Today Zhou Cuicui stewed the winter melon pork rib soup, and picked a few vegetables from the ground, and fried them with meat. The dishes are not many, but the quantity is large. The youngest son has something to do, and she is no longer harsh on food.

At this time, the Wu family also came back. She didn't go to work, she just pretended to tell the villagers what she had heard in the city. Now that she got home, she was still happy, and it was not easy to fight He Yue, she finally won it.

With a large chopsticks in it, Wu ate it in his mouth. Seeing that the whole family was there, she told her the same set of news. This second sister-in-law did speak at a better level than others. It was a simple matter, and what she said was much more interesting.

"This is what it deserves!" Zhou Cuicui said, "When I gave birth to the third child, I knew he was a debt collector, which made my mother sick and unable to get up. After suffering so much in those two years, I grew up. Followed his wife and ran away. Fortunately, God has eyes to prevent this unfilial son from being at ease outside."

Qi Yunyun also followed Zhou Cuicui's words: "Grandma, you call it bitter first and sweet later. You see, now my uncle is back, and several elder brothers and younger brothers in the family are also in school. Grandma, just wait to enjoy the happiness."

Several women deliberately flattered, and for a while, the house was full of joy.

Qi Shiqin didn't speak. After eating, he still took Qi Ge to study. He is now enlightened and should persevere.

When the sun was about to set, everyone's noise came from outside the house.

When I walked out to see, it turned out to be a fierce big dog, and it looked familiar. Qi Shiqin asked hesitantly: "Second brother, this dog is…?"

Isn't it what he thinks it is?

Qi Erlang showed a sleazy smile, put his hand to his lips, and said pretentiously: "Hush! Don't say anything. This is the third dog we found on the mountain today. It's not pleasing to our eyes a long time ago, so I just got it back. Eat dog meat."

The dog bit Qi Erlang earlier, and he has always held a grudge. There is no reason that dogs are more expensive than humans. Today was also his luck. The dog ran around the village on weekdays, but this time it happened to be at the foot of the mountain and no one was there.

The dogs were already dead, and Qi Shiqin couldn't say anything more.

He has also heard about this dog's record. He only bites his relatives, and there are some people who have bad intentions. They are very human.

In the evening when Qi's family was eating, Qi Shiqin vaguely heard the sound of dogs shouting from He Yueman Village outside. Looking at the gentle little milk dog at his feet, Qi Shiqin said with a sense of worry: "Erbao, don't go out with a dog in the future. You must leave a crowded place, otherwise you will feel distressed if you run away and lose your father. ."

Erbao added the palm of Tian Qi Shiqin's palm: Aoao.

[Don't worry, Master, Erbao will be very obedient].

Er Bao is a clever puppy.

Wei Jingshu smiled and said, "Er Bao seems to understand you, and will respond to you every time."

Qi Shiqin rubbed the exposed belly of the little milk dog and said, "That's not necessarily true. I heard people say that some dogs actually have the IQ of five or six-year-old human children. As long as you talk to them more, they will slowly Understand what we are talking about."

"That's true." Wei Jingshu is also very fond of dogs, cute and loyal.

There was a sudden bang on the door outside, and it took a long time for someone to open the door. He Yueqiang resisted her anger and said, "Sister-in-law, I came to ask if you have seen my dog."

She wanted to go, because there were so many people in the village who were sour her, and the ones who really had a big conflict were the ones from the Qi family.

Zhou thought of the meat that was eaten by the family, and said calmly: "I haven't seen it before, you can ask again."

He Yue smelled the faint smell of meat, and said: "Sister-in-law, you are eating meat tonight, can you let me in and see."

She didn't believe Zhou's words, she could see it through, this sister-in-law didn't often quarrel with her, but if she really wanted to do it, she would be merciless. Just like now, being silent blocked her way in.

At this time, Wu came out, and she smiled: "Oh, in the eyes of our third siblings, our family can't even eat a meal of meat."

He Yue asked others at this time, so it's hard to tear her face apart: "I didn't mean that, mother and mother have always been thrifty. I'm just too worried about my dog. Can you let me go in and take a look? I'm relieved if you take a look. , Maybe it was hiding somewhere accidentally."

People can smell the smell of meat, and this treatment is only once or twice a year for the Qi family.

"Heh, the three younger siblings are really circumstantial in talking now. What to say about frugality, does not mean that our family is poor and not as good as yours." Wu did not back down: "This is also true, but now my two boys also go to school. Now, I also have hope. Three younger siblings, you should pay more attention to yourself. If you can't give birth to a son, it is a joke to treat a dog as a son every day."

