There are some things that people can do better than machines, but there are also some things that people cannot compare with machines.

In medicine, there is such a problem that machines cannot make medicines that need radiation energy to make. Similarly, on some basic medicines, human beings cannot be as precise as machines.

But even so, people still need to learn to configure those simple medicines that can be configured without radiation energy. Only when these medicines can be configured skillfully can they try to configure more advanced medicines and try to develop new medicines.

To do this is actually to lay the foundation.

Cheng Ran was born with a deficiency and could only be equipped with drugs that did not require radiation energy. At this point alone, no one thought he was suitable for becoming a pharmacist. It happened that he was also planning to configure a secondary antidote!

"Teacher, who is this man? Is he a new student? Actually already can configure antidote?" A boy who came to copy the courseware was full of surprise. When they first entered the school, they learned medicine treatment for half a year.

"Wang Ya, don't you lose face here, don't you know to watch the school forum?" A girl patted Wang Ya on the shoulder with a recorder: "these two are the most important figures in the new life!"

"Isn't Yin Tiancheng the man of the hour in the new generation?" Wang Ya obviously had some doubts and turned over the campus network with his own contact terminal.

Yesterday's incident between Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran has long been posted on the campus network. For Cheng Ran, most people are speculating about his origin. For Shi Qingyang, his previous experience is not difficult to check. As a native of Xinghuo City, people have defined him as Cheng Ran's running dog.

However, even if defined in this way, most people admire Shi Qingyang, especially after some people have studied the video of Shi Qingyang and Yin Tiancheng playing slowly.

Shi Qingyang only sent the wind blade, but his release speed of the wind blade was far faster than that of ordinary people, and his control power was amazing-weaker than the radiation energy in the bucket field, and the damage force of the wind blade was also low. Shi Qingyang accurately let the two wind blades across the same part of Yin Tiancheng's face.

"Cool!" Wang Ya looked at the contact device and spoke in admiration. However, she received another blow from the girl beside her: "Look at Cheng Ran!"

Wang Ya's eyes immediately fell on Cheng Ran.

Cheng Ran's behavior always gives people the feeling that they have never seen the world. It is hard to believe that he has a background. However, after he walked slowly to the configuration table, the whole person's temperament has completely changed.

Shi Qingyang saw some people around him start recording and did not stop it. After Ning An agreed to let Cheng Ran configure the medicine, he knew that Cheng Ran's opportunity was coming.

Cheng Ran wanted to know more people, but was rejected by others. Only when he showed some talent could others treat him differently.

Now, this is just right.

Cheng Ran has seen the teaching video, but has not practiced it. Now he is completely making it according to the teaching video. Every step is completely copied without any mistake.

Others may be distracted in the process of configuration, or they may not remember the quantity and sequence of dozens of medicinal materials, but they need not worry about these.

"This action, how do I look so like online pharmacy course that always give us a demonstration of the old man? The old man has a habit of rubbing his hands and fingers. He even has it…" Wang Ya looked more familiar. Ning An heard his words and was thoughtful.

"I said how a person who doesn't even have radiation power would want to come to Spark College. does he want to learn medicine?" Next to the girl obviously some exclamation.

Although they think it is unfair for many people that Cheng Ran came to study, they also have some sympathy for Cheng Ran.

I'm afraid their proficiency in preparing antidote is not as good as Cheng Ran's, but they are Ning An's favorite students and are expected to become intermediate pharmacists. Cheng Ran cannot go any further. Before that, he could only learn online.

The potion was finally ready. Just now, because the pharmacist was very aggressive, Cheng Ran took the initiative to stand up. Now he could not help but feel a little scared. The potion in his hand did not even give Ning An, who had already held out his hand, but instead gave it to Shi Qingyang.

Shi Qingyang handed the medicine to Ning An, and Ning An's face was better.

"Bring out a recorder and I'll pass the courseware to you." Ning An looked at the bottle of medicine carefully and sighed.

Cheng Ran, like Shi Qingyang, is capable but limited. If Shi Qingyang's qualification is not C-, if Cheng Ran has radiation energy…

Shi Qingyang handed up the prepared recorder soon.

After copying the courseware, Shi Qingyang saw the people who were waiting beside them erect thumbs up at them.

This shows that Cheng Ran has been recognized by them…Although Ning An has withheld the antidote made by Cheng Ran, it is obviously worth coming here.

Although only pharmacists who can configure medicines that cannot be configured by machines are precious now, ordinary primary pharmacists are also loved by people. Many radiation fighters like to have primary pharmacists help them process medicines after they find them, which is much cheaper than buying medicines directly. As for selling medicines, many pharmaceutical factories do not purchase scattered medicines and the price is very low.

A bottle of antidote costs a lot to make!

No one knows what Shi Qingyang thinks. If Ning An knew he thought so, I'm afraid the courseware wouldn't be so generous.

"Qingyang, I can watch distance education, why do you want to take the courseware?" Outside, Cheng Ran asked.

