In the early morning of the next day, Qi Shiqin took the gifts prepared by Zhou Cuicui, that is, bacon, wild mushrooms and the like. In his family's situation, he could only give these, which was somewhat interesting. It should be almost the same when you get to the city and buy more.

Qi Ge is jumping around, looking very energetic, not at all like a child of this age being lethargic. Qi Shiqin touched his chin, feeling that his son should have crossed over from the martial arts studio, and he didn't know whether martial arts were great or not.

In contrast, Wei Jingshu's sleepy eyes were dim, his eyes narrowed, pulling Qi Shiqin's sleeves, wanting to sleep a little longer.

When he was farther away from the house, he squatted down and said, "Come up, I'll carry you."

Today is the day to go to the fair. Although Qi Shiqin wanted to hide from people, he still ran into it. It was his third brother's family who came. When Qi Sanlang saw his sixth brother, he smiled and said hello: "Sixth brother, are you going to the market too? What's wrong with my younger brothers and sisters?"

People are polite to him, and Qi Shiqin naturally replied: "Jing Shu, he woke up too early in the morning, and now he is a little sleepy. We are going to see his father-in-law and his mother-in-law, and by the way, we will buy back everything we are missing."

Although social ethics are strict, in the countryside, married couples are not particularly demanding. Seeing the young couple back together, the ones who broke their mouths talked some gossip at most, and the others might even envy the young couple in a good relationship.

However, it is not suitable to go on in some cases, but it is the third brother's family that Qi Shiqin doesn't care about.

Seeing that his sixth brother had a good attitude, Qi Sanlang was willing to pay attention to him. He felt unexplainable excitement for a while, and hurriedly said: "This burden is not heavy, I will help you take it for a while." Qi Shiqin originally hung something on his shoulders. , Had slipped onto his arm while walking, and hurriedly reached out to take it.

"The third brother is going to the market?"

"That's right, there is a problem with our wine, Xiaoyue and I are going to have a look." Qi Laosan said honestly, not paying attention to He Yue's dissatisfied eyes.

Qi Shiqin asked: "What's the matter?"

"It's not a big problem. Originally, our family gave the recipe for wine making to Yipinlou, and we would make some to sell, but now there are other restaurants in the city that also make this kind of wine. He Yue and I I want to see what's going on."

Qi Shiqinxin said that the third brother's family mainly distilled alcohol, and the alcohol concentration has become higher. Compared with other alcoholic beverages, this is an extra distillation process. Maybe it was researched out.

He didn't have any good ideas about this, "The third brother, please pay more attention."

After hearing these words, Xiao Tao realized that there was a problem with the family's business, and she was a little uneasy. She didn't want to return to the previous poor life. Seeing Qi Shiqin's indifferent expression, she suddenly said loudly: "Father, let's go faster, the sun is above our heads."

In order to accommodate the child Qi Ge, everyone slowed down.

Wei Jingshu was also awakened by this sound. He rubbed his eyes in a daze, his voice was a little hoarse and soft: "What's the matter?"

Seeing someone, his mind became clear for an instant, and he struggled to get down, and whispered: "Why don't you let me down when someone is here."

"It's okay. This is my third brother."

Qi Sanlang had already separated when Wei Jingshu got married. He had also heard of such a thing. He ran home every day and never saw anyone.

Seeing that Qi Shiqin seemed to have a good attitude, Wei Jingshu also asked hello.

He Yue had read Wei Jingshu for a long time before. This was the most beautiful boy she had ever seen, with a particularly delicate appearance and fair skin. It's just that people are a little perfunctory, and there is a feeling that they don't pay attention to people, and the greetings seem quite casual.

And Qi Shiqin didn't even call her this time, nor looked at her once, He Yue felt a little irritable. Since she was a woman who earned this family business, the villagers said sourly, no one would envy her, and no one would ignore her anymore.

Qi Sanlang was a little embarrassed. He knew what his daughter meant, and said angrily: "You have to go by yourself, what will the adults say and the children will interrupt."

Seeing her husband scolding his daughter in front of outsiders, He Yue said, "Xiao Tao didn't say anything bad, why are you scolding your daughter like this?"

"Just get used to it, look at your good daughter's temper, who can stand it then."

He Yue didn't care: "Just for Xiaotao's dowry, whoever marries home will have to pay her." This woman has a good dowry and her confidence is hardened, thinking that the original owner only brought a bag of old clothes. After marrying to Qi's family, Zhou Cuicui was so displeased with the original owner, but treated the eldest wife Wu in particular.

Qi Shiqin didn't pay attention to this, and picked up the son who was next to him: "Is it tired after walking for so long?"

"I can still go by myself, my mother is sleepy. And my father is also tired." Qi Ge said seriously with his eyes like black grapes open.

