Cheng Ran is still very thin, but is in a good mood, it seems that the whole person spirit a lot, Shi Qingyang down, he saw him in the restaurant carefully configured with the most basic radiation energy soothing agent.

Cheng Ran was very focused when doing things. His mind was all on the medicine. He didn't find Shi Qingyang at all. Seeing this scene, Shi Qingyang finally understood why Cheng Ran was able to configure the medicine successfully for the first time. He can never forget anything and should also be concerned with being very focused when watching it.

Shi Qingyang is not a person who cares about appearance. Before, he just felt that Cheng Ran looks good. At this time, he looked carefully and found that Cheng Ran's skin is especially good and her eyebrow and eyes are delicate. Because she is not familiar with the world, the whole person's temperament is extremely clean and makes her heart calm down.

But soon, another face appeared in front of Shi Qingyang, an old man with sharp eyes.

Shi Qingyang has seen Cheng Xuze's photos and videos before, and his impression is that he is a serious old man. Who ever wanted to…

In fact, the Internet is, after all, the Internet, everyone will not face to face, talk naturally very casual, there are strangers so talk to Shi Qingyang, Shi Qingyang won't feel embarrassed, but Peng Cheng Wan Li and Cheng Xuze…

Peng Cheng Wan Li once pointed him out on the Internet. He is a respected elder, not to mention Cheng Xuze. He is an 8-level radiation fighter with outstanding military achievements.

Perhaps, it is really strange that I am not saying that what I see online is different from what I see in reality. He should make allowance for the interests of the elderly.

Moreover, if it is Cheng Xuze, it is better to cooperate with him than with others. After all, Cheng Xuze is a person who pays great attention to commitment.

If both husband and wife are powerful radiation energy fighters, they may give birth to children with very good talent. When Cheng Xuze was 30 years old, he had reached Grade 7, with very strong strength. There was also a Central City Grade 6 female radiation energy fighter who liked him, but he insisted on marrying the girl next door whom he had once agreed on. The woman was only Grade 3.

At that time, many people felt very incredible. Although they admired what Cheng Xuze had done, they felt that it was uneconomical for him to do so. Until Cheng Xuze's wife gave birth to a natural spoke capable person, no one said that this woman was not worthy of Cheng Xuze.

After a long contact with Cheng Ran, Shi Qingyang was very dissatisfied with Cheng Ran's parents, but he still respected Cheng Xuze. As for Cheng Ran…

Perhaps, in addition to Cheng Ran's parents, the rest of the family did not know Cheng Ran's talent at all.

If not, how can Cheng Xuze be so kind to some primary and secondary radiation energy fighters on the Internet, even urging others to engage in other industries, yet demanding his grandson so harshly?

He took a fancy to Peng Chang Wan Li because Peng Chang Wan Li has a very good reputation. Cheng Xuze should not betray him or take out what he has.

After he helped Cheng Xuze solve the problem of radiation riots, Cheng Xuze will even owe him a debt of gratitude.

Shi Qingyang was thinking about something when suddenly there was a pain in his shoulder. He looked up and found out that Gu Changjin had slapped him on the shoulder with great effort.

"Grandpa Gu." Shi Qingyang rubbed his shoulder, some helpless.

Gu Changjin snorted coldly: "What have you been staring at the young master?"

Shi Qingyang was somewhat embarrassed. Although he was distracted later, he was actually watching Cheng Ran at the beginning.

"You have ordinary talent, so you can't waste time. Only by working hard at this time can you break through the limit of talent in the future." Gu Changjin added, and then put a recorder into Shi Qingyang's hand: "This is the data originally prepared for the master to see. Now you have a good look, you must look carefully."

"Yes." Shi Qingyang immediately said that he did not like wasting time.

"When I take you out at night, I will examine you!" Gu Changjin added.

"I must look good." Shi Qingyang promised.

"Then you can go upstairs. Remember, the contents of this recorder cannot be seen by others." Gu Changjin added that although he plans to train Shi Qingyang to stay with Cheng Ran, Shi Qingyang cannot know to stare at his master all day long.

After Shi Qingyang went upstairs, he found that what Gu Changjin gave was all the basic data of the science of uniting. The above contents were more detailed than what Gu Changjin said to him this morning. There were also some video materials of the practice, all of which were sorted out according to the order of uniting. The specially marked set recorded all the important periods during a person's first contact with radiation energy to become a level 3 radiation energy fighter.

This person, it seems, is Cheng Ran's uncle Cheng Hui? No wonder Gu Changjin specially ordered him not to be seen by others. Such information should be specially prepared by the Cheng family for the descendants of the Cheng family, right? Gu Changjin brought it to him…

Although Shi Qingyang has studied before, Spark College is only a third-class city school with only third-class teachers. What he has learned is actually the most common. How can it compare with those in the recorder now?

Even if everyone thinks that the current glory of the Cheng family began with Cheng Xuze, but in fact Cheng Xuze's father is also a six-level radiation fighter, while the Yin family, the largest family in Spark City, now has only five levels of strength.

The things the Cheng family takes out will not be bad.

Shi Qingyang did not lay a good foundation before he failed. Although he later became a strong man, he did not pay attention to these basic knowledge because it was impossible to practice again. Now that he has obtained them, how can he not cherish them?

