Cheng Ran lived in a small villa with a smaller courtyard and only two parking spaces at the door, so Shi Qingyang could see every expression on his face even though he was separated by a wall.

"I live here." Cheng Ran's smile grew larger: "you…Grandpa Gu said he went to see you."

"Uncle to find me? Do you want to mend the paint?" Shi Qingyang leaned against the wall. Of course, he knew that Gu Changjin could not find him because of a small scratch, but he could not show it.

"No." Cheng Ran was a little upset. He seemed to be worried that Shi Qingyang misunderstood and wanted to defend himself. However, he could not say clearly because he was a little worried: "No, no, no, no need to make up…"

Cheng Ran like this, like a completely have no contact with the outside world…Is it because he grew up in poor health, Cheng family has been closed him?

Shi Qingyang thought of the past again. At that time, in Spark College, Class 9 and Class 10 walked sideways. All of them came in through the back door. Because most of these people were powerful and only Cheng Ran knew nothing about taking advantage of their own advantages. Clearly, the teacher was biased towards him and did not know to complain.

Cheng Ran's words and deeds are totally inconsistent with his family's birth status in many places.

"then why did uncle come to me?" Shi Qingyang looked curious.

"Do you have no money? Grandpa Gu said he would help you." Cheng Ran slowed his speech.

In this way, Shi Qingyang in his previous life would not be happy to hear it and would certainly refuse it. However, this time, he was not blinded by his inferiority and sensitivity as a young man. Instead, he thought Cheng Ran was very cute.

Originally Cheng Ran was harmless enough and spoke slowly…Shi Qingyang even wanted to rub his hair.

"Don't help me, I have found another job now, which can fully cover the tuition." Shi Qingyang lifted the box in his hand. He became a little lonely in his last life because of his parents' death. It was not easy to find a part-time job. The life now is much better than it was then. At least he hasn't been hungry since he was reborn.

"I saw it. You deliver takeout." Cheng Ran smiled and nodded his head.

"Have you seen me? It seems that I often walk from here." Shi Qingyang recalled that he found himself very natural every time he passed by. Even if he monitored the villa, he was absolutely relieved after he could not see the corner in the villa.

"Yes, I saw it the day after your last fall." Cheng Ran smiled ingratiatingly again.

Shi Qingyang moved in his heart. According to Cheng Ran, he even saw himself many times these days and paid attention to himself for a long time: "So you saw me so early! Do you want to open the door and let me in? We can also call uncle so that he can't find me."

Cheng Ran's face flashed a trace of embarrassment: "I forgot, I'll open the door." He turned and ran, quickly opened the door.

The third time we met, we entered the room directly. Shi Qingyang was very satisfied with his progress. He entered the room and walked beside Cheng Ran, only to find that he was half a head taller than Cheng Ran.

He is only 16 years old now, still some thin, is not tall, Cheng Ran is shorter and thinner than he is, the body, is really too bad, by contrast, Shi Qingyang think impression chubby appearance is more pleasing to the eye, at least looks healthy.

"Sit down while I call Grandpa Gu." Cheng Ran smiled, then fiddling with the contact terminal.

Cheng Ran was not suspicious and did not open the privacy mode. His conversation with Gu Changjin was clearly heard by Shi Qingyang.

Gu Changjin did intend to find him, but now he is signing a purchase contract and will not come back for a while. He was very kind when talking to Cheng Ran, and he also instructed Cheng Ran to stay with Shi Qingyang for dinner and said that he would come back to prepare food.

"Young master, haven't you eaten yet?" Shi Qingyang asked, it's already twelve o'clock, and most families have already started eating at this point.

"I'm not hungry, are you hungry?" Cheng Ran asked carefully.

"Hungry! Young master, I'll make you something good to eat or I'll make up for the damage to your car last time." Shi Qingyang could see that Cheng Ran wanted to stay here very much. He wanted to be friends with himself. Of course, he would not give up this opportunity.

Instead of sitting around and finding no topic to talk about with Cheng Ran, it is better to find something to do. Although the food he cooked is not necessarily delicious, it is also his heart and Cheng Ran will certainly like it. Even he himself likes to be so close.

Didn't Liang Liang enter his life by cooking for him? At that time, he thought that he could have a person waiting for himself in the city forever, and thought that he could have a home, but in a flash Liang Liang sold him.

