Although Shi Qingyang thinks the current Cheng Ran is very cute, he cannot deny that he also hopes Cheng Ran can grow up. However, the next day Cheng Ran, the change is really a little big…

Shi Qingyang took the initiative to help Gu Changjin make breakfast. Then he saw Cheng Ran come down from the upstairs with his head down. He was always very enthusiastic when facing Shi Qingyang originally. At that time, he was very silent. His eyes were wandering around, but he did not dare to talk to his master Qingyang at all.

"However, are you not feeling well?" Shi Qingyang asked, and took one look at Gu Changjin, even if Gu Changjin lifted the shield, Cheng Ran is not the person who will take the initiative to check some things, how changed so much in one night? Did Gu Changjin do anything else?

"No, I didn't." Cheng Ran repeatedly shook his head, his head almost buried in the porridge bowl.

"Well, you ask so many questions about what to do, eat quickly, and when you're done, I'll take you to school." Gu Changjin said, and some satisfied.

Yesterday, he went online specially to check the information blocking. After checking, he broke out in a cold sweat. This kind of information blocking was actually the top ten evil behaviors of parents.

Fortunately, Cheng Ran never went out before and did not know anyone else, so he had no idea that his contacts and computers were blocked…

After much thought, he finally did not help Cheng Ran to remove the shield. However, he found that the school would teach the children how to protect themselves in kindergarten. After the children were 11 or 12 years old and taught physiological knowledge, and after there were special teaching videos, he was more deeply aware of his dereliction of duty.

He used to be busy practicing, and he had no children. He didn't even know that he had to explain this. Now he can only make up for it in a hurry. Last night, he gave his master the educational film that the kindergarten would show the children how to protect himself.

The young master of his family has seen these documentaries. Now he should know how to protect himself. As far away as Shi Qingyang, most of them are aware of this problem.

Cheng Ran didn't speak all the time. He liked to squeeze into the back seat of the car with Shi Qingyang and even took the initiative to sit in the co-pilot position.

Gu Changjin is very proud of this, but Shi Qingyang always feels a little sour.

As for Cheng Ran, he has been holding the rabbit in his hand, holding his head down and saying nothing. Yesterday, the simulated fur of the machine rabbit bought by Shi Qingyang for him was rubbed into a mess.

Today is the day when Spark College officially starts classes. There are very, very many people at the door. Shi Qingyang took the initiative to hold Cheng Ran, opened the navigator on the contact terminal and walked towards the dean's office.

The dean's office is located at the top of the best building in Spark College. The roof of this building is free to zoom and zoom. Now it is closed, making people feel that they can touch the protective cover above Spark City as long as they raise their hands.

"Today is the first day of school. What are you here for?" You Liangping asked, looking at Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran.

"We want to apply for a 'Freedom Pass'." Shi Qingyang said directly.

"You're just a freshman, don't you think you don't need to continue studying now because you're a little better?" You Liangping looked at Shi Qingyang. Shi Qingyang's performance was very outstanding, but he was too arrogant. He actually had no qualification to be arrogant.

Even if he is very good now, I'm afraid he will be in trouble in the future. At least, the Yin family will not submit to humiliation.

"I have someone to teach me." Shi Qingyang is very sure.

"Gu Changjin? He agreed?"

"Grandpa Gu has agreed." Shi Qingyang said directly.

"I'll help you enter the information and you can come and get your pass at noon." You Liangping ordered a little on his desk. He could not handle the free pass by himself, but had to go through other people's approval.

"and Cheng Ran." Shi Qingyang added that Cheng Ran was a complete waste of time in school and might even be bullied.

"Cheng Ran does not have your ability." You Liangping frowned.

"but no matter how Cheng Ran learns in school, he will not be able to speak well."

You Liangping some hesitation, Cheng Hong let him must watch Cheng Ran study hard in school, he can't disobey orders.

At this time, You Liangping hand contact terminal rang, he glanced at, saw Gu Changjin information.

"I will do one for him, but you all need to take the exam. if you fail the exam, I will withdraw your pass." Since Gu Changjin has promised that Cheng Ran will make up all the courses, is that okay?

Looking at Cheng Ran being wronged in the school, he would also feel scared. This child is no longer capable and is also a Cheng family gentleman.

"No problem." Shi Qingyang immediately agreed. He has recently made up his mind to be qualified. Naturally, it is not difficult for him to pass, not to mention Cheng Ran. His written examination results will certainly be very beautiful.

In You Liangping, Cheng Ran still kept his head down as in the morning without saying a word, but when he got out of the principal's office and reached the corner where no one was there, he pulled the sleeve of Shi Qingyang.

"However, why?"

"Qingyang…that, that, I really am not…not abnormal." Cheng Ran said haltingly.

