Because Yin Jinru suddenly hit people, Cheng Ran was filled with anger and showed no mercy when picking clothes.

He was very concerned about Shi Qingyang. Although he did not dare to take the initiative to speak normally, he could see everything about Shi Qingyang. Naturally, he also found that Shi Qingyang's clothes were not only old but also short.

He had many clothes and had never been short of them. Naturally, he was busy helping Shi Qingyang to choose ten sets from inside to outside.

Shi Qingyang scanned his body data in front of the machine, and he has been watching Cheng Ran pick clothes for himself according to the size. Originally, the bad mood caused by the appearance of Yin Jinru and Ping Haiyan had long disappeared and his face was always smiling.

He didn't pay attention to his clothes. After his parents died, he didn't buy any more clothes. The clothes on his body would not fit for a long time. In fact, even if he didn't need money in his last life, he usually didn't buy a lot of clothes until he had no clothes to wear.

This is the first time he has discovered that it is also an interesting thing to buy clothes and go shopping with others.

At the beginning, he also accompanied Liang Liang to the shopping mall, but watching Liang Liang try it on and toss it over and over again, the only feeling was boredom. now he wishes he could buy clothes with Cheng Ran every year.

Of course, this may also be related to the speed of Cheng Ran's selection. Cheng Ran is not a fashionable and fashionable person. He doesn't look at fancy clothes at all, and simple men's clothing is not much different from most men's eyes, so he just needs to look at the fit.

"Ten sets is enough, and more will be wasted." After selecting ten sets, Cheng Ran was somewhat tangled. Although the temperature is relatively constant in the city today and clothes can be worn for a long time, Shi Qingyang is now 16 years old, which is the time to grow up. I'm afraid I won't be able to wear it several times if I buy more.

Now the country has been calling on everyone not to waste, even if they have money, no one will buy something useless.

"It's okay. You can buy some bigger clothes." Shi Qingyang immediately said that he grew very fast. His mother used to buy clothes for him. She would buy a bigger size so that he could wear them longer.

Cheng Ran was not short of money, and had never thought that clothes could be bought in a bigger size. at that time, he felt that he had been opened to the new world." why didn't I think, could I still buy in a bigger size?"

"This is not necessary. We are not short of money and do not take too much advantage." Shi Qingyang laughed, he will certainly have money in the future!

Yin Tiancheng has been following beside her with eyes lowered, trying to establish friendship with Gu Changjin. When she heard the words of Shi Qingyang, she took a puff at the corners of her mouth. What does it mean that you are not short of money? Do you still buy clothes that are not short of money even for the bigger size? What do you mean you don't take too much advantage? Can you come up with such a thing without taking advantage?

No matter how much Yin Tiancheng complained, Shi Qingyang still chose 20 sets of clothes, and Cheng Ran also chose 20 sets. Even Gu Changjin chose 20 sets next door.

For Cheng Ran, Gu Changjin also felt a little uncomfortable at first. He bought clothes for Cheng Ran, but the clothes he bought were always fit and fashionable. He never bought a bigger size like this.

But when he thought of Cheng Ran's parents' attitude towards Cheng Ran, he said nothing in the end. In fact, if Cheng Ran had more concepts about money, it would be a good thing. In the future, he could live alone without Cheng's family.

After packing 60 sets of clothes, someone will deliver them to the door. After all this, Cheng Ran and Shi Qingyang only feel refreshed. Yin Tiancheng and Yin Jinru are not in a good mood.

Today, they invited these teachers out for dinner and brought people to buy things in order to have a good relationship with the school teachers. However, they didn't expect to have a good talk with these teachers in the end. They even got into trouble with someone they couldn't see through completely.

Can let a five radiation fighter beside served, this Cheng Ran, exactly is what identity?Yin Tiancheng helped pay the money and covered up the gloom in his eyes with a smile.

In front of Gu Changjin, he didn't have any airs at all. He did a low-lying job and tried every possible means, but Gu Changjin didn't reveal a word…

"Master Yin, we have to go somewhere else, so we won't need Master Yin to follow us." Gu Changjin didn't like people with ulterior motives to follow beside him, so after Yin Tiancheng paid the money, he remained silent and refused to answer. He began to chase people.

"Senior, please." Yin Tiancheng did not have any displeasure on his face. When Gu Changjin and others walked away, he turned around again and looked at the teachers of Spark College nearby. His face was full of apologies: "Today's incident was all my fault and brought trouble to all the teachers. I'm sorry."

"It's none of your business where you are." The teachers hurriedly said, the in the mind more and more think Yin Tiancheng is very good, Yin Jinru such as mud can't help on the wall.

This time the matter was provoked by Yin Jinru, but Yin Tiancheng should take the responsibility. And Yin Jinru, now, is still rubbing his arm…A 16-year-old boy, is not yet a radiation fighter, how strong can he be? Will it still hurt for so long?

"No, this is really my fault." Yin Tiancheng took out many shopping cards from this store: "These shopping cards, I made amends to you at that time."

The gift cards sent by Yin's family have a large face value. These teachers have a better impression of Yin Tiancheng.

Let a person send these teachers home, Yin Tiancheng took Yin Jinru and two of his men into his car. As soon as he got on the bus, he slapped Yin Jinru in the face.

Yin Jinru shook and did not dare to speak at all, but Yin Tiancheng looked at the man sitting in the co-pilot position: "Please look up the information given by the teacher to Class 10, and be sure to find out what route these two men came from."

"Yes, master."

"Elder brother, these people are disgusting…" Yin Jinru whispered.