He once hated Liang Liang very much, but now his mood is much calmer.

"No." Cheng Ran hurriedly shook his hand: "The car is fine."

"Are I scratched, how can you say nothing, if I met at that time is unreasonable, maybe even hit me! Besides, I have food now, but this food is not very good…young master, will you not be used to such things? "Shi Qingyang seems to have some hesitation, but he is sure that he will not abandon Cheng Ran's character.

"No, definitely not." Cheng Ran shook his head hastily lest Shi Qingyang misunderstood: "I am used to eating."

"That's good. Where is the kitchen?" Shi Qingyang asked.

"There." Chen Ran and Shi Qingyang went into the next room. This is a big restaurant. Connected to the restaurant is the kitchen.

Shi Qingyang walked into the restaurant, and the first thing he noticed was the restaurant's open window and the chair under the window-there is no doubt that Cheng Ran had been looking out through the window here before.

Shi Qingyang looked at Cheng Ran and moved the chair back to the table with some embarrassment. He did not ask anything but knew that his plan would certainly succeed.

He has been walking this way these days. I'm afraid Cheng Ran has been waiting for him here.

The kitchen is very clean, but there are all kinds of simple condiments that can be used here, obviously someone is cooking here.

Shi Qingyang looked at all the bottles and jars and knew the purpose of these things. To his surprise, he also found a bag of starch and several potatoes.

In his previous life, Cheng Ran never ate in the school canteen. They were all sent by Gu Changjin. Most of them were vegetables. Now there is no pungent seasoning here, but there are starch potatoes. Most of Cheng Ran's intestines and stomach are not very good.

In this case, I'm afraid I can't make it too greasy…Shi Qingyang has no bad taste in meat, but considering Cheng Ran, I can only give up the idea of having a large plate of barbecue.

However, fortunately, some cicadas' pupae were brought in today, and after the chef cut them open, many cicadas' flesh and internal organs were left behind.

The cicada pupa of cicada beast has a hard shell outside, which makes the inside animals have very little radiation and good nutrition, so these leftovers Shi Qingyang have all been left behind, and now they can be used to make food.

When Shi Qingyang took the ingredients out of the box, Cheng Ran came up slowly: "Do you want to help?"

"No, I'll do it! You can wait outside. By the way, I have dried meat in my clothes. You can eat it and pad it first." Shi Qingyang motioned for his pocket with his eyes: "My hands are dirty, take them yourself."

Cheng Ran was obviously embarrassed and didn't want to refuse. He hesitated for a moment, then reached out and took out a small bag from Shi Qingyang's clothes bag. In the bag was Shi Qingyang's specially selected hunger-resistant meat. The dried meat made after pickling and dehydration, although very hard, tastes good and can be preserved for a long time.

Cheng Ran took the jerky, but did not go outside but stayed at the kitchen door. He looked at Shi Qingyang, took a small piece of jerky and put it into his mouth to chew. He did not chew it for half a day.

The minced meat is only the size of a fingernail cover. You don't need to cut it. Just do it directly. When you see that Cheng Ran's villa is flooded with water, Shi Qingyang will wash the minced meat cleanly, then add some seasoning and starch to mix it well.

After that, he cut the potatoes, then boiled the fat with the minced meat of another exotic animal, then put these small pieces of minced meat into it and fried it, finally put the boiled diced potatoes into it and mix it well, so it is not too greasy.

Shi Qingyang made a small bowl of cicadas' meat. In addition, he made a soup with cicadas' internal organs, which he washed with salt and cut to pieces. The soup stewed did not even contain oil flowers, but was very fragrant.

Cicada animals do not have much meat and internal organs, which are left to Cheng Ran. Shi Qingyang actually prefers large pieces of meat, so he directly mixed the minced meat with seasonings, put them into the oven, and finally baked a large basin full.

Cheng Ran seldom contacts with the outside world. He has no idea that the ingredients used by Shi Qingyang are all leftovers. Of course, even if he knew, he wouldn't care about them with his character.

When Shi Qingyang was cooking, he was chewing dried meat all the time. If Shi Qingyang looked at him, he would immediately show a big smile. After Shi Qingyang finished, he seemed to want to say something, but in the end he didn't say it and just laughed all the time.

When Gu Changjin returned, Cheng Ran was happily nibbling on his face, while Shi Qingyang was holding a large basin to eat.

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