"Distance education is the most standard teaching material. There are no small tricks and so on. It is better for you to look at such courseware, and don't you want to make friends? If others knew that you could make medicine, they would be willing to make friends with you." Shi Qingyang laughed.

"I don't want to make friends with them anymore." Cheng Ran frowned: "I have you!" Yesterday, because he had no radiation energy, Ying Yuan, who originally said that he would play with him, disappeared immediately. By contrast, Shi Qingyang was the best and would not abandon him.

"I have you too." Shi Qingyang restrained the urge to rub Cheng Ran's head and took him back to the classroom.

The classroom of Class 10 was already full of people. Ping Haiyan was talking about matters needing attention on the platform. Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran were both late, but he did not reprimand them. He still smiled and said, "Go to your seats and sit down."

There was only room left. Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran sat at the adjacent table. After sitting down, he fell on the desk to sleep.

The free pass can only be obtained at noon. Without the free pass, they can't leave school during class. It is better to take advantage of this time to get a good sleep.

In addition to the ordinary students with double C- talents, Class 10 also has nearly half of the students who spent money to come in. These are the ones who followed Yin Jinru Tathagata to find fault yesterday.

They originally wanted to curry favor with the Yin family yesterday, but finally got into trouble, so that they were severely punished by their parents after returning home. Naturally, they also hated Shi Qingyang very much. They planned to teach Shi Qingyang a good lesson after going to school, and let Shi Qingyang see how good they were. However, they didn't even dare to be late on the first day. Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran were late!

Late also just, very not easy to come, Shi Qingyang unexpectedly directly lay down to sleep, although Cheng Ran didn't sleep, also holding a recorder don't know what to look at, completely didn't notice their anger, they stared for half a day, the two men didn't even give them a look!

"Two little, these two guys, really too irritating!" The young man sitting beside Yin Jinru was full of anger.

"Wait a minute, we must make them look good!" Yin Jinru gnashed his teeth and suddenly seemed to think of something: "Why can he sleep and I can't sleep? I'll lie down for a while!" The words sound just fell, and after he gave Shi Qingyang a bad look, he dropped on the table and said nothing.

The man around Yin Jinru had some reaction, but he didn't have the courage to stop Yin Jinru. He could only go to see the teacher on the platform, only to find that Ping Haiyan only didn't see it.

The teacher seemed to ignore them completely…he pondered for a moment, lying on the table and began to chat with his girlfriend using the contact terminal.

One has two, and at that time more people are distracted.

Hirayama saw this scene on the platform and wanted to cry. He was always timid and afraid of being good-natured, so he always took Class 10. However, even if he took Class 10 in the past, everyone would still respect him as a teacher, but now…

Of course, dissatisfaction turned to dissatisfaction, and he still did not dare to reprimand.

Shi Qingyang really fell asleep. He didn't wake up on time until everyone had a movement after class. When he woke up, he saw Yin Jinru throwing a tantrum, because he pressed his eyes while sleeping, and now his eyes are red.

Yin Jinru shouted over there to get people to prepare pillows suitable for sleeping on their stomach in class, while Shi Qingyang looked at his contact terminal.

The free pass has been completed. He and Cheng Ran can go home as long as they brush the contact terminal at the door.

"Hello, Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran." A fat man smiled and walked beside Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran: "I am the monitor of Class 10. There are some arrangements in the class. Do you want to know about them?"

"No." Shi Qingyang spoke.

"Some voluntary activities and the like, if you do not attend, will affect the final examination." These students often organize together during holidays to clean up city shields and dig trenches outside the city. Because they all use machines, these jobs are not tiring, but they can let students get used to the environment outside the city.

"Is there any other way?" Shi Qingyang asked.

"There are regulations that can be made by people…" The monitor's round face was full of smiles.

"Then trouble the monitor." Shi Qingyang smiled and took out a bottle of radiation energy soothing agent made by Cheng Ran the other day and gave it to the monitor.

The monitor looked at the bottle in his hand and was somewhat flattered: "I will certainly help you with your future activities!" Although such a soothing agent is very cheap compared with other drugs, some people still cannot afford it, and he naturally cherishes it.

The idea of making friends with Cheng Ran is obviously not bad.

"However, let's go home." Shi Qingyang laughed.

"good." Cheng Ran nodded his head.

There are many people staring at Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran, see the two of them actually swaggering out of the school gate, unavoidably some dumbfounded.

Some people want to follow, but no matter how they brush their contact terminals, the gate still stands still.

Spark College is famous for its strict management. How can anyone come and go freely? In the end, it was still a flexible person who thought of the freedom pass.

Cheng Ran can't learn anything at all at school. Shi Qingyang's level obviously exceeds that of grade one. They really meet the conditions for obtaining a free pass, but they only got it on the first day…Yin Tiancheng still obediently attends class in the classroom!

