Shi Qingyang is eager to become stronger. His greatest wish in his last life was to kill all those vicious animals. This idea will not change after he is reborn.

Although he said he had been countered and eventually became a member of the research institute, he was still a member of the human race, and he could not forget his death.

At that time, countless animals poured into the city, the whole central city was flooded by animals, the people in the city, after the shield is broken, all suffered radiation damage, even if radiation fighters have strong resistance to radiation, they also can't deal with so many animals.

Finally, it was a violent explosion that destroyed the whole city.

That is the central city, the largest city in China. Even the central city has been captured by foreign animals. What about other places? Can mankind survive?

Shi Qingyang did not understand how that happened, but he knew that his hatred of foreign animals would never disappear.

In addition to animals, he has to deal with, is his enemy! However, now he is just a humble orphan in a third-class city, and his enemy is the favored son praised by everyone in the central city. The gap is not generally large.

In particular, he actually did not know how he suddenly had a very strong and relatively stable radiation energy in his previous life. If it were not for these sudden radiation energy, he might have become a level 4 or even level 5 radiation energy fighter due to his own efforts and be respected in Spark City, but he would never have reached that step.

Of course, if he didn't go to that step, maybe his life in spark city will always be very stable, level 4 or even level 5 have radiation energy, also won't let his body suffer so much damage…

Inadvertently, Shi Qingyang thought of the battle that lasted for a month, leaving him in a daze. At last, there was a huge metamorphosis. When his strength became stronger, he must go there again!

What will be done, after all the things in my last life have been written down, Shi Qingyang couldn't help but smile.

No matter it is revenge, or going out of town to kill foreign animals, to find out the trend of foreign animals, it is not a teenager who can't do it with continuous radiation attack. Now, he has nothing but nearly 20,000 credit points.

It seems that 20,000 credit points are quite a lot, but in fact they are just three months' expenses for an ordinary family of three in an underground city. Shi Qingyang remembers that when his parents were still alive, sometimes his father hunted for some good things, and the family bought some good food to improve their lives. A meal would cost hundreds of credit points…

Spark College charges 20,000 tuition fees, which is just what it means. It is estimated that he is the only one who will worry-if others fall to his level, even if they want to become radiation energy fighters, they will certainly accept other people's support and then help others to do things after signing the contract.

Shi Qingyang doesn't have enough money now, and at the same time, he doesn't have the strength.

After injecting radiation medicine, 80% of the people can induce radiation energy and become radiation almighty. However, radiation almighty is no different from ordinary people except that it is more resistant to the radiation environment in the wild. The real value should be radiation fighters.

Radiological energy fighters can be divided into one to nine levels according to the radiation energy they have in their bodies and the attacks they can make. As for the upward level…The human body cannot accommodate more radiation energy at all. In fact, as long as the average human reaches the ninth level, they will not easily start work again, because at that time, the amount of radiation energy in the body is already very large, and if they are careless, they may bite back.

Shi Qingyang's previous life, the radiation energy in his body is far more stable than that of ordinary people, and he is fully expected to become a Grade 9 strong man. It's a pity that his body foundation is too poor, and he was finally found the opportunity to plot against…

Radiation almighty, can leave the city after wearing protective clothing, but outside the city, only radiation can soldiers, to ensure their own safety, ordinary radiation almighty, even with the most advanced weapons, their reaction ability, their perception of the surrounding environment, also doomed they can't avoid animals outside the city.

The boundary between radiation energy and radiation energy fighters is whether the radiation energy in the body can be used to induce radiation energy in the air to attack.

In today's world, even if cities are often cleaned up, there is radiation, which is only negligible compared with that outside the city. Shi Qingyang closed his eyes and slowly felt the radiation energy in the air. Then he began to try to control the radiation energy outside with the weak radiation energy in his body.

The previous experience made Shi Qingyang very sensitive to the radiation energy in the air, but the radiation energy in his body is too weak now…

After holding on for a long time, he finally failed. Shi Qingyang smiled and began to slowly absorb the radiation energy in the air. He really should wash his car more. Even if the environment there is not good, it is better than nothing.

The best way to cultivate radiation energy is in an environment with radiation. The wild radiation is too violent and inappropriate. The special training room in the city is the best choice. Only the training room is used, and the energy fee is required. After Shi Qingyang had taught the tuition fees of Spark College, he could not afford the money at all. After thinking about it, he found a place to replace the training room-the entrance to the city.

