This morning, Cheng Ran got up later than usual. He rubbed his eyes in confusion when he went downstairs. However, when he saw Shi Qingyang, he raised his smiling face: "Qingyang!" His voice was clear and loud, and he spoke very smoothly. It was only after he went back to his room last night and repeated it for a long time that he was able to call it out.

But after the call, he couldn't help blushing.

"Of course." Shi Qingyang also smiled at each other. He was much calmer than Cheng Ran.

Cheng Ran ran downstairs smiling and looked at Gu Changjin with excitement: "Grandpa Gu, I can call Shi Qingyang and Qingyang later."

"Mmm." Gu Changjin smiled at Cheng Ran: "When did you change your name? Didn't you not get so close yesterday afternoon?"

Cheng Ran is not stupid, slightly froze, and then embarrassed. He didn't listen to Gu Changjin's words last night, but he got up at night to make medicine…

"I also smell the medicine, which relaxes my muscles?" Gu Changjin pulled pull corners of the mouth, but clearly not laughing.

"Grandpa Gu…" Cheng Ran a full face of embarrassment.

"If you don't cherish your body in the future, I will double the training of Shi Qingyang!" Gu Changjin spoke sternly.

"Grandpa Gu, I will definitely not!" Cheng Ran feared to bring trouble to Shi Qingyang.

Shi Qingyang listened in silence and suddenly felt very sad. In fact, he didn't think double training was punishment at all. In fact, he was eager to increase the amount of training.

However, Cheng Ran's health is also very important. He really shouldn't let Cheng Ran get tired, so he can only watch Gu Changjin cheat the little white rabbit to sign the agreement of going to bed early and getting up early.

After signing, Gu Changjin looked at him with a snort of cold while he was still drinking gruel in Cheng Ran's head. He was absolutely jealous that he could call Cheng Ran ran lovingly!

In the morning, Shi Qingyang went to take a part-time job as usual, but to his disappointment, he didn't see Cheng Ran when he passed by the villa. He wanted to know that Cheng Ran should be doing medicine-with Cheng Ran's concentration, he must have no time to do anything else.

Even if Cheng Ran's medicine is made for him, Shi Qingyang is still a little sour.

In the afternoon, Cheng Ran still did the medicine, while Shi Qingyang did the training upstairs. At the same time, he wrote down all the medicine, tactics and cultivation methods he remembered, and contacted Cheng Xuze again.

Perhaps it is because of the clear feelings for Cheng Ran that Shi Qingyang always felt a little uncomfortable in the face of Cheng Xuze again this time.

While coveting somebody else's grandson, he fooled somebody else or something…ahem, in fact, he was also trying to help Cheng Xuze.

Shi Qingyang gave Cheng Xuze the prescription to stop the 8-level spoke almighty spoke riot is just a prescription, Cheng Xuze need or drugs, and such drugs, general pharmacists can't do it.

"I have already found a senior pharmacist in Changjiang City who has not yet taken refuge in any power. I have promised him the best conditions to join the Cheng family. If there is no accident, he will soon give up." Cheng Xuze has cleared his conversation with Shi Qingyang on the Web of Radiological Warfare. Now the two have replaced it with a safer communication tool. Even he has used voice directly.

Shi Qingyang did not use voice. Although he can use a voice changer, it is not good to cheat Cheng Xuze in that way. Therefore, he only used words to fool Cheng Xuze: "It is good that you are sure to be safe."

"It must be safe. The pharmacist has no power behind him. He was not wooed before because the conditions were too harsh. This time I have lost my shirt." Cheng Xuze added.

"In this case, you should first test this medicine and come back to me when it is successful." Shi Qingyang added that there was no problem with the prescription. After all, he had asked people in his previous life, but Cheng Xuze did not know, and naturally needed time to verify it.

While Cheng Xuze was looking for a pharmacist to prepare the medicine, he needed to find a way out of the city to find the medicine needed in the two prescriptions.

