Seeing Cheng Ran again, Shi Qingyang's mood was somewhat complicated.

Cheng Ran was his classmate in Spark College in his previous life, and he was also the person he disliked most at that time.

Today, four-fifths of the people have radiation energy. Although there are few talented people in tertiary cities like Spark City, Spark College only recruits students whose radiation energy capacity and adaptability all reach Grade C.

He has just reached the minimum admission standard of Spark College. Before he made his mark without relying on his own efforts, he had always been neglected by his teachers and classmates, while Cheng Ran was an ordinary person who did not even have the ability to speak English.

Spark College has many students who have been crammed in after spending a lot of money, but there is only one as outrageous as Cheng Ran.

At that time, Shi Qingyang was excluded from the school because of his poor life. Cheng Ran was despised because he did not even have the ability to attend such a college. The two of them were out of step with others and should have been in the same boat, but Shi Qingyang hated Cheng Ran.

How can a man who cannot even fill his stomach like a gentleman who is attended to?Shi Qingyang thought of things when he was 16 years old and couldn't help feeling a little dazed.

In fact, Cheng Ran was the only one who found out that he did not eat lunch and wanted to share his food with him.

However, at that time, his parents' death was suddenly changed, and he wanted to become a powerful radiation fighter on his own, but he didn't want to be pitied by others…Cheng Ran gave him the meat and half of the food in his lunch, and also said that he didn't like eating meat. This undoubtedly hurt his self-esteem, so he didn't want to accept the offer at all, and went away without looking back in the face of Cheng Ran's expectation. After that, Cheng Ran also stopped showing kindness to him.

He saw Cheng Ran again at the funeral of Cheng Ran's grandfather. It was also at that time that he realized that Cheng Ran's grandfather turned out to be one of the best masters in the first-class city of Yangtze River City. He was an 8-class radiation fighter, but after the old man died, the Cheng family also fell.

After a long period of time, Shi Qingyang did not hear from Cheng Ran again. But after many years, after he became a Class 8 radiation energy fighter and even won the Shang Yahang, once praised as the first person under Class 9, he learned of Cheng Ran's death from a former classmate who came to curry favor with him.

Cheng Ran died outside the city. The cause of death was to fight with foreign animals. But a person who doesn't even have radiation energy can't even leave the city without special circumstances. He will be injured or even die if he comes into contact with the environment full of radiation outside the city…He will fight with foreign animals out of the city. Isn't this a joke? Obviously, there is something fishy about Cheng Ran's death.

When he was young, he hated Cheng Ran very much, but at that time, because he had already achieved success, his inferiority complex and excessive self-esteem had all disappeared. Naturally, he had no ill feelings towards Cheng Ran. He was also going to investigate the cause of Cheng Ran's death, but before he could begin, he was countered by others…

The memory behind is full of gloom and despair.

When studying in Spark College, Shi Qingyang was quite a bit deaf to what was happening outside the window. Many of his classmates did not even say anything. Cheng Ran was the one he hated most at that time, but he also became the one he was most impressed with. Naturally, he heard many things related to Cheng Ran.

Cheng Ran had a serious illness after the injection of radiopharmaceutical. Not only did he induce radiation, but his body became worse. Later he was nursed for a long time, and he was still very sick…

His impression of Cheng Ran was that he had been raised for a long time and was pale and fat. And now Cheng Ran, mostly just a serious illness.

Cheng Ran's anti-radiation suit is the latest model from the Yangtze River City Aocheng Company. It is fully equipped with millions of credit points. Many radiation fighters who go out of the city to hunt exotic animals cannot afford to wear it. Instead, he casually wears it on his body…

If it had been done before, Shi Qingyang would have been very unbalanced when he saw this scene. Now he feels nothing. Cheng Ran is such a broken body and does not wear such clothes. He has traveled a long distance from the first-class city to the third-class city. Maybe he was ill due to radiation on the way…Such a thought, he even felt some pity for Cheng Ran.

If the Cheng family really attached importance to him, they should let him stay in the Yangtze River City to learn some skills and take good care of his illness, instead of throwing him into this tertiary city and admitting him to Spark College, which specializes in training radiation energy fighters.

You know, although there are not many people who cannot induce radiation energy, they also account for one fifth of the total number. Most of these people will choose to work in the city or concentrate on scientific research. Many people have made achievements in their respective fields, and Cheng Ran can completely change his way.

After thinking a lot in an instant, Shi Qingyang quickly regained consciousness, then greeted him with a smile on his face: "Are you new to Spark City? Do you want me to take you somewhere to rest? There is also a car. If you are not in a hurry, we will clean it up for you and there will be absolutely no residual radiation." Ordinary people in Spark City wash their cars carelessly and use poor potions. They can make money but they can't earn too much. However, these people are different. As long as they clean up, they certainly don't care about spending more money or earning more.

Shi Qingyang had just eaten the boxed lunch bought by Tao Rubao and was naturally willing to help Tao Rubao find more business.

