"Mother, look at what I brought you back." As soon as he got home, he put down the firewood on his back, Qi Shiqin enthusiastically started his'Mother's Road to a Good Son'.

These prey successfully won the hearts of everyone in the Qi family, because it means they can have an extra meal tonight. Since Zhou Cuicui's big baby came back, everyone's food has improved a lot, and there will be no complaints from Zhou Cuicui if there are enough ingredients.

The two fat rabbits are very good, and the rabbit fur is white and soft. Qi Shiqin's rabbit skins are well removed and ready to be tanned. In the future, I can get my husband a glove or something.

Working swiftly in his hands, Qi Shiqin greeted his mother: "Mother, I've been back for two days now, and I haven't been to their house when I got married. Tomorrow I am going to bring Jingshu with the child. Go to my father-in-law's house and come back this afternoon."

Zhou Cuicui didn't know that her son was nearly killed by the Wei County Order's family, so she naturally agreed: "Why don't you go and say hello, mother will get you some money later, and see if you still lack." What? I just bought it back together."

Qi Shiqin said: "Mother, don't give it to me, I still have it myself." At any rate, I have fought for so long, how could it be no good? When fighting bandits, he can have all the things found. Servings.

Today's dinner was delicious, the oil was extravagant, Qi Ge's mouth was full of oil, sitting on his father's lap, shaking his short legs from time to time. Pulling at Daddy's sleeve, he shouted, "Father, I want to eat that."

"I want too." Wei Jing said.

Qi Shiqin:…

Did he raise two sons?

He picks up the dishes obediently, Qi Shiqin is very fond of his son, and wants to pick him up at any time. The small dumplings are also very cooperative and like his father's hug very much. As for the question that boys shouldn't be spoiled, Qi Shiqin said that he was completely unclear. He had not suffered in his two lives when he was a child.

When the meal is over, the day is almost dark. In this era, because of the lighting, I eat very early, and there are not many entertainment activities, and I go to bed quite early.

After a stroll in the yard, I took a big tub and directly gave Qi Ge a wash in the yard for nothing. The water splashed everywhere. Put my son in the bed and put the child to sleep. Then he should serve his precious family. The little prince.

The big bath tub was placed in the bedroom, and a screen covered the spring light inside, only indistinctly able to see the projection of the shadow, and the sound of the water shook Qi Shiqin's heartstrings even more. He untied his clothes and put them on the screen, leaving only a pair of obscene trousers on his body, showing strong muscles and full of allure.

The sound of exclamation and the sound of entering the water interlaced, and Wei Jingshu's face was crimson. He covered his eyes and did not dare to look at people: "You… why did you come in?"

Qi Shiqin stretched out his hand to pull the person over, sat in his arms, gently placed his head on Wei Jingshu's white neck, sniffing, and biting lightly from time to time: "Of course I want to exchange feelings with you. I've been to the northwest for so long. I miss you very much. When I can't sleep at night, I'm wondering if you will be married to someone else after I come back."

Wei Jingshu said, he didn't know how to react: "Then… what if I marry someone else?"

Qi Shiqin smiled sullenly for a while, raised his head and looked at Wei Jingshu seriously, his shadow reflected in his deep pupils: "Then I will catch you back, shut it in the room, and tie it to the bed with an iron chain to let you You can't live without me, okay? If you dare to run, I'll break your leg." As he said, his hand was still touching Wei Jingshu's straight white leg.

Wei Jingshu shook with fright. He didn't know the scientific name for this kind of eyes was'abnormal'. At this time, he could only be thankful that he was pregnant with a child and looked down on other people who wanted to propose to him.

After a long while, Qi Shiqin laughed out loud: "You lied to you, how am I willing to break your leg."

Wei Jingshu looked at him, eased his heart, and hammered Qi Shiqin's chest a few times: "You are about to scare me to death."

The atmosphere gradually became ambiguous, Qi Shiqin's hands moved irregularly over Wei Jingshu's body, touched his straight buttocks, and kneaded it with greater intensity. Not long after, the room was filled with the rippling sound of water waves and Wei Jingshu's uncontrollable cry.

Although it was still summer, it was not good to soak in cold water for a long time at night. After the end, Qi Shiqin took Wei Jingshu to the bed. He had to get up early the next day, and he just hugged people and talked.

Wei Jingshu thought of the child's affairs, and felt that he should talk about it, otherwise the relationship would be too deep to resolve in the future. Pushing Qi Shiqin, he looked up and said, "Have you noticed any problems with Qi Ge?"

Qi Shiqin didn't think much: "It's nothing, our son is very well-behaved and obedient, and he is also cute."

Wei Jingshu said: "Don't you find that he is too obedient? You never make some embarrassing requirements for adults, let you do what you say, he can understand everything you say."

"Isn't this normal? He is three years old." There are more cute babies with high EQ and IQ on TV later, and he doesn't think there is anything wrong.

