The things I bought contained a lot of heavy burdens, and Wei Jingshu took the things into his room in the eyes of everyone who didn't understand it, and only took a little bit of it.

On the other hand, Qi Shiqin took the clothes he bought for his parents and gave them to the two elders. The happy Zhou Cuicui was full of praise. Old man Qi was not good at expressing emotions verbally, but his face was full of smiles.

The second daughter-in-law Wu's face darkened, but she smiled and said in a blink of an eye: "Mother, you see this material is really good, it feels comfortable to the touch, and it will definitely be warm in a few days. Xiao Liu is really filial, this book is not white. Read."

Zhou Cuicui said happily, "Xiao Liu has always been filial since he was a child. I always think about me and his father. The clothes are really good. When it gets cold, I will wear them out and show them."

The old ladies in the village are getting older, and they talk hilariously together. If there is anything comparable, it depends on whose children are capable and filial, and whose family has the best life. The third child had stepped on her face severely before, and this time he had to get it back.

Wu said again: "I shouldn't have said this now, but since Xiaoliu is back, I have bought so many things today. The dim sum is also from Hefangzhai. The place is not cheap. That means there is more money. No need to spend it, or the sixth brother should give the money to the father-in-law, and there is a mother, so it won't be short for the sixth brother to eat and drink."

This meaning was quite obvious. Zhou Cuicui became angry in an instant, and said, "Xiao Liu is no longer rich, and that's what he earned with his life. If you want to be jealous, let your man earn it by himself."

"Mother, you are too partial in what you said. The sixth brother is your son, isn't it true that my father-in-law? Doesn't all the money earned by who sleeps in this family go to the father-in-law? It's all for our family to cut down on food and clothing, and he should come back now."

"Come back? Why didn't you talk about this when you were building the house? Every year when our family didn't have to pay taxes or serve in corvee, I didn't see you say anything. Besides, when I didn't know that you secretly do embroidery every time. Buy it in town." Zhou Cuicui said irritably.

Originally all the joy was extinguished by a basin of cold water, Qi Erlang grabbed Wu by the corner of his clothes, winked at her, and Wu did not speak any more.

Ever since the old three families went out to live a prosperous life, the Qi family's hearts have been lost. In other words, when the juniors formed their own families, they started to care about them.

Back in the room, Wei Jingshu complained: "She is jealous of our things. She won't earn what she wants. What's the use of just looking at others. Besides, the money you spent on studying should have been returned long ago. Right."

Lying on the bed, Qi Shiqin watched Wei Jingshu put all the things he bought into place and put them together neatly, and said, "What? The little boy who doesn't eat the fireworks in the world has fallen into the mortal dust, and he actually started to worry about these trivial things."

"That's not the way to live." Wei Jingshu rolled his eyes: "You think it's the same as before. You saw that when I went back this time, my father's thoughts were all on his son. I was at odds with Liu Qianqian. I won't be able to rely on it from now on."

"In addition, do you take what I used to think too well? You are just the son of the district magistrate. It seems to you how tall I am."

Recall that Wei Jingshu felt that he hadn't spent much money before. Why did he give Qi Shiqin this illusion?

Maybe I just like it too much, I can't help but put him in the most precious place, everything about him is so beautiful. For Qi Shiqin before, he was so far away.

Thinking that the two have become relatives, Qi Shiqin said: "Don't worry, I will always treat you well."

Suddenly, Wei Jingshu seemed to think of something, and looked at Qi Shiqin and said, "You used to offend the eldest prince, but now the emperor is the third prince. Now that your leg injury has healed, can you still go for scientific research?"

This idea can't be dispelled together, and the next step is Jinshi, maybe you can get a champion. His demeanor back then was able to hold down the entire Qingshan Academy, so Wei Jingshu didn't even consider the question of failing to pass the exam.

But now Qi Shiqin didn't plan to take the imperial examination road at all, it was not necessary at all. At first, it was for survival, but now that it is more convenient to find, this way is unnecessary.

"I don't want to go." Qi Shiqin suddenly realized that he didn't seem to hand over anything, and he felt a little guilty for a moment.

Wei Jingshu's round eyes widened, like a little hamster: "Then what are you going to do? Is it possible to cultivate the land, and then rely on the sky to eat. How much can you have at the end of the year, even your son can't afford it," he said It's time for Xiao Ge to be enlightened."

