After Shi Qingyang figured it out, he simply scrubbed his body with the cheapest cleaning agent and lay on the bed, calculating.

How to hook up with others, in this regard, he still has some experience, but this experience does not come from himself, but from those who want to hook up with him.

When he had unlimited scenery, many people tried to attract him. I still remember when he was just a Class 7 radiation energy fighter, he once bought a new chariot, but before he went out of town to hunt, he had already been hit by others three times. These three times others hit him, and everyone who hit him had a very good attitude. Clearly his chariot was only scratched a little, but these people were willing to compensate him with a new chariot.

When he met the first one, he thought that the rich middle-aged man really accidentally hit him, but this drama happened one after another, and finally the beautiful woman who hit him leaned against him, but he immediately found something was wrong.

These people just want to get a chance to know him through a car crash.

In addition to the car crash, there are of course many tricks to know people…as long as Cheng Ran appears in front of him, he can certainly make Cheng Ran feel very poor!

The only worry is that Cheng Ran may live in seclusion…However, Cheng Ran will go to Spark College, which is for sure. Even if he fails to hook up with Cheng Ran before school starts, he can still do it after school starts. Shi Qingyang has always been a patient person.

After Shi Qingyang wrote down a schedule, it was a lot easier, but he looked around at the furnishings in the room and could not help but sigh.

In fact, he still has a lot of knowledge that can be exchanged for a large sum of money. For example, he learned some medicine knowledge in that research institute later. These things are 20 years ahead of today.

Unfortunately, he is too poor. The only thing that can be connected to the Internet in his family is his contact terminal. If he really uses this contact terminal to connect to the Internet…others can find him in minutes!

As far as his current strength is concerned, he still stays honestly, waiting for someone to be willing to raise himself as well…Shi Qingyang closed his eyes and began to slowly absorb the weak radiation energy in the air.

Shi Qingyang set an alarm clock on the contact terminal, which allowed him to get up on time, rubbed his forehead, and after wolfing down a box of nutritious meals, he immediately ran to the entrance to the city.

Yesterday, several chariots left by Cheng Ran's butler provided him with a way to approach Cheng Ran. He naturally had to wait for Cheng Ran's butler to pick up the chariot!

Shi Qingyang thought very well, but the plan couldn't catch up with the rapid changes. When he arrived at the entrance to the city, there was no sign of the cars at Tao Rubao's car wash shop: "Tao Shu, have all the cars been taken away?"

"Yes, they took the car as soon as I opened the door, but they did give a lot of money." Tao Rubao touched the contact terminal on his hand and almost couldn't stop smiling.

The first scheme failed, only the second scheme can be started.

Shi Qingyang has been a persistent person since childhood. He will do his best to do whatever he wants and what he wants. In order to have the money to study, he can starve himself for two years, and naturally he will not give up easily at this time.

There was no business in the car wash shop in the morning. Shi Qingyang cleaned all the car wash utensils for Tao Rubao. after all this, he sat on the car mat and connected the network with his contact terminal.

In the wild, signals cannot be transmitted at all, but in cities, the network covers every corner. When the country builds a new city, it will also pull out optical fibers from nearby higher-level cities to connect with each other so that the networks of all cities in China can be connected.

The optical fiber connecting Xinghuo City from the secondary city of Anhang City is very thick, and there are two optical fibers of the same specification for standby. These three optical fibers are buried deep underground, which is the fastest channel for Xinghuo City to communicate with the outside world.

The contact terminal is connected to the network at any time. People in the city rely on the network for communication. However, the average person does not use the contact terminal to access the Internet. After all, the contact terminal is too small and very inconvenient.

Shi Qingyang, however, had only a contact terminal available. He landed in the housing network of Spark City and then began to study the rental situation of houses in Spark City for the past two days.

Now you don't need to buy a house, what kind of house do you want to live in, just contact the housing department of the city and rent the house you like, like the house in the underground city where Shi Qingyang lives, you don't even have to pay the rent, as long as you pay enough energy every month.

Most of the houses can be rented directly through the housing network in each city. Here, it will also show that there are still houses that can be rented and those that have already been rented.

This is what Shi Qingyang studied.

After Cheng Ran and his party came to Spark City, unless they lived in someone else's house, they would definitely rent a house. Judging by Cheng Ran's value, they would probably rent a house in the upper city.

And he will go to Spark College to study, will naturally choose the house near there.

Shi Qingyang carefully searched the rental situation of the houses near Spark College, and finally, six houses were actually locked.

These six houses near Spark College are villas, which have been rented out recently. one of them should be Cheng Ran's residence. as for the others…although traffic is very convenient nowadays, some people with deep pockets will still rent houses nearby because their children have been admitted to Spark College.

After finding out the news, Shi Qingyang stopped staring at the contact terminal and took the initiative to do the competent work-Tao Rubao wanted to pay him, so naturally he wouldn't want to see him doing nothing.

Shi Qingyang did simple scrubbing work, but did not put his mind on it. Instead, he controlled the radiation energy in his body and began to induce the radiation energy around him.

His strength is very weak, and the radiation energy at the entrance to the city is also very low. In doing so, Shi Qingyang can only make the radiation energy near him produce some fluctuations that even the intermediate radiation energy fighters cannot feel.

He is now, indeed as expected is too weak! Shi Qingyang frowned slightly and practiced again and again. The most basic method of activating radiation energy was previously practiced by him as a subconscious action. This time, he needs to readjust his body.

