Shi Qingyang knew the gap between himself and the Yin family, and no matter how hard he tried, he could not become a master in a short time. Even he was not sure whether he could be as successful as in his previous life.

Moreover, even if he has become a master now, he has only one person, and can't beat each other when he kills the door, let alone anything else. Therefore, he is bound to rely on the strength of others.

Cheng Ran and Gu Changjin are the big trees on which he now depends, but he must also ensure their safety. In addition, he can rely on the original enemies of the Yans and Cheng Xuze.

The former has been contacted now, while the latter is only short of a bait, and if this matter is handled properly, it may be of great benefit to Cheng Ran.

When returning to the villa with the medicinal materials, Shi Qingyang specially looked at several hidden corners near the villa, and indeed saw someone there.

"Master, we are back. Are you at home?" In the past Cheng Ran always waited at the door, but this time he unexpectedly did not wait outside. Even if he knew the city was safe, this situation still worried Gu Changjin.

"Grandpa Gu." Cheng Ran opened the door, but look a little upset.

"However, what's the matter?" Shi Qingyang put the medicine into the basement so that the radiation above would not hurt Cheng Ran. When he came back, he saw some strange expressions in Cheng Ran.

This expression, Cheng Ran told him a few days ago, when he said he was abnormal condition is very similar…Gu Changjin, don't show him anything again?

"Shi Qingyang, I…I will be responsible for you. When we reach our age, we will get married." Cheng Ran suddenly said, expression is very firm.

Although Shi Qingyang has confirmed his feelings, he has to admit that Cheng Ran is too young, or his psychological age is too small. He can't do anything about such Cheng Ran.

Because of this, he always felt that he still had a long way to go, but he didn't expect to be proposed now.

Gu Changjin flew into a rage and glared at teacher Qingyang: "What have you done?"

"Grandpa Gu, I didn't know…it's all my fault…I shouldn't have done that to Shi Qingyang, I saw the film you gave me today, it said that you must be careful to do these, to get married…" Before Shi Qingyang could speak, Cheng Ran took the initiative to recognize the wrong.

He didn't know until now that it was only when he was getting married that he could be held together naked.

"What are you looking at today?" Shi Qingyang asked, although feel very sweet, but always feel Cheng Ran brain circuit is not the same as him, I'm afraid.

Cheng Ran soon took out another educational film he had watched.

Last time it was for young children, this time it was an enlightening piece for primary school students. It was also mainly animated films. Even if there were some pictures of real people, they were only used to explain the names of various parts, some obscure.

Shi Qingyang remembered that when he saw it, some people in the class said it was not interesting, and no one took premarital behavior seriously. I didn't expect Cheng Ran to be so serious.

"Master, what have you done? No, you can't do anything…Shi Qingyang, what is going on?" Gu Changjin glared at Shi Qingyang and always felt that Shi Qingyang was too calm.

"However, the angle of the movie was wrong…" Shi Qingyang was somewhat helpless. If it weren't for Gu Changjin, Cheng Ran proposed just now, he really wanted to promise.

Gu Changjin did not care about anything else, took Cheng Ran and ran upstairs, finally decided to have a good talk with him face to face.

Gu Changjin tried to calm himself down, but after listening to Cheng Ran's understanding of the two educational films, he always felt like vomiting blood.

He discovered for the first time that it was not easy to raise children.

Gu Changjin explained it for a long time and finally explained the matter clearly. Finally, he said cautiously: "Young master, you are still young. You must pay attention to protect yourself."

Cheng Ran nodded understandably: "Grandpa Gu, when I get married, can I be like the one on the educational film?"

"Of course, young master, after you get married, you can do that." Gu Changjin smiled. As Cheng Ran, he could choose his wife at will, but his condition was a bit too special. Now, he hopes Cheng Ran can find one he likes and likes.

Shi Qingyang…It happened that there were still enemies to be avenged…

Gu Changjin even five radiation fighter, also dare not to Yin family, he is more sure, if he got into the Yin family, Cheng Hong will never help.

Therefore, if Shi Qingyang's revenge behavior brings trouble to Cheng Ran, he will immediately clear the relationship with Shi Qingyang.

Cheng Ran didn't know what Gu Changjin was thinking. He was still thinking about getting married.

If he marries Shi Qingyang, will they be together all the time? Is there someone who can always accompany himself?

He really likes Shi Qingyang.

