Gu Changjin is not young. Although he did not take part in the battle, he stayed outside the city for a whole day and drove for a long time. He was tired and slept well this evening.

However, older people can't sleep long because they are worried about Cheng Ran's admission to school. The next day he got up earlier than usual.

Help Cheng Ran tidy up things, clean the house, and read the Spark College data again…Gu Changjin busy back and forth, but always feel uncertain.

Cheng Ran has never been to school since he was young, and I don't know what will happen this time…At that time, he even had the impulse to apply for a teacher in Spark College, but he soon put it down again. Cheng Ran needs to learn to be independent.

In a twinkling of an eye, it was more than 6 o'clock in the morning. Gu Changjin went into the kitchen to cook porridge and paid attention to the movement upstairs. In the past, Shi Qingyang would come to the kitchen to help.

The porridge is ready, Shi Qingyang hasn't come down yet…Gu Changjin sighed. Shi Qingyang was stimulated like that yesterday and it is normal to get up late.

Time went by one by one, and it was half past seven in an instant, but there was no movement upstairs…

Gu Changjin frowning slightly on the third floor, unexpectedly just go up, just heard the alarm bell, he found that the teacher Qingyang room door is not closed, the sound of the alarm, is coming from the room.

Shi Qingyang should not have an accident? Could it be that he used too much radiation yesterday that he fell ill? More think more think it is possible, Gu Changjin hurriedly opened the door and pushed in.

The quilt on the bed was neatly folded, and no one had slept in it. The window on the balcony was wide open.

Did you run out in the middle of the night? Should not be rushed by hatred and run for revenge? Or is it at Cheng Ran's? Gu Changjin pondered a little and went downstairs to knock on Cheng Ran's door.

"Grandpa Gu, please come in." Cheng Ran's voice sounded in the door. Gu Changjin opened the door and saw Cheng Ran sitting on the ground with the quilt on the ground, as if he had slept on the floor last night.

"Master, the ground is cold, you can't…" Gu Changjin's words to a half, suddenly opened his eyes wide.

Is it a person lying next to his master? The man, as if he didn't find Shi Qingyang?

Why is Shi Qingyang in his master's room? Clearly not dressed! Gu Changjin's eyes widened with anger. His sympathy for Shi Qingyang was swept away and he felt very angry.

Cheng Ran's attention was still on Shi Qingyang, but he didn't even see Gu Changjin's expression: "Grandpa Gu, you're right, Qingyang is really tired, and Xiao M said he was too tired." Small M is his commonly used therapeutic robot, but he is very good at doing examinations. If it weren't for the fact that Shi Qingyang had no other problems after he checked with small M before, Gu Changjin said yesterday that Shi Qingyang was too tired to talk to him, and he would certainly go to Gu Changjin.

"Shi Qingyang, why is he here?"

"Grandpa Gu, Qingyang came to see me and then he was tired out. I gave him some medicine and took care of him all night!" Cheng Ran looked at Gu Changjin with some pride. He had a serious illness the other day. Gu Changjin was taking care of him. Now he can also take care of others!

"Master…" Gu Changjin approached, only to find that Shi Qingyang still fell asleep, he didn't wear clothes, revealing the upper body green purple, a pair of whatever | Lin, but his master, although wearing pajamas, but neatly dressed, the appearance of a pair of refreshed.

In this way, how does it look like the bully seized the scene of the sunshine youth?

Gu Changjin suddenly had a deep sense of disobedience and put down his heart at the same time. He said, Shi Qingyang like this, certainly can't do anything to his master, however, Shi Qingyang how can appear in his master's room?

Gu Changjin suddenly thought of Shi Qingyang's balcony-he shouldn't have let Shi Qingyang live upstairs in his master's house!

"Grandpa Gu, Shi Qingyang is still awake. Do you want to take him to the hospital?" Cheng Ran asked curiously, also some anxious, although small M shows that Shi Qingyang has no problem, the body is not damaged, but he is still very worried.

"No, he's awake." Gu Changjin has seen Shi Qingyang move.

Feel someone around, Shi Qingyang subconsciously alert, immediately sat up the body, and then found the body chill.

