Although Shi Qingyang would like someone to tell him that Cheng Ran is cheating, it is obvious that Cheng Ran is not cheating at all, and Cheng Ran seems to be worse than he imagined.

He took the recorder to open the book of animals and read one of them casually. Cheng Ran could then recite it without saying it. He even knew some foreign records. The book he was reading before was from abroad. The introduction of a different plant was different from that of domestic books.

Shi Qingyang didn't know until now that Cheng Ran originally knew several languages!

Since the whole earth was enveloped by radiation, the contact between countries has become less and less, coupled with the translator, the number of people learning foreign languages has naturally decreased dramatically. Shi Qingyang has never learned a foreign language at all, but Cheng Ran, he actually learned several foreign languages with pure pronunciation only by watching some foreign movies and literary works!

Besides, he doesn't speak a foreign language crazily. On the contrary, he is very smooth and speaks very fast. It is probably because other people don't understand what he is saying and he doesn't have to care about other people's opinions.

Shi Qingyang discovered for the first time that he was a student scum instead of the student bully he had always thought.

"Shi Qingyang, are you…are you unhappy?" Cheng Ran's face suddenly turned white. At the same time, he carefully looked at Shi Qingyang.

"How?" Shi Qingyang asked, although he was a little jealous, he was also happy for Cheng Ran.

Cheng Ran has such talent. In fact, as long as he doesn't want to be a radiation fighter, he can certainly live happily for a lifetime.

"My younger brother and sister were not happy before." Cheng Ran seems a little at a loss.

"That's because they are jealous of you." Shi Qingyang is very sure of this.

Cheng Ran smiled and quickly became depressed again: "Unfortunately, I am very exclusive to Fu Neng. My father said I am a waste…"

A waste? Shi Qingyang frowned. Before Cheng Ran was at school, everyone said he was a waste, but in this case, the parents also said?

Cheng Ran's parents, what is going on?

After all, I just met Shi Qingyang, who was not able to ask, but could only comfort him by saying, "How can you be a waste? I think you are very good. I am afraid there are not many people in China who can do this."

"Really?" Cheng Ran looked at Shi Qingyang with surprise.

"Of course it is true!" Shi Qingyang immediately said, "Cheng Ran, if you like, I will take you to Central University in the future!" Central City, the largest city in China, has two of the best colleges in China. One is the Central Institute of Radiological Energy, and the other is the Central University. Radiological Energy University mainly recruits radiological fighters and pharmacists, as well as relevant radiological researchers. Central University recruits students from other fields.

In the Central University, many top talents from China are gathered. There are ordinary people, radiation almighty and even radiation energy fighters studying in the university. For many first-class and second-class radiation energy fighters, it is better to learn something else and find another job than to fight with foreign animals outside the city.

"Good," Cheng Ran nodded. "My father told me to finish the course of Radiation Energy College. When I finished, I will take the exam."

Shi Qingyang frowned, and even doubted whether Cheng Ran was their own because he did not understand what Cheng Ran's parents did.

Unfortunately, Cheng Ran could not resist the Cheng family at all, not to mention his small "bandu".

Moreover, he will stay in Spark City for the next two years. Naturally, he also hopes Cheng Ran will stay here. As for learning, he can go through distance education.

"I believe you can definitely enter the central college. now if you like, you can also learn to make medicine." Shi Qingyang added that since Cheng Ran likes medicine, it doesn't matter to learn something.

"good." Cheng Ran gave a big smile and solemnly said: "Shi Qingyang, I will make medicine for you and always make medicine for you."

Cheng Ran spoke slowly, but it also made people recognize the sincerity in his words. Shi Qingyang nodded, "I'm waiting to drink the medicine you made."

Gu Changjin stood outside the door for a while, did not enter, quietly left.

On this day, Cheng Ran went to bed early. Shi Qingyang exercised for a long time and fell asleep as soon as he touched the pillow. But the next day, he still got up early in the morning and helped Gu Changjin prepare breakfast.

I don't know if it's an illusion. Shi Qingyang always felt that Gu Changjin was kind to him a lot.

After eating the breakfast prepared by Gu Changjin, Shi Qingyang went to work in the meat workshop. He no longer needs the leftovers of the meat workshop, but because he started, many employees of the meat workshop took a look at the leftovers. These people even helped him to sort out the leftovers, making it much easier for him and getting a piece of money for nothing.

Shi Qingyang has been running around all morning, and whenever he has the chance, he will detour through the villa.

He did this to make Cheng Ran not suspicious. After all, he ran here too many times a few days ago, but what surprised him was that he could see Cheng Ran every time he passed.

Cheng Ran seems to have settled down behind the restaurant window. As long as Shi Qingyang passed by, he would lean out of the window and wave at Shi Qingyang with a smile.

Cheng Ran didn't say anything. He just smiled at Shi Qingyang every time, but this feeling of being valued made Shi Qingyang feel that the whole people were warm.

This feeling reached its peak when he returned to the villa at noon and found Cheng Ran sitting at the door waiting for him.

