Qi Ge found out that he might be falling out of favor. The reason was that his father ran to visit his mentor and brought a small furry milk dog with him.

He had expected that younger brothers and sisters might come to snatch his parents' love for him, but he didn't expect that the strange object and the time so fast would catch him off guard.

The little milk dog was named "Second Treasure". He came according to Qi Ge's ranking, and he was promoted to Dabao. The little milk dog followed Qi Shiqin day and night, making Qi Ge even embarrassed to be his father's little tail again. Even sleeping, the puppy can get into the bed in the middle of the night.

Looking at the inexplicably melancholic child, Qi Shiqin did not expect that his son was jealous with a dog, perhaps because he was afraid of studying, he thought. But it is impossible not to read it. He shouted at Qi Ge: "Xiao Ge, come here quickly, don't be lazy."

After opening the book, he taught his son to recognize more than 20 characters. After clearly explaining the meaning of the sentence, he arranged for Qi Ge to write in large characters.

It is a pitfall, Qi Ge was absolutely literate back then, but when he arrived in this world, he found him! Do not! knowledge! word! The listener is simply sad, crying when he smells it.

Of course he is not alone, and so is He Yue.

The words can be said, but the appearance of each word has mostly changed.

In the study, two desks, one large and one small, are placed side by side. Qi Shiqin is holding a book and looking at it, sometimes watching his son look serious and distressed. The white and tender steamed bun's face is bulging, and he can't help but smile slightly. .

Not long after the door was opened, Wei Jingshu walked in: "Msang Gong, someone came outside and said he was looking for you."

The visitor entered the study and bowed: "The villain has seen the general."

But it turned out that the housekeeper who stayed in the capital to take care of his affairs was rewarded by the emperor. Now that the matter is over, Wang Liang naturally found it.

After hearing the report, Qi Shiqin made a decision: "Don't let the people here know my identity. In addition, I am going to teach at Qingshan Academy. You will prepare a better yard for me."

The general he was appointed by the emperor first did not actually have much real power. He didn't want to be known to everyone, and there were a lot of troubles. As for the future, there are plenty of opportunities. Originally, he didn't want to hide it from his parents, but Zhou Cuicui was too flaunting, so he chose to talk about it later.

"The villain understands."

When he left the study, Qi Ge ran over immediately, his eyes sparkling, full of admiration: "Father, you turned out to be a general, so powerful, my father is a general."

Qi Shiqin enjoys the worship of his son: "That's right, your father was in the northwest at the beginning, but you were so weak. It's not good for you to be so weak. You will practice with your father in the future, and you will become a general when you grow up."

As early as when he received his son, he was slowly nurturing Qi Ge's weak body, and he is much better now.

"Okay. But Dad, since you got home, you sleep until you get up in the sun every day, and you haven't seen what Dad did you do." Qi Ge asked suspiciously.

Don't you worry about it?

Qi Shiqin looked at his son's innocent eyes with toothache, and after confirming that his son was really confused, he choked completely speechless.

He silently saved his image: "In fact, Dad has been suffering too much over the past few years. He is often still practicing martial arts in the middle of the night. He has to get up before dawn in the morning and think about taking it easy when he gets home. This is called first. The bitterness is sweet, so you should study hard, don't be boring, and write a few more big characters every day, depending on what you write. You must know that you are still young and the days of enjoyment are yet to come. ."

Looking at his son, Qi Shiqin's face was instantly bitter, Qi Shiqin smirked inwardly, but his face was serious.

Wei Jingshu just set aside and watched the father and son exchange each other, feeling very good: "Since you are going to buy a yard in the city, then Xiao Ge and I will have to follow you too. Besides, it is inconvenient to stay in this small place, I On weekdays, I don't want to go shopping. When I get to the city, I can also post a post to invite some old friends to gather together."

Qi Shiqin heard the words: "I plan to go home every day. If you don't find it bothersome, it's nothing." His mother always loves him, and she definitely doesn't want him to stay away. He also retaliated to protect his parents.

This is not a big deal, Wei Jing said, "We will take a carriage, and it will only take half an hour for the unity, and nothing will be delayed."

In addition to the bustling city, he has to look at his own confidant. He believes in Qi Shiqin's mind at the moment, but he is also worried that others are calculating.

This feeling has always been meticulously cared for. He didn't understand it before, but now that he has taken care of it, he will gradually understand it.

If you want to buy a yard in the city, and there will be servants waiting at that time, Qi Shiqin also told Zhou Cuicui, to the effect that he has the ability and money. In the future, Zhou Cuicui should not be too tired and can enjoy the blessing.

On the one hand, Zhou Cuicui felt sorry for her son, and she was also happy that his son finally came over. She said: "I don't need any servants to serve. I really want someone to serve. My mother is not used to it. My mother does not ask for anything, as long as you are well.

Qi Shiqin never stinged to act like a baby in front of his mother, saying: "Mother, don't worry, my son can't bear you. Then he will have to come back every day to trouble you."

Zhou Cuicui pretended to be disgusting, but the smile at the corner of her mouth betrayed her mood: "Just your sweet mouth. When you arrive at the academy, you have to thank the dean. At the beginning, they were looking for you personally and wanted to find a way for you. No, I have to go. Get ready to see what you have at home, and bring it to the dean when you have time. You can go to the mountain to see when you have time, and you can send your prey to it. I heard that people in the city are rare."