However, if you want to get married, it seems that you still need to fall in love and pursue…Cheng Ran looked at Gu Changjin and helped him remove many blocked contact terminals, thinking about it.

At this time, Shi Qingyang had just carefully read the chip given to him by others and finally found out the cause of death of his parents.

It turned out that it was because some hibiscus…this kind of medicine, which was used as a drug in ancient times, is now expensive. after his parents found it, they wanted to wait for it to mature before picking it, but the yang family finally picked the fruits of victory.

As for the person who gave him the news…Spark City has a very famous female third-class radiation almighty Liu Qilin, who has also heard of it.

Liu Qilin has a wide circle of friends and many low-level radiation almighty friends. He also organized a hunting group to hunt animals outside the city. Such a woman actually has something to do with the wife of shop-owner of the toy store, which is an ordinary person. The two also seem to have enemies with the Yin family…

No longer think about it, see Gu Changjin still didn't come out in the room, Shi Qingyang went to the basement, he will be attached to the two herbs of radiation removal, and then took a small part to the villa, the result just met Cheng Ran already talked with Gu Changjin.

"This kind of grass is a hundred heads of grass, and the other is Tai Chi grass." Cheng Ran looked at the treated herbs and the photos taken by Shi Qingyang, and quickly recognized them: "These two kinds of herbs are common alien plants. No medicinal value has been found for the time being."

"However, you can only prepare medicine by watching teaching videos now. If there is only a prescription, can you prepare it?" Shi Qingyang asked.

Cheng Ran thought for a moment: "if you don't need radiation energy, it should be possible."

"Can you help me prepare a medicine?" Shi Qingyang gave Cheng Ran the recorder that wrote the prescription: "However, this prescription is very important and is our secret. Please don't tell others for the time being."

"No problem." Cheng Ran immediately agreed, Shi Qingyang said so, as if he and Shi Qingyang had secrets that others did not know, which made him very happy.

And now he wants to pursue Shi Qingyang, just don't know what to send, it is better to do medicine well, if Shi Qingyang accompanied him, is it still a date?

Seeing Cheng Ran's cheerful appearance, Shi Qingyang finally refrained from touching his hair: "However, go to bed early today and do it tomorrow."

"good." Cheng Ran nodded: "Qingyang, touch my face a few more times." Can't touch the body, touch the face it doesn't matter?

After telling Cheng Ran, Shi Qingyang went upstairs and contacted the account given to him by the owner of the toy store last time.

"I have already seen the chip." Shi Qingyang wrote.

"Know the cause of death of your parents? Do you want to cooperate with us?"

"I don't know who you are."

After a while, there was a video call request from the opposite side. Shi Qingyang saw the wife of shop-owner's charming face after connecting.

However, the wife of shop-owner who used to look so amorous now looks serious: "introduce yourself, my name is He Lan."

"He? Who are you, He Ming?"

"He Ming is my son, Shi Qingyang. I have heard of your name for a long time. I only thought he was a classmate of Ming Ming. I didn't think we would have a day of cooperation." Knowing Shi Qingyang's family and He Ming's guarantee, she would not hesitate to expose her identity to contact Shi Qingyang.

"Are you sure I will be willing to cooperate?" Shi Qingyang asked.

"You are so arrogant, deliberately offended Yin Tiancheng, isn't it hope Yin's enemies find you?" He Lan smiled with charm: "although you know the backstage now, they should not be willing to help you, right? Your own strength is too weak, and if you want revenge, you won't necessarily report it for decades." When it comes to later, her face darkened. She waited and waited, but she didn't succeed in the end?

In fact, they only thought Shi Qingyang was an impulsive young man at the beginning, so they did not intend to cooperate with Shi Qingyang. They only wanted to tell him the cause of death of Shi Qingyang's parents so that he could talk to the Shang Yin family or the Yang family.

However, after investigation, they knew that Shi Qingyang was not that simple. Shi Qingyang inquired a lot of news from Gao Yuan, but if they hadn't found him, Gao Yuan would not have returned to its original taste.

"I just want them to target me so I can design them." Shi Qingyang looked at each other and said, "What can you get if you cooperate with me?" There is no interest, the other party why looking for him?

"You are very capable, you have a good relationship with Gu Changjin, and now you have set yourself up as a target. At this time, as long as you go outside the city alone, I'm afraid you can follow a group of people." He Lan smiled.

Shi Qingyang was silent for a moment: "Happy cooperation."

"Happy cooperation."

