Gu Changjin is a five-level radiation almighty and can adapt well to radiation outside the city. He naturally has no too big requirement for radiation protection clothing, so he chose a convenient one. As for Shi Qingyang, Gu Changjin intended to help him buy one, but he didn't think he had already bought it.

Very common radiation protection clothing costs less than 10,000 credit points, but it is really convenient to move.

The safety zone near the city is very large, which is also the monitoring range of a city to its surroundings. The larger the city, the larger the safety zone.

Of course, the safety zone is not necessarily safe. There are also many exotic animals in this zone. However, if there are more dangerous exotic animals, they will be destroyed immediately upon discovery.

The area of the safety zone near the city is divided into large and small plots. Most of these plots are rented out. Some people breed some harmless animals here, some grow medicinal herbs here, and others build some training grounds here, so that people who have just left the city can fight with less powerful animals in these training grounds.

Shi Qingyang looked at everything outside through the window of the chariot. Spark City was the place where he grew up, but he was not familiar with it. Now he feels that everything outside is very strange.

"Grandpa Gu, do you know where my parents rent the land?" After the car pulled out for a while, he finally asked, Gu Changjin did just come to Spark City, but obviously, he knew the dean of Spark College. Otherwise, they would not have gotten the teacher card and student card of Spark College.

In that case, Gu Changjin probably knows more than he does.

"It should be right ahead." Gu Changjin pointed to the front left and then began to drive with rapt attention. In the city, the car can drive automatically and stop automatically when meeting pedestrians. However, outside the city, the driving of the car depends on its own control and the surrounding conditions are difficult to detect.

The asteroid that hit the earth not only brought radiation that nearly destroyed human beings, but also changed the earth's magnetic field. Now outside the city, many high-tech products cannot be used. The area that human beings can detect is much smaller than that of 1,000 years ago, and the survival range is even smaller than that of 1,000 years ago.

Chariots along the road that other cars rolled out, shuttling between different plants that have changed and are much bigger than the ancient ones, Shi Qingyang gulped in air to let himself focus on the outside of the car.

He saw many small animals shuttling between different plants, such as ant animals, these are the most common black ant animals, the body is only the size of an adult thigh, often a single action, is a very common animal in the safe area, is also a lot of just out of the city of radiation fighter favorite prey, his father, often kill these little guys.

Although this ant beast has no meat on its body, its shell can be used as a radiation-proof building material and can also be used as a medicine. His father once used the meat of another exotic animal to attract more than a dozen ant beasts. After the whole thing was caught, he bought him a set of toys.

"These black ant beasts are classified as level 1 animals, but there are also some ant beasts whose level is very high. Do you know the army ant beasts? The strength of these animals alone is not high, but they are better than in groups. They often leave no food where they go. Any fierce animals will only become their food if they do not run away quickly after meeting the army ant animals." Gu Changjin followed Cheng Ran more than ten years ago. Although he was not completely unable to go out like Cheng Ran, he did not have the opportunity to leave the city. Now seeing all this outside the city, he felt somewhat regretful and explained the surrounding things to Shi Qingyang.

Shi Qingyang nodded his head, but he couldn't let himself listen attentively. He just took the map and compared everything around him. As the car went on, he saw a large aphid farm and also saw cars of plants packed in. Originally, the plants grown in this area were not enough for large-scale aphids to eat. Naturally, they also needed to be added.

When the car passed the farm, another river and a gravel belt, Shi Qingyang saw a piece of land from a distance.

Even though Gu Changjin did not speak now, he knew that there was the place where his parents died.

He had heard the description of his parents and seen the photos taken by them. These memories had already been sealed by him, but now they suddenly became extremely clear.

Gu Changjin just stopped the car, Shi Qingyang left the car, his whole person seemed to enter a wonderful state, clearly the body is not adapted to running in the wild, action is extremely smart, he ran to the tree with the fastest speed, and suddenly stopped.

The area in front of us is about 10 mu of land, surrounded by rubble and rubbish cleared from the land, and some trees that have not yet grown up are planted to separate from the surrounding area. In the middle is a large open space. Now it is a mess, leaving only a few scattered herbs.

Shi Qingyang carefully looked at the remaining medicinal materials, and carefully took the soil here, expression is more and more ugly.

His parents have been dead for nearly five months. It should be overgrown with weeds and occupied by exotic animals. But now, there is not even any weeds here!

The medicinal materials left behind are all immature. The soil here was turned over not long ago. Obviously, some people planted something here not long ago.