These two herbs are said to be very common. One is named Guanzhong and grows under tall trees on one side. Some of them will be used as potted plants. They are very common in the Yangtze River City. The other is Achyranthes bidentata, which grows in a similar environment to Guanzhong.

Medicinal materials are very common. It is estimated that there are also records in the book of different plants. It happened that these two names were taken by the researchers later…

Shi Qingyang used to search for these two names in the book of different plants, but he didn't find anything. He drew his own map to search, and came up with numerous similar different plants…

As a result, obviously it is a very common alien plant, but he still needs to see it before he can recognize it.

Cheng Xuze was on the other side of the table at this time, expressing his absolute belief that Shi Qingyang had given him a good prescription. After all, the radiation energy truncation method given by Shi Qingyang at the beginning was valuable.

Cheng Xuze with voice, Shi Qingyang nature can clearly recognize the please in his words, after always can't help but put Cheng Ran and Cheng Xuze together to think, Shi Qingyang finally chose to change the subject, asked about Cheng Xuze practice.

Cheng Xuze even said his identity, at that time also no longer hide anything, now said some things such as his own lighter, Shi Qingyang although foundation is not good, but the eight spoke to soldiers of uniting the way hungry lighter but know a lot, nature also chat with Cheng Xuze up, at the same time the Cheng Xuze fool more believe that he is a master.

Finally, thinking that the other party was Cheng Ran's grandfather, Shi Qingyang also gave a seven-level advanced fighting skill that can be used by the able. This fighting skill was created with Feng Linqiu after he made friends with Feng Linqiu and based on a secret skill of Feng family.

At that time, Feng family in order to know the secret of his practice from him, but under the capital, it happened that even he didn't know how his radiation is going on…

After reforming, this tactic is very different from the previous one. I don't recognize it even if I want to seal my family. It doesn't matter if I give Cheng's family dowry first.

Cheng Xuze told him before, however, that he was willing to go through fire and water for him. Then he also took a screenshot. A grandson is nothing, isn't it?

After Shi Qingyang gave the tactical skills, he immediately took off the line and began to think about how to persuade Gu Changjin to take him outside the city while exercising.

On the other side, after Cheng Xuze received another big gift, tears filled his eyes with excitement: "Wang Qing!"

"old man." Wang Qing soon appeared beside Cheng Xuze, for Cheng Xuze excited expression is normal.

In fact, he is now surprised that I don't want to go hungry how can I have a crush on Cheng Xuze, don't Cheng Xuze provoked romantic debt before, now the other party to find you?

If not, why are you so nice to Cheng Xuze?

"Please contact me. I want to go back to the training ground of the mansion and Hui Er. You should let him go home immediately." Cheng Xuze saved the tactics I sent not to go hungry in the recorder and deleted the traces on the Internet.

For the past two years, he has lived alone in this house to raise his body, regardless of the external affairs. However, after knowing me and not hungry, he obviously cannot continue to do so.

Cheng's family has a large house in the Yangtze River City. It was built after Cheng Xuze paid for a piece of land and also built a training room below. After he returned to the mansion, he went directly into the underground training room and began to use every part of his body to mobilize the radiation energy around him.

I don't want to be hungry to analyze the tactical skills very clearly, but when I first used this tactical skills, Cheng Xuze didn't succeed, and finally the radiation energy gathered around his body not only didn't form a vortex, but spread out instead.

But even if it fails, Cheng Xuze already knows that this tactic is true rather than deceiving people, just want to complete this tactic requires hands and feet to cooperate, so it is not easy.

Cheng Xuze sank down and tried again. After the failure, he did not give up, but continued to try.

After more than ten attempts, a vortex finally formed in front of Cheng Xuze. The vortex circled and absorbed all the radiation energy around into the middle of the vortex. Then it crashed into the opposite wall with a "bang".

