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Shi Qingyang was awakened by hunger. Hunger is no stranger to him. Hungry awakening is even more common. In his life, he had to endure hunger for several years every day. Therefore, before someone asked him what he liked best, he would answer food every time.

However, isn't he already dead? How can you feel hungry when you are already dead?

The vast number of animals rushing towards the city is by no means fake. Even his heavily guarded research institute has been broken through. Where else can they escape?

Moreover, Shi Qingyang clearly remembered that when he was tackled by the giant spider beast, there was a huge explosion in the whole central city. Such an explosion was most likely the central city started the self-destruction mechanism. The Central City is the largest city in China. Once it explodes itself, the residents of the city, the animals that are ravaging the city and him will have no chance to survive.

At that time, the feelings of despair, anger and fear seemed to be rolling in his body. Now, he only felt hunger…

Shi Qingyang suddenly opened his eyes wide, and then everything that came into view made his whole body stiff.

In a dark and narrow room, there was nothing on the metal wall except a poster, which was strictly a chariot advertisement-on an overbearing motorcycle chariot, a man with a protective helmet on his face was looking at the camera with sharp eyes. It was a very handsome man, and even his favorite radiation fighter as a teenager.

This civilian was born, and after suffering, he succeeded as a radiation fighter, which was once one of his driving forces.

However, he soon passed the man by a wide margin. Later, when he met him again, the man had become extremely weak due to the radiation riots in his body and bowed to him. He also learned by accident that most of the reports about how much effort the man had made were fabricated. So the worship of the youth, also instantly dissipated…

Now, how can this picture appear in front of him? In other words, how did he appear in this room that accompanied him through the most painful and difficult two years?

Shi Qingyang suddenly grasped his right wrist. The cold metal texture made him shake. He lowered his head and saw something that made his heart beat faster.

On his thin arm, a black square contact terminal was worn on his wrist. This is the basic contact terminal provided free of charge by the Chinese government to every citizen. It is not only ugly, but also has very few uses. No one can use it except the people at the bottom. Shi Qingyang used it all the time when he was young and got a lot of ridicule. Because of this, when he was 19 years old and finally had more money, he immediately bought a fashionable and versatile one to replace it without hesitation.

The contact terminal in front of him was once abandoned by Shi Qingyang as a disgrace, but later he did not even have the chance to wear the contact terminal.

Shi Qingyang has experienced ups and downs in his life. At first, he lived on government relief funds and odd jobs. Later, he became the strongest man in China except for two old men who could no longer make moves. However, he soon became a waste because he was countered by energy riots…

In the last few years, he spent in the research institute. Those people told the public that they had arranged the best pharmacists for him to undergo treatment. In fact, they were studying why he could become a strong 8 in a short period of time and had strong radiation control.

Why did he become a strong 8, mostly related to the month when he fought in the ant nest, but the specific situation is not even clear to him. As for his radiation control power…He can have all that, but it is only because of the efforts of far superior people!

His parents are both dead and he can't even get the money to go to school. If he wants to succeed, he naturally needs to make more efforts. How can those young masters and young ladies who have received the best training since childhood understand?

Of course, now is not the time to think about these, this time Shi Qingyang just want to find out their situation.

The old contact terminal shows the current time-August 3, 3016.

Although he never knew the time again after being sent to the research institute, he repeated the life of being drawn blood and cut every day, but he clearly remembered that it was 3037 when he entered the research institute.

Is he dreaming? The dream came 20 years ago, when he had the most difficult time?

Shi Qingyang subconsciously felt the radiation energy in his body. The radiation energy in his body was negligible, but it was controlled by him!

What the hell is going on here?

All kinds of memories filled my mind. Shi Qingyang clenched his hand and fingernails squeezed deeply into the flesh. It was not until the bell came from the contact terminal that he suddenly regained consciousness. At the same time, he felt the pain and hunger in his hand.

He will still feel pain and hunger. Does this mean that he is still alive?

Shi Qingyang heart became a mess, at the same time quickly stretched out his hand and pressed the contact terminal answer key.

This most common contact terminal cannot be projected virtually, but it can display images. Under the condition that the opposite person does not set a private mode, Shi Qingyang saw a unshaven face and various tools for cleaning and repairing chariots with walls hung on the back.

He was no stranger to that face. It was the owner of the car wash shop where he worked when he was young. However, his strength improved so fast that he never saw this person again after leaving Spark City.

"Boy, why haven't you come today? Is it uncomfortable?" Tao Rubao, who was shown on the contact terminal, frowned, but his voice was not good.

Shi Qingyang at that time some trance.

"Hey, kid, what's wrong with you?" Tao Rubao asked again.