Wei Jingshu remembered that Qi Ge was living next to him. Although he knew that the other party could not hear him, he still lowered his voice subconsciously, and said all the things he had discovered before.

He was loved by the county magistrate before, and his mother, Zhang, was not a scheming person, so besides his arrogant personality, he was really a silly and sweet character. There are only six or seven people in the backyard of the county magistrate. The life is fairly plain, and there are often quarrels, but there are really no harems such as drug, frame, and so on.

At least Wei Jingshu didn't know. So even if it was Liu Qianqian who was in charge of the housekeeping power, he didn't care, he received the best treatment anyway.

Then he was calculated to have one in his stomach.

Since then, he has gradually awakened, and everyone around him has been cleaned up, and there are people guarding the house all day. But one day, a distant relative of Liu Qianqian came over and wanted to marry Wei Jingshu, saying that he didn't care about the children.

Of course Wei Jingshu was unwilling. This relative was mad at seeing it, not like a good thing. Wei County Order also did not agree. As a result, Wei Jingshu was accidentally pushed into the pond. He couldn't swim, and neither could the maid around him. Only the relative wanted to jump into the water to save people.

Even if Liu Qianqian's mother and daughter had planned, Qi Shiqin was also dead. If the foreigner were to rescue Wei Jingshu, then he would have to marry this person.

Of course, Zhang Clan, Wei Jingshu, and Qi Ge, who heard their conversation in their stomachs, knew that Qi Shiqin was not dead, and they were alive outside.

At this moment of decisive emergency, Qi Ge, who was only over two years old, asked him to find a bamboo pole to save the people. At the same time, he stuck a small knife with a large palm into the thigh of the joyful man without changing his face. It hurts. The man yelled.

No one knows why such a small child has a knife on his body.

Wei Jingshu went back that night and became ill. He was lying on the bed groggy and had a serious fever. After a few days, he heard the maid say that a poisonous snake appeared in Wei Qingqing's house, as if he had crawled in through the open windows. It was just that she wanted to drink water in the middle of the night, but the maid who came in to pour the water was bitten. Fortunately, the treatment was timely.

He thought that Wei Qingqing was really retribution, but it didn't take long for him to hear that the relative was on his way home. The horse suddenly went crazy and fell to death under the cliff.

Suddenly he thought of his son. He never avoided the child when he talked to Zhang, and the accident happened after his son learned to walk. I also think that my son hasn't been crying since he was a child. He would make a few sounds when he was hungry or when he urinates. He used to have the feeling that children could understand him.

Thinking about it now, people really understand it.

At that time, Qi Ge was not as active as with Qi Shiqin, and he didn't like to laugh. His dark eyes would sometimes surprise Wei Jingshu when he saw it suddenly. Wei Jingshu was still a child when he gave birth, and he was still a child, so he didn't care much about the child after giving birth, and left it to the nurse and the Zhang family.

After his deliberate observation, Wei Jingshu confirmed his suspicion, because after some searches, he found some small bottles containing various poisons. Qi Ge was still young, so he could only put things in the yard.

After that, Wei Jingshu was alive and frightened. Although Qi Ge is now appearing to be leading him, he was frightened to death when he saw those calm eyes. He reflected on his irresponsible performance, and felt that he had no credit for anything except October when he was pregnant, for fear that one day Qi Ge would kill him if he felt that this mother was too useless.

Before he could think about it, the child was gone.

After listening to such a long story, Qi Shiqin pondered for a moment and asked: "How do you think such a small child got a poisonous snake? I caught it with my hands, or is there any way to drive a snake." Can use musical instruments to drive snakes away.

Wei Jingshu waited nervously for a long time before waiting for this sentence. He angrily patted Qi Shiqin: "I'm telling you a serious thing!"

"Well, I am here, don't be afraid." Qi Shiqin hugged someone and kissed his forehead. He knew that people who hadn't been washed by the information explosion would be scared if they came into contact with them suddenly.

"Listening to you, my son has been protecting you too, which shows that he has no bad intentions towards us. And during my time with him, I also found that our son seems to be very close to us, so you little villain doesn't care. "He made a joke, and the anxious Wei Jingshu instantly grabbed his waist.

"Well, no kidding, I'll go on."

"You can see that our son's temperament is quite simple, emmm…at least for us. And you said that his eyes are scary, which means that our son must have suffered a lot before. He was so close to us and said Maybe he didn't have parents before, or he was treated very badly by others."

Seeing that aroused a little sympathy from Wei Jingshu, Qi Shiqin continued: "No matter who he was before, but now he is our son, don't be afraid of him. You are a great hero who killed countless enemies on the battlefield. I I will protect you well. If it doesn't work, don't force yourself. Let's have a few more in the future."

"Who wants to have more births with you?" Wei Jingshu groaned. But he took the initiative to lean on Qi Shiqin, sweet in his heart, I just feel that I don't need to think about everything. With him, I seem to be safe.

After pestering Qi Shiqin to talk about the three-year experience for a while, the two people slowly hugged each other to sleep.


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