a small villa with three floors. The first floor is the living room, dining room and kitchen, the second floor is the master bedroom and a small hall. The third floor also has a bedroom and a very large training room.

Cheng Ran and Gu Changjin live on the second floor, and Shi Qingyang was placed on the third floor. The bedroom he lives in is just above the master bedroom. Like the master bedroom, he has a large balcony. Although it is only a bedroom, it is larger than the house he used to live in.

Of course, the bedroom is nothing, for him, it should be the training room next to his bedroom.

Every radiation energy fighter needs to have a good body and a good body in order to withstand more radiation energy. Therefore, today's people need to exercise their bodies in addition to practicing radiation energy.

Shi Qingyang exercises the body outside, using a free method and doing some training by himself. Now in this training room, all kinds of equipment are prepared. Although all of them are only for physical exercise, they are enough to surprise people.

"You can use these training equipment, master also often exercise before, unfortunately…" Gu Changjin face of regret, did not say more.

Of course, Shi Qingyang knew that Cheng Ran was only a matter for ordinary people, but he could not show it at this time: "What happened to Cheng Ran?"

"The young master did not wake up to radiation after injection of radiation inducer. Instead, he was seriously ill." Gu Changjin didn't hide anything about Cheng Ran. In fact, this is impossible to hide: "The young master has no radiation energy left in his body. He is very resistant to radiation energy and even produces rejection reactions. That nearly killed him."

"Cheng Ran, aren't you going to Spark College?" Shi Qingyang's face was full of curiosity, half true and half false. The reason why there was half true was that Cheng Ran rejected radiation energy…

Today, the world is full of radiation. Although human beings live in cities with greatly reduced radiation, there is also weak radiation around them. Therefore, after injecting radiation inducers, although some people will not wake up, there will be no rejection.

"The young master didn't choose to study. You don't need to know the details, as long as you can take good care of the young master in school." Gu Changjin added.

"If Cheng Ran is not a radiation almighty, can he learn something else?" Shi Qingyang asked, in fact, he felt that it was totally unnecessary for Cheng Ran to attend the Radiation Energy School. Cheng Ran is only 16 years old now and can learn other things, such as machinery, scientific research, network…Many ordinary people have become outstanding in these fields, haven't they?

"Of course he can learn other things, but he must study at Spark College." Gu Changjin sighed: "Please tidy up your things and come down for dinner."

Does Cheng Family Must Become a Radiological Fighter? Shi Qingyang put away his things and when he went downstairs, he saw that Gu Changjin had already prepared a table of food.

Or can't say a table, Gu Changjin prepared, is two plates of barbecue with vegetables, and a few plates of vegetables and a small bowl of gunk.

He and Gu Changjin naturally ate roast meat, but Cheng Ran there…Cheng Ran's front was mostly vegetables, and the only meat dish was a small piece of steamed eggs of exotic animals.

Seeing Shi Qingyang noticing his food, Cheng Ran's expression was embarrassed: "I…don't like eating…I, I like eating food."

"Don't you like meat? Sorry, I didn't know yesterday." Shi Qingyang guessed what Cheng Ran wanted to say. Cheng Ran should not like meat, but ate a lot yesterday…

"I don't have…no don't like to eat meat, I just like to eat food…" Cheng Ran hurriedly way, lest Shi Qingyang misunderstood.

"I know." Shi Qingyang smiled soothingly at Cheng Ran. In fact, he made food Cheng Ran didn't like. This was his fault. Cheng Ran looked like he was wrong.

Such a temper, it is no wonder that being bullied.

Cheng Ran saw Shi Qingyang didn't ask, immediately to him with a big smile.

It's still early after supper. Gu Changjin put the dishes into the washing machine and began to clean around with the dust remover. Cheng Ran was watching Shi Qingyang carefully all the time. He clearly wanted to say something but did not dare to speak.

Shi Qingyang knew that Cheng Ran was very shy, and finally decided to take the initiative: "Cheng Ran, what do you usually do after dinner?"

"Me?" Cheng Ran paused before saying, "I read."

"Then let's go upstairs? I do exercises, can you read? "Shi Qingyang smiled.

Cheng Ran smiled to reveal two dimples. His fleshless face also looked a little bigger. While laughing, he nodded vigorously: "Good."

Shi Qingyang used the exercise equipment to exercise, and Cheng Ran held a recorder to read beside him.

The original books have long been gone. Instead of books, there are recorders, which are very thin and can store a large number of documents and record various things. However, they cannot be connected to the Internet, and can only be connected to computers or contact terminals, for no other reason but to protect privacy-the current network is not very secure.

Shi Qingyang sweated profusely on the equipment. When he was training, Cheng Ran looked at it from one side. At first Cheng Ran looked at the book for a while, then he secretly looked at him for a few times. But later, Cheng Ran's mind was all on the book. Instead, Shi Qingyang also adapted to the rhythm of the movement and looked at Cheng Ran from time to time.

Besides Cheng Ran, he has nothing to see now.

Cheng Ran was very serious when reading a book, and his face was also very serious, but when he turned to the back, his brow suddenly wrinkled up.

Shi Qingyang has been practicing for an hour. He got off the equipment and breathed a sigh of relief. Then he asked curiously, "What's the matter?"

