Yin Tiancheng is a worthy gentleman in Spark City. He was loved from an early age. His grandfather even said that even if he had a general talent in the future, the Yin family would be handed over to him.

Of course, his talent can't be too bad. His father is a level 5 radiation fighter, and his mother also has a level 3. He has been nursed with drugs since childhood. At least he can have double C's.

Such Yin Tiancheng has naturally received no injustice in Spark City. Even if his father brought back several illegitimate children, he did not take these people seriously.

His mother looks ordinary, because of good talent, can marry into the Yin family, can let the bride's family thrive, she didn't care about her husband's woman, he is a son and have what good care about?

Moreover, those women with empty skin appearance, even if they gave birth to children, can only reach the level of Yin Jinru such as this, is not he yelling?

After being held for 16 years, Yin Tiancheng never thought that he would have a day to slap himself in public. The person who forced him to do so, if he is a strong person like Gu Changjin, is still a person with poor talent, who has not been seen by him at all, and even lives on the dole!

Before the wind blade cut his face, there was a moment when Yin Tiancheng even felt the threat of death. If the two wind blades cut not his face but his neck, if Shi Qingyang had more wind blades…

The wound on his face has been smeared with ointment by the teacher. Yin Tiancheng is also calm. However, he has a mocking expression on Master Qingyang. He still has some uncontrollable anger. He will definitely make Master Qingyang pay the price!

"Shi Qingyang, I'm the one who provoked you. I've been here since I slapped you." Yin Jinru see Yin day gloomy expression, hurriedly way.

Although he is ignorant and still has some schadenfreude, he knows very well that if Yin Tiancheng is humiliated here, he will certainly have no good fruit to eat when he returns home.

Shi Qingyang gave Yin Jinru a surprised look. Everyone knows that Yin Jinru has been causing troubles all day and wants Yin Tiancheng to help him wipe his ass. But now it seems that the rumor is wrong: "Your brother is not you who fought with me. Does he even dare to throw in the towel?"

"Mr. Shi Qingyang, the friendship between the students is the first, and the competition is the second. The school has not supported making insulting conditions during the competition." The school teacher also said, giving Shi Qingyang a face as he spoke.

Shi Qingyang has no background. He really offended Yin Tiancheng. I'm afraid he will have a hard time in the future. Of course, more importantly, they will certainly be blamed.

Shi Qingyang gave the teacher a look: "Let's do it then. A few people who said dirty words just now just slapped themselves, but Yin Dashao did not even dare to throw in the towel." He didn't believe it, he said so, Yin Tiancheng can still not play.

Just for Cheng Ran, are following Yin Jinru mix, they even want to please Yin Jinru, how can you not need to please Yin Tiancheng? Hearing Shi Qingyang say so, the people waiting nearby rushed to slap themselves.

Clap after slap, Yin Tiancheng finally react, but his face was injured at the beginning, he stopped the competition, I'm afraid I have already let others lose the impression points, if at this time to let others to replace him…

"You stop, I lost. I'll do it myself." Yin Tiancheng took a deep breath and slapped himself in the face without injury.

Shi Qingyang watched Yin Tiancheng slap seven or eight times before he said, "Master Yin, this is none of your business. I'm just a little angry, so I'm a little impulsive. You don't have to fight."

At that time, Yin Tiancheng's hand is not to put nor not to put, his eyes to the guru Qingyang, suddenly saw the hatred in the eyes of the guru Qingyang.

The in the mind a panic, Yin Tiancheng suddenly thought of Shi Qingyang parents.

Shi Zhen and his wife have no other relatives except one son, and his uncle is improvising and his hands and feet are not clean at all. Shi Qingyang will target him because he knows the cause of his parents' death, right?

He must sum up the matter thoroughly.

Seeing Yin Tiancheng's expression, Shi Qingyang knew that Yin Tiancheng would definitely choose to match himself in the future, and this was also his initial plan.

Even if the Yin family is very powerful in Spark City, they will certainly not start work in the city. It is estimated that they will wait until he leaves the city, and perhaps they will choose the same way as in their life…

However, this time who is the prey, who is the hunter is not necessarily! Moreover, with Gu Changjin and Cheng Ran present, he still showed his skill, and the Yin family certainly did not dare to start work until they had found out.

As for the future…He can call Cheng Ran's grandfather for a few days.

"Qingyang, you won!" Cheng Ran was very happy. Although Yin Tiancheng was very polite, Shi Qingyang was his first friend. Naturally, he unconditionally supported Shi Qingyang.

"Let's go home. I'm hungry after such a long delay." Shi Qingyang laughed.

"good." Cheng Ran nodded his head.

Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran were the first to walk out of the pit. They watched them go and the other people in the stands left with a complicated look.

Cheng Ran and Shi Qingyang, what is the route? Such a poor talent, can have such performance, by what?

Because of Cheng Ran, at first many people did not like Shi Qingyang, but watching Shi Qingyang actually beat Yin Tiancheng made the mood complicated again.

