In 3016, Shi Qingyang was 16 years old. It was also in this year that his life entered the first low point.

Shi Qingyang was born in Xinghuo City, a tertiary city in the southeast of China, which belongs to Anhang City, a secondary city.

Level 3 city is now the smallest city, but because human beings cannot survive outside the city, Spark City, though small, is inhabited by 500,000 people, most of whom live in underground cities, and there are also not a few people whose families are crowded in a small room of 10 square meters.

Shi Qingyang's life today is not particularly bad, at least because he is a minor, he can receive 1,500 credit points every month, but before that, although his life was not particularly good, it was also considered medium in this city.

On February 24, 3016, Shi Qingyang's 16th birthday, that is, on that day, he was injected with radiopharmaceutical and successfully induced radiopharmaceutical. Not only that, after a month's stable physical examination, he was actually tested with good results of double C- for radioaccommodation and radioadaptability.

Radiation energy, in fact, is short for radiation energy. Since the asteroid hit the earth in 2045, the whole earth has been shrouded in intense radiation. Animals, human beings and plants have all died in large quantities. Finally, human beings hid underground and built a special underground city against radiation before finally surviving.

After human beings survived the disaster with great difficulty, they found that all mammals had basically become extinct, and every plant had radioactive substances. The only insect that had adapted to such a harsh environment was a previously inconspicuous insect.

Insects reproduce quickly and evolve quickly. They also die in large quantities, but many adapt to the environment full of radiation and produce mutation. The mutated insects are animals.

The unarmed human beings were vulnerable to them. At one time they could only use thermal weapons to deal with these exotic animals until they discovered radiation energy.

After human beings suffer from radiation injury, some people's bodies can generate some turbulent energy. This energy brought by radiation is named radiation energy, which can make human bodies stronger.

Only relying on radiation to possess radiation energy has a great mortality rate, therefore, human beings later developed radiation energy agents.

Now, as long as you are 16 years old or older, you need to go to the hospital to inject radiopharmaceuticals to induce radiation. About 80% of the people can induce success. After success, you need to test the accommodation and adaptability of radiation.

Radiation can accommodate, testing is a person can accommodate how much radiation, radiation adaptability, testing is a person can adapt to how much intensity of radiation.

Radiation energy is a very violent force. There are countless examples of physical collapse caused by being unable to control the radiation energy in one's own body in history. Shi Qingyang's previous life is one example.

The two tests, the worst of which is grade e, both of which are grade e people, can never become radiation fighters in their whole lives. on top of them is grade d, which is likely to become level 1 or level 2 radiation fighters. on top of it is level c, which is expected to become level 3 or level 4 radiation fighters. on top of it, level b is likely to become level 5 and level 6 radiation fighters. on top of it, there is a chance to become level 7 radiation fighters, which is level s, and even the legendary SS and SSS levels.

Today, some people are born with radiation energy. Both radiation energy accommodation and radiation energy adaptability can reach grade S. These people are undoubtedly favored by nature and will never appear in a small tertiary city. In Spark City, the best physique is only grade B. Once someone detects double grade B, they will be sent to secondary city immediately…

Under such circumstances, Shi Qingyang can detect a double C- score, which is naturally a good result. With such a score, he can even go to Spark College, the best college in Spark City, and learn the application of radiation energy there.

Nowadays, human beings can only cultivate a small number of plants in the city, which cannot meet the food needs of so many people. The food source is exotic animals outside the city. Only radiation fighters can leave the safety zone outside the city. Therefore, basically everyone wants to become radiation fighters, and so does Shi Qingyang.

Therefore, after receiving the admission notice from Spark College, both he and his parents were very happy. his father was even cruel and planned to plant some herbs in a small area outside the city-irradiated plants can no longer be eaten, but can be used to treat radiation injuries, even to make anti-radiation ointment or medicine for conditioning radiation energy.

Shi Qingyang's father was a secondary radiation fighter, and his mother was a junior pharmacist. The two men planted herbs outside the city. As long as they were willing to spend their time, they would certainly make a lot of money. But nobody expected that the herbs they planted had attracted foreign animals. First came a grasshopper beast, then a mantis beast…

A secondary radiation fighter, it is impossible to mantis beast opponent! When the Xinghuo City patrol arrived, Shi Qingyang's parents were both dead.

All the money in the family has been put into the medicine plantation, leaving only a part of the living expenses. His parents, who originally planned to harvest the first batch of medicine before he started school and sell it for him to study…Shi Qingyang just got the bad news of his parents' death and found out that he had to save the tuition fees for school alone.