Wu does not know what these people think. Dogs eat better than people, and so does the brother-in-law, but she dare not slander Qi Shiqin.

He Yueqi's body trembled slightly. Every time the Wu family poke her lungs about having no son, people in this era value these things, even she… also cares.

He Yue once again warned herself to be patient, and smiled and said: "Then second sister-in-law will let me in? Is this enough?" She took out a silver ticket, which was a full one hundred taels.

Wu Shi glanced at it and moved a little bit carefully!

However, she still didn't move. Anyway, her son was confessed, so she could make some pocket money by embroidering the handkerchief herself. As for his son marrying a wife, if her son has the ability, then it will not be mentioned. If he fails to pass the exam, then there is still money in the public. Besides, she herself is somewhat compassionate.

She understands it, this little uncle in the family is not bad at money, and the Shu Xiu of ten taels of gold can give out as soon as he says it, but that's a hundred taels! And that means that as long as there is school in the house, he will go out.

As for He Yue this silver, she was holding it hot. Wu Clan sneered: "The third younger siblings are amazing now, and they are still taking money to hit people. I tell you, this door! Don't even want to enter." After speaking, he closed the door with a snap.

The door closed smoothly, and Wu turned his back and touched his chest, feeling his heart aching. That's one hundred taels!

He Yue was almost slapped in the face by the door panel, and she was very angry. She was even more convinced that her relatives must have stolen her dog. Maybe the meaty smell was her dog just now.

Qi Shiqin sighed when he heard the movement inside the house. The only thing he could do was to stop eating the meat. He couldn't open his mouth when he looked at his little milk dog.

Then he taught Erbao again, the little milk dog whimpered twice, and looked at Qi Shiqin in a blindfold: [Master, don't talk too fast, and what do you say, Erbao still A little baby, only understands a few words. ]

He Yue is not willing to admit defeat, thinking that you dare to take my dog ​​away, it will depend on how you do it.

Within a few days, the village saw He Yue sitting on the back of a tiger, and seeing someone looking at it in horror, the big tiger roared.

People in the village talked a lot. A few days ago, they heard that there was a tiger roar in the back mountain, fearing that the tiger would go down and eat people, and they planned to set up a tiger team.

This team was still in discussions, and this happened.

This tiger was found by He Yue. She had found her spiritual springs to be particularly useful and attractive to animals in the past. She walked down the mountain, coupled with a lot of spring water, finally attracted the tiger.

When the tiger drank the spring water, he was more humane, gentle and obedient to He Yue.

After arriving home, Qi Sanlang and his two daughters were also frightened.

He Yue smiled: "Don't be afraid, this big tiger is human and won't bite you. Look, it still allows me to ride on it."

Little Tao is more courageous, she curiously asked: "Mother, can I touch it?" If she could be like a mother, riding a big tiger in the village, how prestigious it would be!

He Yue said: "Come on, mother promises it won't move."

Xiao Tao walked over slowly, watching the tiger's movements with her eyes, for fear that it would suddenly move. Until she touched the tiger's head, the tiger lay motionless on the ground, only tossing his tail boredly.

Since then, a little girl riding a tiger will soon be seen in the village.

On this day, the county government came to inform Qi Shiqin that the magistrate was looking for something to do with him.

Seeing the magistrate of Wei County, Qi Shiqin saluted: "My father-in-law is looking for a son-in-law, but what's the matter?"

The county magistrate Wei touched his beard: "I heard people say that there is a big tiger in your village and some people are riding around in the village, which has seriously disturbed the lives of the people in the village."

Qi Shiqin said: "It's not that serious. This tiger was raised by my third brother. It may have been tamed. It has been in the village for several days and has not eaten anyone."

The county magistrate Wei pondered for a moment: "There are many strange people and strangers in the world, and being able to tame beasts is a skill. The officer will not pursue it, but you go back and tell them to keep the tiger at home and don't show up in front of people. So as not to disturb the order of the villagers and cause panic."

Qi Shiqin nodded.

After thinking about it, the county magistrate Wei said again: "Nowadays, tigers in various places are severely infested, and people in many areas are killed. The imperial court has issued edicts to organize encirclement and suppression, and the reward for silver has also been continuously improved. This man is proficient in the art of tame animals. It must be a good thing." As we talked, Wei Xianling became excited, and there were endless tiger wounding incidents. If he can handle this matter and have an excellent assessment, he should be able to move the position under his butt.

"Come on."

"My lord." Yi Yayi saluted.

"You go to Dahe Village and invite the man from the beast imperial family." Wei County Order said.

