Shi Qingyang found that after Cheng Ran exchanged nicknames with him, he especially liked to gather around him.

Cheng Ran put the time of making medicine every day in the morning and evening. In the afternoon, he was either reading or making medicine. At this time, he would be willing to move things to the exercise room on the third floor to accompany Shi Qingyang to do exercises. Before Shi Qingyang left the door after talking with Cheng Xuze, he just saw him waiting outside the door.

Not only that, Shi Qingyang and Gu Changjin came back from the radiation energy training room that night. Cheng Ran also waited for him at home. He also prepared the medicine, and even in front of Gu Changjin, he stumbled and offered to help him apply the medicine.

After that, Cheng Ran rubbed his hands for 20 minutes, just like when he first applied medicine to him, while Gu Changjin was eyeing him up.

If it weren't for his outstretched hands motionless, the initiative is completely Cheng Ran, Shi Qingyang believes that Gu Changjin will certainly look good to him.

Gu Changjin regards Cheng Ran as a relative and grandson. He will always guide Cheng Ran because he likes him, but he certainly won't want to see him take advantage of Cheng Ran.

As a result, it happened that Cheng Ran took advantage of him…Gu Changjin's face at that time was really very interesting.

Think of these two days, Shi Qingyang unavoidably in a good mood, in the evening with Gu Changjin training, but also seeks sufficient strength.

Level 1 radiation energy fighters can use warcraft, of course, not only the wind blade technique, but this is the one with the strongest attack power, and finally became Shi Qingyang's favorite one. in the following time, Shi Qingyang also used several other attack methods very skillfully.

After training on this day, Shi Qingyang finally asked Gu Changjin: "Grandpa Gu, school will start in two days. Before school starts, can't you take me out of town?" As long as it is adult radiation almighty, you can out of the city, in the safety zone near the city to participate in some work, although he is not yet an adult, but already has the strength of the level of radiation energy fighters, want to out of the city, of course, but he doesn't have a car, no radiation protection clothing, nature also cannot easily out of the city.

A few days ago, he tried hard to show Gu Changjin his strength, just to get out of the city at this time.

"Do you want to go out of town?" Gu Changjin frowned.

"Grandpa Gu, the significance of the existence of the radiation fighters is to adapt to the environment outside the city. I want to leave the city." Shi Qingyang spoke firmly, and no matter how much training he had in the city, it was just training. Radiation fighters who had not been out of the city were not radiation fighters at all.

Gu Changjin paused: "You are still under age, if you are not careful, the radiation outside the city may cause harm to you…"

"Grandpa Gu, actually I want to go outside the city for another reason. I want to visit the place where my parents died." Shi Qingyang added that his facial expression was complicated. He was only 16 years old when his parents died. Before that, he had not experienced much wind and rain, and paid little attention to other things except reading and exercising.

But at the same time, his parents died suddenly. He had no friends and lost everything instantly. It happened that at that time, people who had been good friends with his parents suddenly began to distance themselves from him.

A month after that, he had an extremely painful life and almost changed his mind.

The parents who loved him most died suddenly, and there were no bones left. The last thing he received was only two contact terminals and the audio and video data saved on them.

His mother opened the contact terminal at the last moment of her life and recorded a sentence: "Xiao yang, mother loves you, father loves you!"

Since then, there has been no sound, and with this sentence comes the sound of chewing. His mother covered the camera of the contact terminal, didn't let him see them at the last minute, didn't yell for help, and left him such a message…

He stayed alone in the room for three days and was hungry for three days. After that, his hatred for foreign animals never weakened. Just the same, he also began to dare not easily touch his memory about his parents.

He had seen the photos of his parents' death scene taken by the patrol team, but he did not dare to recall the place.

Now, 20 years have passed and he has grown up. He will no longer be full of fear at the place where his parents' blood is spilled. Naturally, he wants to see it.

"Do you know anything?" Gu Changjin suddenly asked.

"Grandpa Gu, what did you say?" Shi Qingyang face a change, Gu Changjin what does this mean, does he should know?

Shi Qingyang's indecision was not fake. Gu Changjin's brow wrinkled and he fell silent. Shi Qingyang has shown great maturity in front of him these days. He even suspects that the meeting with Shi Qingyang was planned. Of course, he does not dislike this point, but thinks Shi Qingyang has great vision.

Because of this, Shi Qingyang suddenly mentioned his parents today, and he inevitably remembered the things he had investigated, but now it seems that this is not the case.

"Grandpa Gu, is there anything I don't know?" Shi Qingyang asked again, he knew Gu Changjin must have investigated himself, so, is there anything he doesn't know?

