The square into the city is very large. This rectangular square is cast with steel and is about three stories high. Half of it is outside the protective cover of Spark City and half is inside the protective cover of Spark City. All vehicles and personnel entering the city need to stay here and remove the radioactive substances from their bodies before entering the city. Therefore, the city has been very busy.

Shi Qingyang worked and exercised here for a long time during his study in Spark College. Later, he hunted animals outside the city for most of his time. Every time he returned to the city, he stayed for a while. For him, this place full of radiation and strange taste had a kind of kindness.

It is morning now, when most people are out of town, so there are not many people here, only a few scattered people are carrying out iron boxes one by one from a box-type chariot, which is stuffed with many aphids and beasts half a meter long.

It is said that aphids were very small before 2045. At that time, insects, which accounted for four-fifths of the total number of animals, were the smallest and the least common among animals. However, after experiencing radiation and mutation, mammals in the wild were basically extinct. Finally, only these insects, which reproduce very fast, adapted to the harsh environment and survived.

Aphids used to be the fastest and most prolific insects, but now they are the fastest and most prolific exotic animals.

When the radiation had just enveloped the earth, nine times out of ten people died, and all the people alive were starving.

That is, at that time, human inadvertently discovered that although plants containing radioactive substances were no longer edible, animals had the ability to filter toxins. They ate plants containing radioactive substances and possessed venom, but the meat in their bodies did not contain too much radioactive substances. At that time, human beings lived by hunting animals and eating animals.

However, with the passage of time and the increase of population, hunting alone has obviously failed to meet the food needs of human beings. Therefore, people began to cultivate some exotic animals near the city. The vegetable aphid is one of the most cultivated animals.

The aphid animals were obviously farmed and were still alive. The people who were still wearing anti-radiation clothing soaked the aphid animals with special liquid medicine and then put them into the freezer. After leaving here, they will all be treated. The good meat will be put on shelves for sale. The worst corners and water will be sent to the factory making nutritious meals.

Before, when Shi Qingyang's parents were still alive, his mother would often buy some exotic meat and cook it herself. Among them, the most bought meat was that of the vegetable aphid. However, when she died, Shi Qingyang would never eat it again.

Tao Rubao rented a facade in the city square towards the southern district, which is his car wash shop. Although technology is very advanced nowadays, there may be radioactive substances in the seams of the chariots and in the cars, and specialized liquid medicine cannot be wasted. Therefore, some things must be done manually.

When Shi Qingyang was in the past, Tao Rubao was using a decontamination device to clean up a somewhat worn-out two-wheeled chariot. Beside the chariot, a middle-aged man was sitting, washing his radiation protection clothing with liquid medicine.

"Boy, is it here?" Seeing Shi Qingyang from a distance, Tao Rubao called out.

"Uncle Tao." Shi Qingyang smiled.

"What's wrong with you?" Tao Rubao's hands kept moving and asked casually, "Shi Qingyang has not been late since he came to work here. This is the first time such a thing has happened today."

Along the way, although Shi Qingyang still felt some doubts about everything today, he has adjusted his mind: "Uncle Tao, I'm fine."

"It's good to be all right. Bring the anti-radiation medicine inside and brush the car." Tao Rubao opened his mouth and went for a turn in the wild. The car owner got on and off the bus and dealt with exotic animals and plants. The car was contaminated with a lot of radioactive substances. He not only had to clean up the radioactive substances in various depressions, but also had to maintain the parts of the car. Otherwise, some radioactive substances might corrode the car.

"Get me the cheapest one. I haven't made much this month." The man who was cleaning up the anti-radiation suit raised his voice.

"Lao Gao, don't worry, when will I use your pit?" Tao Rubao replied and asked, "Why did your farm leave early in the morning today?"

"I don't know, it seems that there is a big man coming, so we need to prepare more food. The adult aphids are secondary. The young ones of the aphids are the key. All of them will be sent to Spark Hotel to be roasted." As Gao Yuan said, it smashed its mouth: "When I have money, I will definitely go to Spark Hotel and have a big meal."

"You are a second-class radiation fighter, can't you afford it?"

"With my little income, I can only eat the meat cooked by my daughter-in-law. If I really go to Spark Hotel, I'm afraid I'll eat nutritious meals in the next month." Gao Yuan laughed.

Shi Qingyang took the brush and carefully brushed the two-wheeled chariot with liquid medicine. He did not miss any gap and tried to recall it. However, he still did not remember who the man named Plateau was. He only guessed that he should be an employee of the vegetable aphid and animal farm. He did not have to unload the cargo. He was mostly a small leader.

He didn't pay too much attention to Gao Yuan, but was curious about what Gao Yuan said-the spark city to big shots at this time? Why doesn't he have any impression?

All the adult aphids brought back in the van were frozen, but the cubs were washed and put in another cage. After radiation monitoring, these people quickly took the aphids through a long passage and left the entrance.

Shi Qingyang cleaned the two-wheeled chariots on Gao Yuan, but the vans were packed by a relatively large car wash nearby, so he soon got free and began to feel the radiation energy in the air.

Where there is radiation, there is radiation energy. Shi Qingyang cannot feel anything in the city, but here he can feel some irascible energy in the air. Of course, the energy intensity here cannot be compared with that in the wild.

In addition to Shi Qingyang, Tao Rubao's shop and his sister Tao Ruyu watched until noon, when Tao Rubao put down the liquid medicine being prepared: "Eldest brother, I'll go outside to buy rice. What will you eat today?"

