Shi Qingyang finally took one look at the land, gnawed his teeth, and came to the periphery of the safety zone with Gu Changjin.

Although the two herbs he is looking for are very common, they obviously do not exist in the land that has been opened up by people.

Outside the safety zone, there are more and more exotic animals and plants. Every time I see a cool place, Shi Qingyang gets off to check.

Unfortunately, he didn't see what he was looking for, but met many animals. Shi Qingyang knew that he shouldn't be in charge of these animals that won't take the initiative to attack, but he could not control his behavior.

After using the wind blade to kill an ant beast that rushed in front of him, he felt even more unable to stop.

He still has very little radiation energy in his body, but his training these days has allowed him to send out a total of six blades. During the training, he will use up his radiation energy by repeating his movements with both hands three times, but in the wild, he can completely kill a low-level foreign animal with little use.

Choose a good location, send out the wind blade, let the wind blade just stab into the ant beast's body gap…Shi Qingyang didn't hide his strength at all, but also put his own experience to the extreme. Because he needs to vent, but also because he knows that it is impossible for him to spend the next two years quietly.

In the last life, it was because his strength increased so fast that the Yin family wanted to kill him for fear that he would find something to avenge them. This time, he will become stronger and show them!

All kinds of thoughts filled my mind, but Shi Qingyang's hand movements did not stop at all. When he met animals that he could not kill, he dodged, when he met animals that he could kill, he killed, and when he ran out of radiation energy in his body, he drank a bottle of radiation energy restorer…

In some ways, fighting has already become his instinct, even similar to others walking and driving.

A person who has been driving for a long time can avoid obstacles when he sees them even if he is talking to others. He can still fight even if he has various thoughts colliding in his mind.

Parents' enmity, their own enmity, and twenty years later those animals that poured into cities to kill human beings…Shi Qingyang suddenly discovered that he could have less time to become stronger than he imagined.

The spark city, where he will start, Shi Qingyang took a deep breath and found another prey.

A ladybird was hunting aphids and saw someone coming from a distance. It opened its wings and was about to fly away. At the same time, the radiation energy around it suddenly fluctuated. Then, a wind blade was just embedded into its newly opened half wing, cutting off half of its wings.

The ladybug beast, which could not fly, became angry. It had met humans when eating in that place full of aphids. Those people threw such gadgets at it, but they could not hurt it at all. But this time, someone actually hurt its wings!

There is only one person! It did not retreat but advanced, shaking its body, and some yellow liquid was sprayed towards the man. In the past, it hurt these legs like this!

Shi Qingyang rolled on the spot, dodging the corrosive liquid. His hands moved together, and the radiation energy around him immediately fluctuated. A sharp sword composed of two radiation energy rushed forward quickly, hitting the leg of the ladybug beast that was spewing yellow liquid.

The ladybird's wings shook violently and tried to run away. Shi Qingyang moved his hands together and released four wind blades that he could release, all hitting the same position on the ladybird's abdomen with no difference.

The ladybug beast fell to the ground and there was no movement. Gu Changjin looked at the scene and put down his hand.

He followed Shi Qingyang, has always been ready to make moves, especially in the face of this ladybug beast, but I didn't think Shi Qingyang have radiation can only have such a short time, unexpectedly can already deal with ladybug beast!

If he thought Shi Qingyang was a genius before, now he has a faint feeling that Shi Qingyang is a monster.

Ordinary level of radiation energy fighters, only experienced and well equipped, it is possible to hunt ladybug beast, Shi Qingyang radiation energy in the body is extremely rare, the average person this level can't even arouse the radiation energy around, he had already hunted ladybug beast…

"How are you?" Gu Changjin asked.

"I'm fine." Shi Qingyang came back to absolute being and figured out what he had done. He showed some experience that he shouldn't have at his age.

However, he did not care much about all this. Why did Gu Changjin train him? He could guess that there was no need for hostility between him and Gu Changjin, so they could cooperate completely.

"You just…" Gu Changjin eyes complicated.

"Grandpa Gu, I once had a teacher who taught me a lot." Shi Qingyang looked at Gu Changjin and said, "Grandpa Gu, how about our cooperation?"

"Cooperation?" Gu Changjin was full of surprise. He was a five-level radiation fighter, but Shi Qingyang had only one level. With Shi Qingyang's qualifications, it was impossible to break through to level 4…

He wanted to train Shi Qingyang and let Shi Qingyang stay with Cheng Ran, but never felt that the word "cooperation" could be used between him and Shi Qingyang: "Do you want me to help you deal with the Yin family? You should know that this is impossible."

"No, Grandpa Gu, you don't have to do this. I just hope you can help me hide my situation. As long as you promise, I promise I will do my best to protect it."

"In the current situation, it would be safer without your master." Gu Changjin stared at Shi Qingyang. He admired Shi Qingyang very much and felt that it didn't matter if Shi Qingyang was a little clever. But now Shi Qingyang not only acted strangely, but also had such an enemy.

What makes him believe that Shi Qingyang can protect Cheng Ran?

"Grandpa Gu, I will settle the matter within one year." Shi Qingyang, with a firm face, set a deadline for himself. This is to urge himself and also to make himself not impulsive.

"Well, I'll wait for you for a year." Gu Changjin hesitated for a moment and nodded. At first he wanted someone to accompany Cheng Ran and let Cheng Ran learn to contact society. Later he wanted to train Shi Qingyang to take care of Cheng Ran. Now he suddenly wanted to see where Shi Qingyang could go.

