Shi Qingyang knows very well that although Cheng Ran has no money, Gu Changjin certainly has money in his hand-even if the Cheng family is very indifferent to Cheng Ran, they will not give money, but these things are mostly not clear to Cheng Ran.

Shi Qingyang didn't understand why the Cheng family formed Cheng Ran like this.

Two security computers, Cheng Ran's one was put in the training room, Shi Qingyang's one was put in his room.

"young master, I enrolled you in a junior pharmacy class, and you can take classes here in the future." Gu Changjin smiled and added: "The computer in the master's room is usually used for reading and playing games. Don't check these."

"Grandpa Gu, I know." Cheng Ran nodded, solemn expression.

Shi Qingyang looked at the scene and frowned slightly. This villa is equipped with a computer. Its function is similar to that of a secure computer. It is absolutely no problem to read distance education. In fact, it was not necessary to buy a computer at all at the beginning. Gu Changjin deliberately bought a secure computer and gave this explanation…

So, he is actually afraid of Cheng family know Cheng Ran in learning medicine knowledge, just buy a safe computer?

"Shi Qingyang, other computers, you can use to play games. In the future, you will use this computer to do your homework." Gu Changjin looked at Shi Qingyang again.

"Yes, uncle!" Shi Qingyang immediately said, look serious.

"if you call me uncle and the young master my grandfather, you will take advantage of the young master." Seeing that the atmosphere was somewhat stagnant, Gu Changjin smiled, "You are just like the young master. Please call me Grandpa Gu. I am old enough to be your grandpa."

"Thank you, Grandpa Gu!" Shi Qingyang laughed, no longer entangled with this matter, now this situation, at least proved Gu Changjin is toward Cheng Ran.

"Well, you go back to play computer first." Gu Changjin finished speaking and went downstairs.

Cheng Ran turned on his safety computer and looked intently at the pharmacy course. When the safety computer projected a holographic projection and played the pharmacy project, his eyes did not blink.

Seeing this scene, Shi Qingyang quietly went back to his room and turned on the new security computer.

He also used the contact device to go online and know some things before, but the contact device is easy to be traced, so he did not dare to do anything that crossed the border, but now it is different.

The arrival of this safe computer was just a nap. Someone gave him a pillow. With such a computer, his advanced knowledge would have a place to use and he could make money earlier.

If nothing else, China's quadrennial radiation fighter tournament in a few months is definitely a good opportunity to make money.

Although business affairs Shi Qingyang did not understand at all, he watched every time the Radiation fighter Tournament. He also knew who finally stood out. He even watched the video repeatedly in order to learn more tactics.

Guess who can win, guess how long they will fight…there are regular lottery tickets available online and black market bets!

In addition to this, the other thing that can be used to make money is the knowledge he learned later in the research institute.

After being brought into the research institute, he came into contact with a lot of research related to medicine and radiation energy. He had no foundation, and those people would not teach him, and there was no possibility of practice. Therefore, he learned a lot, and many of them were still learned by rote. But even so, he also wrote down a lot.

For example, the formula of some drugs, for example, some researches on human body and animals…

Among them, what impressed him most was a prescription to regulate the body of the radiation energy and to treat the injuries caused by the radiation energy riots.

This prescription was developed by the Institute with a lot of efforts and two newly discovered medicinal materials. However, the preparation method is very simple and can even be mass produced.

The reason why he fell from the cloud to the mud was because his body was not well conditioned. When he was reborn, he had been hungry for four months. Long-term work at the entrance to the city also caused some damage to his body. Now, he needs this medicine very much.

And this kind of medicine is definitely the most profitable.

As for this prescription is stolen…This time, I'm afraid the institute has not yet started to study this prescription, even if they have already started to study…With the living do research laboratory, Shi Qingyang wish they bad luck!

However, even if there is a secure computer, it is not easy to make money without trace. After all, it is difficult for him to want an anonymous bank account.

Unless he finds an agent, and the right agent…

Shi Qingyang moved in his heart, and then opened the battle net.

The web site is the website with the largest number of registered radiation energy fighters. There are many radiation energy fighters to exchange experiences, there are also many radiation energy fighters to sell parts of some exotic animals, and there are many people to release tasks here…Almost all of them are here if they are related to radiation energy.

