Cheng Ran paid too much attention to and ingratiated himself with Shi Qingyang. Gu Changjin saw it in his eyes. He felt that Cheng Ran did not need to treat Shi Qingyang like this, but he understood Cheng Ran's mood and knew why he did it.

Cheng Ran has lived with him since he was young, and there is no one else except them. When Cheng Ran was young, even he was very cold to Cheng Ran.

The Cheng family is a large family in the Yangtze River City. The main owner is Cheng Xuze, the grandfather of Cheng Ran. Cheng Xuze became a Class 8 radiation energy fighter 27 years ago. He is one of the top strong men in China. Cheng Hui, the eldest son of Cheng Xuze, is a born radiation energy man. He was born with radiation energy in his body. After he started practicing at the age of 16, he broke through all the way and is now a Class 7 strong man.

Now, Cheng Xuze has retired behind the scenes, and the ruler of the Cheng family is Cheng Hui.

Cheng Xuze has two children in his life. Cheng Ran's father is Cheng Hui's brother Cheng Hong.

Cheng Hong is far inferior to Cheng Hui in all aspects. He is not a natural spoke capable man. Although he is now a six-level spoke capable soldier, he wants to go further, but it is basically impossible. This is the man who saved his life at the beginning.

Gu Changjin remembered this kindness, plus he was already in his 40s and had no energy to fight outside the city. He finally followed Cheng Hong and became Cheng Ran's housekeeper.

Cheng Hong is very indifferent to Cheng Ran, completely different from other children of his own, which makes Gu Changjin once suspected that Cheng Ran is not Cheng Hong's child, but in fact, Cheng Ran was born after marriage between Cheng Hong and his wife Qin Liu. If the change is fake, there is no problem on the genetic map.

Over the years, he is more and more don't understand why Cheng Hong and Qin Liu are so cold to Cheng Ran, and over time, he has feelings for Cheng Ran this child, gradually, he began to hide from Cheng Hong let Cheng Ran do some things, such as making friends, such as learning medicine.

However, Cheng Ran lived alone since childhood. He only saw his relatives at the holidays. Usually he even wanted to go out. Even if there was a network, Cheng Ran still developed the present character. Shi Qingyang only released a little kindness to him. He had already regarded Shi Qingyang as one of the most important people.

Gu Changjin looked at Cheng Ran and smiled at Shi Qingyang. On the one hand, he was delighted that Cheng Ran had friends. On the other hand, he could not help but taste some food-his master was really too kind to Shi Qingyang. He had only known him for a few days, but he actually dug his heart out…

However, although he felt a little uncomfortable in his heart, he did not stop him. As long as Shi Qingyang was also kind to his master, he would also be kind to Shi Qingyang.

Gu Changjin felt that Cheng Ran's attitude was somewhat low, but Cheng Ran himself did not feel that he had never been with his peers, and he cherished this friendship more and more. He wanted to please Shi Qingyang with everything he had and let Shi Qingyang talk to him more.

It happened that he stayed alone for so long that he didn't even know how to find a topic to chat with Shi Qingyang. Even after preparing the medicine, he didn't dare to call Shi Qingyang directly for fear of disturbing Shi Qingyang, who would not be happy.

"This is the simplest thing I have done. In fact, it is all done according to the teaching video. It is not bad." Cheng Ran said slowly, feel the whole people are happy to want to fly-Shi Qingyang praised him!

"The average person can't do this! Do you want to try other drugs?" Shi Qingyang asked.

"Yes." Cheng Ran vigorously nodded his head.

In the following afternoon, Shi Qingyang has been studying the potions with Cheng Ran. He also found that Cheng Ran said that he did exactly as he was told. It is not a lie-even the potions were made, but Cheng Ran did not even understand the tools used to make the potions. The reason why it was so smooth before was that he wrote down all the steps.

Configuration of low-level drugs, pay attention to careful, pay attention to focus, these two Cheng Ran is not short of, get started naturally very quickly, as for senior drugs…Senior pharmacists must have not weak radiation energy, radiation energy also needs to be very stable, this alone, Cheng Ran has no chance with senior drugs.

Such a thought, Shi Qingyang always felt very pity.

Before dinner, Cheng Ran prepared another bottle of soothing agent, which was of better color than before.

Cheng Ran now completely see Shi Qingyang as a friend, but Shi Qingyang know their identity, nature also won't really treat yourself as a big ye, watched Gu Changjin going to cook, he also went to the kitchen to help.

Gu Changjin left what he and Shi Qingyang wanted to eat to Shi Qingyang, and then began to concentrate on making what Cheng Ran wanted to eat. Cheng Ran can't easily accept radiation now, and can't eat food with radiation, so he made almost all vegetables, only slightly put some minced meat, or meat of animals with little radiation.

Shi Qingyang saw this scene, and was more and more sure that he had got Cheng Ran the wrong food. It happened that Cheng Ran still ate everything…

When the two prepared the meal, Cheng Ran had already packed up all kinds of equipment for making medicine and cleaned the restaurant again with a cleaning robot. Although he was Gu Changjin's master, he did not have the dignity of a master. In his ordinary life, he took Gu Changjin as his elder.

After dinner, Gu Changjin suddenly said, "School will start in another week. I'll take you to do some shopping."

"Can I go outside?" Cheng Ran's eyes were full of surprises.

"Master, this is Spark City." Gu Changjin laughed, as long as he doesn't say, Cheng Hong also don't know Cheng Ran life.

The above-ground city of Spark City is very lively at night. Many people who have worked all day will come to the ground at this time to find a place to eat, go shopping and watch movies. Those with children often take their children to some amusement places.

