When he got home, Qi Shiqin heard about the arrangement of the two sisters-in-law. The sister-in-law wanted his son Qi He to be with Qi Shiqin. After all, he was too old, and it would be too late if he didn't struggle.

Qingshan Academy is well-known far and wide, and its beam repair is also high. It costs ten taels a year.

As for the two children from Ersao's family, they were sent to the nearby town, and they planned to be sent to the college in a few years.

Zhou said with some caution: "I think Xiaohe is not too young anymore. Qingshan Academy is a good place. Maybe he can do something if he goes. If it doesn't work, he doesn't have to go. "

Twelve taels of gold! She had never seen so much silver in her life.

This request, to be honest, Zhou feels a bit square in his heart.

Qi Shiqin nodded: "Then let Xiaohe pack things up and sign up tomorrow."

"Hey, that's great." Zhou's repeated promises, and then pulled his son: "Xiaohe, quickly thank your uncle, you can't forget your roots, and you must be filial to your uncle in the future."

Qi Dalang and his wife were calm by nature, and they had an active child. Qi He grinned, his smiling teeth were out of sight, and he saluted: "Thank you, uncle."

"No thanks, you have to study hard when you arrive at the college. Don't let your mother down." Qi Shiqin had a good impression of him.

When Qi Shiqin was young, his elder brother took care of him. When he was studying, Qi Dalang often came to help him clean up the house and so on. Therefore, the two brothers have a good relationship.

October is the beginning of school season. In order to avoid the busy farming season, Qingshan Academy recruits students every three years in winter.

The school uniform is white, covered with a blue gauze single coat, which looks personable. The academy is halfway up the mountain, walking on the road, you can see many scholars wearing the same standard of clothes, and some scholars picking up boxes containing the master's books and clothing, etc., follow behind them.

The main road is almost three meters wide, and is finely paved with neat and wide white stone slabs. About half an hour, you can see the archway of the academy with a plaque with "Qingshan Academy" on it.

Going in is a large area, and there is a master sitting at the table, and everyone is waiting here.

"Uncle, these people all have bookboys." Qi He was a little timid. He used to get along with people from a slightly worse family background. Here he can go down: "I heard people say, yes. Most of the families who go to the academy to study are powerful and powerful."

Qi Shiqin took the fan and knocked him on the head: "What do you want? Reading is not based on whether you have the silver or not. Besides, didn't I just study in the academy before? No one has any opinions on me."

How can it be the same? Qi He knew that in addition to the Qi family gritted his teeth and gave Shu Xiu at the beginning, his younger uncle later aroused the dean's love for talents, created a set of rewards mechanism, and finally accepted the person as a disciple.

"If you have time to think about these and some, it's better to spend more energy to study. If your monthly exam is not good…" Qi Shiqin smiled and said, "It's strange if your mother doesn't take care of you, don't you If you lose the reputation of our family, you will make a lot of money for your family if you do better in the exam."

Qi He shuddered. His mother Zhou looked dignified, but she had great expectations for him to study, and was quite a bit extreme.

After the students arrived, the old master behind the desk began to register.

Each student took his own post and went forward in turn. After the master opened it, read it, and read out the content on it: "Jia and Chen Nan, a hundred gold for repair."

"???, ten golds for repair."


Every student's post had to be read again, and Qi He was surprised to find that except for four or five teenagers who handed in more bundle repairs, the rest were handed in according to the regulations of the college.

It seemed that there was not much difference between everyone, and he was relieved immediately.

This can be regarded as an unspoken rule in the academic world. There will be more exchanges with Shuxiu, and the master will arrange a better seat.

While everyone was waiting, Qi Shiqin also took a look at the people around him, maybe there were students who took his course.

However, Qi Shiqin's eyes froze, and he was a little confused. That student seemed to be a woman, right? She is petite, has no Adam's apple, and seems to have pierced ears, which no one can recognize.

There was a feeling in his heart that everyone was drunk and I was alone, and he didn't intend to break it. He even had some good feelings for this maverick woman. Although her behavior in this era was a bit wrong, it also let him see the shadow of feudal women eager to break free.

After all, Liang Zhu has seen too much, and it is inevitable to think about the oppression of ethics.

After that, the college arranged for accommodation, two people in a room. The students must live on campus. After leading the people to the place, Qi Shiqin left.

"Who is that person? Didn't the academy say that family members are not allowed to come in?" The student who stayed with him gave Qi He a wink and said with a wink.

Qi He looked at each other, feeling a sense of vanity spontaneously, and said casually: "That's my uncle and the master of the college."

