Cheng Ran's housekeeper is an old man in his fifties, with white hair on his head. When he arrived in Spark City, all the chariots were driven back and he bought a white car suitable for driving in the city.

Let Cheng Ran sit in the car, he started the car, and then slowly left the villa.

Shi Qingyang looked at the direction of the car and immediately turned into a side road.

According to the situation he observed these days, Cheng Ran's body is still very poor, so the housekeeper will come forward to buy anything. At this time Cheng Ran will go out, there must be a special reason.

For example, go to Spark College.

Cheng Ran's car was heading for Spark College. What Shi Qingyang had to do was to get there earlier and then what to do could be changed at random, as long as he could talk to them.

These days, Shi Qingyang spent all the rest of his time in the vicinity of the villa except for working at the entrance to the city. The map of Spark City was also thoroughly studied. He specially picked the path and ran as fast as he could.

Control legs move regularly, control breathing is not disorderly, carefully distinguish each intersection at the same time…It's a pity that he is still weak radiation energy, and there is not much radiation energy in the city, let he can only rely on the body-you know, in the last life he moved around the radiation energy, run faster than some advanced animals!

Cheng Ran's housekeeper drove very slowly, so even if Shi Qingyang only relied on his own legs, he was still in front of them after copying the path. At the same time, he also felt a little out of breath.

If he had run for a period of time in his previous life, he would certainly not have been tired…Shi Qingyang added running practice to his schedule.

In half a month, the Spark Institute will begin its term. It is just a holiday now. However, even so, there are still many students coming and going. These people are all coming for the training ground of the Spark Institute.

Shi Qingyang took a deep breath and saw the white car coming in his own direction from a distance. He made a decision instantly.

He watched the direction of the car's speed, climbed up the wall of Spark College three or two times, and then without hesitation touched the alarm system above.

The walls of Spark College seem to be nothing surprising, but they are actually equipped with hidden alarm devices. When someone touches them, they will not only sound an alarm, but also send out electric shocks. Such electric shocks are not fatal, even do no harm to the body, but can make an ordinary person lose resistance instantly.

In the previous life, after Shi Qingyang made his mark in the school, he was grabbed and felt the "rapture" brought by an electric shock…Of course, he also fought back hard afterwards. At that time, he never knew compromise.

The feeling of numbness and pain poured in from the hand instantly, and the alarm sounded. Shi Qingyang released his hand and went down to the front of Cheng Ran's car. He let out a "bang" sound. At the same time, the car stopped suddenly.

These cars in the city all have automatic braking systems, which is why Shi Qingyang didn't choose to rush up and be hit by the car-that would be too fake.

"Grandpa Gu?" Cheng Ran was startled, hurriedly looked at his housekeeper.

"Master, I'll go and see." Gu Changjin opened the car door, and then saw the man who landed on his car had rolled to the ground. Looking at his body, he was only a teenager.

"What is going on here?" A security guard at the gate of Spark College heard the alarm and came out from the inside. in broad daylight, how could someone suddenly touch the alarm?

The electric shock time was very short, but the warning did not hurt the body. But for a while, Shi Qingyang was still a little short of breath. He paused, then finally sat up, with a guilty face: "I'm sorry."

Shi Qingyang had been hungry for four months and was still thin. Such a 15-or 16-year-old boy would naturally not alert people. When the security guard saw the appearance of Shi Qingyang, the original alert immediately disappeared: "Children, you can't play here. There is an alarm on the wall. You must be careful next time."

The city is still very safe, Spark College is not a secret place, the alarm is mainly in order to avoid the school students sneak out, in the view of the security guard, Shi Qingyang is clearly innocent involved.

"I don't know, I'm sorry." Shi Qingyang nodded repeatedly and looked at Gu Changjin with a full face of guilt: "Uncle, I'm sorry, did I damage your car…I…I didn't know it would be like this…" Of course, he damaged the car. Just now, he drew a mark on the car with a knife he was carrying, so that he could have a chance to "make up".

I learned this from the people who used to bump into his car to curry favor with him.

"Are you okay, do you want to take you to the hospital?" Gu Changjin politely asked that Shi Qingyang's injury had nothing to do with him, and the monitoring nearby could prove that he was willing to take the other party to the hospital and had done his utmost.

Gu Changjin has experienced a lot of wind and waves. If he is still in the Yangtze River City, he will definitely feel that this young man has ulterior motives. But this is the Spark City. There are only two or three people who know the identity of Cheng Ran, and Cheng Ran is now a waste in the eyes of many people. Naturally, there will not be anyone else who has changed his way to gather around Cheng Ran as before…

"No, no, this time it was my fault." Shi Qingyang repeatedly motioned with his hand, rubbing his body at the same time, rictus.

Now that the numbness caused by the electric shock has passed, he can completely bear the pain, but at this time he should show a little pain.

He threw caution to the wind in order to have a full meal!

"Or…or go and have a look, should be very painful…" Cheng Ran also got out of the car and saw Shi Qingyang mess, said slowly.

"It's okay, actually it doesn't hurt…" Shi Qingyang "hissed" air extraction, while holding the car to stand up, just hold a hand, seems to find his hand is too dirty again, so hurriedly retracted his hand, embarrassedly wiped the car with clothes touched by him.

