Once again, on the opening day of the annual school, the gate of Spark College was naturally very lively. Gu Changjin drove his car to the left and looked at Shi Qingyang with mockery: "when you fell from the wall, you really startled me."

"Grandpa Gu, at that time I thought I couldn't go in to study and wanted to see the school on the wall. I didn't expect to scare you." Shi Qingyang opened his eyes and lied.

Gu Changjin knew that Shi Qingyang must have been ok at that time, and then associated with the behavior of Shi Qingyang running to Cheng Ran room last night, he could not help but suppress a stream of gas, but he also hoped Shi Qingyang could protect Cheng Ran…

"I have sent you some information about Spark College. Please have a look." Gu Changjin suddenly said.

Shi Qingyang replied, looking at the information on hand, his face showed nothing, but privately some indecision.

Gu Changjin let him not destroy Cheng Ran's college life, must let Cheng Ran study in Spark College?

He looked up and saw Gu Changjin some bitter expression.

Spark College management is very strict, irrelevant people are forbidden to enter, when signing up, but also do not allow parents to accompany, Gu Changjin worried about their performance, nature also don't intend to accompany them in, just carefully told Cheng Ran.

"Qingyang, will everything be okay?" Cheng Ran listened carefully to Gu Changjin's instructions and looked anxiously at Shi Qingyang. It was the first time he had seen so many people. He was afraid and excited.

"Of course it will be fine." Shi Qingyang smiled and put down the contact terminal. He didn't understand that Gu Changjin clearly had a good relationship with the dean of Spark College and loved Cheng Ran. He would have wronged Cheng Ran in his last life. Now it seems that it is because someone ordered him.

Cheng Ran is not the child of his parents' enemies, is he? Otherwise, how can be so over and over again?

Gu Changjin, who had been advising him all along, looked at Shi Qingyang and said, "You must take good care of the young master."

"Grandpa Gu, I will." Shi Qingyang nodded his head.

"Go in." Gu Changjin spoke. The dean of Spark College has a little friendship with him, but he is more loyal to Cheng family. He will undoubtedly report Cheng Ran's situation to Cheng family. Because of this, he must listen to Cheng Hong.

In the college, one house after another, many houses are directly connected into one piece. These buildings are made of metal, silver and gold, or black. Obviously, they are very messy, but at first glance they make people feel comfortable.

Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran went in with the admission notice, and then the teacher at the gate passed on all the things to be done today to their contact terminals. After the contact terminals were online, they also took the initiative to help them navigate. The first thing they had to do was to attend the admission ceremony in the auditorium and pay the fee by the way.

They all have information about them in the school, and the division of classes has been completed for a long time. But when they arrive at the school, everyone has to have another test at the entrance ceremony. For no other reason, just to ensure that each student's information is correct.

It is said that when there was no such activity before, some people bought off the person who tested the qualifications of every 16-year-old child and eventually got into a good school, while others were framed by others. However, they were assigned to the worst class when their qualifications were extraordinary. Only after he soared into the sky did the school regret it.

Spark College is only a tertiary city school, but its testing is far more accurate than that everyone will carry out. It is often found that the real situation of students is different from that recorded, and it will be treated separately.

Shi Qingyang led Cheng Ran through a long corridor and came to a very bright auditorium. The rectangular auditorium was very high, with rows of seats in the middle, enough to accommodate thousands of people. Now, some people were sitting sparsely on those seats, and the newcomers arriving one after another were all patting the usual lines, waiting for radiation detection and payment.

In front of the auditorium are five radiation energy detectors, which are very complicated and need to be operated by professionals. When testing, the examinee only needs to sit on the chair in front of the detector. At that time, the machine will give each person a specific grade according to the records of countless people previously recorded.

This kind of detector has been used nationwide for only 300 years. Before that, people want to know the qualifications of people who have just become radiation energy, and they can only rely on the rough judgment of experienced radiation energy fighters.

In the end, it took decades to collect data to develop such a machine.

Yesterday, stimulated by his parents, Shi Qingyang remembered many memories of Spark City. At that time, he saw many acquaintances in a long line.

Of course, judging from his independent situation at that time, most of the so-called acquaintances were enemies.

After leading Cheng Ran to the back of a line, a round-faced teenager in front of the two turned around and said, "Hello, you are together. Have you known each other before?"

"Yes, we came together." Shi Qingyang smiled.

