This group of people, mostly Spark College teachers, including two Spark College students, in these people, Shi Qingyang has the deepest impression of three.

Yin Tiancheng, Yin Jinru and Ping Haiyan.

Yin Tiancheng was the goal Shi Qingyang wanted to surpass at the beginning. He was the best student in Spark College. His younger brother Yin Jinru was his classmate, while Ping Haiyan was the teacher in Class 10.

Shi Qingyang is very concerned about Yin Tiancheng, but he is not familiar with it. But Yin Jinru is the leader who isolated and bullied him and Cheng Ran at the beginning. As for Ping Haiyan…He once respected the teacher because the other party taught him a lot of things after class, but in the end, it was also this person who took him to the ant colony far away from the city.

Hirayama wanted to kill him, but he didn't expect to get a big chance instead.

Shi Qingyang later also let people check the matter, this just know turned out to be Yin Jinru gave Ping Haiyan a sum of money, Ping Haiyan will take him out of the city, and pushed him into the nest to impeded.

This revenge, he has reported-after know this matter, he mentioned in public that he was bullied, then framed.

What he said was not clear, but it was not long before Yin Tiancheng found him and told him about Yin Jinru's illness and death, Ping Haiyan's dismissal from Spark College, and his hunting and death in the hands of foreign animals.

Those things are very far away for Shi Qingyang. Now I see him again. He doesn't even feel much hatred, but Yin Jinru looked at Cheng Ran with disdain, which made him feel unhappy.

It happened that Yin Jinru still did not stop: "If you can't afford it, get out of the way quickly. Get out of the way."

Everyone could see Yin Jinru's disdain. the average person would be very angry, but Cheng Ran's reaction was different. when he heard that, he gave way at a glance without looking at Yin Jinru. then he looked at Gu Changjin: "Grandpa Gu, many people over there are buying clothes. it's much cheaper than here. can you buy some for me and Shi Qingyang?" One here and several there can be bought. I want to wear the same as Shi Qingyang." What if I can't afford to buy clothes for Shi Qingyang?

Cheng Ran spoke slowly but clearly with a smile on his face. It was completely different from Yin Jinru's imagination that he would leave despondently. He didn't even notice him!

Yin Jinru was somewhat displeased, but before he could say anything, Ping Haiyan, who was walking with him, stepped forward and stopped him vaguely: "Yin, these two are also your classmates."

Cheng Ran but dean confessed to take good care of, ping hai he didn't dare to neglect.

After telling Yin Jinru, in his 40s, Ping Haiyan smiled at Cheng Ran and was very kind: "Mr. Cheng, I will be your teacher in the future. Everyone will study together and must get along well." Although he said this to Cheng Ran, it was clearly meant for Yin Jinru.

"good teacher." Cheng Ran immediately smiled at Ping Haiyan and noticed Yin Jinru: "good classmates."

In fact, Ping Haiyan did not speak, and Yin Jinru did not really like Cheng Ran, but now he invited himself to dinner and the teacher who also sent money helped others. Yin Jinru was not happy: "he looks like a fool, and his words are not clear. he can enter Spark College?" Which normal person speaks so slowly?

"Dogs that bark everywhere can go to school?" Shi Qingyang sneer at a way, in his current situation, with Yin Jinru is not good, but he is not afraid of him, and he is now the "gold master" is not ordinary people-Cheng Ran again how not to be taken seriously, he is also a member of the Cheng family.

"Poor wretch, what are you talking about?" How could Yin Jinru not hear Qingyang scolding himself? He has always had a bad temper, but now he has stepped forward and is going to pull Shi Qingyang's clothes.

Yin Tiancheng coldly looking at, did not mean to stop, spark city powerful people, he knew, but have not seen the three men in front of him, Cheng Ran and Gu Changjin looked good, Shi Qingyang dressed completely is an ordinary person, he naturally also didn't put these people in the eye, still think Ping Haiyan his brother no matter to please Cheng Ran, a little owe a lesson.

Even if Yin Jinru is an illegitimate child who cannot get on the stage, it is also Yin.

Yin Family is a large family in Spark City. In the past 30 years, three five-level radiation energy fighters have emerged. Now, the inspector of Spark City is the head of Yin Family.

Every city has its own administrators, judicial officers and inspectors, who perform their respective duties. The inspector is in charge of a city's army. He is usually responsible for maintaining order in the city, cleaning up dangerous animals near the city, and rushing to rescue people outside the city when they need help. He has far more power than the other two.

This kind of identity, let the Yin family in spark city status is extremely high, Yin family now master Yin Hao, a total of two children, is Yin Jinru and Yin Tiancheng. Yin Tiancheng, with outstanding qualifications, is the only son of Yin Hao and his wife. Yin Jinru, who is only a few months younger than Yin Tiancheng, is the illegitimate child of Yin Hao.

Yin Tiancheng's radiation energy capacity and adaptability are both B-, and he is expected to become a level 5 radiation energy fighter, and is also the best student at the level 1 of Spark College. He can even go to secondary city schools, but Yin's family is based in Spark City, and his father is a level 5 radiation energy fighter, enough to teach him, so he didn't go.

As for Yin Jinru, his qualification is much worse, only C-D+, but even if the qualification is not good, his identity is enough to let him walk sideways in Spark City.

Yin Jinru exercised since he was a child. Although he had not practiced radiation energy because he was young, his skill was also good. Just as soon as he shot, he was immediately caught by the wrist. Shi Qingyang grabbed him by the arm, twisted it, kicked him on the knee, and instantly let him kneel on the ground.