"You take care of yourself and don't give me trouble." Yin Tiancheng smiled at Yin Jinru. seeing that the car had already reached a deserted street, he suddenly added: "stop."

"Elder brother…" Yin Jinru body shake.

"You get off and walk back." Yin Tiancheng spoke lightly, but there was no doubt.

Yin Jinru shrink body, quickly got off the car.

Yin Jinru got off the bus and the co-pilot finally found the information: "Master, the man named Cheng Ran has no information except his name. He is called Shi Qingyang. This information is a bit familiar…"

"Make things clear." Yin Tiancheng looked at the two data displayed on the palm computer, frowning.

"Yes, master."

Yin Jinru dare not take a taxi, dragging was kicked by Shi Qingyang leg back, Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran have been shopping, and sat on the Gu Changjin car.

As soon as Cheng Ran got on the bus, he began to look out of the window. Shi Qingyang felt strangely neglected. He smiled and put a bottle into Cheng Ran's hand.

This is a beautiful glass bottle, which contains various colored candies. It was a non-radioactive food he bought in the children's food section at the expense of several days' wages when he lied about going to the toilet.

Cheng Ran froze, bowed their heads and saw the bottle, turned toward Shi Qingyang a big smile.

Next, he has been carefully touching the bottle and laughing, even ignoring the rare scenery outside the window.

Gu Changjin looked back, cold snorted, Shi Qingyang is when he does not exist?

When I returned to the villa that night, it was getting late. Shi Qingyang wanted to turn on the computer to see the situation, but when he thought that he had not practiced all day, he calmed down and began to run the scarce radiation energy in his body. Then he repeatedly practiced the gesture of mobilizing radiation energy.

Although he will not make any mistakes in these gestures, if he does not practice more, he will certainly not be able to get up and down, and the faster the speed, the greater the chance of survival.

In his last life, unless he couldn't move himself, he practiced for at least two hours a day, and now naturally he can't relax.

After practicing radiation energy, Shi Qingyang went to the exercise room next to him for half an hour's physical training.

Downstairs, Gu Changjin, who received a call from Cheng Hong, glanced at the light upstairs and was thoughtful.

At eleven o'clock, I went to bed on time. At six o'clock the next morning, Shi Qingyang got up, washed and went downstairs to help Gu Changjin prepare breakfast.

Gu Changjin did not refuse, but handed over the job of barbecue to Shi Qingyang as usual. He himself was slowly cooking porridge beside him. After a while, he suddenly added: "The cultivation of radiation energy cannot be carried out too quickly. The foundation of radiation energy is a person's body. Exercise is even more important. People who have just possessed radiation energy…"

Gu Changjin seemed to have no intention, but he spoke slowly about the basis and method of cultivating radiation energy.

These knowledge, Shi Qingyang once heard the teacher speak in Spark College, but not so clear, moreover, Gu Changjin also added many of his own insights.

Shi Qingyang did not lay a good foundation at the beginning, and in the end he suffered from a bad foundation. Gu Changjin actually knew a lot about what he said, but Gu Changjin's explanation deepened his understanding.

Of course, this is not the most important thing. The most important thing is that Gu Changjin is mentioning him and helping him!

Shi Qingyang naturally won't be ungrateful. He listened very carefully and corresponded to what he had learned before.

Gu Changjin said slowly. When Cheng Ran's porridge was ready, he suddenly said, "Today I'll help you with a training card, and at night I'll take you to the training room to feel the radiation energy." The practice of radiation energy must be carried out in places with radiation energy. Many places in the city have training rooms. Of course, it also costs money.

"Thank you, Grandpa Gu!" Shi Qingyang is very grateful.

Gu Changjin did not reply, but sniffed the air: "Your meat is burnt."

This morning, Cheng Ran drank porridge, Gu Changjin baked himself a small piece of meat again, and Shi Qingyang ate two pieces of meat that were a little burnt.

Of course, for Shi Qingyang, who can eat nutritious meals with relish, even if it is a little burnt, it is also good meat!

"Shi Qingyang, why do you eat paste?" Cheng Ran asked incredulously.

"I like to eat a little burnt." Shi Qingyang was in a good mood and said casually, thinking that he could practice radiation energy at night.

"oh." Cheng Ran was thoughtful.

On this day, Shi Qingyang was especially energetic when doing part-time work, and he did not forget to practice all kinds of gestures when delivering goods everywhere to mobilize his energy.

When he came off work, he also specially chose some leftovers to pack up, not for other reasons, just to make dried meat.

He will run around in the morning, train himself in the afternoon and go to the exercise room in the evening. Although Gu Changjin gives him plenty of meat, he will occasionally be hungry. If he prepares some dried meat, he need not worry about being hungry.

More importantly, with food on his body, he is steadfast in his heart.

When I returned to the villa at noon, Cheng Ran and Gu Changjin were waiting for him as usual. Shi Qingyang felt warm again. Then I found that the barbecue that had been prepared in front of me this time was much more than usual.

"So much, is that enough?" Gu Changjin asked, seeing Shi Qingyang eating like that this morning, he found Shi Qingyang's appetite was better than he imagined.

This person, is really too can eat!

"that's enough, thank Grandpa Gu!" Without deliberately adjusting the facial expression, Shi Qingyang still showed a big smile, and then ate all the meat in Cheng Ran's admiring eyes.

After satiated with food and drink, Shi Qingyang felt very energetic and stronger. When he returned to his room and turned on the computer, he was also in a very good mood.

But soon, he felt that he was all bad.

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