Shi Qingyang and others finalized the cooperation when Yin Tiancheng was with his uncle, who had just listened to his report.

Since the fight between Shi Qingyang and Yin Tiancheng, they have specially sent someone to stare at Shi Qingyang. Naturally, they also know that Shi Qingyang and Gu Changjin left the city today.

Originally Shi Qingyang if out of the city, went to the outside of the safe area, it is easy to solve, but it happened that Gu Changjin is level 5 radiation fighter…outside the city, they even dare not close to, let alone ambush.

"Tiancheng, this matter is my uncle did wrong, but my uncle also can't, you know, now where to spend money, you drink every month…" Yin Tiancheng's uncle Yang Taohai complaining to his nephew.

The Yangs lived a normal life. They wanted many talented women like Yang Qiu to marry Yin Tiancheng's father Yin Hao. How can they have the current life?

However, although their Yang family is enjoying a beautiful scenery now, the days are not easy either. Yin Tiancheng asks them for money all day long, but Yin Hao usually does not want it. However, he is sometimes asked to cut off a piece of meat with a casual notification.

He is now like an aphid animal raised by ants. Although he is well fed and clothed, he must bring out honeydew to satisfy the Yin family.

Yin Tiancheng hated his uncle's saying that he was kind to himself, and his face was a bit ugly: "The top priority now is to get rid of Shi Qingyang, otherwise, when he grows up, you will be out of luck! In addition, remember not to get involved with Cheng Ran and Gu Changjin, and continue to check their identities."

"I know, I will never forget!" Yang Taohai has repeatedly promised.

Yang Haitao was thinking about this matter and sent more people to wait outside the villa, but to his surprise, the villa was completely deserted for several days, only occasionally someone came here to deliver things.

Yang Taohai's men found these people, asking them to and fro, but they couldn't find anything. These people either came to deliver food or medicine. All of them were innocent…

However, there are only three people in the villa, but they eat so many vegetables every day…Rao is Yang Haitao, who is also a little scared, and even more afraid to make a move-even if he has money, he wouldn't eat like this.

Although the people sent by Yang Haitao are far apart, Shi Qingyang once had the experience of ambushing and monitoring the villa at a distance nearby. Naturally, it is impossible not to find it.

Only at this time, he really didn't have time to tube them, now, he is busy preparing medicine every day.

Originally Shi Qingyang intended to give Cheng Xuze a prescription directly and let Cheng Xuze find someone to try to sell it again. Now he wants to use this medicine as bait and let Cheng Xuze come.

However, Shi Qingyang remembered only a formula, which was not as clear as the one given to Cheng Xuze before. It was not easy to prepare successfully. He and Cheng Ran could only test it again and again.

At first, the medicine always failed for one reason or another, and after dozens of attempts, the finished product was finally made.

Seeing the brown liquid in the bottle, Cheng Ran excitedly took Shi Qingyang's hand and quickly released his face with a red color.

If it weren't for know Shi Qingyang have urgent need, in fact, he would have failed, because when making medicine, Shi Qingyang has been at his side.

It is said on the internet that if you want to fall in love, you must stick together. if they stay together everyday, you are in love, aren't you?

"This is it." Shi Qingyang took off but had just prepared a successful medicine and tasted it slightly. The taste was exactly the same as imagined.

"That's really great!" Cheng Ran was smiling all over his face. He spent a lot of time on this medicine. He wrote two books of notes for deduction at night alone. Now he has finally made it. This gives him a great sense of accomplishment.

"But it's really awesome." Shi Qingyang laughed. These days, he witnessed the growth of Cheng Ran. Previously, Cheng Ran used to use his memory to write down the steps of preparing medicine completely without any style of his own. This time, he had been thinking about it himself and finally learned a lot.

The most important thing is, Cheng Ran still insisted on not telling Gu Changjin about the medicine. These days, he also moved all the things he had prepared on the ground floor to the third floor.

"If this time is right, I will always match it this way. Qingyang, how much do you want?"

"The more this medicine, the better, but you also don't get tired."

"Then I'll match it right away." Cheng Ran was delighted. For the first time since he was so big, he was willing to do whatever people wanted him to do.

Cheng Ran increased the amount of preparation, each time the preparation of drugs, can hold four bottles of drugs, in the day the next time, he prepared a total of 12 bottles of drugs.

Early in the morning the next day, Shi Qingyang took a container with a refrigeration system to the gate of the city to find tailwind logistics, the largest logistics company in China, and sent an express.

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