He didn't even wear clothes? Shi Qingyang at that time some reaction not to come over, the next second, his body appeared a hand.

Cheng Ran gently touched Qingyang's chest: "Qingyang, are you still in pain?"

"I'm fine…" What happened last night appeared in my mind. Shi Qingyang was very embarrassed when he remembered his climbing the window.

He has never done such a thing before, and it seems that he slept with Cheng Ran last night, and was caught by Gu Changjin early in the morning…Yesterday he let off steam, woke up and made such a scene, Shi Qingyang suddenly felt much more relaxed.

However, Cheng Ran was still touching Cheng Ran's chest: "Can I wipe your medicine?"

Your master, this is flirting with people? Gu Changjin stared at Cheng Ran's hand for a long time and took a deep breath: "Master, there is something wrong with Shi Qingyang's body. You should inform me earlier so as to take him to the hospital."

"Grandpa Gu, didn't you say yesterday that I wouldn't say anything wrong with Qingyang?" Cheng Ran looked at Gu Changjin doubtfully. Last night, there was something obviously wrong with Shi Qingyang, but Gu Changjin not only stopped him from going upstairs, but also told him not to tell what was wrong with Shi Qingyang at school.

"Master, even so, you cannot leave Shi Qingyang in your room." Gu Changjin would like to say that Shi Qingyang is uneasy and kind, but as far as he sees, how does it seem that his master is uneasy and kind?

"Grandpa Gu, why not?" Cheng Ran looked at Gu Changjin curiously: "I like being with Qingyang very much."

Gu Changjin froze, on Cheng Ran simple appearance, but don't know what to say. Cheng Ran has been under surveillance since he was young and no one taught him to learn. Although he became more and more fond of Cheng Ran, he did not bring any children and naturally did not notice physiological knowledge and so on.

Not only that, Cheng Ran is not yet an adult. Even if he can use a computer, he has set a limit on it. He can't go to inappropriate websites at all…

If someone else fails to go to the website, Cheng Ran is extremely obedient. He did not go to school, and naturally he did not take physiology classes.

"Grandpa Gu, I like touching Shi Qingyang." Cheng Ran added that his hands were not willing to let go of his teacher Qingyang.

Shi Qingyang had already understood his situation by this time. Cheng Ran liked his hands and feet very much, but he felt something was wrong: "Grandpa Gu, is Cheng Ran suffering from skin hunger?" Cheng Ran's mind seems to be lower than that of ordinary people. Naturally, he is also late for the budding of love. He likes Cheng Ran, sees Cheng Ran's closeness and love for him, but never sees love in Cheng Ran's eyes…

In this case, Cheng Ran likes touching him so much that he can even overcome his shyness. There must be other reasons.

After thinking about it, Shi Qingyang only thought about one problem, skin hunger and thirst.

Cheng Ran is always subconsciously ingratiating himself with everyone. Obviously, he has not received much care and is suffering from skin hunger…How did he live in the past?

Gu Changjin frowned and quickly checked with the contact device. His face became more and more ugly.

When he saw Cheng Ran, Cheng Ran was more than two years old. At that time, he had just been saved by Cheng Hong. He was extremely grateful to Cheng Hong. Cheng Hong asked him to look at Cheng Ran but didn't have to take much care of him. He did it all. Although he also changed after a long time, at that time, Cheng Ran was able to take care of himself.

He seldom touches Cheng Ran, and even can completely say that he will not touch Cheng Ran…Cheng Ran did haunt him before, but he was worried about what Cheng Hong saw to let him leave, and naturally severely stopped Cheng Ran's behavior. After that, Cheng Ran wouldn't touch him.

Skin hunger?

Shi Qingyang had already figured out what to do next, but his grief was suppressed. He looked at his clothes and found that they had been cleaned. He put them on: "Grandpa Gu, but who took care of them when he was a child?"

"When I was a child, in an iron house, people in white coats would eat for me and take me to treatment. Each time, they would walk through a very long passage." Cheng Ran also checked skin hunger and thirst and tried to recall his childhood memory.

All he can remember is some fragments, but in his memory, no one really hugged him.

"The young master lived in the hospital as a child." Gu Changjin added.