Sure enough, the older he gets, the softer his heart becomes. I remember when I first arrived at Cheng Ran's side, at the request of Cheng Hong, he could even watch Cheng Ran cry loudly…

Confirmed by Gu Changjin, Shi Qingyang finally fell to the ground. He prepared ten bottles of radiation energy supplements for himself. However, his current physical condition will hurt him if he eats more.

Just now, his state of killing animals was really, really good. He had to take a long time to recover from this condition, but now he suddenly reached it because he was too sad. In the same way, this state also exhausted him and now he can still sit still, in fact, he is already strengthening himself.

After resting for a while, Shi Qingyang stood up, and then installed the ladybug beast in the place behind the chariot to place its prey. He captured a total of seven exotic animals along the way, but not one of them was abandoned.

Gu Changjin despises these low-level animals, but he has not stopped Shi Qingyang's behavior: "It's getting late."

Shi Qingyang nodded and got into the car. He didn't find any two herbs he wanted to find today, but it wasn't an accident. After all, everything can't go smoothly. It's good to leave the city after a big deal.

Although I will report to the college tomorrow, neither he nor Cheng Ran will care about the courses of Spark College.

Just…Shi Qingyang severely pinched the meat on his arm. In the future, he will not hide himself, but let others see his skill.

The Yin family has a guilty conscience. Seeing that his strength has become stronger and that he has made friends with Gu Changjin, they will surely worry and will definitely want to attack him, just like in his previous life.

In the city they dare not start work, but they will probably go outside the city, outside the city…

After a long delay outside the city, it was already dark when I returned to the city.

Shi Qingyang sold all his prey at the entrance to the city, exchanged more than 10,000 credit points, then cleaned himself up and followed Gu Changjin back to the city.

The experience outside the city made him eager to see Cheng Ran. It seemed that only in this way could he calm down.

Chariot speed is very fast, before long, Shi Qingyang saw the familiar villa, villa lights on, when their car drove in, the door was opened, Cheng Ran face delighted to meet out.

It's nice to have someone waiting.

"Grandpa Gu, Qingyang, you are back! I have already cooked the meal!" Cheng Ran a full face of delighted to look at the eyes of two people.

Depressed sadness seems to be rushing out, Shi Qingyang faintly feel some acid in his eyes, but finally succumbed to his emotions.

The table was indeed full of food, but he suddenly knew the truth of his parents' death and could not eat anything at noon, and now it is the same.

"Qingyang, are you very uncomfortable?" Cheng Ran carefully asked, fold the joy on his face.

Shi Qingyang noticed Cheng Ran's expression: "I'm fine." Even if there is hatred, the days still have to go by.

Although the food did not know the taste, Shi Qingyang still put all the food into his mouth bite by bite.

Cheng Ran was eating while watching Shi Qingyang. He spent a lot of time on dinner, hoping that Shi Qingyang would like it and that Shi Qingyang would praise him. Unfortunately, Shi Qingyang said nothing. This made him feel depressed, but he soon made up his mind to cook the food better next time.

In addition, he needs to be smarter so that he can know what Shi Qingyang is thinking.

"I have something to do. I'll go upstairs first." After eating, Shi Qingyang whispered, he has been repressing his emotions, and now he is afraid that he will suddenly compulsively, scared Cheng Ran.

After going upstairs, Shi Qingyang went into the training room, beating up the simulation robots there desperately, and letting the attacks of these robots fall on him.

He was already very tired, so he squeezed out almost all his strength, and the robot attacks made his whole body ache.

Although these robots are not heavy, but he didn't dodge those attacks!

The mother who can cook, the father who can take him to fight…the already vague memory suddenly becomes very clear. Shi Qingyang doesn't even know what to do. finally, he just wants to meet Cheng Ran urgently.

Cheng Ran…

Shi Qingyang climbed down from his balcony and landed outside the balcony of Cheng Ran's bedroom. He just wanted to see Cheng Ran's situation, but he didn't expect the light in Cheng Ran's room to be still on. As luck would have it, he knocked on the window.

Cheng Ran heard the noise and quickly came out of the room, then opened the window: "Qingyang, are you better? I wanted to give you some medicine, but Grandpa Gu told me not to look for you…"

Shi Qingyang turned in through the window and fell to the ground. Suddenly, he felt black shadows in front of him.

"Qingyang, we are going to school tomorrow, do you want to go to bed early?" Cheng Ran squatted down.

Shi Qingyang subconsciously hugged Cheng Ran, overdrawing his radiation energy and physical strength during the day and exercising violently at night, which finally made him faint.

"Qingyang, Qingyang…" Cheng Ran went frantically to pat Shi Qingyang on the back, only to find that Shi Qingyang was unexpectedly lost.

He touched Shi Qingyang's face and saw that Shi Qingyang was still unresponsive. He hurriedly brought the therapeutic instrument to scan Shi Qingyang.

Excessive fatigue…Cheng Ran thoughtfully put down the therapeutic apparatus and dragged Shi Qingyang into his room. He did not have the strength to move Shi Qingyang to bed. He simply let him lie on the ground and then helped Shi Qingyang undress.

After cleaning Shi Qingyang's body with detergent, he took out the medicine and wiped it carefully on Shi Qingyang.

Also don't know why, as long as met Shi Qingyang, he felt very happy…Cheng Ran pulled the quilt off the bed, lying on the edge of the Shi Qingyang, looked at the bruises on Shi Qingyang, gently hugged each other's arm.

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