"as usual!" Tao Rubao opened his mouth. The food at the entrance is more expensive here than outside. They go out to buy rice every day when they arrive at the restaurant. He usually eats a packed lunch with 40 credit points.

"good." Tao Ruyu answered and was about to leave when Shi Qingyang stopped her: "Tao Yi, help me buy a nutritious meal."

Tao Rubao and Tao Rubao both looked at Shi Qingyang with some surprise. Especially Tao Rubao frowned: "Xiao Yang, aren't you picky about food? How to eat nutritious meals?"

These days, food is really not cheap, but the coarse taste of nutritious meals is also annoying, not the bottom, and nutritious meals are generally not eaten.

Shi Qingyang has been working with him for more than three months. Because Shi Qingyang is young, he counts money by the hour and has 10 credit points per hour. The salary is not high. However, Shi Qingyang used to stay with him all day long, more than 10 hours a day and more than 3,000 credit points a month. It is difficult to support a family with such income, but it is absolutely comfortable for a child to spend nothing.

Before they also called Shi Qingyang when eating, but Shi Qingyang never ate with them and went out alone. They thought he was abandoning the box lunch and spending money on barbecue or something-Tao Rubao's son never ate a box lunch that was almost full of meat mud and ate barbecue sauce meat every time.

"Uncle Tao, I didn't eat lunch before." Shi Qingyang smiled. When he was so old, he had a strong self-esteem and was afraid of being pitied by others. He never told others about his difficulties or asked others to help him. Although he didn't eat anything at noon, he didn't let others know. Tao Rubao asked, and he even deliberately made the other party think he was picky about eating boxed lunch.

"No food?" Tao Rubao looked at Shi Qingyang in surprise.

"Tao Shu, there is something in my family and I have been short of money…" Shi Qingyang didn't say too much, vague way, the death of his parents, he really don't want to talk to others.

Tao Rubao did react. In fact, Shi Qingyang is only 16 years old. If the family is fine, which 16-year-old child will do such work of exposure to radiation all day? And if a child has something at home, how can he still have money to eat?

"You're a child…it's my treat today, don't eat nutritious food, have the same as me." In the latter sentence, Tao Rubao said with his sister Tao Ruyu. Suddenly, he found that Shi Qingyang did not dislike eating boxed lunch but could not afford it. He was inevitably guilty.

Tao Ruyu smiled and said yes. Shi Qingyang has been very cold. Although she works hard, she seldom speaks. Therefore, she used to be light to Shi Qingyang. Now that she knows about this, she is unavoidably warm to Shi Qingyang.

Shi Qingyang thanked him repeatedly and his mood was complicated. He was really too young to show weakness…

Most of the packed lunch with 40 credit points is meat paste, and there is also a small piece of potato. Now plants are all grown without soil in the city. The price is expensive. For such a piece of potato that is only the size of a thumb, there will be 10 credit points. As for the ordinary packed lunch with only meat paste, the price is twice that of the nutritious meal, with 30 credit points.

Although he ate one and a half portions of nutritious food this morning, the 16-year-old boy had the best appetite. Shi Qingyang naturally ate the whole meal completely. Then, he packed up his lunch boxes and those made of pottery and jade and put them in a special recycling point-the lunch boxes and water bottles are made of alloy and will be recycled.

In the afternoon, their business got better. Shi Qingyang used to be hungry all day. Although he was diligent, his spirit was always weak. This time he worked very quickly. Not only that, he also took the initiative to greet the guests.

Tao Rubao was surprised to see Shi Qingyang for several times. Previously, Shi Qingyang sat alone all day and did not speak. Today's change is not insignificant. However, he felt that he had found the reason when he thought he had invited him to lunch, which he had to work three or four hours to earn back.

Spark city in and out of the most, is a van and two-wheeled chariots, two-wheeled chariots is very flexible, van can hold a lot of things, spark city people generally work together, form a team, deserve to go up a few two-wheeled chariots a van, and then out of the city hunting animals.

However, at three or four o'clock this afternoon, suddenly six four-wheeled chariots, rare in spark city, came in through the long passage at the entrance to the city.

Black four-wheeled chariots have been stained with blood because they have been driving outside for a long time, but they still look very imposing. For such chariots, an ordinary one needs hundreds of thousands of credit points. These few…

Shi Qingyang, who has experienced ups and downs, has good eyesight. He is very sure that these six cars will cost millions. The middle one is even modified.

Judging from the blood and mud on these cars, they should have been driving outside the city for several days, so these people are from other cities?

Just thinking about it, several cars had already been driven to the square, and some people wearing anti-radiation combat uniforms came down from the cars one after another. The people on the cars next to them all had blood stains. The people on and off the modified cars in the middle were clean, including even an old man and a teenager.

The young man was wearing a thick anti-radiation suit, but he still looked slender. He was also wearing a white anti-radiation helmet. Perhaps he had a hard time getting into the city. He opened the mask and gasped for air, revealing a pale and unnatural face.

"However, young master, you are not in good health and there is radiation here. Please put on your mask." Next to the old man even took off his helmet, but in urging the young mask down.

The young man nodded and obediently put down his mask.

But master, Cheng Ran? Shi Qingyang still remembers the old man, who was clearly the housekeeper who accompanied Cheng Ran all day.

However, his impression of Cheng Ran should be chubby, but now Cheng Ran is surprisingly thin.

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