When he landed on the web, Shi Qingyang not only didn't write the information, but also didn't accept the information of strangers, for no other reason. Just because he knew his post, no one would believe it at first, and maybe many people would suspect him of accusing him.

He doesn't care about other people's doubts and accusations, but he prefers to keep his eyes out of sight, but obviously he has done so. Now his mailbox is still full, hundreds of messages are all sent by the administrator, and the administrator, nature is bright prospects.

This should be a jobbery, right? Is this really okay? Even if this is really no problem, why do the following messages look like this?

"Hungry great god! Don't abandon me!!!!"

"Hungry great god! Ask for the contact number, ask for support!"

"Hungry great god! Yes, where have you been?"


Hungry? Is this a curse on him? And what about keeping babies and breaking down?

Shi Qingyang only felt a chill in his body. Is this person really a promising young man with the style of an elder in his mind?

Shi Qingyang has always admired Peng Cheng Wan Li. After seeing the information, he suddenly felt struck by lightning, so that he couldn't go back to the information at that time.

Hurriedly closed the information page, Shi Qingyang ordered a forum for exchange of tactics, and then he felt blind again.

Why does everyone call him hungry? Why did so many people praise him just because he posted a post at noon yesterday? When he first proposed the "radiation energy cutoff method", many people rushed at him, and the pharmacists even joined forces, threatening that doing so would seriously damage the body and accelerate the radiation energy riots…

Later, it took two years for this method to be finally popularized.

But now, there are still people "kneeling and licking"? This action is really too evil!

Shi Qingyang was speechless, but after roughly doubling, he also understood the reason.

In fact, his popularity is so high now, mainly due to his great achievements. In this forum, he is highly respected. Now he is highly respected by his achievements, and naturally many people admire him.

Moreover, this is online, and it is the easiest place to echo others' opinions.

Shi Qingyang deliberately left a message yesterday just to attract the attention of Peng Cheng Wan Li. Although it is said that Peng Cheng Wan Li has become a bit strange now, it is still a success. He made some psychological construction and decided to reply to Peng Cheng Wan Li.

At the same time, the tone came back to me, and Shi Qingyang discovered that he had received another message from Peng Cheng Wan Li.

"Hungry great god, I saw you come up! You can't ignore me and beg for favor!"

Shi Qingyang took a deep breath, and after a while, he finally knocked down several points: "……"

On the other side of the computer, Cheng Xuze, who had just eaten, breathed a sigh of relief after sending the message. Since last night, he has been waiting for me not to go online hungry. Now he has finally arrived.

After such a long wait, his mood rose and fell. At first he always spoke normally, but after waiting for a long time, he could not help but get angry. Then he found the strange language used by others.

Those words even gave him goose bumps when he started to send them, but when he sent them too much, he suddenly felt very interesting, especially after imagining the reaction I would have if I didn't want to be hungry.

I don't want to be hungry. I'm mostly a senior expert. People like him must be very tangled when they see this, right?

Cheng Xuze felt happy at this thought. he copied many words and put them in a document, sending them in turns. when he went to bed in the middle, he also asked Wang Qing to help him send them.

Because of this, after he woke up, Wang Qing's already cold expression was somewhat colder.

Cheng Xuze soon saw my answer not to be hungry and guessed that the other party was mostly speechless. He touched his chin beard and grinned.

Does he want to maintain this style all the time?

Shi Qingyang didn't know Cheng Xuze's plan. He finally calmed down after laying a string of dots.

He has experienced so many strong winds and big waves. He should not be scared because of some network language. After thinking about it, Shi Qingyang added, "I will not favor you. I already have someone to favor."

"Hungry-bellied Great God, I beat some strange animals to warm up the bed and ask for support!"

"Don't call me hungry. Someone has already taken care of me, so I won't be hungry. You can call me not hungry."

Cheng Xuze suddenly felt that only "can express his feelings, I don't want to be hungry should be a master? Be kept?"

He was silent for a while, and finally decided not to use those strange words to chat with people: "Hungry God, I want to talk to you about the methods you mentioned in your post yesterday to cut off internal radiation and control radiation riots."

"You call me not hungry!" Shi Qingyang insisted.

"I'm sorry, see others call you hungry great god, I'm used to…"

"I'll stress it." Shi Qingyang once again said that he was hungry when he was young in his previous life. Later he was sent to the research institute and could not have a good meal. He could only drink nutrient solution. He hated the word "hungry belly".

"then let's get down to business. I'm not hungry. I want to ask you, did you come up with the method you proposed in your post to prevent the radiation energy riots?"

"Of course, this is the inspiration I got from the acupuncture point mentioned in martial arts novels a long time ago. I call it the radiation energy truncation method." Finally talked about the business, Shi Qingyang also serious.

"This is a good name. Apart from the points you mentioned in your post, is there any other point in this method where you can enter radiation energy?"