There are many tactics to attack with whirlpool, but such a good effect…Cheng Xuze gasped, suddenly thought of the secret of ke's house.

The effect of this tactic is similar to that of the Ko family, but it is different. I don't want to be hungry. Who is it? How can I give such precious things to myself casually?

Cheng Xuze only felt that he could not see through people at the other end of the computer more and more, but he was truly grateful to each other for giving so many things.

"Dad, is this your newly developed combat skill?" As soon as Cheng Hui hurried home to enter the training room, he saw the scene of Cheng Xuze's fighting skills. He could not help but gasp for air. He rushed to the opposite wall with a full face of excitement and touched it up and down: "Oh my God, there is a crack in the wall!"

The materials they used to build the training room are extremely expensive. Now they have cracked a crack. I'm afraid it will cost a lot of money to repair it. But he only feels happy and even looks at the crack with his eyes shining.

Cheng Xuze hadn't seen his old son so rude for a long time. He drank a bottle of radiation energy relaxant and sat down in the chair beside him: "This tactic was given to me by others."

"Who is it? What does he want?" Cheng Hui excitedly asked: "In this training room, you can make such a big noise. When you arrive in the wild, the radiation energy will fill the turbulent environment more…How much radiation energy can this vortex absorb? Dad, you recently transferred a large sum of money for this tactical skill?"

"So far, he hasn't asked me. I have transferred a large sum of money to sign Ran Xue as a pharmacist."

"How is that possible?" Cheng Hui has recovered his composure and frowned at the same time. He did not believe much in the pie falling from the sky.

"I also don't know what he is for…judging from my communication with him, he is at least an 8-level radiation energy fighter." Cheng Xuze said his own judgment.

"He will not to Cheng home…"

"What can we Cheng family think about for an 8-level radiation fighter?" Cheng Xuze asked, now that a person has reached level 8, it is natural that he can create a family like him, not to mention that he is still a person who can develop such methods as radiation energy truncation method!

Cheng Hui also know this truth, his brow wrinkled up tightly.

"I originally wanted to check the man's condition, but since he wanted to hide it, I'm afraid he could not find anything," Cheng Xuze gave the recorder to his eldest son." Your brother can't break through Level 6 in his life. Take this tactic and learn it first, but don't use it until do or die."

"Dad, I know." Cheng Hui nodded, and the Cheng family started to rise completely from Cheng Xuze. The foundation was unstable. Although the person who suddenly contacted them might want to hurt them, they could not give up the chance to grow.

Cheng Xuze has relaxed and asked, "How are everyone these days?"

"Dad, Shan Shan has already gone to the Central City and plans to take an examination of the Central Institute of Radiation Energy."  Cheng Hui mentioned his eldest daughter, showing a trace of pride on his face, but soon he frowned again: "However, Xiao Ran's second brother found someone to pick up Xiao Ran. I thought he took Xiao Ran to Anhang City, but I didn't think he actually sent Xiao Ran to Spark City, saying Xiao Ran was just an ordinary person and staying in Yangtze City or Anhang City might become a target."

"His little daughter and son are still ordinary people?" Cheng Xuze also frowned.

"Dad, as you know, Xiao Ran has some rejection of radiation since childhood. His second brother and sister-in-law also don't like him, and he is introverted…" Cheng Hui also has some helplessness on this matter, but this is Cheng Hong's thing. His relationship with the younger brother has been bad, and naturally he can't control the younger brother.

"It's good for him to stay in Spark City, because Cheng can afford people anyway." Cheng Xuze sighed, Cheng Hong rarely brought Cheng Ran to them, occasionally met, but went away after a meal. They also wanted to borrow the child, but they never succeeded in finding someone to pick it up. The doctor also said that the child was autistic…

However, since Cheng Ran is just an ordinary person, and he stays at home all day and is unwilling to go even to study, life in a small city is also good, and Gu Changjin will take good care of him.

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