Shi Qingyang kept practicing for three hours after stopping.

At the end of the day, he was not only physically very tired, but also mentally very tired. His hands felt even more unable to move.

However, despite this, he only felt refreshed. He has not had the chance to train well and challenge his limits for many years.

Finally, after recovering his radiation energy once again, he did not continue his training but looked at Gu Changjin: "Grandpa Gu, it's almost 9 o'clock, should we go back?"

As he spoke, he wiped the sweat and took out a small bottle of water from his clothes to sip it. His hands trembled a little. He even needed both hands to hold the bottle firmly.

Gu Changjin looked at Shi Qingyang's clothes. He once saw Shi Qingyang take dried meat out of his clothes. He didn't expect to see water now.

This habit is common to many radiation fighters who hunt animals in the wild all the year round, but rare in cities like Shi Qingyang: "I thought you would continue to practice."

"if we continue, we will lose our strength. moreover, it's getting late. Cheng Ran must be waiting for us." Shi Qingyang put the water bottle into her arms, adjusted her face, and then both hands began to rub each other.

Before, he did not spend much time with his hands, but after all, this was the first time he launched an attack, and radiation could enter his hands and leave his body again and again, which made his hands very uncomfortable.

"Let's go." Gu Changjin nodded approvingly. Before leaving, he looked at the wall of the training room again-before Shi Qingyang played countless wind blades, and all the wind blades attacked at one point.

Shi Qingyang will definitely be an excellent soldier!

Just out of the training room, the two met an acquaintance. Yin Tiancheng was wearing a white shirt and black trousers. when he saw them, he immediately smiled: "Mr. Gu, Shi Qingyang, I didn't think we met again."

"Mmm." Gu Changjin nodded his head, then looked at Shi Qingyang and said, "Please hurry up and don't delay time." The words sound just fell, he accelerated the pace, Shi Qingyang said, hurriedly catch up, two people together will come up to talk to Yin Tiancheng left behind.

If it was before, Shi Qingyang might really think Yin Tiancheng was a chance encounter, but now he knows that Yin Tiancheng was waiting for them here on purpose.

Yin Tiancheng may have waited for them for a long time, just want to talk to Gu Changjin, Gu Changjin did not say a word, also don't know the Yin family gentleman is now what mood.

After several days of contact with Gu Changjin, Shi Qingyang also knew that Gu Changjin was a nice person. When he arrived outside, he asked directly, "Grandpa Gu, don't you like Yin Tiancheng?"

"The man has too many twists and turns in his heart to have much contact with him." Gu Changjin pointed out: "If you are such a person, you might get into something if he knows about it. It's better to let him doubt you." If Cheng Ran's situation is known by people with ulterior motives, there will definitely be trouble.

However, Cheng Hong used Cheng Ran to be in poor health from an early age. He should not have been involved in the affairs of Cheng's family to hide the existence of Cheng Ran from the outside world. I am afraid it is not easy to guess the identity of Cheng Ran.

"Yes, Grandpa Gu." Shi Qingyang answered earnestly and thought of his previous life.

At the beginning, he was not very old. He only knew that the cultivation did not know that the heart was sinister. Although he hated Yin Jinru, he admired Yin Tiancheng very much, but now he always thinks that Yin Tiancheng is not that simple.

There is also the case that Hirayama wanted to kill him. Is it really just because he wounded Yin Jinru and Yin Jinru and wanted revenge?

Shi Qingyang put doubts in his heart and then found that he had arrived at the villa.

The light on the second floor of the villa was on, and I heard a sound. Cheng Ran leaned out of the window on the second floor and waved at the two men. Then he immediately retracted his body. When Shi Qingyang and Gu Changjin opened the door and entered, Cheng Ran, wearing the white rabbit pajamas, had already run downstairs.

He looked like a white rabbit.

"Shi Qingyang, what is the training room like?"Cheng Ran looked at Shi Qingyang and smiling. Today he didn't talk to Shi Qingyang very much. Now he wants to talk about it.

Shi Qingyang did not feel impatient either. He laughed and said, rubbing his hand.

Seeing that it was almost ten o'clock, Cheng Ran was called to sleep by Gu Changjin, while Shi Qingyang went back to his room, cleaned his body with detergent, and pondered over the training at the same time.

Gu Changjin has already said that he will take him to practice every night in the future. He is also willing to spend more time on the practice. However, he suffered from physical injury after four months of hunger. Now if he trains with such high intensity, it is easy to have problems.

Shi Qingyang again thought of the prescription developed by the research institute. At the same time, he also remembered Cheng Xuze, who was almost forgotten by him.

This time, Shi Qingyang turned on the computer without delay. On the other side, Cheng Xuze, who was just going to sleep, also saw what Shi Qingyang had said.

"It's been a long time since you left." Cheng Xuze especially wants to add the word "ha ha" after it-what evil did he do? One day spent in front of the computer again, even eating in front of the computer and going to the toilet were all in a hurry, completely the same as those who have internet addiction.

Of course, he was just thinking about it. Before, Shi Qingyang gave him the 8-level radiation energy truncation method that can be used by radiation energy fighters. He had already tried it and the effect was very good. Moreover, the other party also gave him another temptation-potion.