"Yes, there are many more. Each level of this method is different." Shi Qingyang added that what he had used on himself was actually rather rough, but after he made it public, others helped him sort it out. Not only that, those people also found some other points that could be used to input radiation energy, and finally they sorted it out into a set from level 1 to level 9.

"really? Even the advanced ones?" Cheng Xuze even some can't control his trembling hands.

"Yes, there are even advanced ones, and your radiation energy is starting to riot?" Shi Qingyang asked, but knew that 80% would be the affirmative answer.

The higher the level of radiation energy fighters, the more severe the radiation energy riots will become as they get older. It happened that the drugs that can alleviate the radiation energy riots of senior radiation energy fighters will become very rare again…

"From a few years ago, as my health deteriorated, radiation energy became somewhat restless."

"The radiation energy cut-off method can treat the symptoms of radiation energy riots but not the root causes. If you are of a high level, you'd better cooperate with the medicine. After using this method, you can drink the medicine, and the effect will be very good." Shi Qingyang conveniently introduced the medicine he intended to sell to the other party. He used to like fame and wealth, but now he wants money more.

In the future, he will pretend to be a senior radiation fighter to communicate with Peng Cheng Wan Li, and let Peng Cheng Wan Li tell his true identity. Then Peng Cheng Wan Li will not have the courage to pit his money.

"What kind of medicine will work better?" Cheng Xuze immediately asked.

"I have two prescription drugs here which are very good, one to drink at ordinary times and one to drink during riots. what grade are you on?" Shi Qingyang asked. The medicine that he can drink at ordinary times is the medicine that he got from the research institute and drank during the riots, but it was originally sent to him by Feng Linqiu.

Feng Linqiu, the grandson of the ninth-level master Feng Yunhong, was born with a radiation ability and was also the one who sent him to the research institute. Feng Linqiu used this prescription to win his trust, became friends with him, and finally beat him into the abyss.

This prescription is indeed very precious, but for him in his previous life, it is not very useful. After all, his greatest trouble at that time was that his body was too poor and his endurance was too low, instead of the radiation energy riot. In fact, his radiation energy was much more stable than that of ordinary people.

Cheng Xuze hesitated for a moment and finally wrote: "I am level 8. Is there a level 8 radiation energy truncation method? What about the potion?"

Grade 8? Shi Qingyang froze, he thought that bright prospects thousands of miles will be level 7, unexpectedly turned out to be level 8.

There are not many seven-level radiation energy fighters in China, but there are not many eight-level radiation energy fighters in China. Moreover, he was somewhat impressed by the 8th-class radiation energy fighter of China.

Level 8, the radiation energy is unstable now, it will disappear in a few years and finally die from the radiation energy riots…

A long way to go? Shi Qingyang suddenly remembered a person.

Cheng Ran's grandfather Cheng Xuze, isn't he a Class 8 radiation fighter? He also died one year after the disappearance of Peng Cheng Wan Li.

I must have made a mistake! According to the information he knew, Cheng Xuze was born in the army and made many contributions. He not only killed many powerful foreign animals, but also led his team to build a tertiary city. He has always been very stuffy, and has always been kind of bright future is completely two kinds of character.

Moreover, how can Cheng Xuze send out the previous messages?

Shi Qingyang calmed down and, as a sincerity, first sent out the radiation truncation method that can be used by 8-level radiation fighters: "This is the radiation truncation method that can be used by 8-level radiation. As for the medicine, it is not easy to allocate."

Cheng Xuze saw the 8-level radiation energy truncation method sent by Shi Qingyang, and his first reaction was to be moved.

He and I don't want to be hungry. It's just a chance meeting on the Internet. I don't want to be hungry and just give him something so important! And, listen to each other's meaning, medicine is also willing to give!

Cheng Xuze felt that he should also show the other party his sincerity: "what's the problem with the medicine? Whether it's money or manpower, I can help. I can still talk about it in the Yangtze River city."

Yangtze River City? Shi Qingyang only felt that the "bang" in his head exploded. He finally knocked down three words: "Cheng Xuze?"

"Do you know me? Which master are you?" Cheng Xuze immediately asked.

Shi Qingyang ordered all kinds of information sent to him by Cheng Xuze before again, asking for a guarantee? Pray for luck?

If the person who sends these messages to him is Cheng Ran, he will be very happy to come and go with each other, but that is not Cheng Ran, but Cheng Ran's grandfather!


Shi Qingyang suddenly felt that he could no longer look directly at these words.

"Not hungry?" Cheng Xuze information sent again.

"I have something urgent to leave." Shi Qingyang spent a lot of effort to control his hand to type such a passage. As soon as it was sent out, he immediately turned off the computer with the fastest speed.

Efforts will be seen at the funeral of Cheng Xuze Cheng Xuze appearance thrown out of the head, Shi Qingyang quickly went downstairs, going to see Cheng Ran wash your eyes.

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