"unbridled!" Yin Tiancheng's side a middle-aged man and several Spark College teachers qi qi spoke, if it weren't for the limited use of radiation energy in the city, they were afraid to direct shots, but even if they didn't, they also qi qi operation radiation energy, toward Shi Qingyang pressure in the past.

Gu Changjin has been looking at this situation, thought Shi Qingyang will lose, but I didn't think Shi Qingyang unexpectedly a recruit system Yin Jinru, not only that, in the face of that a few level 3 radiation fighter deterrent, he did not panic.

At Shi Qingyang with admiration, Gu Changjin stepped forward. The radiation energy on his body was running, driving the thin radiation energy around him to press past, directly changing the face of several people on the other side.

Level 5! It turned out to be level 5!

All this happened very quickly. Cheng Ran didn't react at first, but now he understood the reason. He immediately ran to Shi Qingyang. He didn't hit anyone. He severely pinched Yin Jinru's hand that was caught by Shi Qingyang: "You said I was stupid, but you still hit people!"

Cheng Ran's slow and half-beat behavior relaxed the tense atmosphere almost immediately.

"Master, it's all right." Gu Changjin's eyes smile even more, this is the first time he saw his master angry with others.

He is so high-profile today that Cheng Hong may not be happy to know, but he doesn't care anymore.

Master? Gu Changjin this call, let be Yin Tiancheng frighten of several people look more ugly, the young, what is the identity?

"Elder, my brother is too stubborn. Please forgive me." Yin Tiancheng immediately the baggage and take the journey

"This is all a misunderstanding…" Ping Haiyan regretted it, he also knew Shi Qingyang, think Shi Qingyang identity is nothing didn't stop Yin Jinru, but don't want to Shi Qingyang unexpectedly has reached Cheng Ran.

"Elder is to take the two classmates to buy clothes? Today's expenses are all charged to the Yin family's account. Another day, I'll take my brother home to make amends." Yin Tiancheng added that his attitude was extremely respectful.

Gu Changjin did not reply at all. Instead, he looked at Cheng Ran and said, "Where exactly do you want your clothes?"

"Don't need to spend money? Grandpa Gu, I want more here!" Cheng Ran also wanted to meet his future teachers and classmates at the beginning, but seeing Yin Jinru start work on Shi Qingyang, he had no good feeling for this man and wanted to move all the clothes here.

Shi Qingyang has been quietly looking at the faces of all the people. At this time, Yin Jinru, who was red in the eyes and trembling all over, was finally released. Yin Jinru's length is compared with Yin Tiancheng's, but in other aspects, nothing can match Yin Tiancheng's.

And Yin Tiancheng, obviously with his impression that only know the science of uniting the genius of some discrepancy.

"Shi Qingyang, go and buy clothes." Cheng Ran pulled Shi Qingyang's hand.

When he suddenly regained consciousness, Shi Qingyang saw Cheng Ran looking at himself with ingratiation. Before he could reflect what the other party had said, he had already nodded his head: "OK."

Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran bought clothes in the shopping mall. On the other side, above the Battle. net, they had already fried the pot. The reason was that Shi Qingyang had finished eating at noon today and returned to the words of "a bright future".

Peng Cheng Wan Li has been highly respected on the Web of Radiological Warfare for the past two years. Although most of the mixed Web of Radiological Warfare are low-level to third-level radiation energy fighters, there are also high-level and senior radiation energy fighters. Naturally, some people also see that Peng Cheng Wan Li is afraid of not being low in strength, and even some people have sent posts to study Peng Cheng Wan Li specifically, thinking that he is probably a seventh-level radiation energy fighter.

Such a person's words are naturally taken as truth by many people. On the contrary, "I don't want to starve" has just been registered for several hours.

Seeing Shi Qingyang's reply, many people didn't verify it and scolded Shi Qingyang directly, thinking that he didn't know how to pretend to understand it.

At the beginning, it was totally a one-sided mockery of Shi Qingyang until someone replied that Shi Qingyang's method could also be used, and he had no skill in the future.

"Depend, upstairs you are Peng Cheng black powder? Peng Cheng Wan Li has contributed to this method and is he still incompetent? Have skill you open ah!"

"You won't be I don't hungry? Can you think of such a stupid way as using radiation energy to cut off the violence in your body? Do you not fear the explosion?"

"Give me back my hunger, he is starving!"

"An ordinary person who does not even have radiation energy and is struggling for food and clothing is determined to become a powerful radiation energy man. One day, he finally found the opportunity, drew two pictures and found a hot post. He followed the post with arrogant tone. In a trance, he saw that he was admired by ten thousand people and was called the greatest radiation energy fighter. Many people were loyal to him, and countless beautiful women cried and cried to marry him…Suddenly he woke up in a dream, but he could only roar: I don't want to be hungry!"

"Upstairs talented! However, he is still very capable, but within a few hours, this ID became red! Black, red, black and red."


"I don't want to use radiation energy to cut off the violent radiation energy in my body, which I haven't tried before, but the method of running radiation energy put forward by him is very good. Although the effect is similar to that of a bright future, it is simpler and easier to run." Another person helped Shi Qingyang to speak.

Three people into a tiger, or very reasonable, a barrage of people to help Shi Qingyang talk, nature also some people began to doubt whether Shi Qingyang has real material.

No one dares to try the "radiation energy truncation method" written by Shi Qingyang at the back, but many people have done experiments on the previous operation method, and finally found out without exception that this method is really good.

At that time, those people on the Internet discussed enthusiastically, and many more people asked Peng Cheng Wan Li to verify the truth.

At this time, in a villa in the Yangtze River City, an old man had just logged on to the computer.

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