Those who have been tested are now sitting in the auditorium waiting for the opening ceremony. Seeing this, everyone changed their faces. They were waiting for Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran. Ying Yuan, who had a good talk with them, changed his face and walked away without looking back.

Cheng Ran was delicate and lovely, dressed well, and many people talked to him while waiting in line, but now they all avoided him like Ying Yuan.

After all, there are very few people who can enter the Spark College through the relationship. moreover, they have d qualifications that are so poor, but Cheng Ran doesn't even have e…no, he doesn't even have radiation energy!

Those who enter the Spark College with their own qualifications are full of dissatisfaction on their faces. even those who enter through the back door frowned. even if they have given a large amount of sponsorship, if they can't enter the Spark College even if they don't even have grade d, why does Cheng Ran become an exception?

Even if they don't discriminate against people who don't have radiation energy, they will also discriminate against people who enter through the back door!

"Spark College is radiation energy college? Why can anyone without radiation energy come in?" Some people whispered, gradually, more and more people raised such questions.

Cheng Ran is very sensitive in some aspects, and the people around him feel the bad nature. He looked at everything around him blankly and was closer to Shi Qingyang.

On the second floor of the auditorium, a middle-aged man looked at all this from a high position and frowned slightly. The people around the man saw the situation and whispered, "Dean, do you want to go down and help him?"

"No." The dean of Spark College, You Liangping, refused. When he was young, he received financial support from the engineers and was trained by the engineers to become a Class 5 fighter. Naturally, he has also been helping the engineers.

This time the Cheng family offered to let Cheng Ran study here. He was very happy. But Cheng Ran situation is very special also just, Cheng Hong words, also let him not to pay too much attention to Cheng Ran, don't treat differently…

Cheng family, is this a race who wants to experience without radiation energy? You Liangping wondering, exactly did not go down.

"Of course, nothing." Shi Qingyang took Cheng Ran's hand.

"A person who doesn't even have radiation energy can come to Spark College?" At this time, suddenly someone stood up, not Yin Jinru who is it? "I remember the rules and regulations of Spark College clearly stipulate that the qualification must be at least Grade D in order to enter Spark College through sponsorship. What is going on now?"

Yin Jinru face is full of anger, looked at Cheng Ran was not good. Yin Family is the largest family in Spark City. It usually has no bullying behavior and has a good reputation. Although Yin Jinru is a wan ku, he is a little bit more fun-loving. At best, he makes people jealous, but not disgusting. As soon as he comes out, he naturally gets a lot of people's approval.

The person who came in with Yin Jinru after giving the sponsorship was even more closely surrounded by Yin Jinru: "he doesn't even have radiation energy. he can't enter the training room. what can he do to learn radiation energy? Such people should learn to repair cars!"

"What learn to repair the car, the small plate, can repair the car? It's no problem to be a servant. I think he may have climbed into someone's bed before he came here."

"That he is not very good in bed? Boys of this age are really delightful."


Yin Jinru around these people are the spark city soil, to understand the situation of the spark city, however, they have never seen Cheng Ran in spark city, nature also won't take Cheng Ran seriously.

Cheng Ran's wait for a while did not seem to react. He looked around, but Shi Qingyang suddenly stopped in front of him: "Keep your mouths clean!"

"What makes you tube us?" A man snorted coldly at Shi Qingyang: "are you having an affair with this man? Does he taste good?"

Yesterday I just found out the cause of death of my parents. Now someone is saying such foul language in front of him. Shi Qingyang wishes to tear the mouth of the person in front of him.

However, when conflicts broke out in the city, it was only oneself who was unlucky. thinking of his previous plans, Shi Qingyang pretended to be furious: "I want to compete with you! If you lose, apologize and slap yourself ten more times!"

Bidou is a tradition in the college. In fact, it means that students learn from each other. Teachers and robots will watch such learning. Once someone is seriously injured, it will stop immediately.

The radiation energy is very weak and cannot carry weapons, so it will never threaten life.

However, generally only the radiation energy fighters will agree to compete with each other. They are only 16 years old when they are newly enrolled in school. Most of them have just acquired radiation energy. How can they compete with others? Don't want to jump together bite?

"There is no room for others to say a word. I think you really have an affair with this person?" The man laughed again, but Yin Jinru said nothing except the initial provocation, and his eyes were wandering.

"Cheng Jiafu, shut up!" At this time, Yin Tiancheng suddenly came in from the outside. He glared at Cheng Jiafu. After Cheng Jiafu shrank his head and hid beside him, he looked at Cheng Ran: "Sorry, they don't understand."

"Is that you?" Cheng Ran recognized Yin Tiancheng, but still some vacant on his face.

"Let those people be wicked first, and then you run to be good?" Shi Qingyang thought of Yin Jinru's reaction before and said rudely.

Yin Tiancheng played this idea, he didn't understand the identity of Cheng Ran, more worried is that someone above want to control the spark city, naturally want to try Cheng Ran.