"Who said you were abnormal?" Shi Qingyang had anger, did anyone say anything to Cheng Ran?

"That, in the educational film, it is said that if someone touches others and still touches them, it is abnormal…" Cheng Ran was very tangled when he thought of the educational film he saw last night.

The film said very clearly that if someone touches them or touches something they cannot touch, such as the lower part of the chest, then this person must be abnormal and need to use the contact device to call the police immediately.

Cheng Ran himself has never met such a person, but not long ago, he touched Shi Qingyang.

He didn't mean it, but after meeting Shi Qingyang, he felt very comfortable, and then he didn't want to let go…

"What educational films are you watching? Who let you see it?" Shi Qingyang subconsciously asked.

Cheng Ran opened the contact device: "Grandpa Gu showed me."

On Cheng Ran's contact device, the characters "S*x safety education for young children" are extremely clear. This is an animated cartoon specially made by China to teach young children to protect themselves. It is played in every kindergarten.

However, after watching this cartoon, shouldn't most people learn how to protect themselves? Gu Changjin let Cheng Ran see this, should be in order to let Cheng Ran against others?

However, Cheng Ran actually substituted himself into the pervert who violated children…

"I really don't know this is not good, I just want to help you wipe the medicine, I…" Cheng Ran knew for the first time that it was not good to help others take off their clothes, think of Gu Changjin open the door to see Shi Qingyang tangled expression after in his room, think of Gu Changjin deliberately let oneself see this educational film, but also feel ashamed.

He was obscene!

"It's okay, you said, you just helped me wipe the medicine, and I want to thank you." Shi Qingyang's mood suddenly improved a lot. He also wanted to know Gu Changjin's expression after he knew about it.

No, still don't tell Gu Changjin this matter, let him temporarily proud of it doesn't matter at all.

After comforting Cheng Ran and telling him that his careless mistake was not abnormal behavior, Shi Qingyang took Cheng Ran to the pharmacy teacher.

In Spark College, every student can choose some ways to make a living, such as making potions, repairing city buildings, breeding animals, etc. Shi Qingyang once took an elective course of hunting animals and learned a lot about hunting animals. Now, he probably has more experience than the teachers in the school and naturally does not need to continue to learn.

However, he doesn't need to continue studying, but he plans to let Cheng Ran meet his pharmacy teacher. Although Cheng Ran can ask questions online, if other people know that Cheng Ran entered Spark College to study pharmacy, there would be less prejudice against Cheng Ran.

Yesterday, the students and teachers looked at Cheng Ran with strange eyes, which made Shi Qingyang feel a little uncomfortable.

The passageway inside Spark College is just like a maze, and it is also very dark. Although the sun's rays can be felt in the upper city of the ground, it is blocked by a protective cover, and there is nothing left in the end. Because of this, the buildings above the ground are often connected into a whole and do not pay attention to lighting.

The building that China pays most attention to lighting should be the crystal building in the central city. the building is all made of glass and other transparent materials. in the building, everyone's behavior is exposed to everyone.

Such a building is also a hotel. When it first appeared, everyone thought that no one would eat there. However, in fact, it was loved by many public figures. Many politicians liked to eat there and expressed that they were not afraid to be seen by others.

Cheng Ran might like the crystal building like Crystal Palace in the evening. Shi Qingyang was thinking about the situation of the crystal building and took Cheng Ran along the long passage.

When the navigation of his contact terminal was over, they also stood in front of a door.

Today is the first day of school. Everyone is in their own classrooms and there is no need to take elective courses. Pharmaceutics teachers naturally stay in their offices.

When Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran entered, the teachers all looked surprised. Ning An, the leader of the pharmacy team, even stood up and said, "What are you doing?"

"Hello, teacher, we want to learn medicine."

"To learn medicine, just sign up for elective courses." Ning An frowned slightly. Those of them who are teachers also dislike Cheng Ran, a person who does not know where to come from. As for Shi Qingyang, after seeing his performance yesterday, some teachers appreciate him very much, but many teachers do not like him and think he is too arrogant.

It's just a first-class radiation fighter. He is so arrogant and overreached. Such a person is doomed to walk not far.

"Cheng Ran's situation is somewhat special. I'm afraid he can't directly contact with radioactive medicinal materials, so he can't take elective courses." Shi Qingyang explained that at home, Cheng Ran has a full set of tools to help him deal with herbs, but at school, he will let students do it themselves. This is obviously not suitable for Cheng Ran: "I hope the teacher can give us a courseware of pharmacy." As long as you take pharmacy as an elective course, you will get a courseware material. The records in it are very detailed, but they are not precious.