He acts like a bumpkin who has never seen the world. Such a person is also the most likely to make people unsuspecting. If others check, his current situation is also a bumpkin who has never seen the world.

Gu Changjin was relieved to see this scene, but soon he frowned again: "You are…"

"Uncle, it's you. I washed your car the other day. Do you still remember me?" Shi Qingyang "just" saw Gu Changjin's appearance and asked pleasantly surprised.

"Aren't you washing the car? How did you get here? "Gu Changjin and raised a trace of doubt.

Shi Qingyang didn't seem to find his doubts. He carefully took out a notice from his arms: "I am a new student who wants to study here in the second half of the year. I want to ask if there is any other money besides tuition. I…I don't have any money on me. If I have to pay other fees, I'm afraid I'll have to take an extra job…"

As he said this, he nervously rubbed the notice on his hand and made a gesture.

This notice, which he has been putting on him these days, is intended to let Cheng Ran know in advance that they will be classmates, and it is now in use.

Cheng Ran's housekeeper has been trying to help Cheng Ran make friends. At the beginning, the man didn't give Cheng Ran less to prepare things for Cheng Ran to give to his classmates. Now he knows that he will be Cheng Ran's classmate, and his attitude will probably change.

The security guard knew the notice from the school. At this time, he was surprised: "So you are a new student? The tuition fee of the college is not expensive, it is the money to rent the exercise room in the future, but you don't have to worry about it, it won't cost much."

Shi Qingyang's face was rather pale: "I know…" He put the notice into his arms carefully and looked wistfully at the gate of Spark College.

Shi Qingyang's appearance can be seen at a glance. He may have no money in his hand. Gu Changjin discovered this. Although he didn't care much about it, he thought that the other party might be Cheng Ran's classmate, but he still urged: "You have fallen down, you should check it."

After that, he looked at Cheng Ran again: "Master, get on the bus. The appointed time is coming."

Cheng Ran nodded, was about to get on the bus, but on the Shi Qingyang eyes, Shi Qingyang face and some slouches, but after the eyes relative, but immediately smiled at him.

The smile was bitter and bitter. Cheng Ran was stunned. After getting into the car, he looked curiously at Gu Changjin and spoke slowly: "Grandpa Gu, does he have no money to go to school?"

"I think so." Gu Changjin freely said, he is still worried about Cheng Ran.

He is very clear, for Cheng Ran, the best way should be to learn some other knowledge, such as medicine, but Cheng Ran's parents did not agree, insisted that Cheng Ran learn radiation energy, also going to get some radiation energy inducer…

He is just a housekeeper and has no ability to control them. The only thing he can do now is to take good care of Cheng Ran.

The white car slowly pulled into the school, Shi Qingyang sat down at the door, waiting for the car to come out.

Knowing Cheng Ran can provide him with food and various resources, and Cheng Ran helped him. He will definitely not let Cheng Ran be bullied and isolated at school again, and will do his best to ensure Cheng Ran's safety in the future.

This is a matter of mutual benefit, but now he still needs to play hard.

Cheng Ran came to Spark City secretly this time, and only the dean of Spark College knew his identity. Gu Changjin came with Cheng Ran this time, helping Cheng Ran to go through the entrance formalities.

Spark College recruits students over 16 years of age, divided into ten classes, the first eight classes are elite, while the latter two classes are full of students who spend money to study and students with poor qualifications and family circumstances.

And the reason why these people are mixed together is to let those who spend money in, can accept a few men.

Cheng Ran, of course, could not have entered the previous classes. of course, he was divided into ten classes.

Gu Changjin was not surprised by this result. He did not say much to the dean of Spark College, whose father was a classmate of Cheng Ran's, but only asked for a copy of the data of the freshmen in Class 10.

These data were put into a recorder. Gu Changjin slightly turned over the data, then turned over the data of Shi Qingyang and saw the results of double C- s.

This kind of radiation can accommodate and adapt, if he knew before, he would certainly be very disdainful, but now compared with the situation of Cheng Ran, he felt that this child named Shi Qingyang was lucky.

Of course, seeing this information, he has no doubt about Shi Qingyang.

Cheng Ran also saw Shi Qingyang's data, and his eyes flashed with a trace of curiosity. He slowly asked, "Grandpa Gu, is he…my classmate?"

"He will be the master's classmate in the future." Gu Changjin whispered, secretly thinking up at the same time.

When the white car pulled out of the school, Gu Changjin saw Shi Qingyang again. The young man was standing at the door, saw them and waved.

He stopped the car and then saw Shi Qingyang walk to the window with a full face of guilt: "Just now, when you left, I found that the knife I was carrying had white paint on it. I must have scratched your car when I rolled down just now…I'll help you to mend the paint. I work in a car wash shop and know something about this. Of course, if you want to go to other places to mend, there is no problem. I don't have much money."

Gu Changjin smiled: "No, it's you. You should have hurt yourself. Do you want to go to the hospital?" Before he asked Shi Qingyang if he wanted to go to the hospital, there wasn't much sincerity in it, but now he really had such a plan.

Cheng Ran has a special situation and is introverted. If possible, he hopes Cheng Ran can have a classmate and friend who can take care of him.

Judging from what he saw, I'm afraid this young man is short of money, but he is not as rich as before, but he is not short of money. Cheng Ran still has a large sum of living expenses every month…

Maybe, he can spend some money to let this young man take care of his young master in school…

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