Cheng Xuze, the head of the Cheng family, one of the big families in the Yangtze city, had dinner, took a bath, then put on a comfortable robe and sat in front of the computer.

His muscles have begun to atrophy, but a powerful force is still circulating in his body, making him often feel like he is about to explode.

For all this, he can only try his best to endure, fortunately, his willpower has been very strong, but for this, he could not have come to this step.

His talent is not top, according to his qualifications, it is very good to become a seven-level radiation fighter, but he eventually became an eight-level radiation fighter.

Now the whole country of China has only two nine-level radiation energy fighters, and eight-level warriors like him have already been called top experts.

However, this is not necessarily a good thing.

People with ordinary congenital conditions must pay a price if they want to succeed. The price of cultivating radiation energy is often to damage the body. If there has always been a senior pharmacist around, it will be all right. If there is no senior pharmacist around, it will be very sad if the body becomes poor in later years.

Cheng Xuze touched his arm and sighed. His father was a six-level radiation fighter, but he was not born into a large family. When he was young, he naturally did not have enough resources. He had to spend money to buy any medicine he wanted.

This situation, let his body suffered some damage, seven also just before, after he broke through to eight, the body went from bad to worse.

It happened that there were only a few well-known pharmacists in China. Although he spent a lot of effort to get in touch with the pharmacy masters in the Yangtze River City, he was able to get a lot of potions, but as time went on, the effect of the potions on him became worse and worse.

Three years ago, he began to live in seclusion similar to other masters. It was not that they didn't want to fight any more, but that their bodies couldn't afford too much radiation energy. They would only go up and try their best when it was really time for life and death.

Just like now, he wanted very much to cut his arm so that the soaring radiation energy inside could rush out. Of course, he knew very well that this was only his illusion, and what flowed out after he cut his arm would only be blood, not radiation energy.

Over the past two years, he has cultivated his morality, handed over most of the family's affairs to his eldest son, and concentrated on sorting out the radiation energy in his body. Unfortunately, the effect is not good.

When faced with difficulties, he began to use the Internet to instruct his successors. There, he occasionally saw some interesting ideas, which gave him new ideas about the power of riots.

Unfortunately, he is now 70 years old, and his radiation energy is too strong. Those methods cannot be used at all.

After dinner, Cheng Xuze landed on the Battle. net as usual and became the "bright future" who likes to point out the younger generation.

However, today's situation seems to be somewhat different. As soon as he got up, he heard a barrage of prompt tones. Almost all the people familiar with the Web of Radiological Wars sent him messages.

What's the matter? Did you say something wrong? Or was he pinched? Cheng Xuze lying on the couch, did not care too much, just casually point in.

At his age, he has long been able to keep calm about many things.

By clicking on a few messages, Cheng Xuze understood the general situation and saw the reply "I don't want to starve".

Looking at that not long reply, his face became more and more dignified.

The above two pictures, one of which depicts a line running radiation energy, are very simple and exquisite, better than what he put on the internet before, but Cheng Xuze didn't care too much, after all, what he put on the internet is worse than what he used himself, and this one is still not as good as what he used himself, but this one below…

Cheng Xuze, as a Class 8 radiation energy fighter, is very good at using radiation energy. He hesitated for a moment, then found several points on himself and input some radiation energy according to the above.

The radiation energy in his body is very abundant, just like an explosive magazine. Once there is an initiator, it will explode immediately. After he inputs a little radiation energy at those points, the surging radiation energy in his body will be suddenly cut off and finally dispersed.

If the radiation energy in the body is compared to a river, inputting the radiation energy at these points is like casting a dam at the appropriate place, and finally the river can no longer flow.

This method, in fact, treats the symptoms but not the root cause. If we talk about the effect, it is certainly not as good as those good drugs. After all, drugs can nourish the body. If one method is careless, it may hurt the body.

Not only that, this method can't be used in combat. After he did this just now, the radiation energy in that area can't be mobilized in a short period of time. It can be said that it has completely lost its fighting capacity.

However, this method can indeed relieve the radiation energy of riots, which is beyond doubt!

Soothing agent is very useful, but for the three-level radiation fighter who asked for help, he had no extra money to buy, his body was injured, and he could no longer go out of town to hunt. At this time, this method is obviously more cost-effective than using soothing agent.

Even if it takes temporary measures but not permanent ones, as long as it can relieve the pain caused by the radiation energy riots and prevent people from dying from the radiation energy riots, this is already a good thing!

Another example is him. He has reached Grade 8 now, and there are very few drugs useful to him. This method is well used, and it is the best way to save lives!