"Hey, what does your uncle teach? He looks so young, so he can teach at Qingshan Academy, but it's amazing, we are a dormitory, you have to cover me in the future."

"No problem." Qi He responded, he was always the man who wanted to be the boss.

Qi Shiqin hadn't realized how bad-tempered his nephew who looked like a dog was in essence. In the past, he did a lot of bullying classmates in the school.

Every class will always have the legendary bully who has no brains and loves to squeeze classmates. Unfortunately, his nephew is just such a thing.

After leaving the academy, Qi Shiqin came to the study and chose some books before going home.

Under the big banyan tree in the village.

This is a century-old tree with a sturdy trunk that can only be hugged by three or four people. The place is spacious and sunny, and it is the gathering place for most women in the village.

Every day when they have free time, they always like to come here to do some needlework. The most important thing is to talk about gossip. It is from here that the parents are much shorter.

At this time, Wu Shi was beamingly telling everyone what she had heard: "I went to the market today and found out that few people in that Yipin building went to eat at all. The guests on the opposite side of the house not only found out better The wine, even the food is better than the average inn. The crowd is crowded, but it's lively. It depends on how the B*tch He Yue looks down on people in the future."

Both Yipinlou and Kelaiju are positioned as high-end inns, and their expenses are not what ordinary people can often consume. Therefore, the rise of one party still has a great impact on the other party.

Someone helped: "That is, He Yue always looks superior, dismissive, and doesn't want to think about what she is. The more than ten or two betrothal gifts given by the Qi family back then, her family is not good, and all the money is left. I came here with two torn clothes. There was no dowry. It was really embarrassing and I fell in the eyes of money."

After the crossing, He Yuegai will repay her, and if someone treats her well, she will pay back ten points. The same is true for what is bad for her.

The feelings between people are obtained through getting along with each other. Before He Yue was timid and didn't communicate with people often. At that time, few people were kind to her. Therefore, since the journey, He Yue has only been kind to those who responded to her with kindness at the beginning, and if there are other people who want to get close to her, He Yue is unwilling, thinking that others want to take advantage of her.

Of course, if someone with this kind of cautious thinking is rejected, they will inevitably hate her.

In just such a short time, everyone has already said a lot about He Yue's many discussions.

Never thought, He Yue didn't know when he had already walked behind them, and everyone was silent for a while.

Qi Sanlang pulled the corner of his wife's clothes: "Don't worry about this, let's go back."

He Yue snorted coldly. It was enough for her to be troubled by encountering another traverser who robbed her of money. She turned back and heard these women with long tongue chewing their tongues.

She said coldly: "I don't need you to worry about my life, it's better than you, I just don't do anything, and my family's money is enough for me to live a good life. Some of you should go home and do it soon. Let's eat, be careful of being beaten up by your husband." She had something to say, and when she looked at the person who had just said bad things about her, she was very happy when she saw that he was so popular but couldn't refute it.

Wu is not afraid of her, she sneered: "Don't talk about others like that. Go back and get on the bed with you, maybe you might have a baby."

The people around were amused by her, and they did not hide their laughter.

For a man, not having a boy to inherit his blood is a ridiculous thing, Qi Sanlang flushed immediately.

He Yue also sank her face. The couple went to check their body, and there was no problem. What's more, she still had Lingquan to restore her body, but she had never been pregnant. She was a little desperate. She couldn't give birth in her previous life. Could it be that God made her unable to give birth in this life.

She said: "I have two daughters, Xiao Tao and Xiao He, and it will not be easy to find a son-in-law who is upside down. I am afraid that once I say this, some of you will have to work hard to please our family."

"Don't do it." Wu quickly refused with a smile: "This own son is not familiar with and recruits someone from someone else's family. Don't get rid of the bamboo basket. The daughter is outgoing, and she has turned to her own mate in three or two years. Remember my parents, after all, there is a role model like a father, right?"

Speaking of which, Wu is angry. Although the Qi family is not good to the two sons, it is not as good as the He family back then. At least the Qi family provides food and clothing for people, and the two girls have been raising films. You should know that there are quite a few who sell girls nearby, or drown as soon as they were born.

If Heyue's natal family and her husband's family had a bowl of water, she would still persuade her twice, but she said that Qi's family was sorry for her and refused to subsidize Qi's little bit. Turning his head but giving her maiden money which is worse to her, this is the truth, these three brothers are also useless, and even a woman in charge can't control it.

The two women fought each other, not giving way.

When Qi Shiqin came back, he saw this scene. He asked, "Second sister-in-law, what are you doing here?"