At least, their original worship of Yin Tiancheng has been completely broken at this moment.

Yin Tiancheng came last. After everyone else had gone, he slapped Yin Jinru in the face.

Following Yin Jinru several dude only Nuo Nuo looked at Yan Tiancheng, dare not say a word, the in the mind how to think, I'm afraid no one knows.

Before if it weren't for Yin Tiancheng said Cheng Ran broke the rules of Spark College, they wouldn't go to find Cheng Ran stubble, even if they find Cheng Ran stubble, originally also won't agree with than the bucket.

Yin Tiancheng stood up to fight against Shi Qingyang himself, but eventually brought trouble to them. And when they returned home, their parents would certainly punish them…

Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran had just left school when they saw Gu Changjin waiting at the door. He gave Shi Qingyang a hard stare and said nothing.

Shi Qingyang now has nothing and dares to challenge Yin Tiancheng. It is because of his existence that he has to intervene in this matter. This makes Gu Changjin unhappy.

But Shi Qingyang was only in Yin Tiancheng because of Cheng Ran, and if it weren't for Shi Qingyang blocking didn't let the teacher give Cheng Ran testing qualification, Cheng Ran after the test, I'm afraid I will have a serious illness.

Gu Changjin, who has known all things from the dean of Spark College, cannot help but be afraid of it.

In the morning, I reported my name, and in the afternoon I was free. Cheng Ran continued to make medicine, while Shi Qingyang went back to his room to surf the Internet.

He only wanted to earn some money with the help of others, but now he needs to find out about the Yin family.

There is also the number "I don't want to be hungry". Shi Qingyang originally intended to use this number to know the future of the company and never went up again. thus, even if something went wrong and others found him, as long as he did not admit it, others would only think that the computer used his computer to make a springboard to contact with others…

Who would have thought that only a 16-year-old boy could take out those things?

In fact, if it weren't for the discovery that Peng Cheng Wan Li was Cheng Ran's grandfather, Shi Qingyang gave him Peng Cheng Wan Li, he would not have been a reformed tactician, but would have given the Feng skill directly to the other party. As a result, he would have caught the handle of Peng Cheng Wan Li. If Peng Cheng Wan Li wanted to take all the things he took out, he could have stabbed it to the Feng family naturally.

One can imagine how angry it would be to Feng family if one knew one's secret fighting skills and one's medicine prescription.

Of course, if cooperation is pleasant and mutual confidentiality is maintained, then nothing will happen. Feng family is not a god. how can they know when others secretly learn their tactics? Even if you see it, you can't judge it at a glance.

Yin's family is nothing to Cheng's family, but for him, it is undoubtedly a monster. Shi Qingyang knows very well that dealing with Yin's family is by no means a simple thing.

Re-boarding the "I don't want to be hungry" number, Shi Qingyang began to help people to solve doubts in the war technology exchange forum, forming a good relationship and browsing all kinds of information on the web at the same time.

Shi Qingyang's greatest concern was, of course, the information of the Spark City. He entered the same city area under the branch of the Radiation battle Network and soon saw the Spark City.

There are various tasks released by people from the spark city radiation energy association, more exchanges among people in the same city, and introductions of some experts from spark city.

Shi Qingyang searched page after page and found the post related to his father's death.

Some of them said in the post that there was something fishy about this matter. Maybe it was someone who had hurt him. However, most people did not believe the name Shi Zhen. They had never heard of it. How could the inspection team target him?

Shi Qingyang stared at the net name of the person who said there was something fishy about this matter for a few times, and then began to check all kinds of news from Yin's family. The aphid farm next to the land rented by his parents was owned by the in-laws of the yin family, yang family?

The Yin family's reputation in Spark City is good, but the Yang family's reputation is very poor…

To deal with the Yin family, you can start with the Yang family, Yin Jinru this person, perhaps also can woo, and spark city duke…

Every city has a duke, who is also directly appointed by the central city. The duke is mainly responsible for coordinating the relationship among the inspector, the administrator and the judicial officer. However, the real power is not large and is often neglected. But is he really willing to be neglected?

He has now stated clearly that the dock will be hostile to the Yin family, and Gu Changjin, the sudden appearance of the person, should also be someone looking for him when he looks for someone to partner with the Yin family?

The instant messenger on the computer suddenly rang, Shi Qingyang added Cheng Xuze only one person, at this time to find him, naturally there will be no others.

"I'm not hungry. I finally waited for you. The prescription you gave me is very good. I have already let Ran Xue make the finished product." Cheng Xuze's voice was very excited.

"Very well, but you must remember that this prescription must not be leaked out. If it is leaked out, I will not have anything to do, but the Cheng family will have something to do."

Cheng Xuze "thumped" in his heart and quickly promised: "I will keep it a secret."

"As long as you listen to me, I will definitely make Cheng's family prosperous." Shi Qingyang laid another line.