Compared with the training room, the radiation at the entrance to the city was unstable and harmful to the human body. However, Shi Qingyang had no choice at that time, so when others went to the training room to train under the normal guidance, he was working at the entrance to the city, listening to the passing radiation energy fighters talking about the battle while practicing the most basic radiation energy usage method, trying to mobilize the radiation energy flooding around.

At that time, because he was ridiculed in school, he seemed to practice like crazy, not only when he was working at the entrance to the city, but also in the city, where there was no radiation energy at all, he practiced ceaselessly to mobilize the radiation energy in his body.

All this, in fact, is very crazy, even senior radiation energy fighters, also can't move the city's scarce radiation energy, radiation energy fighters, only outside the city can play a powerful role!

However, Shi Qingyang just succeeded. Day after day of practice, although he could not really control the rare radiation energy in the city to attack, it made him become a radiation energy fighter earlier than others in the college, and his control over radiation energy was far superior.

He is different from those young masters who have been taught by famous teachers and can learn all kinds of tactics. He only knows the most basic method of using the blessing energy. His radiation energy is also very weak, but his combat experience and control power are incomparable.

Of course, this kind of practice method also has its drawbacks. The radiation energy at the entrance to the city is very unstable. He did practice there, which undoubtedly hurt his body. At the age of 16, he didn't understand this, but at that time, his parents were both dead and he couldn't even eat enough…his character was not free from extreme. later, after several life and death experiences, he let go of many.

For example, Cheng Ran, at first, he really didn't like Cheng Ran, even if Cheng Ran didn't do anything…

Cheng Ran?

Shi Qingyang suddenly thought of what happened today. He just told Tao Rubao about his absence of lunch before noon. Tao Rubao was willing to offer him a lunch…

He had never been willing to show weakness or let others belittle him before, so he walked straight back to that position and never bent down, but later he fell from heaven to hell.

In the research institute, life was not easy because he was determined. Those people always gave him double injections of drugs at the beginning, hypnotized him, and wanted to ask how he possessed such magical power.

He used to resist desperately, but in the end he only got pain. Even because of drugs, he couldn't control his body or even his excretion.

However, those people will not give up because of this. They will still insert the tube into his body. Later, he learned to show weakness and even pretended that he had been hypnotized.

It was then that he suddenly discovered that the self-esteem, faith and honor he had insisted on before were nothing.

He has no background, no background, and nothing but strength. In the past, in order to improve himself and gain respect from others, he has been hunting exotic animals very hard. Every time he has some field construction tasks, he will actively participate in them. For more than ten years, he spent more time in the wild than in the city.

In the battle with foreign animals, he was on the verge of death several times, but he did not despair. He only aroused stronger fighting spirit. However, in that research institute, he felt despair for the first time.

Later, he still relied on weakness and turned himself into a Nuo Nuo-only waste to make his condition better. An elderly female pharmacist even secretly took care of him.

At that time, he had no radiation energy, so he focused on the plants brought back from the wild that the institute often studied. He also wanted to learn more. After others lost their vigilance to him, he used these plants to corrode the walls of the institute and then escaped.

Nowadays, many plants in the wild are full of danger because of radiation. Some plants can even hunt animals. They all have different characteristics…Shi Qingyang believes that as long as he stays in the research institute for a few more years, he may have a chance to escape after everyone thinks he is a waste who has lost radiation energy.

But before that day, the beast tide came.

Shi Qingyang wrote it on the record board and wrote all the things he knew about Cheng Ran.

Cheng Ran was born very well. Although Cheng family exiled him to this third-class city, he was never mistreated in life. Naturally, he was not short of money. Moreover, he was very softhearted.

He hated Cheng Ran in his last life. Although he didn't laugh at Cheng Ran without radiation energy like other students and didn't give him a good look, Cheng Ran was able to show him kindness and give him food. What about this time?

Shi Qingyang suddenly felt that as long as he had a good plan, he could definitely let Cheng Ran pity himself, subsidize himself and support himself.

He has nothing now, even eating is a problem. Even if he had a lot of knowledge before, he has no place at all. But if Cheng Ran can give him food and a place to practice, he will certainly become stronger soon, and if he can find out what made him different in his last life…

As for Cheng Ran…Cheng Ran helped him, then he will also protect Cheng Ran in the future, never let Cheng Ran die outside the city, even death not see corpse.

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