Yin Jinru went on the rampage in the classroom. He asked the people around him to inquire about the free pass. He also found Ping Haiyan to do one. In the end, Yin Tiancheng, who was in class one, came to scold him a few words. Only then did he stop, chose a place in the corner and began to sulk. Then he fell asleep on his stomach. It was said that he was going to do a task in the game at night, so he had to sleep in advance.

Although Yin Jinru is nothing compared with Yin Tiancheng, no one dares to provoke Yin Jinru, and naturally no one pays attention to whether he is really asleep lying down.

Yin Jinru didn't sleep at all and kept his eyes open. Last night, many people were punished. The lightest parents were only willing to scold him a few words. Even if it was too heavy, he couldn't eat dinner or surf the Internet. However, he was beaten and felt burning pain.

However, this time he did not cry again. It was not easy to hide his red eyes.

After returning from Spark College, Shi Qingyang began to exercise. He has already talked with Gu Changjin and will continue to leave the city tomorrow.

No, even Gu Changjin is not the only one who talked with him well.

The next day, as usual, Shi Qingyang and Gu Changjin left the city early in the morning. This time, Shi Qingyang calmed down a lot, fully controlled his emotions, and then concentrated on finding the medicinal materials.

Gu Changjin always thought Shi Qingyang was going out of the city to find out the truth of his parents' death or to hunt. However, he did not expect this time when Shi Qingyang encountered animals that did not take the initiative to attack. He basically dodged them, and then carefully searched for them in the shade of streams and crevices.

Shi Qingyang is really looking for herbs?

Near the safe area of the city, there is a reason that it is relatively smooth to extend in all directions, but after being far away from the safe area, such a place no longer exists. Shi Qingyang asked Gu Changjin to park his car beside the road rolled out by the mobile fortress to Anhang City, and then the two of them used their feet.

It is not easy to find medicinal materials that only know their appearance and smell. Although Shi Qingyang heard those people say that Guanzhong and Bai Achyranthes bidentata are very common, he still does not think he can find them soon.

But in fact, this time his luck was very good. Before long, he saw a plant suspected to be widespread under a big tree beside a stream. After breaking off a small leaf and tasting it, Shi Qingyang confirmed this point.

Unfortunately, there is no connection to the Internet outside the city. Otherwise, if you connect to the Internet, you can immediately know the common name of this medicinal material.

Guanzhong is a fern plant. A large clump grew in the same place. Shi Qingyang collected all of it unceremoniously, packed it in a special bag and carried it on his back. Then he began to look for Achyranthes bidentata.

Before he took a few steps, he saw plants similar to Achyranthes bidentata again. Unfortunately, this is really just a similar appearance.

At noon, Shi Qingyang and Gu Changjin ate some minced meat and then went on.

There were dense plants and many exotic animals outside the safety zone. The two men were among them quickly. Just after avoiding a bug beast, they saw a long white butterfly beast with one meter of wings flying out of the side, obviously shocked.

White butterfly beast does not eat meat, it is not as beautiful as some butterfly beasts, but it is the most harmless. Shi Qingyang stared at the white butterfly beast for a while, and suddenly found that white achyranthes bidentata appeared under a stone beside it.

There is no mistake this time, it is indeed Achyranthes bidentata!

It was two o'clock in the afternoon when the two herbs were found. Shi Qingyang and Gu Changjin walked back together. On the way, they saw many white Achyranthes bidentata. If it weren't for Shi Qingyang, he even planned to pack them all away.

With these two kinds of herbs, he will be able to recuperate his body. He will never make mistakes in his previous life. Moreover, he can start further cooperation with Cheng Xuze.

Back at the place where the chariots were parked, Shi Qingyang saw a man in anti-radiation suit standing there at a distance. Seeing them, the man threw a chip over.

"Did you find out so quickly?" Shi Qingyang asked, when he bought the white rabbit robot yesterday, the charming female shopkeeper had an account number on his list. Last night, he contacted the account. The person at the other end of the account said nothing but that he would help him find out the cause of death of his parents.

If he expected correctly, this man should have been at enmity with the Yin family.

When he expressed his dissatisfaction with the Yin family in the previous life, the Yin family was immediately attacked by a group of people, and finally he could only find someone to beg him…On the one hand, some people wanted to please him, and more, or because the Yin family's own evil deeds provoked many people.

"I have some connections." The man opened his mouth and heard the voice turned out to be a woman, but as soon as her voice fell, she jumped onto the next chariot and left quickly.

"Have you contacted someone else again?" Gu Changjin's mood is complicated. Shi Qingyang has learned to borrow others' strength these days.

If Shi Qingyang had nothing to do with him, he would appreciate it very much, but now he cannot help thinking about it-is it possible for Shi Qingyang to bring trouble to Cheng Ran?

"Grandpa Gu, don't worry, I won't let Cheng Ran get hurt." Shi Qingyang spoke, more firmly determined to let Cheng Xuze come over.

"Remember what you said." Gu Changjin sighed.

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