As for not going to school…if he doesn't go to Spark College, how will he learn to use radiation energy? If he did not learn how to use radiation, how could he kill foreign animals and help his parents take revenge?

Shi Qingyang couldn't give up going to school. His double C- scores weren't enough to make the school pay attention to his tuition reduction. Finally, the only thing he could do was to work and save money…

This is undoubtedly a very gloomy year in his life, and now he has come back?

Returning to my mind from my memory, Shi Qingyang was not sure whether all this was true or not. He hesitated for a moment, looked at the contact terminal in his hand, and then ordered the balance of the inquiry.

Every citizen of the earth alliance can get a chip bound to himself after birth, which records all the information. this chip is placed in everyone's contact terminal, allowing people to do many things with the contact terminal, such as buying food.

There are 18,798 credit points…Shi Qingyang remembered that Spark College's tuition fee is 20,000 credit points a year. when he made great efforts to collect 20,000 and pay the tuition fee, he finally did not have the money to pay the miscellaneous fees, which attracted the ridicule of his classmates and even did not buy the meal card.

Of course, with his situation at that time, he also had no money to eat in the school canteen.

Dumped his head, no longer think much, Shi Qingyang walked along the streets of the underground city.

The underground city is made of steel and stone. The sky cannot be seen here. The lighting relies on scattered street lamps. However, everyone has become accustomed to such an environment and will not be unable to adapt.

Shi Qingyang walked along the street. There were not many stores in the underground city. He walked for a while before he saw a store selling food and water.

A box of 15 credit points and a bottle of water for nutritious meals.

Previously, Shi Qingyang would only buy a box of nutritious meals and a bottle of water at night every day. After eating half a box of nutritious meals in the morning, he would have to wait for the evening to eat. However, this time, he did not feel wronged. He bought a box of nutritious meals and a bottle of water, and then wolfed down the food and drank half a bottle of water.

After satiated with food and drink, he became more and more sure that all this was true. Facing this situation, he was both glad and sad.

I'm glad I got the chance to do it again, and I'm sad that he didn't go back to before his parents died.

His parents, who were the only people in the world who would treat him unconditionally, died in the mouths of foreign animals, with no bones left!

And he himself, also died in the mouth of animals…

The picture of the whole city destroyed before death seems to be just around the corner. At that time, Shi Qingyang did not even know where he was.

Clenched his fist, he ran along the underground city road, although it has been 20 years, but this road he used to run twice a day is still very familiar with, before long, he came to the entrance.

Go up the steps, brush the contacts at the door and go out, then from the dark underground world to the ground.

The buildings on the ground of Spark City are not high, and there is a semi-circular protective cover above it. The protective cover is transparent, but because it is coated with thick anti-radiation coating, it finally becomes translucent. However, even so, it is much brighter than underground city.

The shopping malls, schools and various guilds of Spark City are all on the ground. The roads here are still very wide, and some chariots go back and forth on the roads.

Before his parents died, Shi Qingyang had been studying in a nearby school, but after his parents died, he didn't go to school again. Instead, he found a job of washing the car, which was located at the entrance of Ximen to Xinghuo City.

People who have been out of the city will bring radioactive substances with them when they return to the city. They need to clean up their own anti-radiation clothing at the door. Naturally, they also need to clean up their chariots. This job will be exposed to strong radiation. People who have not induced radiation can't do it at all. He is not supposed to do it at his age. After all, radiation damage is not small, but he is really short of money.

Moreover, this job has another advantage, that is, it can contact the radiation fighters who return to the city. These people often talk about the world outside the city and even exchange some radiation knowledge. As a young man, he will never give up such learning opportunities.

There are countless entrances between the underground city of Xinghuo City and the above-ground city. In addition to public passages, all buildings on the ground have basements connecting the underground city. However, there are only four gates out of the city and into the city, one in the southeast and one in the northwest.

Shi Qingyang lives in the west of the city, where he works, that is, a car wash shop at the entrance of Ximen.

Simon has an entrance to the city and an entrance to the city, covering a wide area. There are a square into the city and a square out of the city respectively. The square out of the city mainly gives people in the city various preparations. Some people sell all kinds of radiation-proof clothing paint and even ointment in the shops around the square. However, there are many car washes and laundries in the square into the city, and some people sell some food that is more expensive than the city. Of course, the most is to buy shops that deal with foreign animals.

In order to prevent radiation from entering the city and polluting it, Shi Qingyang once again brushed his contact terminal on the machine, walked through the long passage, then felt the clear radiation energy and smelled the strange smell and blood smell brought by foreign animals.

All this is very familiar to him.

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