Spark College's competition venue is underground. The round competition venue is full of seats and there is a huge shield in the middle. The material of the shield is the same as that of the shield over the city, which is very strong.

Most of the people who attended the opening ceremony today came here. For the upcoming bickering, they were actually more interested in the punishment after losing the bickering.

I also don't know who will be the last person to slap himself…Should be the one who overreached to challenge Yin Tiancheng?

Compared with the bucket level is the lowest level…Shi Qingyang first into the shield, chest looked at Yin Tiancheng, looks calm.

Yin Tiancheng's face was full of smiles. No one knew what he was thinking. Seeing Shi Qingyang like this, he sighed, "Shi Qingyang, if you throw in the towel now, there is still a chance. I don't need you to slap yourself." He seemed to be urging, but he raised only Shi Qingyang before. He didn't have a firm bet.

"No need." Shi Qingyang didn't care.

"Shi Qingyang, as you know, my surname is Yin. Even before I was 16 years old, I didn't have any radiation energy or contact with radiation energy, but I have many martial arts teachers, you…" Yin Tiancheng was worried.

"Have you been talking so much?" Shi Qingyang asked, Yin Tiancheng's appearance really made him feel sick, but others should feel very personable?

Shi Qingyang's guess is very correct. Compared with him, those who watched the battle from close range with their eyes on the seat outside are basically inclined to Yin Tiancheng.

Yin Tiancheng's talent and family background are so good that they can't even be jealous of him and can only admire him.

Moreover, many people also plan to graduate to the Yin family. As for Shi Qingyang, who is this person?

Yin Tiancheng, after all, was young, and his relationship with Gu Changjin was ignored several times. Now Shi Qingyang doesn't take him seriously. He has made up his mind to make Shi Qingyang look good. At this time, he slowly mobilized the radiation energy around him…

Originally, after possessing radiation energy, Yin Tiancheng planned to drink some medicine first, adjust his state to the best, and then began to learn the application of radiation energy. However, he did not expect to follow Shi Qingyang and Gu Changjin to the exercise room every day. He actually learned to mobilize radiation energy.

Yesterday, under the guidance of his grandfather, he could even give off a level 1 wind blade!

In such a short period of time to reach this level, his grandfather was full of praise for him.

"I can already use radiation energy, be careful." Yin Tiancheng said graciously that a wind blade was formed in front of him.

The radiation energy in the bucket field is weaker than that in the exercise room, and the wind blade is also very unstable. However, after Yin Tiancheng used it, many people became excited: "The wind blade is the wind blade!"

"Yin Tiancheng is already a first-class radiation fighter. Most people have to be seventeen or eighteen to be able to do it!"

"That's amazing!"

Many people stood up and cheered for Yin Tiancheng, but before they began to celebrate, the wind blade suddenly disappeared.

No, not suddenly disappeared, but was beaten down! Shi Qingyang did not approach Yin Tiancheng, but only moved his hands, so he was able to use radiation energy?

C-qualification, at most, is a level 3 radiation fighter, the average person to 18 years old or so to reach level 1, Shi Qingyang how is it possible to reach so soon?

All was silent, but Shi Qingyang just smiled mockingly, then his hands moved, and two wind blades flew towards Yin Tiancheng.

Yin Tiancheng was a bit silly when he saw Shi Qingyang use the wind blade. However, he was not trained for nothing since he was young. He dodged one of them when he rolled. Although the other one hit him, in this place where radiation energy is scarce, its power is only 1% of that outside the city, and naturally it cannot hurt him.

However, how could Shi Qingyang also use the wind blade? Moreover, he can already send out three blades! Yin Tiancheng didn't react, suddenly feel a cold on his face.

A wind blade flashed across his left face, then another wind blade flashed across the same position.

Subconsciously stretched out his hand, Yin Tiancheng saw his hand was full of blood, and the wound hurt by radiation energy was even more painful.

Radiation energy in the beeper field soon disappeared and a red indicator light was lit to indicate the end of the beeper.