"Yes, the younger one will do it right away."

Qi Shiqin watched this god unfold, and his second wife silently ordered a row of wax. Qi Shiqin also suspected He Yue's golden fingers. The first time he saw He Yue, he felt that there was a huge amount of energy in this person's right hand. If he swallowed it, it would be incredible. Change.

But everyone has their own fate. He can kill people with unpredictable hearts and enemies, but if they let him kill an innocent person, and they didn't provoke him, he still resisted his inner impulse.

Coupled with the aura he felt in some traps on the mountain, and the water stains on the ground, he probably guessed He Yue's secret.

The speed of the yaman was very fast, riding a fast horse, and soon brought He Yue over.

He Yue knelt on the ground with both knees, feeling a little reluctant. In this feudal society, she would kneel down whenever she saw an official: "The woman has seen the magistrate."

"Get up." Wei County Order said: "I heard that someone in your family often rode a tiger around the village, causing the villagers to panic. Is there such a thing?"

He Yue glanced at Qi Shiqin, then rolled her eyes, and said neither humble nor overbearing: "Return to my lord, the tiger was tamed by the local women, understands the language, and will not harm the people in the village at will. There are two daughters in the local women's family, if it were not tigers. If you don't eat people, women will never dare to let their daughters come into contact with it, so please let them know."

"In that case, you have a lot of experience in taming tigers." The county magistrate Wei's tone eased, allowing He Yuexin to relax.

She smiled and said: "However, some side-by-side skills are not of much use."

However, when she listened to the next words of the county magistrate Wei, He Yue looked dazed, who am I? where am I? What am i doing?

This Xiangwei county magistrate has spread to He Yue how serious the tiger infestation is in various places, especially in the southeast area, where the imperial court sent troops to be injured. At the same time, the imperial court also encourages capable teams to be formed, and they are well paid.

Think about the rare big tiger in this world, and then listen to the words of the county magistrate, there are so many tigers, which He Yue never expected.

She cautiously came up with an idea: "If you don't put poison on the prey, you will die when the tiger eats it."

The county magistrate Wei waved his hand: "This method has been used a long time ago. It is inefficient and useless."

He Yue was silent. If she added Lingquan, it would definitely be possible, but how would it be added? Made into food? So the problem is that she has mediocre cooking skills, and it is impossible to produce delicious delicacies that surprise the gods. This tiger-affected area involves too many areas. If the food she cooks is effective and the county magistrate asks others to follow her, what should we do? Others don't know her most important thing.

He Yue has always been cautious. She intends to conceal the matter of Lingquan for the rest of her life, so she will not say anything about it.

In the end she could only kneel down and say in embarrassment: "My lord Mingjian, the local women only came to repay the tiger's child because he saved the tiger's child's life in the first place, and because the tiger has spirituality. The local women really don't have the art of tame beasts. I grew up in the country when I was young, and I didn't know a big character. How could there be any way. I hope the adults will understand."

The county magistrate Wei was filled with enthusiasm and was splashed with cold water. He has been in this place for many years. Seeing that there is a chance to be promoted, it is gone. At the moment, he said in a bad mood: "I don't know how much the imperial court will kill the tiger. Human power, you ignorant village woman went to save it. I don't know what to say."

He Yue lay on the ground and kowtow: "The magistrate, forgive me."

Qi Shiqin frowned and said, "My lord…"

"Okay." Wei County Order is not embarrassed: "You go, don't let the tiger run around after you go back, if you hurt someone, you can't escape the crime."

After leaving the county office, Qi Shiqin felt that He Yue's eyes were full of resentment.

"What does Sansao mean?" he asked.

He Yue said coldly: "My family often talks about the sixth brother when they are fair, and I don't expect the sixth brother to repay, but I also ask the sixth brother not to let down the friendship of my family's grandfather for you."

? ? ? What are you talking about?

But He Yue obviously didn't want to say a word with him, turned around and left.

Looking at the back of He Yue away, Qi Shiqin felt that they could write a book "Pride and Prejudice" between them. It was obvious that He Yue thought he was suing her, and perhaps thought she almost cheated her.

But arrogance is you, and prejudice is also you.

Shaking his head funny, Qi Shiqin didn't think about these things anymore, and forgot about it in a blink of an eye.


The author has something to say: The protagonist can't understand the dog language spoken by Erbao. The author has a tenth level of dog language and helped translate it. In addition, Erbao's language skill max is easy to learn from human beings, so it can probably understand part of the protagonist's words.

In summary, this is a normal genius dog.

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