"I'll be right over!" Shi Qingyang immediately said that he was now eager to understand his situation.

"That's good." Tao Rubao directly cut off the communication.

Shi Qingyang got up from the bed and felt even more hungry. He remembered that he would prepare the food for the next day the night before then. Sure enough, he saw half a box of nutritious food on the table.

Although the nutritious meal sounds good, it is made from the offal's water and minced edges and corners. The taste is very poor, and of course the price is cheap.

Since the asteroid with huge radiation hit the earth 1,000 years ago, half of the animals and plants on the earth have been extinct, and the rest have changed.

Nowadays, plants in the wild are all irradiated and can no longer be eaten. Now, human beings rely on exotic animal meat for their food source except for a few plants cultivated in cities.

However, the price of good exotic meat is not low. For Shi Qingyang, who is on the dole, he can't afford it. In order to save enough to go to Spark College, he dare not eat more even the worst nutritious meals, only one box a day.

This kind of life, he lived for two full years, and once felt very inspirational, but later regret very anxious to smoke himself to death.

At that time, he had just acquired radiation energy and had to work every day. He had to do high-intensity exercises. When he was 16 years old and began to develop, even if he ate a box of nutritious meals, he could not eat enough. He ate a box of nutritious meals every day and was starving all the time.

The radiation energy in his body is relatively stable. Unfortunately, because he did not keep up with nutrition and was over-trained when he was young, his body suffered serious losses, and every time he fought for a long time, his body would have problems…

In the end, others just grabbed this weakness and let him fall from the cloud to the mud, never having the chance to turn over again.

Shi Qingyang slapped himself in the face and then, without thinking about it, wolfed down half a box of nutritious meals.

Even with the strongest technology, there is no way to make food out of thin air. Food is naturally very precious. Therefore, although the taste of this nutritious meal is very bad, Shi Qingyang ate it all and did not waste it at all. He even licked the boxes when he was too hungry when he was young.

However, in private, although he is like this, in front of outsiders, he has always maintained a pride, never bowed their heads, even if someone once kindly gave him food, he was very merciless refused…

That's because of self-esteem.

However, when he lay in the research institute without self-esteem and looked back on his life, he found out how stupid he was when he was young.

Can self-esteem be used as food? At that time, if he was willing to accept other people's help, willing to lower his head and faint from hunger during training, such a thing would certainly not happen.

After putting away the iron boxes used for the nutritious meals, Shi Qingyang touched his stomach. Half a box of nutritious meals could not fill his stomach at all. However, he felt much better after having something in his stomach. He drank half a bottle of water that he had put beside him. Only then did he open the door and leave his home.

Yes, his home is just a small room, a small room of 10 square meters located in the inner city.

As soon as Shi Qingyang opened the door, he saw a small passage that only allowed two people to pass side by side. Both sides of the passage were made of steel, with door after door. Behind each door, there was a small room like this. Even under this floor of the house, there was the existence of the second underground floor, where there were also many people living.

Since the ecology of the whole earth was destroyed thousands of years ago and powerful radiation flooded the whole earth, human beings have been living underground for a long time. It was not until nearly 500 years that cities began to derive from the ground, with the difference between underground cities on the ground.

Nowadays, people with money and ability will mostly choose houses on the ground. These houses can let them feel the morning and dark through huge protective covers. Even if the radiation on the ground is stronger, they also have basements connecting underground cities.

Shi Qingyang lived in a house like that, but he lived in an underground city most of the time. All this in front of him made him very familiar.

Now the house does not need to be purchased, as long as it can afford the monthly management fee and energy consumption fee. although the Shi Qingyang family did not have the ability to live on the ground and in the underground city, they also had the ability to live in a house with two rooms and two halls and a good location.

Unfortunately, after his parents died in the mouth of a strange animal, Shi Qingyang could no longer afford to live in a house with more than 1,500 credit points each month for management and energy consumption. His current house requires only one fifth of the previous cost.

After walking through a narrow passage of 200 meters, Shi Qingyang came to the streets of the underground city.

There are spacious roads on the ground that allow chariots to pass. The only means of transportation in the underground city is trams. The two tracks are in the middle of the street. As long as you brush the contact terminal, you can use the price of two credit points to let the car carry him to the entrance of the underground city.

However, Shi Qingyang remembered that he did not use the bus before. At that time, if he really had spare money, he would definitely choose to buy food-he had no money to go to the exercise room and run anyway, was it not also a kind of exercise method?

When I was young, my memory came back to me again and again. Shi Qingyang looked at everything he was familiar with and was at a loss for a moment.

All this should not be false, then, is he really back to the age of 16?

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