Although the country has been advocating the sharing of resources, as long as it is human, there will be selfishness. Therefore, some large families will never tell others after they have developed powerful radiation energy tactics. Some pharmacists have developed a kind of easy-to-use medicine and will drag the prescription in their hands unless they have special reasons.

The foundation of the Cheng family is relatively shallow. It is impossible to train pharmacists like some large families. He can only ask others to make medicines for him. The pharmacist who can be invited to live in the city of Yangtze River also came to this step by his own efforts. Similarly, there are fewer of them.

"Sorry." Shi Qingyang was also embarrassed. He had just sent a message and Cheng Xuze returned to him. He had mostly been waiting in front of the computer. He was embarrassed to do this to an old man.

"nothing, nothing." Cheng Xuze although some dissatisfaction, but see I don't apologize hungry, but hurriedly way, lest let me not hungry unhappy.

After seeing the radiation energy truncation method used by the 8th grade radiation energy fighter, he had already admired the person on the other side of the computer to the extreme and doubted that the other side was one of the two 9th grade masters in China.

Even if it's not a level 9 player, there's at least a level 8, right?

"I'll give you the prescription of the medicine, but you must be careful, and the prescription of the medicine must not be known to outsiders, otherwise it is likely to cause great trouble." Shi Qingyang returned, and at the same time sent out the prescription that Feng Linqiu gave him to relieve the 8-level radiation riot.

Cheng Xuze was stunned when he saw the opposite person saying he would give his medicine prescription. I don't want my stomach to trust him so much? Then, before he could reply, the other party sent the prescription.

Although Cheng Xuze will not configure the medicine, he also knows something about the medicine. He looked carefully and knew that eighty percent of this prescription is true.

The other party did not make any conditions with him, even asked nothing, and gave him the radiation energy truncation method, and gave him such a precious prescription!

Cheng Xuze was very touched. I don't want to be hungry. In his eyes, he became very tall. If it weren't for the long net line between the two, he would have cried out for loyalty.

Cheng Xuze excited, on the other side, Shi Qingyang is looking at another prescription.

The prescription named "omnipotent medicine" he got from the research institute, which can relieve radiation and recuperate the body, is very good. It is not only easy to make, but also can be eaten at any level. However, there is also a big problem.

This prescription uses two kinds of medicinal materials that have not been found yet.

Shi Qingyang wrote down the prescription long ago. He thought that he could find it in the book of different plants only by describing the characteristics of plants and drawing another picture. But obviously, he didn't have too strong drawing talent and finally found dozens of kinds according to his picture…

He even forgot that many plants in the world look alike!

Shi Qingyang was very embarrassed and helpless.

"Thank you. If you have anything to do in the future, just call me and I'll go through fire and water!" Cheng Xuze sent another sentence at this time.

"You don't have to go through fire and water, as long as you help me to make money…" Shi Qingyang knocked down a paragraph, thought for a while but deleted it, and changed it to another sentence: "It is good that you remember this."

"The great god, I will remember! Great God, would you like to tell me who you are?" Cheng Xuze asked again, using the honorific title.

Shi Qingyang was somewhat unaccustomed to being called by Cheng Ran's grandfather, but soon calmed down and began to pretend to be mysterious: "Who am I? You know it's not good for you, don't ask."

"I will definitely not ask." Cheng Xuze has no doubt, at the same time the brain has filled countless dog blood plots, of course, in all plots, I don't want to be hungry is a master.

"I still have a prescription for warming the body here, but I haven't tried it. I'll give it to you later, if I can, I hope this medicine can be produced and sold in large quantities." Shi Qingyang added that this was the main purpose of his contact with Cheng Xuze.

He needs money. He needs a lot of money. With enough money, he can slowly build up his power.

He used to think that whoever has a hard fist is good at it, but no matter how hard one's fist is, one cannot deal with a group of people.

After chatting with Cheng Xuze for a long time and finalizing many things, Shi Qingyang finally put down his heart.

After so long training in the evening, he came back to rest for a while. He was inevitably hungry. After turning off the computer, he went downstairs quietly and planned to go to the kitchen to get something to eat.

The kitchen door was closed. Shi Qingyang turned on the light from the outside and was about to open the door when he heard a loud exclamation. He frowned and quickly opened the door. Only then did he find someone in the kitchen.

The man standing in the dark, some at a loss, is clearly Cheng Ran.

Just now he thought he had turned on the light, but in fact it was turned off…Shi Qingyang hurriedly turned on the light, only to find that Cheng Ran moved everything he had made into the kitchen, the doors and windows were all closed, and the medicine was still cooking on it.

Seeing him, Cheng Ran was obviously at a loss. He didn't ask anything, and he took the initiative to explain it, because he was nervous and said intermittently: "I can't sleep. I get up late every day and sleep late…it doesn't matter…are you, are you not feeling well? I saw you rubbing your hands…I made some basic muscles…a muscle relaxant. the book says that after practicing your fighting skills, you can rub some. of course, it is the simplest."

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