Hospital? As for Cheng Ran's description, it was more like the research institute he had stayed in before…Shi Qingyang was shocked and hesitated for a moment. Finally, he chose to change the subject: "Should I sign up?"

"Yes, I'm going to sign up!" Cheng Ran nodded his head, he wanted to be near Shi Qingyang, and feel a little embarrassed, face full of hesitation.

He didn't even know he was sick before. He was able to give good medicine very soon. It happened that after rubbing for a long time, Shi Qingyang wouldn't hate him, would he?

"Let's go." Shi Qingyang smiled at Cheng Ran. He did not intend to stay at Spark College for too long, but that would be where he started.

Cheng Ran obediently followed Shi Qingyang left the room, Gu Changjin is a full face of guilt, regret didn't take good care of Cheng Ran before, until two people go away, he suddenly remembered, he forgot to ask Shi Qingyang so will climb to Cheng Ran room…

He must give his young master some biology lessons! Although most of them are men and women forming families, men and men, women and women are not uncommon. At that time, he suddenly became dissatisfied with Shi Qingyang.

Shi Qingyang had just learned about the death of his parents, and there was inevitably some silence. Cheng Ran and Gu Changjin had their own thoughts, and their reactions were the same as his.

After breakfast, the three went to Spark College. on the other side, Yin Tiancheng had already packed himself up and called Yin Jinru.

"When you are in the college, you will have a good contact with Cheng Ran and Shi Qingyang. It is better to find out Cheng Ran's identity quickly."

"Elder brother, I know." Yin Jinru nodding, he is most afraid of, is the elder brother of a few months older than him.

"It is good that you know, and that teacher Qingyang, you should pay more attention." Yin Tiancheng added that he did not pay attention to people like Shi Qingyang, but it happened that Shi Qingyang had a good relationship with Gu Changjin…

"Good, good." Yin Jinru continue to nod, but obviously some defy spirit on his face.

"It's all rubbish!" Yin Tiancheng scolded 1 in a low voice, thinking of meeting his uncle a few days ago, but also want to call names.

Shi Qingyang's parents did die in the mouth of foreign animals, but they had something to do with his uncle. With the power of the Yin family, his uncle built a aphid farm outside the city and made a lot of money. He was already very rich, but somehow the richer he became, the more he loved money.

Shi Qingyang's father, Shi Zhen, was a secondary radiation fighter. His wife was also a junior pharmacist. Their lives were stable and they were not short of money. He suddenly rented a piece of land outside the city that was originally unowned. He even started planting medicinal herbs without foundation. In fact, there was a reason-he found some wild Abelian in that place with the knowledge his wife had explained to him.

This kind of medicine, which can stimulate the potential of the radiation, is very expensive. It is also because of this that he will empty his family and rent the land. The lease has been signed for 50 years.

Although Shi Zhen had a good idea, he planted other herbs to cover up the hibiscus. in such a place as spark city, few people knew hibiscus, but Yin Tiancheng's uncle had a very good eye.

Dozens of nearly mature hibiscus, a large number of will mature medicinal herbs…Hibiscus cannot be planted in ancient times, now nature is extremely rare, also can't artificial cultivation, it happened that it can be refined in do or die to stimulate the potential of radiation energy fighters, let a person to upgrade a level of medicine…

Every hibiscus can be sold for a sky-high price. His uncle is so jealous.

His uncle didn't have the courage to do the killing, but after he got along well with the leader of the patrol team, he led the animals there and held back the patrol team after knowing that several powerful animals were near.

At that time, when Shi Zhenfa sent out a distress signal, the patrol team was nearby. It was completely in time to rush to rescue, but in the end, no one came…

Fortunately, things have been settled now, and Shi Qingyang's parents died in the mouth of foreign animals. This is beyond doubt. Shi Qingyang could not find evidence against them. At most, the inspectors were convicted of dereliction of duty…

Yin Tiancheng wanted to think, but decided to stay put. I'm afraid no one will remember this matter in a few months.

As for Shi Qingyang, it is better to do nothing than do more to alert Shi Qingyang.

Return to absolute being, Yin Tiancheng gave Yin Jinru another look: "In school, you don't embarrass me!"

Yin Jinru did nothing but nod.

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