"Shi Qingyang, have dinner." Seeing Shi Qingyang from a distance, Cheng Ran ran past. He took a bottle of water to Shi Qingyang and then went back to the house to help Gu Changjin bring out the prepared food in the kitchen.

Slowly drinking the water from the bottle, Shi Qingyang felt warm and bloated. Some people waited for him to eat. This was his pursuit all the time-when his father went out of town to hunt animals, his mother would deal with the medicine at home and prepare the food for his father to come back…

This is the feeling of home.

For an instant, Shi Qingyang was even in a trance, but soon he calmed down.

Cheng Ran is the master of the Cheng family. His grandfather is a Class 8 radiation energy fighter in the Yangtze River City. His father should not be underestimated. Although he is now incognito in the Spark City, although he treats himself equally, the gap between the two is very large…

I must be stronger!

Cheng Ran didn't know what Shi Qingyang was thinking. Now he was in the joy of getting a good friend. Naturally, he also put all his thoughts on Shi Qingyang. After setting the food, he even wanted to learn the way Gu Changjin helped Shi Qingyang pull the chair.

Shi Qingyang, of course, could not let Cheng Ran do so. He pulled open his chair and sat down. He lowered his head to eat, hiding his complicated expression by the way.

As usual, Shi Qingyang ate first. Cheng Ran looked at him from time to time. He was probably infected by his good appetite and ate more food than usual.

Gu Changjin looked at this scene and also had a smile on his face.

Cheng Ran always wanted to say something when he was eating, but his upbringing kept him from saying anything. When he finished eating, he immediately smiled at Shi Qingyang and said, "Shi Qingyang, Grandpa Gu bought some medicine for me." He pointed to a table beside the window, and Shi Qingyang discovered that there were many boxes on the table beside the window. The boxes were full of common medicinal materials that had been treated, and some of them had undergone secondary treatment.

Therefore, Cheng Ran has been handling medicinal materials by the window this morning?Shi Qingyang couldn't help but think again of his mother as a junior pharmacist when dealing with herbs. He can't remember the specific situation, but he will always remember the warm atmosphere at that time.

"Shi Qingyang, I also asked Grandpa Gu to buy a computer for us. Later I can read distance education. You can check whatever you want and surf the Internet." Cheng Ran added, pulling Shi Qingyang upstairs.

Shi Qingyang froze, obedient, but a little afraid to forcibly hold Cheng Ran that soft hand.

After waiting upstairs, Shi Qingyang discovered that the so-called computer he bought was different from what he imagined.

Nowadays, signals cannot be transmitted in the wild, so every city will form a network, and the cities are connected by huge optical cables. Human communication life depends on the network, and computers are naturally very common.

However, the computer Gu Changjin bought is different from others. The two computers in front of him are the latest models of security computers.

Some hackers are very powerful and can secretly obtain information from other people's computers. At first, people used software to intercept the information. Later, some people developed secure computers. These computers can be upgraded regularly and have very good confidentiality. Generally, people with power and influence will use such computers.

Shi Qingyang knew this, but he didn't expect Gu Changjin to spend a lot of money to buy such a computer. After all, the only advantage of this computer compared with ordinary computers is that it has good security performance and the price is one hundred times that of ordinary computers.

Moreover, Gu Changjin not only bought but also bought two.

"This computer is too expensive." Shi Qingyang immediately said.

He wants such a computer very much. With a secure computer, he can find ways to make money or do other things online! But he really didn't expect, just a few days, Gu Changjin actually bought one for him.

"I only bought one, and yours was bought by the young master with his own lucky money and pocket money." Gu Changjin gave Shi Qingyang a look. He seemed to be angry, but his eyes smiled again: "The young master has spent all the money in his account."

"No, I still have money, and I…I usually don't spend money." Cheng Ran hurriedly said, his face was red.

"Yes, there is still money. Unfortunately, there are just 50 credit points left, or because the front and back legs of the computer I bought with me were bought with one account, which was discounted." Gu Changjin added: "Master, didn't you want to borrow money from me last night?"

"No, it's not…Grandpa Gu!" Cheng Ran was at a loss.

There are many people who spend money for themselves, but not before. Shi Qingyang looked at Cheng Ran and thanked him sincerely: "Thank you."

Being watched intently by Shi Qingyang, Cheng Ran turned away the line of sight uneasily. Suddenly he felt that after Gu Changjin ordered his own computer, he had made another order that was really the wisest thing. However, he has no money now, and Shi Qingyang has no money to buy anything else.

His cousin is the same age as him. He lives with his parents and his monthly money is not enough. He lives alone and has to rent a house to eat. He must spend more money. Should he really think about what he will do in the future?

Gu Changjin looked at Cheng Ran and Shi Qingyang today, eyes complicated. The young master of his family is finally accompanied by someone. Although Shi Qingyang is very weak, at least his background is simple.

However, the young master of his family is still too simple to say it after spending money. He can only help and let Shi Qingyang know.

Not only that, it seems that his master does not know his fortune. Although his master's younger brother cries poor all day long, the Cheng family actually provides a lot of living expenses. His master never spends any money. Naturally, he has saved enough money to buy many computers.

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