Shi Qingyang spoke and Cheng Ran relaxed a lot. He grabbed Shi Qingyang's clothes with a little flaunt: "I came with Qingyang." He is full of interest in everything in front of him and even wants to know some friends.

"It's good to know people. Although there are several people in our school who can attend Spark College, I am the only one in our class. I don't know anyone else. my name is Ying Yuan. what's your name? Do you want to exchange contact numbers?" Asked the round-faced teenager.

Cheng Ran immediately nodded, a full face of excitement with yuan should exchange contact number and name.

After the exchange, the two sides were familiar with each other. Ying Yuan looked at the tester on the stage with even more worry: "My parents are all of average qualifications. I am really worried that I will be found to be unqualified and will be rushed back."

Cheng Ran doesn't even have radiation energy. Hearing him say so, the excitement on his face turned into worry.

"It's okay. If it's a machine problem, there is no cheating in itself. At most, it is to study in Class 10!"

"oh." Cheng Ran nodded, reassured that he was originally from Class 10.

Shi Qingyang watched Cheng Ran chat with people, always feeling a little jealous, especially when he just knew that Cheng Ran ate his tofu because of skin hunger.

But he also knew that he could not stop Cheng Ran, and Cheng Ran was intent on making friends with others. After others knew about his situation, they were not necessarily willing to be his friends.

Everyone else has to work hard to get high marks in order to enter the school. Suddenly a student who got zero marks came to school. Who would welcome him?

Of course, this situation is not insurmountable. Shi Qingyang has already made up his mind to apply for the "free pass" of the school immediately after the things here are over. This "free pass" will generally be given to those who are about to graduate and are no worse than or even more powerful than the teachers. With a free pass, they can enter and leave the school gate at will and can also choose the classes they want to listen to.

Yin Tiancheng once applied for a free pass because his family's learning resources were better than those of the school. Naturally, he can also apply with his current strength.

After doing so, on the one hand Yin Tiancheng can be suspicious, on the other hand, he can also use this to gather some people in the school.

As for his own safety, Shi Qingyang is not worried, now the city is very safe, as for the outside, he went to the outside, will call Gu Changjin.

What's more, Yin Tiancheng will never make a move without understanding Cheng Ran's identity.

The team slowly stepped forward and finally it was Shi Qingyang's turn. After he sat down in the chair, he immediately relaxed and then grasped the test handle.

Some faint radiation can enter from his palm and come into his body, and a large amount of data is beginning to appear on the instruments nearby.

The speed of radiation energy detection was very fast. After monitoring the reaction of every muscle and every part of his body after that ray of radiation energy entered his body, the machine quickly came to the conclusion that "Fu Neng can accommodate C-, Fu Neng adaptability C-, and his body condition is not good."

The teacher who carried out the test transmitted the admission data and the division of classes to the contact terminal in Shi Qingyang's hand. He was just about to collect the tuition when Shi Qingyang suddenly grabbed Cheng Ran, who was about to sit on the tester: "Please wait a minute, teacher."

When he was testing, he suddenly remembered one thing. Gu Changjin once said that Cheng Ran could not contact radiation energy.

Moreover, in his last life, he did not seem to see Cheng Ran in the first few days of school. At that time, many people said Cheng Ran was ashamed to come to school. Now think about it, is he not ill?

Cheng Ran has had a difficult time getting better these days. He can eat a little meat, but he can't be damaged again because of the test.

"what can I do for you?" The teacher who carried out the test asked incredulously.

"Teacher, all you have to do is to test him for radiation, not for qualification." Shi Qingyang spoke, Cheng Ran had no radiation energy, and had not tested his qualifications before. It was probably because of this that Gu Changjin forgot to explain.

Just Gu Changjin didn't explain, but he can't watch Cheng Ran injured.

The teacher looked at Cheng Ran's data and his face immediately changed: "No radiation energy?"

The teacher's voice is not big, but still someone heard around, look at Cheng Ran expression immediately changed, the teacher gave Cheng Ran a complex look, and then let Cheng Ran sit on the detector, indeed as expected only detected the radiation energy-the weak radiation energy used to detect qualification is completely harmless to the radiation almighty, but it will hurt the body of ordinary people.

The big screen at the back of the auditorium will show everyone's information, which naturally shows Cheng Ran's situation.

"Cheng Ran, fortune can accommodate:-;Radiation adaptability:—"

This kind of data, the students here are not unfamiliar, does it not mean that there is no radiation energy?

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