Some of the wounds injured by radiation energy were blackened and could only be treated with medicine. Soon, a teacher jumped in and smeared medicine on Yin Tiancheng's face. At the same time, he was anxious. In fact, as before, it didn't matter to continue fighting. However, Yin Tiancheng had a special status and his face was injured. Naturally, they were a little anxious and terminated the competition in advance.

By this time, Yin Tiancheng couldn't calm down any more. He covered his face with horror. How could he lose?

Even the bystanders outside were stunned. At first they were actually ready to see the two men fight hand to hand, but they didn't expect that the new students could also use radiation energy. Moreover, the final winner was Shi Qingyang!

"Qingyang, it's amazing!" Cheng Ran vigorously waved.

Shi Qingyang smiled and looked at Yin Tiancheng next to him: "I promised to slap myself ten times before, but your face was hurt…"

Yin Tiancheng was very proud. to slap himself was an insult to him. he was naturally relieved to hear this, but he didn't want Shi Qingyang to continue: "why don't you slap him on the other face?"

"Shi Qingyang, what do you want?" Yin Jinru shouted.

"Why, are you going to talk? Or are you going to use more deceit and less deceit?" Shi Qingyang snorted with his nose. God knows how much he wanted to hit harder just now!

The scene immediately deadlocked down.

On the opening day of Spark City, a great event also took place in the Cheng family of Yangtze City.

Cheng Xuze has been sick outside for two years, but he has returned to Cheng's home these days. There are many speculations about this matter, but as time goes on, these speculations have slowly turned into a-Cheng Xuze, even if it is a radiation riot, it will not work.

If it weren't for Cheng Xuze out of the question, Cheng Hui this has accepted the Cheng family, how can put down those things outside, always accompany beside Cheng Xuze? If it weren't for Cheng Xuze out of the question, how could the Cheng family suddenly drop a large sum of money and dig up Ran Xue, the only free senior pharmacist in Yangtze River City?

The Cheng family has just developed for several decades. Cheng Xuze has no talent for doing business. He does not have much capital in his hand. He will do so, mostly because he is dying.

At that time, there are countless people looking at the Cheng family, but also wondering how to bite a piece of meat from the Cheng family after Cheng Xuze disappeared, on the other side, the atmosphere of the Cheng family these days, but very nervous.

Most pharmacists are women. Ran Xue is a female pharmacist. Her radiation energy is not strong, but it is very stable. She has paid a lot of money for the medicine, so far she has not been married.

Before the Cheng family found her, she was not willing to become a pharmacist in a large family, because many large families have various requirements for pharmacists. Her grandfather used to be a six-level radiation fighter. After his radiation was unstable in his later years, he once asked a pharmacist for medicine. The pharmacist also agreed and even accepted the money, but at last he postponed the time to prepare some medicine for her grandfather because the children of the family leader had to prepare some medicine to improve his health…

Her grandfather didn't get the medicine when the time came, and he was pushed again and again. The originally not serious radiation riot suddenly came out in full force, and then he never opened his eyes again…

After Ran Xue became a pharmacist, she spent most of her time serving ordinary radiation fighters until the Cheng family gave her a contract so generous that she couldn't believe it at first.

Cheng's family will not force her to make medicine, only hope she will give priority to Cheng's family, and in addition, the most important thing is that she must keep secret.

As long as she agrees, the Cheng family will build a laboratory for her, buy the best experimental equipment, and even promise to help her buy the latest G33 analyzer.

Ran Xue finally nodded. Then she went into Cheng's house and saw the lab that had already been set up.

The laboratory, except that she was not used to being located at Cheng family, was completely built according to her dream!

However, for Ran Xue, this laboratory is not the most important because Cheng Xuze gave her a recipe.

In the next few days, Ran Xue stayed in the laboratory almost sleepless. The prescription was clearly written, but she had never been exposed to such advanced drugs before and still had some confusion.

She finally knew why the Cheng family dug her up, but she couldn't stop in the face of such a wonderful house!