"What is written here is different from what I have seen before." Cheng Ran frowned slightly, then noticed Shi Qingyang's situation very quickly. He immediately took a bottle of water from the side to Shi Qingyang and slowly charged, "You must drink slowly, and be sure to slow down."

A suit of sweat broke out and Shi Qingyang was really thirsty. Just when he wanted to finish drinking the water at one breath, he heard Cheng Ran slowly let him drink water slowly.

With the rare slow speed of drinking water, Shi Qingyang's mood improved-there are really too few people who care about him so much.

"Do you like reading very much?" Shi Qingyang looked at Cheng Ran hand recorder and asked curiously.

"I like it," Cheng Ran nodded vigorously, but his mood soon dimmed." I have nothing to do but read."

"What kind of books do you like to read and what do you want to do in the future?" Shi Qingyang asked again, he hoped Cheng Ran would learn something, otherwise it would be too boring.

As for Spark College…What if Cheng Ran got full marks on all theoretical tests in his previous life? He is not even a radiation almighty!

"I have read all kinds of books, and I don't know what to do in the future…" Cheng Ran was puzzled: "My parents said that I would become a powerful radiation energy fighter, but I rejected the radiation energy potion…At best, others couldn't absorb radiation energy, so I rejected radiation energy directly…"

"At present, there are only one third of the world's radiation fighters. There are still many options for not being radiation fighters. The founder of Aocheng Company, which specializes in anti-radiation clothing business, is an ordinary person. Aren't the researchers there also ordinary people?"

"In fact, in fact, I want to be a medicine…pharmacist!" Cheng Ran suddenly said, feeling a little unclear, he slowed down again: "Although my parents have always said that I can be a powerful radiation fighter, but I have always wanted to be a pharmacist, but pharmacists have to contact with a lot of radioactive herbs, and they must be able to be a radiation fighter…"

Pharmacist? Shi Qingyang has to admit that this is indeed a good job. The radiation energy wants to become stronger, and those who have suffered radiation energy need medicine to be cured. However, a good pharmacist must have the ability to sense the radiation carried by medicinal materials and to remove the radiation energy rejection when several medicinal materials are compatible.

Primary drugs, because some simple materials can be processed by machines, and simple drugs can be configured with the help of machines, so it doesn't matter if the configurator is not a radiation capable person, and even some drugs can be produced in mass production, but intermediate drugs and advanced drugs generally require pharmacists to configure them in person. In the process of configuration, they also need to use their own radiation to change the properties of some drugs so as to avoid accidents.

Therefore, middle-level pharmacists and senior pharmacists are generally radiation fighters themselves. Now Ni Feng, one of the most powerful pharmacists in China, is a six-level radiation fighter. He even relies on his identity as a pharmacist to marry Fan Jia, the amazing female war god of China.

Fan Jia is one of the two nine-level radiation energy fighters currently owned by China and the only female nine-level radiation energy fighter in China's history. Her husband, a pharmacist, played an important role in her success.

"What's the relationship between not spoke almighty, primary drugs to use material machine can handle, even intermediate drugs to use medicinal materials, a lot of not also can use machine processing? If you like, you may become an intermediate pharmacist. You see, I may not be able to break through level 3 in my whole life, but I will still work hard." Shi Qingyang comforted, everything is possible, even if it is not possible, it is no harm to learn more.

Cheng Ran is only 16 years old now, but there are still several decades to live!

"You…you are right." Cheng Ran eyes lit up, obviously some excitement.

"However, to become a pharmacist, one needs to understand exotic animals and plants, and even the role of each part of them. It takes a lot of effort." Shi Qingyang added.

He killed many exotic animals in his last life, but many of them, even if he killed them, he didn't know what it was.

Cheng Ran's face grew more and more delighted, perhaps because of Shi Qingyang's approval. His words also increased: "I know all the recorded exotic animals, all the recorded exotic plants, and I also know that I have read the Complete Collection of Exotic Animals and Complete Collection of Exotic Plants."

Cheng Ran's "complete collection of exotic animals" and "complete collection of exotic plants" are two sets of books, which are published by the state and are updated every year. every 500,000 words, one book is divided into more than 100 books, and there are countless pictures. Shi Qingyang has read these two sets of books, but most of the time, the retrieval software is used to check the contents: "then you should write down more of the contents."

"I have written it all down!" Cheng Ran said earnestly.

"Have you written it all down?" Shi Qingyang asked in shock.

"Well, I've seen it and I've written it down." Cheng Ran seemed a little embarrassed: "I remember everything I saw."

Shi Qingyang moved his lips and some could not say words. Although radiation can make human beings strong, it is only the body, not the brain, that is strong. If you look at it, you can write it down. What skill is this?

No wonder Cheng Ran, who used to be considered a chicken rib by them, always came first in grade!

"But I can only write down that knowledge, but I can't do numerical calculations or anything." Cheng Ran added, declining: "If it weren't for this, maybe I could do scientific research. If it were, my parents wouldn't be so angry…"

Only? I didn't even write down the catalogue of the two sets of books! Shi Qingyang looked at Cheng Ran innocently and suddenly felt as if he had been kicked in the chest by the morning glory beast and wanted to vomit blood.

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