At that time, Cheng Xuze's hands shook up. He quickly opened the information of I don't want to be hungry. He found a blank inside and almost smashed the computer. It was very difficult to remember that he could use the administrator's authority to check the landing site, but he still didn't see anything.

This person is either a computer expert or uses a computer with extremely high security. Cheng Xuze thinks that the possibility of the latter should be higher. After all, a person's energy is limited. When a person spends a lot of time practicing this skill, it is difficult to have time to study other things.

I don't want to be hungry, he must be a master with high status!

"This is aimed at low-level radiation energy fighters. If there are high-level radiation energy fighters, there will be more points to cut off."

Cheng Xuze looked at the last sentence of my reply that I was hungry. his mood became more and more excited. he knocked several times, deleted and revised it, and finally wrote a message: "hello, excuse me, is this method aimed at senior radiation fighters?" What he said was extremely respectful. After all, no one knew his true identity online. If he put on a show with others, he might lose popularity instead.

Cheng Xuze pressed the send button, only to find that it was impossible to send it out. I wanted to go hungry and completely refused to accept the stranger's private letter. In desperation, he could only use the administrator's identity and finally sent it out.

After all this, Cheng Xuze waited in fear and trembling. He sat first, then stood up after a while, and soon began to walk back and forth again.

His computer made noises from time to time, but none of them came from me hungry. Cheng Xuze felt so miserable that he finally cried out to the outside: "Wang Qing, Wang Qing!"

Wang Qing is an assistant who has been with Cheng Xuze for nearly 20 years. He is also a six-level radiation fighter. Hearing Cheng Xuze's voice, he strode up from the next room: "Master, what is your order?"

"Wang Qing, I have found a master!" Cheng Xuze some excited to speak, beaming.

Wang Qing had no expression on his face and did not believe that some of the real masters had time to surf the Internet. Even if they did, they would communicate with people of the same level instead of running like Cheng Xuze to guide people who had nothing to do with him.

"Don't believe it, the man said a wonderful way to stop radiation!" Cheng Xuze looked at his cold expression, always feel hot heart has been cooled down a lot

Wang Qing's expression clearly said that he just didn't believe it.

"You see, you see, try again!" Cheng Xuze pulled people to the front of the computer.

Wang Qing's face remained expressionless, but after a period of time, he gasped.

"I told you, I met a superior!" Cheng Xuze some satisfied.

"Master, you should give a positive response in your post!" Wang Qing.

Cheng Xuze was stunned, only to find that there are still many people scolding me not to be hungry in the tactical exchange section of the web.

"I forgot all about it!" Cheng Xuze let out a loud cry and immediately began to delete posts with the authority of his administrator. He deleted all abusive posts completely. Not only that, he also sent a post: "I don't want to be hungry. My method is very good. I feel ashamed and inferior. Please don't come in hungry."

In the post, he also attached a screenshot of my post on "Don't Be Hungry" and wrote his own feelings about using it.

The Battle Technology Exchange Forum of the Web of Battle. com is once again fried!

This I don't want to hungry, is really a great god?

At this time, finally, there was also a man who happened to meet with the Riot of Radiation Energy. He used the method I mentioned in the post, and he also found that this method is very useful!

"Although this method has certain risks and cannot be easily used by people who cannot control their own radiation energy well, there is no doubt that this method is useful and, most importantly, it does not cost money! People who can think of such a method are really too powerful! Hungry, I will worship you!"

"Who is hungry great god? This way, can I apply for the first-class contribution award? He just published it on the Internet?"

"Hungry great god terrible! From today on, you are my idol!"

"Kneel lick! Hungry God is so handsome. He saved my wallet!"

"Kneel down and beg the hungry belly to be lucky!"

"Hungry-bellied Great Spirit Will Dominate Jianghu for Thousands of Generations!"


Looking at the full screen compliment (?), Cheng Xuze finally breathed a sigh of relief and hesitated for a moment. He looked at Wang Qing and said, "Do I want to send one too?"

Wang Qing was expressionless and did not answer. Cheng Xuze finally stopped asking for his advice. After studying for a long time and referring to other people's posts, he finally followed one in his own post: "Hungry God, please be lucky! Never abandon me!"

Countless people on the Internet chanted "Hungry God". Cheng Xuze stayed up all night. Shi Qingyang's plan to attract the attention of Peng Cheng Wan Li has been overfulfilled, but he probably won't be happy.

He has been pursuing "don't be hungry", but others call him "the great god of hungry".

The author has something to say:

Shi Qingyang [indignation]: clearly, I don't want to be hungry, why is it simplified to be hungry? I don't believe in love anymore!

Cheng Ran [vacant]: ah? Is it?

Shi Qingyang [righteous words]: of course not! I believe in love even if I am hungry!

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