These people are all unfamiliar faces, and looked at all have experienced a fierce battle, covered in Shaqi, so at the moment others have no reaction to come over, Shi Qingyang was the first to attract in the past.

Cheng Ran looked at him curiously. The old man beside him saw Shi Qingyang was a half-aged child, and his face smiled: "Then you can help wash the car." As he said this, he opened his contact terminal and asked someone to pick it up.

Outside the city is full of radiation, contact terminal under the radiation, there is no way to signal, so they entered the city, began to inform others.

After the notice was given, the old man looked at Shi Qingyang again: "You all helped clean up our car and anti-radiation clothing, and tomorrow we will send someone to pick them up."

"We must do a good job!" Shi Qingyang immediately got to the point. He was thinking that Tao Rubao's car wash shop was too small. If these people were worried, they might have to distribute their business to others. Now these people have someone to pick up and come back tomorrow to pick up the car. He didn't have to worry about this.

In addition to Cheng Ran that car people's radiation protection clothing is clean, the other car people's protective clothing more or less stained with stains-along the way, these people must have killed many animals.

With this in mind, Shi Qingyang expressed more sympathy for Cheng Ran.

Although more and more cities are being built and there are roads between cities, many exotic animals will take the initiative to attack people in the wild. Therefore, communication between cities has always depended on mobile platforms. Cheng Ran didn't arrive on the mobile platform. Eighty percent of Cheng's family wanted to keep it a secret.

Cheng's family is one of the best families in the Yangtze River City. Cheng Ran's grandfather is still a Class 8 radiation almighty. Cheng Ran has been in Spark City for two years but no one knows his identity. He has not even been bullied less in school. This confidential work is absolutely "first class and first class".

There are many things in the big family, which Shi Qingyang knows very well, but for now, all this obviously has nothing to do with him.

He is only 16 years old now. He has just induced radiation energy. He will be stopped if he wants to leave the city. In a short period of time, he can do nothing but keep his body well.

Think so, Shi Qingyang was calm down, and then concentrate on washing the car.

Shi Qingyang saw the method of washing the car thousands of years ago. He washed it with water under great pressure. When he saw this scene, his only feeling was luxury.

Now not only food is precious, but also water is very precious. Ordinary water requires five credit points per bottle, and one bottle is one liter…He did not even dare to drink more water before!

Shi Qingyang and Tao Rubao cleaned the shells of several chariots with a cleaning machine, then carefully began to clean the crevices on the chariots and the inner walls of the chariots.

Tao Rubao did not leave the city, but as long as he was a man, he didn't dislike chariots. He looked at these chariots and liked them very much. He couldn't wait to embrace his two relatives. Shi Qingyang was very calm. He owned many more advanced chariots than the one before him. Now it is long past the time to be jealous of others' chariots.

The six chariots, Shi Qingyang and Tao Rubao, had to be cleaned for three hours before they were all cleaned. Tao Rubao was very happy this afternoon with such a big deal.

In the evening, when the number of chariots returning to the city is the largest, Tao Rubao does not pack meals. normally, Shi Qingyang will not eat anything at this time, but he will buy a box of nutritious meals on the way back after finishing all his work. however, today is different. Tao Rubao also proposed to get Shi Qingyang a box lunch: "Qingyang, I'll treat you to dinner again today!"

"No, Uncle Tao, I'll just buy it myself. You invited me at noon and asked for a lot of money…" Shi Qingyang immediately refused. In the current situation where the biggest expense of ordinary people is food, he can't rub rice all the time. If he really wants to do this, it's ok for two days a day. Tao Rubao will certainly not be happy after a long time.

"Let's do it then, Xiao Yang. How about you come to work later and uncle will pack you lunch and a box of nutritious meals?" Tao Rubao wanted to think and spoke.

"Thank you, Uncle Tao!" Shi Qingyang expressed his sincere thanks.

"Uncle Tao invited you at noon today. The nutritious meal for the evening is even your lunch today." Tao Rubao added that for such advanced chariots, he collected 200 credit points per vehicle for cleaning and maintenance, and six chariots could earn 7800 after cost removal, plus the cleaning of anti-radiation clothing, at least there was a net profit of 1,000 credit points…This business was found by Shi Qingyang.

Shi Qingyang thanked him again at once. He didn't really care about what he ate. Although the nutritious food tasted bad, he was hungry because of too many miscellaneous things.

When leaving the city gate on this day, Shi Qingyang felt that he was warm because he was full.

At this time, there has been no sunshine for a long time, but on the semi-circular protective cover of the above-ground city, many lights were lit, which reflected the whole city very brightly.

Most of the entertainment facilities are on the ground, and the city is naturally very beautiful and lively at night. However, Shi Qingyang did not stay here. He quickly returned to the underground city, and then returned to his residence along the long street. On the way, he also bought a bottle of water and a box of nutritious meals.

There was hardly anything in the small room. He found a somewhat shabby recording board and began to plan his future.

He is sure that all this is true now. In this case, he can never make the same mistake again.

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