Gu Changjin's attitude was sincere, which Shi Qingyang also discovered and breathed a sigh of relief.

Having a good start, the following things will be much more convenient.

In fact, with the current situation of Shi Qingyang, one can also find someone else to subsidize one's own, but the money given by others is too little, which makes him pay too much. The contract given to him by others in the previous life is willing to pay his tuition plus the cost of 80,000 credit points per year, but requires him to work for the other party for 15 years after graduation…How many 15 years does a person have? Want to know, radiation energy fighters generally reached 40 years old, because of the body, will slowly begin to decline!

Facts have also proved that he was right not to promise. Since he became a four-level radiation energy fighter, he often spent one day hunting and earned tens of thousands of dollars. In order to build up 100,000 credit points every year for 15 years, he may also be unable to improve his strength because he has to work. This account is not cost-effective.

Moreover, now he no longer believes in others.

He was only 18 years old at the beginning, but he was cheated by his trusted teacher into the nest that nearly killed him…One of the reasons why he was unwilling to return to Spark City after his success was that his life here was not very pleasant after his parents died.

After all, only Cheng Ran reassured him most. At least, Cheng Ran would not harm him.

"I'm really fine, and I don't need to go to the hospital, it's just a minor injury." Shi Qingyang repeatedly motioned with his hand, then nervously pulled the sleeve, let a person can inadvertently see the injury on his arm.

The injury was not actually caused by a fall before, but by Cheng Ran and Gu Changjin after they entered Spark College.

"You are injured." Cheng Ran has always been careful, sitting in the co-pilot position, he naturally saw Shi Qingyang arm wound.

"This little injury is nothing to me!" Shi Qingyang smiled at Cheng Ran, then took out his contact terminal, touched Gu Changjin's contact terminal and transmitted his contact number: "Uncle, I'm going to wash the car. This is my contact number. If the car needs to be repainted, you must come to me."

After all this, Shi Qingyang smiled again and waved his hand: "Goodbye, uncle and young master!"

With that, Shi Qingyang turned around and ran on two legs. At the same time, he did not have the careful expression on his face just now.

This move should be called playing hard to get. He would like to go back with Cheng Ran and have a good meal, but this is really too urgent. It is better to leave some time for Gu Changjin to find out his information.

With good luck, Gu Changjin may come to him on his own initiative. Even with bad luck, he can make a second chance to meet-he has been running around Spark College these days and found another part-time job to deliver takeout.

Even with the idea of relying on Cheng Ran to eat in the future, Shi Qingyang felt that he needed to earn more money. Moreover, the car washing work was too far away and took a long time. He did not intend to practice the use of radiation energy at the entrance to the city. In this case, he could not do the work after the school began.

Watching Shi Qingyang disappear around the corner, Cheng Ran finally withdrew his sight and looked at his arm. If he suffered the same injury as Shi Qingyang, he would not laugh.

"Master, he will be your classmate in the future." Gu Changjin smiled.

Cheng Ran hesitated for a moment before he said, "Grandpa Gu, can you help him?" He spoke very slowly. I don't know when to start. As long as he was nervous or spoke fast, he would easily say the wrong thing.

It is said that this is a psychological problem, but no one let him treat it, and it has always been the case. He has also formed the habit of speaking slowly.

"I'll take a look at it for the young master." Gu Changjin whispered.

Cheng Ran nodded and asked, "Grandpa Gu, does it matter if I go to school?"

"Master, it's okay. This is Spark City. No one knows you, and you can make friends at school." Gu Changjin comforted that his young master had not attended school since he was attacked when he was eight years old. Now he is still going to a school that trains radiation fighters in such a physical condition…

Gu Changjin glanced at the contact number from Shi Qingyang just now and finally made a decision.

That night, Gu Changjin contacted the dean of Spark College and asked for more detailed information from Shi Qingyang.

After everyone was born, there was a file. Shi Qingyang was going to study in Spark College, and Spark College also got his file.

This year is 16 years old, two months older than Cheng Ran. Father Shi Zhen and mother Zhang Lanyan were born in an ordinary family in Hang Cheng. After getting married, they moved to Xinghuo City and died in April this year…

Shi Qingyang's life experience is not complicated. He has never left Spark City since he was born. After reading the detailed information, Gu Changjin's impression of him is better. At the same time, he also knows why Shi Qingyang worries about tuition fees.

Thought of here, Gu Changjin turned over the news of the death of Shi Qingyang's parents again, and then frowned slightly-Shi Qingyang's parents rented a piece of land outside the city and spent all their savings. However, all the news did not mention this point.

After reading all the news related to Shi Qingyang on the computer, Gu Changjin quickly put everything aside and made up his mind to meet Shi Qingyang in a few days.

Shi Qingyang did not know that Gu Changjin was going to come to see himself. At that time, he had just finalized a part-time job of delivering takeout food near Spark College through the contact terminal.

The part-time job site is a chain store called Meat Shop, which manages raw meat and various processed foods. They receive orders from the Internet and then deliver takeout or raw meat to Spark College students and nearby residents.

This store has always been the first choice for Spark College students to work. Shi Qingyang worked in this store after he did not wash the car in his previous life. the salary here is actually higher than that in Tao Rubao's. if you buy food here, you can also get a 20% discount.

But he didn't like the job at that time, because he couldn't absorb radiation energy here and practiced radiation energy control. As for the food, 20% discount is required…The cheapest food here requires 30 credit points, and the quantity is still small. For him at that time, it was useless.