It is normal for people to plant some medicinal materials in wild and barren land. When they plant them, they plant them. Suddenly the soil is turned over and all the medicinal materials they can take away are taken away. What is this for?

When I think of Yin Tiancheng, whom I have met many times these days, Shi Qingyang's eyes are dark.

Even if someone took over his land to plant herbs, it would be enough to compensate for some money at most, and there is no need to take them away in such a hurry. So, is it someone who has a guilty conscience?

"Someone came here not long ago." Gu Changjin also came to the same conclusion as Shi Qingyang.

"Grandpa Gu, will you accompany me around?" Shi Qingyang suddenly said.

Gu Changjin naturally has no reason not to allow.

Shi Qingyang paused. The gloom on the face under the radiation helmet had almost disappeared. Instead, a smile appeared: "Boss, let me show you around!"

Shi Qingyang used Gu Changjin, the boss, as an excuse to rent a piece of land around him. He found the workers of the nearby aphid farm and asked about the situation nearby. He also asked about his parents' land.

Over the past few months, some people have been planting herbs on the land, but these days, I don't know why, the herbs suddenly disappeared.

The farm workers did not know much, and Shi Qingyang could not only ask about the land, so he received very little news, but the news alone made him feel that the whole people were getting colder and colder.

His face was always smiling, but it was just a mask.

Shi Qingyang walked along the edge of the farm and suddenly saw a familiar two-wheeled chariot. In that chariot, he was leaning against a middle-aged man wearing some old radiation protection clothing.

"Uncle Gao!" Seeing each other, Shi Qingyang immediately cried, his face still smiling. In front of him, this plateau used to be washed by Tao Rubao every time. He knew each other.

"Are you? The child washing the car?"

"Yes, Uncle Gao, I didn't expect you to know me." Shi Qingyang looked up with admiration: "Uncle Gao, is this the farm where you work? What a big place!"

Gu Changjin gave Shi Qingyang a look and said nothing.

"Yes, I work here. How about you? Why don't you work at Tao Rubao's?" Asked Gao Yuan.

"I found another job! Uncle Gao, my boss wants to rent a piece of land nearby. Do you know the situation here?"

"then you are really right. I know it best here." Gao Yuan is a talkative person, and immediately the baggage and take the journey.

Shi Qingyang asked about the situation in the vicinity and finally asked about the land nearby naturally: "I think that land is empty. does nobody rent it? Is the place a little small…"

"That piece of land?" Gao Yuan lowered its business: "Don't give up on that piece of land. I think there is something fishy about that piece of land."

"Uncle Gao, what is going on?" Shi Qingyang asked curiously.

"I don't know exactly what happened. I knew that the land was originally rented by a couple. later, I didn't know what happened and was killed by animals. when they died, the land was still surrounded by people. the patrol team walked around. the other night, my apprentice even saw the patrol team messing around in the middle of the night. there must be something wrong with the land." The opening of Gao Yuan.

Shi Qingyang captured one of the key words-the patrol team.

Isn't the inspection team in the hands of the Yin family?

It is true that his parents were killed by foreign animals, but there should be an inspection team around here. Even if his parents are unlucky enough to meet foreign animals, the inspection team should be able to arrive quickly as long as they release distress flares…

When he was in the city, Shi Qingyang was not sure of anything, but after seeing the appearance of the land and knowing the news, he was sure that his parents were not killed by accident.

"Uncle Gao, thank you, then we won't play the land." Shi Qingyang smiled and said goodbye to the other party. When he reached the place where no one was, he suddenly took off his radiation helmet.

Shake hands to wipe a face, it was already wet, touched the corners of the mouth, rubbed off the smile on the face, Shi Qingyang ruthlessly hit himself a slap.

He used up all his strength with this palm. After the fight, his face felt burning pain and his mouth smelled salty.

"Go home." Gu Changjin whispered in a low voice that he had also tried the pain of the death of his loved ones.

"Grandpa Gu, I'm fine." Shi Qingyang dried his face and put on his radiation helmet again: "Grandpa Gu, can we walk around? I want to find some herbs."

He was going to stay in spark city for two years, and strive to become a level 3 radiation fighter, and then go to find their own opportunities, but unexpectedly, unexpectedly will also meet such a thing.

The death of his parents was not an accident!

Shi Qingyang hated himself very much. He was busy practicing and killing foreign animals in his last life. He didn't even think about his parents and didn't even help his parents take revenge!

He must find out the cause and effect of the incident and avenge his parents.

Tidy up yourself, teacher Qingyang bite a tooth, forcing yourself to focus on the surrounding plants.

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