After talking to Cheng Xuze, Shi Qingyang went to Gu Changjin: "Grandpa Gu, can you take me out of town the day after tomorrow?"

"Out of town? You have just offended the Yin family's gentleman harshly. If you dare to leave the city at this time, aren't you afraid of being ambushed by someone outside?"

"Grandpa Gu, aren't you there?" Gu Changjin's strength is very strong, the forces behind it are even more to be reckoned with. How can the Yin family rashly start?

He dared to offend Yin Tiancheng like that, and from the very beginning he had the intention of carrying out the name of the Cheng family and making good use of it.

"Even if I were there, you would have class the day after tomorrow."

"Tomorrow I will apply for a" Freedom Pass ". Grandpa Gu, can I apply for one for Cheng Ran?" Shi Qingyang asked again.

Gu Changjin hesitated for a moment and nodded his head.

From Gu Changjin, Shi Qingyang went alone to the exercise room of the Radiological War Building.

Repeat over and over again until exhausted…

When Shi Qingyang left the rented independent exercise room, he was able to send out eight blades at a time, and as soon as he went out, he felt that someone had attached him at a distance.

And not one, but two.

Shi Qingyang was walking slowly back when he passed a gift shop when suddenly a woman in her 30s gave him a glad eye: "little friend, do you want to buy something to give away?"

This road teacher Qingyang didn't walk less. It was indeed the first time someone called him. Shi Qingyang smiled and walked in. Then he saw all kinds of gifts.

"Shi Qingyang, do you know anyone is following you!" Just after entering the toy store, a teenager followed.

"Aren't you?" Shi Qingyang asked, recognizing the man in front of him at the same time. Isn't this young man his old rival He Ming?

"Not me!" He Ming said immediately, frowning tightly: "Be careful yourself, don't think you are invincible just because you have a little skill."

"Thank you for your advice." Shi Qingyang replied.

"I will definitely surpass you!" He Ming gnashed his teeth and said that Shi Qingyang's performance was always better than his before when he was studying. He thought that after he measured the talent of double C+, he could firmly press Shi Qingyang's head, but he didn't expect Shi Qingyang to do such amazing things at the opening ceremony. However, he still can't even arouse the radiation energy around him.

"I'll wait." Shi Qingyang nodded, then turned his head and looked intently at the toys in the corner of the gift shop.

He Ming specially came to remind him that it was also kind, but he did not intend to involve him in this matter.

"You are so old, you still need to buy toys?" He Ming looked at Shi Qingyang with some abandon.

"Can't you?" Shi Qingyang asked, finally taking a fancy to a small white rabbit robot. He only gave Cheng Ran a box of candy and wanted to give Cheng Ran another present long ago. Now he can just buy one.

As for Cheng Ran, he didn't like sending chariots and models, so he might as well send some toys-Gu Changjin became a monk halfway through the life and didn't take care of the children at all. Cheng Ran probably didn't play with these either.

"How dare you choose bunny!" He Ming abandon to look at teacher Qingyang hands are twisting the machine rabbit.

"Why are you still here?" Shi Qingyang asked incredulously.

"This is my family's!" He Ming gave Shi Qingyang a tangled look at the rabbit that only talks to people and is cute and popular with children.

"How about a 20% discount?" Shi Qingyang immediately asked, it is not easy to make money, he has always been not disorderly spend.

"You are Mingming's classmate, of course, no problem." The woman at the door came in and smiled seductively.

Perhaps, He Mingben is going to be involved in this matter?

Shi Qingyang took the rabbit's ear back to the villa at the exact time of the meal. Cheng Ran and Gu Changjin had already started eating. Seeing him, Cheng Ran was obviously surprised: "Qing Yang, Grandpa Gu said you won't go home for dinner."

"I came back early." Shi Qingyang glanced at Gu Changjin and gave Cheng Ran the rabbit: "I bought it for you."

"Is this a rabbit?" Cheng Ran was pleasantly surprised and soon found the switch.

"Hello, little brother." The rabbit said immediately.

"Hello, I'm Cheng Ran. What's your name?"

"I don't have a name yet, so I can call it online!" The rabbit said immediately.

"I call you…shall I call you Xiao Bai?" Cheng Ran held the rabbit and couldn't put it down. When he continued to eat, he put the rabbit beside him, looked at it from time to time and smiled.

Shi Qingyang was suddenly a little jealous, but it didn't take long for him to feel this way.

After the meal, Cheng Ran turned his attention to Shi Qingyang: "Qingyang, shall I climb your bed tonight?" I slept with Shi Qingyang yesterday. He didn't even have nightmares.

Gu Changjin's chopsticks suddenly broke.

Shi Qingyang looked at Gu Changjin with some helplessness: "Grandpa Gu, you have set the highest level of security shield for Cheng Ran." He really didn't intend to kidnap Cheng Ran at this time, after all, he still has revenge to repay.

Cheng Ran such a person, also don't know how to grow up…

"I'm going to remove the security barrier immediately!" Gu Changjin spoke firmly.

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