Wu's face changed instantly, and he smiled and said: "The sixth brother is back. I'm not giving you an insole for your second brother. Go home soon. Today, my mother made the ribs soup, and it is probably almost done. , I'll be back soon."

Qi Shiqin nodded, not wanting to participate in the argument, said goodbye to everyone, and easily took the things in his hand and went home.

The people behind him watched him leave, and the words kept envious: "This Liu Lang has grown up well since he was a child, and it seems that the princes in the city can't match it."

"People are not only good-looking, even if they suffered back then, don't forget that they still have a juren's name." The rumored juzi has misbehavior and has been hated by the villagers in the past two years. , Naturally did not believe what he said back then.

"And you didn't look at the daughter-in-law who was married. That was the son of the county magistrate. He used to make trouble at Qi's house every day. After Xiao Liu came back, he was not a good boy. That's how men should be."

Wu was also happy when he heard this. Since Qi Shiqin was willing to provide for her two sons to go to school, she was filled with infinite gratitude to these six brothers: "My six brothers have nothing to say. Seeing that several nephews in the family want to go to school, they have no money. , He took the initiative to pay the money. No, today is to send sister-in-law's son to Qingshan Academy."

Everyone knew that the Qi family's youngest son had returned from a life-and-death struggle on the battlefield, but there was less gossip. They only slightly felt that this man was a little stupid, and finally had some money, so he handed it over to others. But who doesn't want to have such a good brother? If someone treats them this way, they will definitely treat them well.

He Yue stood aside and saw everyone starting the next topic as if no one else, as if the attack on her just now ceased to exist, and her heart was blown up. Her body trembled slightly, but she could only leave by herself.

Walking on the ridge, He Yue said: "You didn't help me just now, just let these shrews scold me."

Qi Sanlang was taken aback, his temperament was quiet, and he didn't know how to communicate. At this moment, facing his wife's anger, he thought for a while, and finally said firmly: "Don't listen to them, don't get angry with yourself. If you don't have children, just forget it."

After speaking, if he sighed like nothing, he seemed to be sighing that he had no successor.

He Yue shed tears in silence.

This is also the reason why she gradually fell in love with this man, despite the silence, he always shouldered the responsibility, despite the uncomfortable, he always sympathized with her. In the laughter of others, he still looks like a mountain, as long as he turns around.


Pushing the door open, Qi Shiqin could already smell the fragrance.

The little dumpling rushed over like a cannonball, and kept yelling: "Daddy, did you bring me snacks when you went out?"

Qi Shiqin picked him up, and the little milk dog under his feet rubbed his trousers hummingly, looking at him with wet black eyes: [Master, I miss you too. ]

"Where is your mother?"

"In the study."

He gave Qi Ge what he bought and cheered, and immediately ran out to share it with other friends. Qi Shiqin took another small dish and put a little bit of dried meat for the little milk dog on it. The puppies ate it very fragrantly.

After entering the study, Qi Shiqin saw Wei Jingshu sitting in it reading a book, so he leaned over and took a look. It was originally a textbook.

This can be regarded as Wei Jingshu's hobby. He likes to read scripts, and this time he brought a lot of them back.

"Are these words really that good-looking?" Sometimes Wei Jingshu didn't even want to sleep, so he expected to go to bed after reading it. Of course, Qi Shiqin will always make him cry and don't want to watch it anymore.

Wei Jingshu nodded: "It's very beautiful."

Qi Shiqin flipped it roughly. The ancients were quite imaginative, and they even wrote Xianxia's essays, but the system is not complete, but it already has this rudimentary form. Other stories such as gifted scholars and beautiful ladies, fairies repaying kindness are also very marketable.

After picking a copy, Qi Shiqin simply followed it and read it. He remembered that Fulang liked to read it some time ago.

The whole book is indeed very interesting, but Qi Shiqin asked suspiciously: "There are so many ladies in the male protagonist, you still like him so much."

"The male lead is good, his family is good, and he is also outstanding. It's normal for so many women to like him."

Qi Shiqin heard this and leaned forward to tease and said, "I think my talent is also outstanding, and I can be a long one."

Wei Jingshu reacted immediately, squeezing his face angrily, and said: "No! Your family is so poor, people won't like you. Anyway, I don't care, you are not allowed to like other people."

"Okay." Qi Shiqin pulled down his hand, pulled the person into his arms, kissed him, and got his hands inside the clothes and moved up and down. After a long time, he stopped when he heard the food outside, and slowly helped Wei Jingshu tidy up his messy clothes and tidy up his black, bright and soft hair.

"Let's go eat."

Wei Jingshu's lips were reddened and swollen, and he snorted unhappily, but his hands relied on pulling the other party out together.


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