Ning An is an intermediate pharmacist. although she has just entered the intermediate level, she is also respected. most of the radiation energy fighters in spark city want to make friends with her. moreover, her husband is also the justice officer of spark city. even Yin Tiancheng, she doesn't sell much face and is even more impolite to Cheng Ran: "Cheng Ran? People without radiation energy cannot learn medicine at all. Are you kidding?"

What if Cheng Ran has some connections? Judging from the fact that his family turned a blind eye to him and the dean did not speak up when he was bullied, I knew that his family would have given up on him long ago.

And clearly there is no radiation, but also to radiation institute, this must be his own request! Ning An had seen the original favored son abandon himself because of his poor talent measured at the age of 16. Cheng Ran was such a person in his eyes.

"According to the regulations of the college, the teacher can give the courseware to students as long as they promise not to pass it on." Shi Qingyang added, always feel things seem to be more and more like what he met yesterday.

However, Yin Tiancheng was his enemy, but the teacher in front of him did not like him at most.

"I said not to give, not to give, a person who can't even contact with medicine, what's the point of learning medicine?" Ning An has a face of disdain.

"What's the point of learning medicine? Chief Ning thinks it is meaningless to learn medicine." Shi Qingyang looked at Anning and then at several senior students who came here to copy the teaching materials: "Moreover, it is not certain that the natural medicine is better than you."

"Are you kidding?" Ning An looked at Shi Qingyang with a frown.

"I remember that all pharmacists need to learn the" Complete Collection of Medicinal Materials ". Chief Ning, you can compare with Ran Ran and see who is more familiar with the complete collection of medicinal materials." Shi Qingyang said directly, "If Chief Ning does not dare, forget it." If Cheng Ran shows anything, his situation in school will certainly not be too bad.

"goading is useless to me. I am an intermediate pharmacist. can I compare with a child?" Ning An frowns. She is familiar with the "Complete Collection of Medicinal Materials". After being revised every year, she will look for a new version of the research. Who can be more familiar with it than he?

"Manglietia, spread and grow on trees, do not wither in the four seasons, leaves are as hard as iron, and can be made into weapons…can bear fruit without flowering, and fruits can be equipped with a variety of drugs…" Cheng Ran suddenly back up.

In fact, he did not know why Shi Qingyang brought him here, but he listened to Shi Qingyang. Now Shi Qingyang wants him to show his talents in this field, and he will naturally do the same: "The earth is skin, living on the ground, growing in the grass beside the stream…"

When Cheng Ran endorsed, it was probably because he didn't have to think about other people's thoughts. Seeing Ning An's face changed, he began to turn over the recorder. He also suggested: "The skin on my back is 281. I can carry on." With that, Cheng Ran smiled at Shi Qingyang.

"No back, what is indigo naturalis?"Asked Ning An.

"Indigo Naturalis was discovered in 2789. It can detoxify and is most suitable for treating reptile bites. It can be equipped with insect repellent. Several known formulations are …" Cheng Ran is not good at anything else, and endorsement is the best.

Ning An's face changed again and again. After she asked several questions unrelated to the "Complete Collection of Medicinal Materials", Cheng Ran could answer them, and could also ask what records were on those books, she finally changed her face.

She knows some knowledge, but she can't tell where she knew it. Cheng Ran is different…

"What does endorsement count for? You must have radiation energy to prepare medicine." A teacher opened his mouth and was suddenly overtaken by Cheng Ran. All of them were dissatisfied. Moreover, there are still several students in the office.

Cheng Ran glanced at Shi Qingyang and saw Shi Qingyang smiling at him encouragingly. He added, "I will prepare the medicine."

"Level 1? How long have you been practicing?"

"The second class can also be configured. I can match that." Cheng Ran pointed to a pile of herbs nearby.

In order to teach, the office has prepared several kinds of medicines, one of which Cheng Ran has seen the preparation method, but he did not try to prepare the medicine because he could not handle it.

"Basic antidote?" Ning An frowned. The basic antidote is indeed a medicine that can be prepared without radiation, but relatively, the preparation method is very complicated.

This kind of medicine is generally configured by machines. They are used for teaching simply because its configuration method is very special and some methods can be used to configure more advanced medicines.

"Yes." Cheng Ran nodded his head and saw Ning An staring at him. He began to worry about whether something was wrong with himself and went back to Shi Qingyang.

"Come on, you configure!" Ning An opened his mouth and glanced at Shi Qingyang at the same time.

He does not believe in evil, this Cheng Ran can also be as unexpected as Shi Qingyang?

The author has something to say: Cheng Ran [uneasy]: Qingyang, what will you do if I am obscene? Will you call the police?

Shi Qingyang [undressing]: Come on, continue.


Cheng Ran [panic]: What do I do if I feel like the pervert in the movie?

Shi Qingyang [Evil Laughing]: It's okay, I will definitely go back with abnormal condition and will not suffer any losses!

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