Gu Changjin took Shi Qingyang to the Radiation War Building in Spark City. In each city, there is a Radiation fighter Association and a Radiation War Building. Here, you can practice radiation energy, exchange tactics, and take on tasks to buy and sell exotic animals and medicinal materials.

Such a place is no stranger to Shi Qingyang, but he has been following Gu Changjin to the primary training area on the ground floor.

Near the primary training room, Shi Qingyang saw many teenagers about his age waiting at the door with their elders. These were people who had just been injected with radiation inducer to induce radiation energy. They could not even feel the radiation energy, so they came to see the world. Therefore, they chose the public training room with low price and had to wait in line.

Among these people, Shi Qingyang also saw a classmate after himself. The man in his impression would only kowtowing to Yin Jinru. He was one of the lackeys around Yin Jinru but did nothing. At this time, he was talking to a middle-aged woman expectantly with a shy smile.

There are some things that haven't happened yet, and he doesn't need to think too much about them.

Shi Qingyang relaxed a lot and followed Gu Changjin into an independent training room. On the other side, Yin Tiancheng knew about it immediately.

"Has Cheng Ran's identity not been found yet?" Yin Tiancheng looked at his report and asked.

"young master, that Cheng Ran appeared out of thin air. all I know is that it was originally sent by a motorcade and the dean of Spark College personally received them."

"Will it have anything to do with the family? Isn't Cheng Ran surnamed Cheng?"

"Master, Cheng Hui, now head of the Cheng family, has another son and two daughters, but his son is only ten years old, and Cheng Hong has one son and one daughter. They all live with him in Anhang City, and his son is only fifteen years old."

"Is it a pseudonym?" Yin Tiancheng frowned, paused, and added: "You continue to check, as well as Shi Qingyang, also must watch him closely, uncle said so?"

"My uncle thought it would be fine, Shi Qingyang only 16 years old…"

"The fool! You let him settle the matter quickly, otherwise the Yin family will never protect him!" Yin Tiancheng's rage flashed on his face: "Prepare a car for me to go to the Radiation battle Building."

"Yes, master."

There are five floors on the ground of the radiation battle building, but there are ten floors underground. moreover, the lower the floor area, the larger the area. here, many training rooms are also separated.

Most of these training rooms are primary and some are intermediate, but none are advanced. In Spark City, there are no advanced radiation fighters at all.

The concentration of radiation energy in the primary training room is about the same as that in the entrance to the city. That is why Shi Qingyang chose to practice at the entrance to the city.

However, the radiation energy at the entrance to the city is very unstable and chaotic, which is not good for people. However, the radiation energy here is very peaceful. Even those who have no chance to become radiation energy fighters and have only Grade E accommodation and adaptability, will not feel any discomfort here.

Those who have just begun to practice radiation energy should choose such a place.

"You sit in the chair over there, close your eyes and feel the radiation energy around you." Gu Changjin ordered that as for the way of feeling, he had already asked on the way and Shi Qingyang's answer was perfect.

Shi Qingyang was sitting in a chair, without closing his eyes, he could already feel a lot of radiation around him.

After he closed his eyes, this feeling became clearer. Unfortunately, his body is only 16 years old now, and his radiation energy is even weaker. Therefore, the range of feeling is very small. After owning the sea, he still has the feeling of water droplets, which makes him a little uncomfortable.

Gu Changjin stood quietly aside, mobilizing a little radiation energy on his finger and waving it gently. The surrounding radiation energy was led to him.

He has not been able to fight with radiation energy for a long time. He is still active now. He will be about the same age as ordinary people when he is over ten years old. He can no longer protect Cheng Ran.

Although Shi Qingyang's qualifications are not good, he is a good person and his parents are both dead. He has been taking good care of Cheng Ran.

Although Cheng Hong doesn't like Cheng Ran this son, but also just don't want to Cheng Ran in front of him, if Cheng Ran and Shi Qingyang stay in spark city, Cheng Hong probably won't tube…

Gu Changjin was thinking about Cheng Ran over and over again. When he lifted his eyes, he suddenly found that Shi Qingyang had opened his eyes: "Didn't I let you close your eyes and feel the radiation energy around you?"

"I have already felt radiation energy." Shi Qingyang said directly that he did not want to let go of the opportunity to practice in such a place, and of course he would not hide the progress.

Gu Changjin froze, even born radiation almighty, for the sake of the body, also have to wait for 16 years old, development of about the same before they can start radiation energy cultivation, and for the first time they entered the science of uniting the room, also not necessarily can feel the surrounding radiation energy!

Shi Qingyang never entered the training room before. How could he feel it so soon?

"Do you really feel the radiation energy? What is it like?"

"They are beside me and surround me like air." Shi Qingyang stretched out his hand. The radiation energy in front of him was like throwing a stone into the water, creating ripples.

Gu Changjin pupil shrinks, he as a level 5 radiation energy fighter, nature can't feel the radiation energy fluctuations.

Therefore, Shi Qingyang can't only feel the radiation energy, but also can induce the radiation energy? How long has it been?

Gu Changjin lived with Cheng Ran for a long time. He discovered Cheng Ran's talent long ago, but he didn't expect to find another person with such a good talent in an instant.