Shi Qingyang was busy practicing before he was reborn. He never paid attention to these things, but now he also feels very fresh. The chariots he drove occasionally on the road and the shops with dazzling headlights on the roadside…The billboard also showed the advertisement taken by the radiation fighter he liked, selling a newly developed beverage. It is said that the child will get better after drinking it.

Of course, this is just a talk. There are indeed drugs that can really improve a child's qualifications, but at least senior pharmacists are required to configure them. This kind of drink with dozens of credit points and a bottle is just a drink.

Shi Qingyang looked at everything outside. It was really fresh at first, but soon he lost interest. He subconsciously looked to the side, only to find that Cheng Ran was lying on the window and his face was squashed on the window.

Clearly this looks very strange, but he actually feels a little cute.

Shi Qingyang looked out along Cheng Ran's eyes and was no longer bored…In fact, the scenery outside was really quite good.

Gu Changjin's car didn't drive very fast, but it didn't take long for the car to drive to the center of the city. The city's protective cover is semi-circular. The surrounding buildings can't be built too high, but the middle buildings can be built very high. In the middle of the city, there is the tallest high-rise building in the whole city. This is the castellan mansion, and it is also the seat of every city's radiation energy association.

Shi Qingyang is looking at the tall castellan mansion, suddenly felt his clothes were torn, he turned his head, only to find that Cheng Ran is carefully looked at him, and put down his hand without trace.

"What's the matter?" Shi Qingyang asked.

Seeing Shi Qingyang managing himself, Cheng Ran immediately perked up and pointed to the very bright protective cover reflected by the inlaid lights in the sky: "What are those people doing?"

"Repair the protective cover and apply anti-radiation paint." Shi Qingyang also saw figures and machines outside the protective cover: "Some strange animals will rush toward the city when they see light, and some strange animals will attack the city. After a long time, the anti-radiation coating on it will fall off and need to be repaired. When doing this job at night, they can occasionally see strange animals attacking the protective cover…" Shi Qingyang smiled. As he expected, before long, the low-level moth animals rushed toward the protective cover…

Before the moth beast approached, a bright light was sprayed from the weapon port set on the protective cover. The moth beast was instantly ignited, turned into a small fireball, fell on the protective cover, and rolled down the protective cover.

Such a sight is not unfamiliar to most people in the city. He is even more familiar with it. After all, he has done this job before.

"All right, you get off first, I'll stop." Gu Changjin laughed, and the car stopped at the door of a shopping mall.

Shi Qingyang took Cheng Ran out of the car, only to find that they were the largest shopping mall in Spark City. The shopping mall circled the building in the center of Spark City half a circle. There was also a huge square in front of the door, where almost everything was sold.

Cheng Ran admiringly watched in front of all this, arguably he was born in a first-class city, should have been accustomed to this kind of scenery, it happened that he is more bumpkin than Shi Qingyang.

"Shi Qingyang?" A voice suddenly remembered that Shi Qingyang turned his head and saw a completely unfamiliar face, but the man was still babbling: "Shi Qingyang, where have you been these days? Even if your test results come out, you can go to Spark College, should you tell our classmates goodbye?"

This is his former classmate? After receiving the news of the death of both parents, I felt as if I had never been to school again. Those classmates of that year, as time went by, also could not remember clearly.

"something has happened to my family." Shi Qingyang gave a wry smile.

"No wonder, by the way, Shi Qingyang and He Ming have been looking for you. He used to be pressed down by you when taking exams, but Fu Neng detected that he was double C+, and he had been looking for you to show off. As a result, you disappeared." The man added, still looking at the drama on his face.

He Ming? Shi Qingyang was a little impressed with this man. He studied in a small school before he was 16 years old and had always had one of the best results in the school. Occasionally, when he was second, he was the first most likely to be He Ming. Later, He Ming did seem to have attended Spark College, but the two did not have much in common.

Seeing that Shi Qingyang did not respond, the man was somewhat disappointed and asked, "Shi Qingyang, do you want to go shopping together?"

"No, I'm with others." Shi Qingyang took Cheng Ran, in the sight of this person, obviously has a bad relationship with yourself, otherwise, how can he say something happened to his home, don't ask, don't ask?

The so-called classmate left, Shi Qingyang turned his head, only to find that Cheng Ran was holding his hand and smiling: "Are you happy?"

"Yes, Shi Qingyang, you are with me." Cheng Ran nodded. Just now he was afraid that Shi Qingyang followed the man. Fortunately, Shi Qingyang didn't do that: "Is that your classmate?"

"I don't even know him." Shi Qingyang laughed low and did not let go of Cheng Ran's hand.

Gu Changjin will be here soon. He doesn't have to prepare too many things to study. He mainly buys clothes for two people today. He took them to a counter on the 6th floor of the shopping mall with good skills. But he didn't expect Cheng Ran to leave after reading the label.

"Master, what's the matter?" Gu Changjin asked in a low voice, Cheng Ran used to wear this brand.

"Grandpa Gu, it's very expensive. Let's go and buy something cheaper." Cheng Ran said directly, his brow wrinkled up. He had never noticed the problem of money before. Before he bought a computer for Shi Qingyang with the money in his account, he began to worry that he would have no money to spend.

Even if I don't have any money, I would say it with such a careless way, and only Cheng Ran…Shi Qingyang admitted that he also thinks the clothes here are very expensive.

"Oh, come back without money." Just then, a voice suddenly sounded.

Shi Qingyang turned his head and his eyebrows slightly wrinkled. He never thought that he had just met a classmate he did not know. Now he turned around and met a group of people he knew. There were also two enemies inside.

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