Shi Qingyang specially chose the delivery task of the villa where Cheng Ran lived, but Gu Changjin did not buy food from the store where he worked. He also needed to run around this morning on a part-time basis. Most of the time, he was still in the underground city and it was difficult to make a detour to the villa where Cheng Ran lived. Therefore, the two did not have the chance to meet at that time.

However, he himself is a very patient person, therefore, he is not impatient and instead finds a benefit of working here.

For the sake of beauty, the minced meat, the viscera that can be eaten but have bad taste, and the meat on the knife edge when the foreign animal is killed…These are all unnecessary leftovers from the meat workshop and can only be sold to the companies that make nutritious meals. However, they have sorted out the processing factories that sell nutritious meals, and the money they sell is usually only enough to pay for labor.

If it weren't for the rules that food can't be wasted, the meat factory would have preferred to throw away these things directly, and naturally wouldn't mind someone taking some away.

To Shi Qingyang, all this is a treasure house. Isn't this what he used to eat everyday? In addition, the internal organs of some exotic animals will taste very good after being washed.

China has always been a country that pays attention to delicious food. Now restaurants have all kinds of delicious dishes, but people always prefer animals with strong strength and high prices. The more rare and difficult to capture animals, the more expensive the price is. Few people will pay attention to things that are difficult to handle, such as water.

But Shi Qingyang has eaten all kinds of things.

His former life began to change at the age of 18, but at that time, he was just a low-level radiation fighter. After many years, he lived on his own hunting animals.

At that time, he had no interest at all. He only wanted to become stronger, kill more foreign animals, avenge his parents and those who died in the mouths of foreign animals. The only thing he cared about was food.

The experience of starving when he was young made him particularly persistent in food. He not only took food with him all the time, but also did not want to waste it after hunting exotic animals. He always ate everything clean and learned some cooking methods.

His craftsmanship cannot be compared with those of the chefs, but it is absolutely no problem to make some food by himself. It is naturally not difficult to make food from these leftovers.

On the first day of work, Shi Qingyang asked people for some leftovers. Because of this, he helped to arrange the minced meat in the kitchen after he finished delivering the things to be delivered. On the second day, the person in charge of the kitchen directly found him and said that as long as he was willing to help arrange, he would not only give him some extra money, but also take the leftovers casually.

Shi Qingyang could not disagree, of course, and then he began his busy working career.

He went to the butcher's shop early in the morning to help deliver takeout food. At noon, he tidied up the leftovers he had accumulated all morning and brought back enough food for himself. He went to Tao Rubao's shop at 2: 00 p. m. and worked until 8: 00 p. m. and then went to the butcher's shop to sort out the leftovers he had accumulated in the afternoon. His time was full. His daily income reached 300 credit points. He did not have to worry about food any more.

This kind of life looks good, but Shi Qingyang knows very well that if he wants to reach the previous height again, he must not work all the time.

Radiation can soldiers, are to practice, if he doesn't work hard, no amount of experience can become strong.

This kind of life, Shi Qingyang spent several days in a row, and as long as he was free, he would go to the place where Cheng Ran lived for a turn. Unfortunately, Cheng Ran and Gu Changjin both lived in seclusion, so he didn't meet anyone.

Shredded meat is specially packed in a box, and the launching of foreign animals is specially packed in a box, which may be contaminated by radiation. Shi Qingyang has killed many foreign animals and dissected many more. He is not afraid of these sticky bloody things, and can recognize at a glance where they belong to foreign animals. This makes him handy in the task of sorting leftovers. After delivery at eleven o'clock, he can finish all the work in as long as one hour.

On this day, Shi Qingyang packed enough food for two people to eat for a day after finishing the sorting, and planned to leave. More than half of the food was minced meat, and another half was the internal organs of animals.

Most of the plants outside contain toxins, and the shells, blood and feces of foreign animals also contain toxins. However, most of them have the ability to filter, which makes their meat not contain too much toxins.

This is also the reason why the internal organs of foreign animals are not popular. The internal organs often contain more toxins than ordinary meat.

Of course, this is not without treatment.

"Shi Qingyang, how many people in your family? Do you want more? "The kitchen chef saw Shi Qingyang leaving and asked.

Most of the people in their kitchens don't like the students of Spark College who come to work part-time because of jealousy. After all, they will never become radiation fighters, while the students of Spark College have boundless prospects.

But Shi Qingyang is an exception. He even wants leftovers, which makes the kitchen people not jealous of him. Even, because he started, there are others who help in the kitchen. They no longer care about face, but also bring back some minced meat and the like-the price of food is too expensive after all.

"That's enough." Shi Qingyang smiled. He was the only one in his family. Tao Rubao could also make dinner. In fact, he could not eat all these alone.

However, the hunger once made him have the habit of hoarding food, so these days, he has made a lot of dehydrated dried meat and put some on his body so that he can eat it at any time.

After saying goodbye to the kitchen staff, Shi Qingyang left here. When he returned, he passed by the villa where Cheng Ran lived as usual.

The villa was quiet and completely invisible…Shi Qingyang was disappointed, but he didn't want to pass by when he suddenly heard a little noise. Looking back, he found that the window at the bottom of the villa was open.

Cheng Ran showed a face from behind the window, opened his mouth as if to say something. After he closed his eyes, he paused, then closed his mouth, revealing a slightly flattering smile.

This smile, Shi Qingyang is no stranger, when he was bullied with Cheng Ran in Spark College, Cheng Ran often smiled at him like this, but at that time, he usually turned a blind eye.

Shi Qingyang gave a sunny smile, his face full of curiosity and surprise: "Young master, so you live here!"

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