You can attack without thinking. Such a state must be accompanied by a lot of practice. Even if he is reborn, his body is only 16 years old.

Tao Rubao also saw the movement of Shi Qingyang's fingers, but he just smiled and shook his head. Everyone knows the method of using the radiation energy in the body to induce radiation energy in the air, but many people have never been able to make the radiation energy outside fluctuate in their lives. As long as they can do this, they can be called radiation energy fighters.

The spark city, 16 years old haven't studied systematically can become a radiation fighter, a slap count, and even if you want to practice, also should go to a special exercise room.

In a place like this, even if Shi Qingyang practices all his life, I'm afraid he can't induce radiation energy.

Tao Rubao, a first-class radiation energy fighter, did not feel any slight fluctuation of radiation energy in the air.

Many radiation energy fighters go out of the city together in the morning and come back in the evening. At this time, the car wash shop is also very busy. Tao Rubao does not choose to do business. When someone comes, he washes the car. Therefore, although he can make money, he can't earn much. Shi Qingyang never wanted to improve his business when he was this age, but he only worked when he had a job. At this time, he had a different mentality and helped Tao Rubao to attract him.

He has a good eye, who wears expensive protective clothing, whose chariots are good, and can roughly estimate who is more willing to pay.

"Several eldest brother, you hunt locusts beast size is very big, it's too much, your car, this is the new steel type 6!I have collected many posters of this car! Eldest brother, this car must be well maintained, just go to our store, I will help you clean!" Shi Qingyang stood beside several young people in their early twenties, carefully touching the chariot, full of love.

Older people generally do not spend freely to support their families, but young people are different. Many people spend as much as they earn and are willing to spend money on their chariots. Some people praise their chariots and they will certainly be very happy.

Sure enough, by Shi Qingyang such a compliment, these people immediately parked the car in front of Tao Rubao's car wash shop, let Shi Qingyang, who likes this chariot, wash them.

On this day, Tao Rubao's shop washed as many cars as usual, but earned a lot more money. Tao Rubao discovered this and was also enthusiastic about Shi Qingyang.

Shi Qingyang discovered something and worked even harder. After washing the car on this day, he also helped Tao Rubao to pack up the car wash shop.

In the past, he paid little attention to these things and left when he finished his work. In addition, he was quiet at that time and could not even set the time after he started reading. Finally, he was dismissed by Tao Rubao.

At that time, after he was dismissed, he did not feel that he was wrong, but at this time he already knew how to make others like him-when he was in the research institute, he was never stingy in helping those researchers. although those people did not treat him as a human being at first, after he did so, some people took a much better attitude towards him, and he also learned a lot of knowledge…

Since some benefits can be obtained by means, why not?

"Uncle Tao, there are no car washers in the morning, so I won't come in the morning. "After all the work, Shi Qingyang found Tao Rubao.

Tao Rubao is here by the hour. He used to be here all day in order to earn more money, but now he needs more free time to step on the spot so as to get to know Cheng Ran earlier.

Tao Rubao was somewhat surprised: "you won't come this morning? That morning the money will be gone."

"Tao Shu, I don't have much work in the morning, and I don't always stay here …" Shi Qingyang let himself show some guilty expressions: "it's not good for me to take money when I sit around…"

"nothing, just accompany uncle Tao."

"Uncle Tao, you are very kind to me, but I feel sorry for you, and I will read books soon. I always need to read books."

Going back to read? Only a few people read books before school starts. Tao Rubao had a good impression of Shi Qingyang. Seeing Shi Qingyang was even better. He paused and said, "You're a good boy…Well, the afternoon is busy. Later, I'll give you 12 o'clock an hour for the evening's wages. The lunch will be changed into dinner."

"Thank you, Uncle Tao!" Shi Qingyang expressed sincere thanks: "I will definitely work hard!" Sometimes, playing tricks is really not a bad thing. If he had told Tao Rubao calmly on his face that he would not come in the morning, Tao Rubao would not have wanted to give him a raise.

After leaving Tao Rubao, Shi Qingyang bought a nutritious meal to fill his stomach. Then he rode to Spark College and began to look for the villas he had written down on the map. At the same time, he was looking forward to meeting Cheng Ran.

Unfortunately, he did not meet Cheng Ran. However, after walking all over again, he did exclude two of the villas-the chariots that had been in use for several years were stopped in the gardens of the two villas, but they were not the ones that had entered the city before. Naturally, Cheng Ran would not live there either.

I stepped on it a little the night before, and when I was free the next morning, Shi Qingyang made another trip. He stayed in front of the remaining four villas for a while, then excluded two of them.

These two buildings will be excluded, one because no one has lived yet, and the other because Shi Qingyang saw two young girls coming out from a distance-two years ago, Shi Qingyang, a classmate, had never seen Cheng Ran who had been very close to a girl. Naturally, such Cheng Ran could not have met two young girls as soon as he came to Spark City.

In the next few days, Shi Qingyang looked around the spark city in the morning, was familiar with the situation in the spark city, and went to Tao Rubao to work there in the afternoon. after a few days, he finally confirmed Cheng Ran's residence and also met Cheng Ran's housekeeper once. unfortunately, he had never seen Cheng Ran before.

And Cheng Ran side of the housekeeper, obviously is not good deceive, pretend poor bo sympathy is useful in front of Cheng Ran, in front of the housekeeper, the effect will be discounted.

However, opportunities are always reserved for those who are prepared. On the 8th day when Cheng Ran came to Spark City, Shi Qingyang saw that he was pale and left the villa with the housekeeper near noon.

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