Qi Shiqin happily kissed him. This son really didn't hurt him enough: "Daddy is very strong. Let's go faster. When we get to the city, let's see if there is anything delicious. You can buy everything you like. "

After entering the city, the two families separated. Qi Shiqin went to buy some other gifts, and then went to the father-in-law's house with Wei Jingshu.

The county magistrate Wei was very happy to take Qi Shiqin to the study, ready to talk about these years. On the other side, Zhang took Wei Jingshu into the room.

Sitting on the bed and holding his lost grandson, Zhang cried in excitement: "Xiao Ge got it back, got it back."

Wei Jing wrote: "It's a coincidence that Xiang Gong, on his way back, just happened to ran into our family's Xiao Ge. He deserves to be a father and son, and he is indeed destined."

Zhang wiped away his tears and complained a little bit: "When did the son-in-law come back? You kid won't report a letter to me, and Xiao Ge, do you know how sad my mother is during this time!"

Wei Jingshu wiped Zhang's handkerchief and said, "They just came back two days ago. I'm not here to see my mother."

At this time, Zhang gave Qi Ge to the maid beside him, and asked her to take it out to find some delicious cakes for the children. Qi Ge obediently nodded, he understood that the next thing was not for the children to listen to.

Seeing that Qi Ge was out, Zhang took his son's hand and asked, "How is your son-in-law treating you? Does he mind what happened before?"

Hearing this Wei Jingshu raised his chin somewhat proudly, Taohua looked like stars in her eyes, and said triumphantly: "I heard what he said personally. I have been thinking about me for so many years. He saw me at his house at the time. , I don't know how happy my expression is, everything is up to me, it's still the same as before."

While Zhang was delighted that the child was doing well, he said, "Don't always take your son-in-law's kindness to you for granted. You have always been like this. People can't wait to respond and feel cold. I see what you do!" She always felt that My son is sorry to Qi Shiqin.

Wei Jingshu pouted: "He wouldn't treat me that way." He was obviously such a cheeky person, and he…he began to like him slowly.

Lunch was eaten at the mansion, accompanied by the magistrate Wei and Zhang, but the other women were not together. After eating, Qi Shiqin said goodbye, and they wanted to go out for a stroll.

The streets are very lively on both sides, and there are various shops.

Qi Shiqin looked everywhere, and was suddenly pulled into a rouge shop by Wei Jingshu. The environment is quiet and all kinds of makeup and skin care products are neatly placed. Wei Jing said: "This is the place my mother told me. I heard that it is newly opened. The contents are very complete and the effect is very good."

In the shop, a little girl in a formal dress with a polite smile came to help Wei Jingshu introduce one by one, mainly various facial cleansing and skin care products for all types of skin, as well as some rouge and lip gloss. good-looking.

Qi Shiqin is completely acceptable to his husband to buy these.

However, he felt that Wei Jingshu itself was beautiful enough, his skin was white, and his lips were not touched. Some things were completely unnecessary.

Sitting on the chair beside him with Qi Ge in his arms, the young and old watched Wei Jingshu and the little service girl eagerly, and then bought a lot of them. Not to mention, this newly opened store is really dark, and most people may not be able to afford it.

"Let's go." Wei Jingshu was in a good mood, with bright eyes: "Are we going to buy anything else?"

Qi Shiqin took the things for him, and said in a soft tone: "Look at the snacks and snacks you like. Let's buy more and bring some for the children. In addition, I need to buy some clothes for Xiao Ge. I didn't prepare these either."

In the past few days, Qi Ge wore a few sets that Qi Shiqin bought him when he came back.

I walked down the road and bought a lot of things. When he returned home, Qi Shiqin bought his son's childhood necessities-candied haws. A bunch of sandwiches, sweet and sour, children should like it.

Qi Ge got the hand and gave Wei Jingshu the first one: "Mother, you eat it."

Seeing Qi Ge's expectant eyes, Wei Jingshu couldn't help but feel softened and bit one: "It's so sweet and delicious."

Qi Shiqin made a mess and said: "Oh, son, you like your mother and don't like daddy, so you didn't give it to daddy first, daddy is jealous."

"No, I like Daddy, I'm going to give it to Daddy." Qi Ge said hurriedly.

"Then why don't you give it to me first?" Qi Shiqin smiled happily.

Qi Ge now knew that his father was teasing him, and he smiled and said, "Father, you are a big man. You don't want to be a mother, and you bully children." Because Qi Shiqin is indulging in him, now Qi Ge also started to be a little bit naughty, and dared to tease his father.

When returning home, Qi Shiqin hired a carriage with a lot of things, and the family talked and laughed on it. With Qi Shiqin's company, Wei Jingshu felt that Qi Ge did not scare him so much, and even kept teasing him because Qi Ge looks like Qi Shiqin.

After all, Qi Shiqin is not as fun as a child, so he can be bullied. 

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