Since Ran Xue entered the laboratory, Cheng Xuze has been waiting outside. He could see that the medicinal materials mentioned in the prescription were quite similar to the soothing agent he had drunk before, but he was not sure that the prescription could really formulate a class 8 soothing agent.

These days, Cheng Xuze's mood has been on tenterhooks. I haven't seen the situation that I don't want to go online hungry. It's even more that he can't relax.

In his heart, there is only one sentence over and over again. I don't want to be hungry. What does he want to do?

Do you want to use the Cheng family as a gun to deal with others, or do you want to woo the Cheng family? Cheng Xuze thought a lot, but he can't deny that he can't refuse each other's temptation.

If he wants to live, only if he lives can the Cheng family gain a firm foothold slowly.

Hand contact device suddenly sounded, this is Ran Xue laboratory door was opened, Cheng Xuze quickly came there, and then found that Cheng Hui has arrived first.

Ran Xue wrapped up all her hair and her eyes were black and blue. She looked very tired, but her bloodshot eyes were full of excitement: "Yes!"

"Is that it?" Cheng Xuze and Cheng Hui glances, into the laboratory.

On the experimental platform, the large quantity of medicinal materials originally prepared had been consumed by half, and a small bottle of medicine was placed there, which looked very conspicuous.

"There is no problem with prescription, but I did not have enough control over radiation energy, so I failed many times. Fortunately, I succeeded…I analyzed the composition of this bottle of medicine, and the harmful substances in it accounted for 0. 12% of the total…" Ran Xue said a lot of professional terms and added: "In short, this bottle of medicine does very little harm to human body, but it is ten times better than the advanced soothing agent released by China." Speaking of later, Ran Xue was extremely excited.

However, after the excitement, Ran Xue soon fell silent again. Although she made the medicine, the prescription was not hers. Moreover, according to the treaty she signed with the Cheng family, she could not divulge the information related to this prescription.

Ran Xue's greatest advantage is that she will do what she says. Moreover, she knows very well that if she really does something, she will not win good at last.

Cheng Xuze looked at the bottle of medicine for a long time, finally picked up the medicine on the mouth.

"Dad!" Cheng Hui looked at Cheng Xuze with some shock.

"I have come this far by taking risks!" Cheng Xuze openings, will hand the potion drink off.

The radiation energy in the body slowly settled down. This long-lost feeling nearly made Cheng Xuze cry with joy, but after he was happy, he could not help but sigh again.

His body has been declining for a long time…if he still had his body in his 30s and 40s now, how could he have turned violent?

But now, with such an opportunity, he will not give up easily!

As many people speculated whether Cheng Xuze was going to die again, Cheng Xuze appeared in front of the crowd again.

Before Cheng Xuze suddenly retired, the reason everyone can guess, nothing more than is spoke to riots, just let them didn't expect, Cheng Xuze unexpectedly appeared in front of the crowd again, and look at his current situation, unexpectedly no spoke to riots!

What the hell is going on here? Originally wanted to wait for Cheng family accident, good ruthlessly take advantage of a person, at that time some frustrated, they had set a good plan, but also completely useless, almost by gas internal injuries!

Cheng Xuze didn't know what other people thought. At this time, he was also suffering from almost internal injuries, because I didn't want to go hungry and didn't even go online.

Who suddenly gave him a big gift bag and disappeared without asking for follow-up?

Around is the Yangtze river city a few bosses, these people showed that is to invite old friends get together for a long time, in fact…Cheng Xuze is very clear, these people are mostly to explore the actual situation.

Cheng Xuze heart like a mirror, but still a full face of fortitude, the appearance of a stubborn, pretended not to understand others beating around the bush temptation, until his hand contact terminal suddenly rang.

That's a message from Wang Qing. There are only two words in it-"Coming."

These days he has been staring at "I don't want to be hungry" with Wang Qing. Wang Qing said, it must be the man who went online!

Cheng Xuze completely did not hide his emotions, ha ha laugh and say goodbye to these people in front of him, say it's urgent to go home, those people sent Cheng Xuze out and smiling, but then looked at each other-Cheng family, don't climb to which big family?

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