"I looked for someone to check your basic information. Before his death, your parents rented a large piece of land in a safe area. You can have a large sum of money even if you sublet it, but you can't even eat. Have you ever doubted it?" Gu Changjin asked.

It should have been four months ago, but as a matter of fact, for Shi Qingyang, those things have passed for 20 years and the memory is not so clear.

Fortunately, the death of his parents was extremely important to him, so he quickly remembered: "At that time, someone once told me that those herbs had been destroyed by foreign animals…"

At that time, he was muddled and did not pursue the matter too much. although he also learned about the matter later, he could not find the magnetic card for his parents to rent the land.

He couldn't get out of the city. He didn't know the situation outside the city completely. Without the magnetic card, he didn't even know where the land outside the city was. Naturally, he couldn't sublet the land. In addition, he subconsciously avoided the place at that time. Then he simply left the land behind.

At that time, he was still young and wouldn't think too much, but now Gu Changjin reminds him that Shi Qingyang remembered a lot of things. At least, even if the magnetic card was on his parents, it was lost outside the city and someone would have to reissue it.

"Grandpa Gu, what is going on? My parents…when the investigation team gave me detailed investigation information, their deaths were indeed accidents." Shi Qingyang whole person has a moment of stiffness, he suddenly remembered the flat sea he wanted to kill him.

Yin Jinru let Ping Haiyan kill him. If he is known to be a capital crime, it is only a contradiction between students. Is it necessary for Yin Jinru to deal with him like this?

"What's the matter?" Gu Changjin looked at Shi Qingyang's face and was puzzled: "Isn't someone occupying the land rented by your parents after their death?" According to the information he received, it was just that some people occupied the land outside the city after the death of Shi Qingyang's parents. Is this not the case?

"Grandpa Gu, I want to visit outside the city." Shi Qingyang said this time with unusual firmness.

Gu Changjin saw Shi Qingyang's face and nodded quickly: "Well, I'll take you out of town sooner or later anyway."

When I left the basic training room that night, I still met Yin Tiancheng. These days, Yin Tiancheng came here with them every day and left together again. Although I didn't say anything, I got familiar with him. Shi Qingyang was more and more afraid to look down upon Yin Tiancheng.

Yin Tiancheng smiled at them and did not come up to speak as at the beginning. Shi Qingyang noticed Yin Tiancheng's expression and smiled back. After going out, he bowed his head and looked like water.

Gu Changjin saw Shi Qingyang's face. He sighed and finally said nothing.

Shi Qingyang has been very silent all the way. What happened after his parents died 20 years ago rolled in his mind until he saw Cheng Ran waiting at the gate of the villa from a distance. He gradually calmed down. After getting off the bus, he still smiled at Cheng Ran.

Cheng Ran did not contact outsiders and did not know the world of human beings. However, at this time, he was unexpectedly sharp: "Qingyang, aren't you happy?"

Shi Qingyang was stunned and his smile soon dissipated: "Yes."

Cheng Ran was obviously at a loss when he heard the affirmative answer. after a while, he said, "let me help you rub your hands."

"good." Shi Qingyang nodded. This time Cheng Ran helped him rub his hands for a long time, even more than half an hour.

Before Cheng Ran helped him rub his hands, he would feel a little charming, but now there is no such feeling, but it cannot be denied that Cheng Ran's continuous actions finally calmed him down.

At such times, he needs to calm down.

To go outside the city, it is better to start early. Shi Qingyang immediately asked for leave for himself. Early in the morning the next day, after breakfast, he followed Gu Changjin out of the door.

Shi Qingyang thought that Gu Changjin would take him to rent a chariot, but he didn't expect Gu Changjin to take him to Spark College first. Then, the two of them took the most common chariot from Spark College, registered at the gate of the city with the teacher card and student card of Spark College, and left the city.

At this time of day, the mobile town at the gate of the city, or what should be called the mobile fortress, has just started.

As a result, the radiation is too strong, and the unknown magnetic field appears over the earth. Now transportation can only be carried by land. It happened that the wild is a world of exotic animals…

Finally, in order to transport on a large scale, people built a mobile small town. This mobile small town is based on ancient tanks, but it has been enlarged countless times. It has a huge platform made of steel, and a bowl-shaped protective cover that is turned upside down. Below is a complex crawler belt. These crawler belts have many pieces and can run as usual even if they are half broken.

The mobile town of Anhang City arrives at Spark City every evening and leaves here early the next morning.

Gu Changjin followed the mobile town through the sandy area near the city and then entered the safety zone where the patrol team was stationed in Spark City.

The safe area is the hunting area chosen by most of the radiation energy fighters in Spark City. It is also a breeding area and a planting area. Outside the safe area, it is a paradise for foreign animals.

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