Want to know, now the certification of level 1 radiation energy fighters is very simple, as long as you can use the radiation energy in the body to induce the surrounding radiation energy to attack, you can be certified as level 1 radiation energy fighters, according to Shi Qingyang this speed, he should not be able to go to the certification right away?

Born in a secondary city, he was regarded as a genius when he was young, but he also entered the training room for dozens of times within three months of entering the school and finally achieved this by absorbing a lot of radiation energy.

Without speaking, Gu Changjin directly came forward to hold Shi Qingyang's hand, and then he felt the unusually rare radiation energy in Shi Qingyang.

Gu Changjin could not help but look at Shi Qingyang with the monster's expression, and felt very regretful. Shi Qingyang is very smart, but even if he can feel the radiation energy and move the radiation energy so quickly, he still only has the talent of double C- and if there is no good medicine in the future, I'm afraid he will stop at level 3.

Of course, this does not mean that he can't break through without medicine, but if he does, he will probably be able to riot.

If Shi Qingyang was born in a large family and drank the best medicine since childhood, he might have the chance to reach Grade 5. Now…Gu Changjin sighed.

Shi Qingyang looked after Chang Jin's face and could already guess Gu Chang Jin's thoughts. However, he did not pay too much attention to it. Instead, he sent his meager radiation energy to his hands, and then he made another gesture with his fingers in the air.

A person standing in the water, waving his hand, will make the surrounding water flow, radiation energy, of course, is also the same, even, because radiation energy is very violent, such flow impact will also produce huge energy.

After Shi Qingyang did so, the radiation energy near his palm was induced to move. The radiation energy collided with each other, eventually hitting a sharp sword and flying towards the wall.

The primary training room has very little radiation energy, and Shi Qingyang's radiation energy in his body is too weak. Of course, his attack like this can't mark a special wall, but it is enough to make Gu Changjin marvel again.

Shi Qingyang's talent is better than he imagined.

"You have great talent, but remember, you can't act too hastily. In any case, the body is the most important thing. If you hurt your body in order to practice, it will do more harm than good." Gu Changjin was going to instruct his teacher Qingyang well, but at this time he found that he had nothing to teach and could only remind this point.

Nowadays, most human beings can live to be over 90 years old, but if radiation is unstable, perhaps they can only live to be 60 or 70 years old.

"Grandpa Gu, I will pay attention." Shi Qingyang nodded his head and his hands slid quickly. The two spoke blades flew out together and hit the opposite wall.

This is the most basic skill of radiation energy warfare. Everyone can learn it. After most people practice it, they can send one or two in a second. Both hands work together. They can send two or four in a second. The power will increase with the increase of radiation energy in their bodies.

Shi Qingyang had practiced to the utmost and learned a little bit of ingenuity. Such a wind blade can deliver six in one hand and twelve in both hands.

Sometimes it takes three or four seconds for the opponent to mobilize the radiation energy around him to make a powerful tactical move. At that time, he had already sent out dozens of blades, and it was clear who lost and who won.

Moreover, after he has practiced much, it has become an instinct that he can send it out anytime and anywhere, even if he has something in his hand, he can also cooperate with his hands to send it out.

Of course, he can't do this now, after all, his body hasn't developed all this into instinct.

"You can already attack!Someone brought you here before?"Gu Changjin asked in horror that he could not help but criticize Shi Qingyang's talent before, but now he felt that he was really too slag.

At the beginning, he entered the training room for the first time, but it took him half a year to attack so skillfully!

"Grandpa Gu, when I was working at the entrance to the city, I felt the radiation energy around me. At that time, some rested radiation energy fighters pointed out to me, but they also told me that the radiation energy there was too messy and I did not practice there." Shi Qingyang half-truths to speak.

"I see." Gu Changjin also thought about the situation of the entrance to the city, no longer as horrified as at first, but even so, he also felt that Shi Qingyang was a monster, especially after seeing Shi Qingyang's next training.

Gu Changjin was thinking about Cheng Ran, so he only booked three hours this evening. He thought that Shi Qingyang would always use these three hours to feel the radiation energy, but in fact, Shi Qingyang has always been working against the wall.

Shi Qingyang may be due to the weak radiation energy in his body. If he sends two return air blades together, he needs to sit down and recover, absorb the radiation energy, and after absorbing, he will immediately continue to send.

The speed of his wind blade is very fast. It only takes one second to send the wind blade twice. Therefore, in the following time, Gu Changjin has been seeing him repeatedly sending the wind blade, restoring radiation energy, and continuing to send the wind blade. During this period, he did not speak, nor did he wander, nor did he even give himself a look at the person standing next to him.

Gu Changjin received training from his family in the process because he might enlighten Cheng Ran. He learned a lot of methods to guide people who have just come into contact with radiation energy to like the cultivation of radiation energy. However, all of these were totally useless to Shi Qingyang.

Shi Qingyang did not waste even one second without being urged. He looked like an untiring machine like this.

Even though Shi Qingyang's radiation capacity and adaptability are not high, Gu Changjin still feels that this person will make great achievements.

Even if he has only three levels, he will become the strongest three.

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