Qi Shiqin was amused by his cute appearance and said, "At least it's okay to raise you."

With that said, he took the luggage he had brought home, took out a token from it, and handed it to Wei Jingshu.

Wei Jingshu took it in doubt, "What's this?" I saw this thing about 10 centimeters in length, with an order written on it, with primitive patterns around it, and it looked very majestic and majestic. This general order is equivalent to a tiger charm and a symbol of military power, but he is currently a bald commander.

After hearing Qi Shiqin's explanation, Wei Jingshu was surprised at first, and then weakly bowed his head, in a posture that I was wrong, and peeked at him from time to time.

Qi Shiqin probably understood that Wei Jingshu was just afraid that he would remember what happened at the beginning. Although both had faults at the beginning, his brother was born in a weak position after he married. He stretched out his hand and rubbed Wei Jingshu's hair, and said soothingly, "Don't think about things that have passed away a long time ago."

Feeling very comfortable to the touch, Qi Shiqin rubbed a few more hands, and Wei Jingshu glared at him: "Don't move." Then he couldn't help but laugh.

The two laughed and laughed, and Qi Shiqin said: "I have looked at it these few days, and it seems that my mother is not planning to send a few children to the real school to study." The village master is a sour scholar who has spent half of his life on the exam. All are just talents, not much insight. It is not enough to really take scientific examinations.

Wei Jing said: "You don't want to think about how expensive it is to really provide a scholar. Not everyone is like you, talented, and meets their own mentors and friends. Look at the whole village, there are only three or four people who have been studying. Personally, don't they want to read it? No, it's something they can't afford."

Qi Shiqin said: "I'm going to send some nephews to study, what do you think?"

Wei Jingshu smiled and said in surprise: "You are so kind, I don't see how much you care about these brothers and sisters."

Now that he has money, he doesn't care about it.

Qi Shiqin squeezed his smooth nose: "Naughty. I'm going to talk to my mentor and see if I can work in the academy. When you are at home alone, I don't worry. Then you can have less conflicts. ."

Several sister-in-laws have sons. If he can make money, then these sister-in-laws should be more tolerant of Wei Jingshu in the future. At least Wei Jingshu's inactivity and non-cooking should not be so intrusive to others.

In another room.

Qi Erlang looked at Wu and asked, "Why did you just say those things with your mother? Do you want to separate?" Thinking about this, Qi Erlang's brows frowned unconsciously.

The Wu clan cast aside his lips: "How is it possible? I'm not stupid." The two of them don't have the skills of the third family. If the family is separated, the old lady must be with the eldest son, and the big head will be given to you. Old folks. The youngest son Zhou Cuicui will not treat him badly either, and in the end he will be given something that is not salty or not.

And they were given a bit of land to go out. They were not a family anymore. First, they had to pay taxes and serve. Although the labor force now seldom was as dead as in previous years, it was still very bitter, and she couldn't bear to be a man.

"Then you know that my mother loves Xiaoliu the most, why are you still saying these things when your mother is so happy?"

Wu said in a low voice: "I shouldn't have used all the money. Who wouldn't the whole family? The sixth brother spends money like running water. It's a big sum, and it will be gone after a few days. Just buy as much money as possible. Snacks, what's the use? Shuanzi's silver lady who reads is still not willing to give it out."

Qi Erlang said angrily: "You can offend Xiaoliu as much as you want, and I will be too lazy to care about you in the future. You used to look like a successful person, but in fact, it is a shallow eyelid, and I don't want to think of Xiaoliu's teacher. Who is it? His legs are getting better now, and he will definitely have a bright future. We are in the same family, and the junior six is ​​better, so I can't help us yet."

I think at the beginning, he felt that the daughter of the Xiucai family could read and write, so he asked people to marry them back in every possible way. But it's just a straight mouth, anyone dare to say a mouth, just to make yourself happy. A few of her daughter-in-laws have been damaged all over the place, and even the third siblings choked.

It's weird that people will take care of it, but she still feels good about herself. Appearing shrewd, but actually stupid.

Seeing Wu's still unconvinced, Qi Erlang walked out without seeing and worrying.

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