He sat on a fitness equipment to exercise leg muscles, his legs pedaling back and forth, one hand holding a recorder to play video, the other hand, waving constantly, guiding the radiation in the body can use this hand to induce the radiation energy that hardly exists in the air.

Nowadays, there are many powerful tactical skills, and they have learned some tactical skills, and even can leapfrog challenges. For this reason, many people will try to learn various powerful tactical skills.

But in fact, even the most basic means of fighting, as long as the speed is fast enough, the power will be very amazing, and some combat skills, but only actual combat can learn.

Feng Linqiu was born and used the best fighting skills in China, but he was beaten with a real knife and a real gun. Will he not lose?

In the afternoon, Shi Qingyang took turns to practice and kept looking at the data. He always felt that the harvest was getting bigger and bigger. He even deliberately forgot Cheng Xuze. He watched the time for dinner approaching. He went downstairs and planned to help Gu Changjin cook.

Just, Cheng Ran actually already helped in the kitchen.

As usual, Gu Changjin is cooking Cheng Ran's food. Cheng Ran is coating a piece of meat with barbecue sauce, and his movements are still very skilled.

"Cheng Ran, can you cook?" Shi Qingyang asked in surprise.

"Of course I will!" Cheng Ran smiled over his shoulder and said slowly: "Grandpa Gu taught me, but before I was in poor health, Grandpa Gu wouldn't let me do it."

He has been living with Gu Changjin and completely regards Gu Changjin as his elder relatives. Although Gu Changjin calls him master, he does not really regard Gu Changjin as a servant.

Shi Qingyang looked at Cheng Ran's speech and wanted to rub each other's head very much. Fortunately, he soon restrained himself: "You are not well now, so I'll do it."  

"No, it's better. I'll cook it for you. Which vegetable do you like?" Cheng Ran also asked, the average family barbecue is just barbecue, but Gu Changjin barbecue, always put some vegetables, he is accustomed to do so.

"I eat everything." Shi Qingyang smiled. The feeling that someone cooked for him was the best.

"Mmm!" Cheng Ran nodded and put the meat brushed with sauce into the oven.

In fact, the barbecue does not need too high a technical level. After a few minutes, the meat has already been tested. Shi Qingyang saw Cheng Ran take out the barbecue and just wanted to carry it out, but he didn't want Cheng Ran to put it on the electric stove to fry it again.

Seeing the puzzled expression on Shi Qingyang's face, Cheng Ran explained: "You said in the morning that you like to eat something that is a little burnt. At noon, Gu did not do that."

Shi Qingyang froze, this just remembered this matter, suddenly have a feeling of distress situation, beside doing mashed potatoes Gu Changjin, is a smiling look at him.

"Eating coke is not good for your health, but a little frying can also give you a little coke." Cheng Ran revealed a big smile. Shi Qingyang cooked food for him, and he also wanted to cook a meal for Shi Qingyang.

Shi Qingyang likes to focus a little, he will certainly remember!

In the evening, Shi Qingyang ate roasted and then fried meat. The taste was really good. Although the fried meat on both sides was a little burnt, it was very fragrant, making him even have the urge to eat it for a lifetime.

Cheng Ran was glad to see that the friend he had just made likes to eat the food he cooked." I'll cook it for you later," he said.

"good." Where is Shi Qingyang's reason for not agreeing?

Unfortunately, Gu Changjin obviously did not live up to his wish: "Master, if you want to go to school and do medicine, I'd better leave the cooking to me. If you can't even use me for cooking, I'll be a waste."

"Grandpa Gu is very good!" Cheng Ran hurriedly way.

"The young master is also very good. He must be even better in the future." Gu Changjin smiles all over his face.

Now with the development of science and technology, monitoring is installed in all parts of the city, so it is very safe in the city. Gu Changjin will take him out at night, leaving Cheng Ran alone at home.

This is not that they don't want to take Cheng Ran with them, but the place they want to go is the training ground for radiation fighters, where the radiation is much stronger than that of other places, and it will also affect Cheng Ran.

After getting into the car and setting the route to start, Gu Changjin looked at Shi Qingyang in the co-pilot position: "What is the way to feel the radiation energy?"

Shi Qingyang knew that Gu Changjin's school examination had come. He was sitting tight and immediately said the answer he had seen in the afternoon.

Gu Changjin listened to him and asked another question.

Gu Changjin's questions are completely different, but Shi Qingyang answered all the questions very well.

At first Gu Changjin didn't take it seriously, but later on, he was more and more surprised, and even raised several issues that would only be involved in level 3 and level 4.

Shi Qingyang answered the question as usual. Although it was not complete, it was correct: "Do you have a good memory?" Shi Qingyang should not have come into contact with these before. Is it another person who never forgets anything?

"No, I just have a very good understanding of this." Shi Qingyang smiled modestly. He learned all these things and he experienced them. How could he not know? In fact, he has already hidden something.

Of course, he will hide something in this respect, but he will not hide his situation when practicing. After all, if he does not exert his own strength, he will be secretive, so it is very difficult for him to go further. In front of Gu Changjin, he will certainly not have a voice.

What's more, he is now in the body of radiation can be so thin, qualification is so poor, in fact, even if show other aspects of the "talent", others will not see him in the eye.

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Gu Changjin: How can both of them never forget anything? This is not scientific!

Shi Qingyang: He he he, there are more unscientific ones behind.

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