The kitchen of this villa is not small, but after Cheng Ran brought in all the medicine equipment and bottles, it was a little crowded and looked very messy.

However, Shi Qingyang actually felt that this place made him feel very safe, and Cheng Ran, who was standing inside the bottles and talking crazily in the little white rabbit pajamas, was even more lovely.

He suddenly had a feeling that he might fall.

In the whole life he lived, Shi Qingyang always hoped that he could marry a gentle wife and have a lovely child after becoming stronger, but his mind at that time was all on improving his strength, and his wife and children could not fall from the sky, so he was single until Liang Liang approached him voluntarily.

Liang Liang prepared food for him, cared about his life, and voluntarily expressed his feelings for Liang Liang. Although the two people gathered together less and separated more, he had already begun to plan their future and planned to marry Liang Liang.

He didn't know if Liang Liang really liked him, but later it was Liang Liang who told Feng Linqiu about his physical condition.

At that time, he found a pharmacist to recuperate his body and planned to slow down his practice and make up for his loss. At that time, even if he could not live long enough, it would still be no problem for him to live to the age of 70 or 80 like Cheng Xuze. However, finally Lin Qiu and Liang Liang led him out of the city together. He had just saved Liang Liang, who was surrounded by foreign animals, and had been countered…

In other people's eyes, Liang Liang is his lover and Feng Linqiu is his good friend. how could they possibly think that instead of taking him to treatment, they sent him to be studied?

Shi Qingyang thought he would never like anyone again after he was reborn, but he never thought that it was not long before he was planted again.

Cheng Ran is too clean, too pure and too good for him. He was with Liang Liang at the beginning, mainly because Liang Liang took the initiative, but now he really wants to take the initiative.

In fact, people like Cheng Ran have always been his favorites, right? Otherwise, in his previous life, he would not have paid so much attention to Cheng Ran. After being reborn, he would not have chosen to approach Cheng but not others.

Although he once refused Cheng Ran's overtures, he cannot deny that he always remembered the scene.

He had always thought that a person should rely on his own efforts and strength to get everything, but in fact, after he became a strong person, who did not ask for an olive branch?It is only when he is in the most difficult time that he is willing to share his food with Cheng Ran that he does not have any selfishness. What he has been thinking about is this one without selfishness?

Shi Qingyang thought a lot in an instant, but soon he calmed down. He experienced a lot and could understand his feelings. Cheng Ran was too small. Even if Cheng Ran was good to him, it was not necessarily love.

Cheng Ran is now only trying to please everyone close to him because he has too few contacts.

"You give me candy and I'll make medicine for you." Cheng Ran did not find Shi Qingyang distracted. He smiled brightly at Shi Qingyang and took out another bottle: "I have already made one."

"thank you." Shi Qingyang recovered and immediately smiled. Then he looked at the unfinished potion nearby." Do you want to see the potion you are cooking now?"

"I almost forgot to watch." Cheng Ran hurriedly looked at the time and then breathed a sigh of relief. After weighing a powder with a balance, he put it into the medicine.

Shi Qingyang stood by and looked at Cheng Ran quietly. Although he was already fond of Cheng Ran, Cheng Ran was only 16 years old. The gap between him and Cheng Ran was also very large. It was too early to say what to say now. All he could do was to be better and better to Cheng Ran.

The medicine for relaxing muscles is not troublesome to make, and it is also one of the basic medicinal materials. Cheng Ran soon finished the second part. Only then did he look at Shi Qingyang: "Shi Qingyang, this medicine should be rubbed on his hands for 10 to 20 minutes, and then he can absorb it."

"How do you rub it?" Shi Qingyang was full of curiosity and seemed completely ignorant. Of course, he can't possibly not know how to rub it, but he won't give up the good chance for Cheng Ran to rub his hand.

Sure enough, seeing that Shi Qingyang did not understand, Cheng Ran immediately jumped up and tried: "I will help you rub, I will not hurt you." He looked at Shi Qingyang expectantly, as if rubbing his hands for Shi Qingyang. It was a very important and worthwhile thing for him to do.

"good." Shi Qingyang nodded, then saw Cheng Ran smile bent eyes.

Cheng Ran's movements were very careful. He put the potion on his palm, and then began to smear Shi Qingyang's entire hand. Then he gently rubbed each finger. It was like holding Shi Qingyang's hand as a treasure.

Shi Qingyang let Cheng Ran act motionless, and at the same time clearly felt how soft Cheng Ran's hand was. Compared with Cheng Ran's hand, his hand was simply rough and shameful.