Shi Qingyang started to contact this website only after he left Spark City in his previous life. He once made a living by taking on the tasks on this website. He also met many people on it and received many elder's advice.

However, many of the people he knew at the beginning are still unknown, but the predecessors in his impression…

After registering an account, Shi Qingyang wanted to think and knocked down the words "king of the stomach". when he was 18 years old in his previous life, he registered on this website under the name "willow green". it is said that it is an ancient poem, which also includes his name, special literature and art, but now his thoughts are completely different from those of his youth.

Unfortunately, there are too many people registered on this website, and Dawei Wang has already become someone else's account name. Shi Qingyang wanted to think and simply changed it to "I don't want to starve".

This account has not been registered.

Shi Qingyang didn't fill in the information about "I don't want to starve". Because of the existence of a secure computer, the network didn't automatically help him to distinguish cities, which undoubtedly facilitated him.

Shi Qingyang liked a section called "exchange of tactics" on this website most in his previous life.

The radiation energy fighters use the radiation energy in the body to activate the surrounding radiation energy to attack, and the method of activation is called tactics.

Many large families have some original fighting skills, which allow them to leapfrog challenges. Shi Qingyang was born from a very low background and naturally did not understand these. For a long time, he practiced basic fighting skills. However, with his actual combat time and time again, the use speed of basic fighting skills was almost unmatched. Later, as his strength became stronger and stronger, he also created some original fighting skills.

At that time, as long as he was free, he would come to this section to read other people's posts, to see other people's understanding of fighting skills, to learn experience from it, and then to practice again and again…

After a rough look, Shi Qingyang soon found the ID—— he was looking for-a bright future.

Peng Cheng Wan Li is an administrator of this section. He is very active. Most importantly, he often instructs new people to answer questions. Shi Qingyang received his guidance in his previous life. However, Peng Cheng Wan Li released his last post, saying that he couldn't surf the Internet any more. He disappeared on the Internet.

Peng Cheng Wan Li is very patient and has a good temper on the Internet. After his accident, the website even gave him a special topic, putting together some of his own experience and tactics that he said over the years. Those things have benefited Shi Qingyang greatly.

At this time, Peng Cheng Wan Li was still very active on the Internet. A red post on the front page of today's forum, "Everyone has questions, come here and ask me," was written by Peng Cheng Wan Li.

Shi Qingyang clicked into the post and slowly turned back. He saw all kinds of questions and answers in it.

Peng Cheng Wan Li's answer was brief and to the point, without showing off at all. He did not say that his basic knowledge was very solid. He also knew all kinds of problems encountered by senior radiation fighters. In his post, he stressed more than once that he must take good care of his body at the early stage of radiation training and must not be rash.

These words can be said from the bottom of my heart. Shi Qingyang turned over half of his posts. After reading the knowledge involved in the answers, he became more and more sure that Peng Cheng Wan Li should be a radiation fighter of considerable grade. Perhaps, he is already suffering from radiation riots now.

Such an old man may be a good agent? Shi Qingyang stared at the screen for a while and finally made up his mind.

Now, he can borrow his previous knowledge and pretend to be a hermit expert. He can try to get in touch with this person first. If he can be trusted, he can help.

Although he doesn't know exactly who Peng Cheng Wan Li is, according to the situation that Peng Cheng Wan Li answered the question, he is at least a seven-level radiation energy fighter, and naturally he will have his own network…If it becomes the best thing, if it fails, what he loses is only some knowledge that tells Peng Cheng Wan Li, which has no great influence on himself.

After Shi Qingyang made the decision, he began to find the post with pertinence, and did not live up to his expectations. He soon saw in the post a radiation energy fighter who came up for help because of the radiation energy riot. This is a Class III radiation energy fighter. He went out of town when he was young and was injured in hunting. Then he has been in poor health, and he often rioted in radiation energy. If he had enough money to buy enough basic soothing drugs, it happened that he didn't have so much money.

Peng Cheng Wan Li's method is to let him control the radiation energy flow in the body according to a certain route to enhance his control over the radiation energy. At the same time, he should also prepare several bottles of soothing agent and drink one bottle if he feels unwell.

This method is basically known to everyone, but Peng Cheng Wan Li has given a specific route of operation, which is different from the past and has achieved better results than the past. This is very rare, and it can be seen that he does not like hiding secrets like some powerful radiation fighters.