Cheng Ran won over Shi Qingyang, who had a problem with the Yin family, as soon as he arrived. Who can guarantee that he is not faking all this now?

Seeing that Shi Qingyang actually proposed to fight, Yin Tiancheng doubted this even more: "Shi Qingyang, I have no malice…don't you apologize?" The latter sentence, he is looking at Yin Jinru said.

Yin Jinru and others were afraid of Yin Tiancheng. Although they were unwilling, they all apologized: "I'm sorry."

"Those people are not radiation fighter, must also can't participate in than, do you want to change? Whoever loses will be slapped ten times." Shi Qingyang as if didn't hear him, provocative way.

Yin Tiancheng paused and quickly agreed: "Shi Qingyang, I apologize to you on their behalf. If you have to play a game to forgive them, I will certainly accompany you." He investigated Shi Qingyang, and before meeting Cheng Ran, he did not learn radiation energy at all. Although he followed Gu Changjin to the training room every day these days, he did not spend many days. Moreover, Shi Qingyang looked tired after each training. Perhaps the training was not radiation energy at all, but physical exercise.

Smelling the medicine smell from Shi Qingyang and seeing the bruises on the corners of Shi Qingyang's eyes, he was even more sure of this.

Originally most people did not like Cheng Ran, and Shi Qingyang was very aggressive. Now Yin Tiancheng says so, which makes people think he is personable.

"Now that you have agreed, please don't say anything that doesn't count!" Shi Qingyang narrowed his eyes and did not speak again. He took Cheng Ran to his seat.

Spark College teachers are different from these teenagers who are in impulsive age. after reading Cheng Ran's data, they will know that Cheng Ran is unusual. they may not like Cheng Ran, but they will never foolishly provoke Cheng Ran.

Finally, their attitude was to ignore it and continue testing the rest.

Rows of letters showed on the curtain of the auditorium that such a policy had caused dissatisfaction among many educators and felt that it would affect them. However, in the face of the increasingly cruel living environment of human beings and the ever-evolving animals, human beings had to make changes.

Moreover, although everyone has qualifications, it is not that no one can break through. At the same time, people with B-level qualifications can only become the first-level and second-level radiation almighty in the end, which also exists.

"He Ming, Fu Can Accommodate: C+;Radiological adaptability: C+ ",a familiar name appeared on the front screen. Before long, Shi Qingyang saw a young man coming to his side to make a detour. At first, he showed off all over his face. When he found that he did not respond, he gave him a bad look.

This person is not his former classmate who has always wanted to compete with him?

The result of double C+ is already very good in Spark College, but the best is Yin Tiancheng, who is double B-.

In addition to Yin Tiancheng, there are several B-C+ or C+B- people, and there is even one person who has brought no less impact than Yin Tiancheng.

"Xie Chucui, spoke can accommodate: C+; Radiation adaptability: B+ ",the higher the radiation adaptability, the higher the control over radiation. This girl has such high radiation adaptability that radiation will be very stable in the future.

Moreover, such people are best suited to become pharmacists.

Spark College can take medicine, when Xie Chucui went up, Shi Qingyang saw a teacher staring at her all the time, then she was called to the side, the teacher is mostly a pharmacist.

After the opening ceremony, it's time to eat. Students can also go home by themselves. After all, the formal opening will not begin until tomorrow.

But at this time, but no one left, probably because of Yin Tiancheng out a little force, now word of mouth, everyone knows Yin Tiancheng and Shi Qingyang than dou.

After sitting in his seat, Cheng Ran has been checking things with the contact device. at this time, he finally looked at Shi Qingyang: "Qingyang, do you really want to compete with others?Can…can we not go?"

"No." Shi Qingyang smiled.

"That is for me, I go to fight with that person, ok? Anyway, slap is nothing…" Cheng Ran added, he also checked Yin Tiancheng just now, others say that the man is very severe, learn fighting from childhood…

If you can't move yourself to bed, do you want to take part in the competition instead of yourself? Shi Qingyang was speechless, but he couldn't help touching Cheng Ran's head: "I will win."

Yin Tiancheng will promise to compete with him. Most of them have already been able to use radiation energy. Maybe this person learned it by following him and Gu Changjin every day.

Yin Tiancheng wants to take this opportunity to make a show of himself. It is not certain who will win.

"Then you must knock him down." Cheng Ran fully believed in Shi Qingyang.

"good." Shi Qingyang smiled. He has participated in numerous competitions. If the opponent is an adult level 1 radiation fighter with combat experience, he may not win, but Yin Tiancheng is only 16 years old.

"By the way, Shi Qingyang, climb the bed and what is in bed? I've been looking for it for a long time, but it's all blocked." Cheng Ran pointed to his contact terminal.

The highest level of information screening, this is not applicable to children under the age of ten? Shi Qingyang took one look at the contact terminal and turned away silently.

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