"Cheng Ran, do you think it is too strange for us to call each other by both first and last names?" Shi Qingyang suddenly said that he planned to fight for some welfare for himself.

Cheng Ran looked at Shi Qingyang pleasantly surprised: "You can call me…call me Ran Ran. Everyone else has a nickname, but no one calls me that." He had long wanted to tell Shi Qingyang about this, but he didn't know how to say it. He was afraid that he was too abrupt.

Things really went smoothly: "Then I will call you Qingyang." Yangyang or something, seems a little too soft…

"good." Cheng Ran nodded happily, helped Shi Qingyang rub his left hand, and began to help Shi Qingyang rub his right hand. He put Shi Qingyang's two hands together and rubbed them very dutifully for ten minutes.

Shi Qingyang wanted Cheng Ran to help him rub more. To his surprise, Cheng Ran held his hand and was reluctant to part with him: "Shi…No, Qingyang, I'll help you rub more. Twenty minutes is the best." Cheng Ran said as he poured some more liquid medicine and rubbed it firmly for 20 minutes before he let go of Shi Qingyang's hand.

Shi Qingyang believed that if the person sitting opposite him was not Cheng but someone else, he would surely feel that that person was taking advantage of him. After all, the act of holding his hand was really obscene.

But with Cheng Ran…He really can't say for sure, this is Cheng Ran take advantage of him or he take advantage of Cheng Ran.

Cheng Ran's face was not full of love, but when he held his hand, he was obviously very happy and did not know what was going on…

"However, it's getting late, so go to bed quickly." Shi Qingyang looked at the time, immediately the baggage and take the journey, it is almost midnight now.

"Well, you also go to bed early." Cheng Ran said while moving the equipment.

"I'll help you!" Shi Qingyang immediately stopped Cheng Ran and asked Cheng Ran's small plate to move these, which is absolutely immoral!

"I can…" Cheng Ran saw Shi Qingyang move the biggest cabinet easily and swallow the words behind wisely.

He used to exercise all the year round and have some strength, but now he is recovering from a serious illness, but he can't move at all. It took him a lot of time to avoid Gu Changjin and sneak these things down the stairs and into the kitchen.

Now it's Shi Qingyang…Shi Qingyang took only two trips and moved everything into the restaurant easily.

Cheng Ran obediently went back to his room to sleep. Shi Qingyang was in a good mood and returned to his room soon.

After returning to the room to lie down, Shi Qingyang suddenly reacted. He went to the kitchen to find food instead of rubbing medicine…So, there is some truth in the delicacy. After he was busy eating tofu, he forgot to eat meat…

However, it is already very late now…Shi Qingyang was originally a person who fell asleep. Although he was hungry, it was no stranger to him to sleep hungry…

All kinds of mutant plants soar into the sky, and between these plants, there are animals that can be deadly.

He shuttled carefully between different plants, feeling that his radiation inside him was not working, but more importantly, he was hungry.

He is very, very hungry. He is so hungry that he has no strength. Everything around him becomes more dangerous. Moreover, if there is no more food, he will probably starve to death.

However, there is no food at all, animals appear, and he has only a chance to die.

Very hungry…He ran for a while, suddenly he smelled a strong fragrance, and then he saw a big table full of all kinds of meat.

Braised, boiled, steamed, roasted, marinated, pickled…

"Do you want meat?" The man behind the table blinked and looked at him curiously.

"Yes!" He immediately took to the road and sat down to eat it without hesitation. It was really delicious!

The alarm clock suddenly rang. When Shi Qingyang woke up from his dream, his mouth still smelled of meat.

He usually wakes up before the alarm clock rings, but he slept late this time…Shi Qingyang was about to get up when suddenly he felt something was wrong.

Men who have not found a solution or solved their own physiological problems will always have something happened unconsciously while sleeping, and Shi Qingyang will feel sticky in his pants.

What the hell is going on here? When he dreamed, he was clearly eating. The plot of the whole dream was that he was very hungry to eat meat. Did he feel sorry for a table of meat?

No, besides a table of meat, there are actually other people sitting on the other side of the table in the dream. Isn't it Cheng Ran who asked him if he wanted to eat meat?

I had a hard time dreaming back, but I didn't know that I was attacking people and eating "meat" seriously. Instead, I was busy eating meat…

Shi Qingyang sighed disappointedly, reluctantly packed himself downstairs and began to help Gu Changjin make breakfast.

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the saddest spring | dream in history!

Shi Qingyang: However, I was not saved. I had a hard time having a dream of spring and forgot to peel you off and brew the sauce.

Cheng Ran: ……

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