Shi Qingyang looked at it and found that the following posts were all praising and thanking the people who had gone through a long journey. The people who thanked were not the only ones who asked for help.

"Long live Peng Cheng eldest brother! This is not only to ease the radiation riot, but also to enhance radiation control for ordinary people."

"Peng Cheng eldest brother the most severe! This method can really relieve radiation!"

"I think the value of this method is very big, not weaker than those intermediate tactics!"

"Peng Cheng eldest brother is the most selfless!"

"If I know who Peng Cheng is in reality, I will follow him!"


Peng Cheng Wan Li is very popular in this section. Shi Qingyang is very clear. It is no surprise to see this. Before, although he was embarrassed to shout "Peng Cheng eldest brother", he also thanked him sincerely.

The method of running radiation energy proposed by Peng Cheng Wan Li above is really good, but the route is a bit too complicated. It is not easy for ordinary people to follow it completely. Moreover, even if this method is used, they still need to drink when drinking the soothing agent. This is by no means a good method for the three-level radiation energy fighters who are struggling for help.

Shi Qingyang smiled and replied that he had a bright future. However, he was different from others, not praising, but criticizing: "This answer did not solve the problem at all. First of all, the operation route can be shorter, and it is good to follow this diagram. Second, after the radiation energy riots, it is ok not to drink the soothing agent, as long as a small amount of radiation energy is input into these two parts of his body to cut off the radiation energy of the riots in the body. Of course, this is aimed at low-level radiation energy fighters. If it is high-level radiation energy fighters, there will be more points to cut off." After he finished writing, he also attached two pictures he drew casually.

Shi Qingyang wrote this, which is the experience he summed up in his last life.

He hadn't drunk a bottle of medicine before he was eighteen years old, and he was still practicing in places like the entrance to the city. The radiation energy in his body was quite oppressive. At that time, no one taught him. He could only think for himself. Later on, he became stronger and stronger, the radiation energy in his body was more and more, but he was in poor health. Few drugs he could drink were useless, and still he could only think for himself.

The method of using his own radiation energy to block the radiation energy in the body in order to prevent the radiation energy riot is called "radiation energy blocking method". It was proposed by him. When he was 30 years old, he made this method public so that the radiation energy fighters of the whole country could study and perfect it together. When he was put into the research institute, this method even became a must for the radiation energy institute to teach.

Of course, the method taught by the radiation energy college is perfect, much better and safer than his original idea. now he is talking about the perfect method.

This is his greatest achievement in his last life.

Shi Qingyang rashly wrote this thing down this time. He is not as good a teacher as Peng Cheng Wan Li, nor as he was in those days. He wants more people to benefit from it. He only wants to attract the attention of Peng Cheng Wan Li.

He has no power and no power now, and the Cheng family can't count on it. The only thing he can do is to install a superior on the Internet and attract people to take the bait.

After all this, Shi Qingyang turned off the computer and planned to go downstairs to see Cheng Ran. If possible, the two could also discuss the configuration of the medicine together. Although he is not very good at medicine, but at least he has come into contact with many, should also be able to guide the newly learned Cheng Ran…

Facts have proved that Shi Qingyang really thinks too much.

He had just opened the door when he saw Cheng Ran standing outside with a bottle in his hand. It seemed that he had been standing for a long time. Perhaps the door was suddenly opened, and his face was full of embarrassment.

"Do you have something for me?" Shi Qingyang asked curiously.

"Yes, it is something…" Cheng Ran prevaricated.

"Is there a problem with the potion?" Shi Qingyang asked again.

"No…I watched the teaching video before, and then I made a bottle of low-grade soothing agent…I should not have done well, do you want it?" Cheng Ran handed Shi Qingyang the bottle in his hand, his face looking forward to and uneasy.

This is a very good bottle of low-grade soothing agent.

Low-level soothing agents are the most basic drugs, which have already been produced in an assembly line and are sold in shopping malls in every city. But even so, it takes a lot of effort to configure successfully. After all, people are not machines, and it is not easy to master time or something, not to mention Cheng Ran has never come into contact with these before…

Shi Qingyang's mouth twitched: "Cheng Ran, you are really good!"

Cheng Ran bent his eyes first, then his smile slowly grew bigger.

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