Even with his son's tall, strong body, Zhou Cuicui is not worried about his son getting hurt when he goes up the mountain.

Soon he was going to take up the post to teach in the academy, and Qi Shiqin was going to settle the matter at the dinner table. He looked at a few children, the eldest son of the elder brother was already too big, and the younger son was just seventeen years old. The second brother's two children are eleven years old and the other eight years old.

"I have something I want to discuss with everyone." After seeing everyone's attention, Qi Shiqin continued: "Back then, my family provided me to study alone, and several elder brothers and sisters-in-laws worked hard. Over the years, I have earned some money. , So in the future, as long as the children of my relatives can read, I will pay for the tuition."

The sister-in-law Zhou and the second sister-in-law Wu both showed joy, but they knew that the mother didn't plan to provide for a few children to study. There are too many to afford it, so they don't want to read it at all. Anyway, no room was willing to provide for other people's children. At that time, Zhou's eldest son was a few years old from Qi Shiqin. He was still the eldest grandson, and was suppressed by Zhou Cuicui and was not sent to school.

The Zhou family complained about this, but the family really had a hard time at the time. With the younger uncle Zhuyu in front, it would be impossible for her son.

At this time, Zhou said in a pleasant surprise: "Is this true? Can you change the school for Huzi?"

Qi Shiqin nodded: "This is okay, but if you let me know that your little ones don't go to school well, don't blame me for being rude."

He was so powerful that several children nodded like a quail, and did not dare to speak.

Wu's father was the teacher of the village school. Although she was reluctant to give her father's teaching ability by her sister-in-law, she also wanted to change places for her two sons.

I have to say that as a daughter, she is quite aware of how many catties her father has.

Looking at the sad-eyed fourth sister-in-law Zheng, she has been married for several years, but she has never had any children. Qi Shiqin said: "In two days, my fourth brother and my sister-in-law will go to the city to find a good doctor to take a look. It shouldn't be difficult to have children while you are young and take care of them."

Qi Shilang did not dare to show his former frivolous posture, and nodded in response.

But in two days, the house that Qi Shiqin wanted was found. The yard is surrounded by wealthy and powerful people. The inspections are tight, the security is much higher, and the environment is good.

In the yard, there are curving waters, majestic rockeries, pavilions and pavilions are all exquisite, revealing a breath of elegance and elegance. The concierge was equipped with a servant, and the kitchen was also available everywhere, and Wang Liang was very reliable in handling affairs.

Qi Shiqin was very satisfied.

Qi Shiqin played the guqin as a professor at the academy. This skill was originally taught to him by his mentor. He has been taught since he was a child and is now considered a minor achievement. It is enough to teach students. The main reason for choosing this course is to cultivate one's moral integrity and it doesn't last long. He had to go home to enlighten his son himself, so he didn't want to talk about it at school, he had to talk about it when he got home.

But this class is leisurely, and the salary is naturally not high.

After seeing the yard, the family of three went out again to go shopping on the street. When I went, I found something was wrong. Yipinlou and the opposite Kelaiju were originally two arena competitions, and no one was convinced by the other two restaurants. But since Yipinlou had fine wine three years ago, it has suddenly overwhelmed visitors.

The source of Yipinlou's fine wine is He Yue. He Yue gave the prescription to the Yipin Building, as long as Yuecheng's 30% profit. The Yipin Building is available all over the country, so it is a big profit, but He Yue knows that he has no power and has to rely on the request of the other party.

But now, it seems that the guests come to live obviously want to be full of friends, and Yipin Lou can not be said to be deserted, but it does not have the posture of the first restaurant in Yuecheng.

After entering the guest house and asking for a private room, the shopkeeper asked enthusiastically: "Guest, what would you like to order?"

Qi Shiqin glanced at the two guys who were obviously waiting to eat, and said, "Bring a few of your restaurant's signature dishes."


Not long after, the dishes came.

After a sip, the taste was really good. Qi Shiqin raised his eyebrows, faintly feeling a smell of MSG. Back then, when he was in junior high school, MSG was almost a craze. Later, I heard that eating too much was harmful to the human body and gradually dissipated.

And for chili, he remembered that this seasoning was not used at this time. I haven't seen some dishes very much, but he didn't often come to restaurants to eat when he was a boy, so he wasn't sure for a while whether these existed in the first place.

Wei Jingshu didn't think so much: "The food here is really delicious, I feel that the taste is much fresher. And the slightly spicy taste is also very fragrant."

Qi Ge nodded again and again.

Qi Shiqin wondered, is this MSG in the end? Is this thing really harmful to the human body? I heard that children eat too much, bad? After thinking about it for a long time, I decided not to come here in the future. It's okay to eat a little occasionally.

Before leaving, Xiao Er also warmly recommended the new product in the store-hot pot. There are spicy hot pot, dog meat hot pot and so on. It is said that they have the reputation of "Dog meat rolls three times and the gods stand unstable." Upon hearing this, Qi Ge silently thought of the little fat dog at home, and decided to come and eat afterwards.

Qi Shiqin has eaten hot pot in the northwest, and it is much simpler than modern reforms and development. But dog meat or something, as a dog lover, plush control, Qi Shiqin silently hit a cross.

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