This matter temporarily passed, but the village gradually found traces of beasts. Some people's chickens and ducks were also broken. At night, the roar of beasts could be heard, and people were panicked for a while.

The Qi family is far from the foot of the mountain, but it is safe and sound.

Qi Shiqin said to his family: "Don't open the door to the house in the future. The village is not peaceful recently. It's better to be careful about everything. And the second brother, you don't want to go to the mountains to chop wood recently. Ask the village chief to see what you can do."

Zhou Cuicui was also afraid of being killed, and immediately said: "Let's go out as little as possible these days and just work in the nearby fields."

After closing the door, a few men set off to the village chief's house. When they reached the place, they found that there were quite a few people coming. It seemed that the roar of the tiger should have shocked people last night.

Seeing that people were almost there, the village chief coughed twice, attracting everyone's attention, and said: "Now the wild beasts in the back mountain have arrived in the village. We have to go out every day. There is no guarantee of safety. And everyone certainly doesn't want to be themselves. The chickens, pigs, and other poultry just disappeared day by day, and I couldn't sleep well. So I decided to put a strong laborer in each family and patrol the village every night."

Seeing that there was no objection from everyone, the village chief continued: "This alone will definitely not solve the problem. In addition, we will form a small team with some good skills to go to the mountain to make some traps and take those tigers and wild wolves. If it is killed, whoever contributes more will give more rewards to those who will get back then."

There was silence below. Everyone knew that this team of people going up the mountain must not only dig traps, but more importantly, they wanted to fight against the beasts, and maybe they would give up their lives.

A villager said, "Does the imperial court leave it alone? Qi's Xiaoliu's husband is not the county magistrate, just let the county magistrate send someone."

The people around were also a little moved and looked at Qi Shiqin one after another.

"Your fate is fate, isn't it someone else's?" Qi Erlang shouted when he saw it. His sixth brother was originally the county magistrate, but now the villagers are not embarrassed like this. Besides, if you offend the people in the yamen, you will not have to suffer if they are embarrassed by paying taxes in the village.

Qi Shiqin smiled at the second brother, and then looked at the villagers and said: "The magistrate also values ​​the tiger infestation. I will mention this to the magistrate, but everyone knows that this kind of thing cannot be done in a day or two. It's impossible to do it by government officials alone."

Everyone knows that it is impossible to expect others to work for themselves.

The village chief said: "In this case, our team still has to be selected. Li Er, you have a strong hunting ability, so you should lead the team. Every family has a talented person, so we will rotate next time."

After discussing all morning, we finally got together more than 20 people. Two of them were born in the Qi family, and Qi Shiqin and his second brother were both here. As for Qi Sanlang, after the separation, they were counted as a single family, and naturally they were also selected.

When he got home, Qi Sanlang said to He Yue: "Satsuki, the person who went up the mountain in the village has been selected, and I am in the team."

"What?" He Yue couldn't believe it, and said, "Isn't there a patrol in the village? How could you be chosen to go to the mountain? You are not strong and can not shoot arrows." He Yue has always been to the village. The respect of the long family has increased, so I was surprised by this result.

Qi Sanlang lowered his head and did not say that he was pushed over by the fourth brother. Originally, the village chief wanted him to join the patrol, but Qi Shilang immediately said that the third brother must advance and retreat with the two brothers in the family. Others couldn't ask for it. Qi Sanlang was stupid and couldn't say anything to refuse.

That's how it happened.

"No, I'll go to the village chief's house and talk about it. You are the backbone of the house. If something goes wrong, how do you want our mother to live?" He Yue packed up a basket of things and went out.

Qi Sanlang hurriedly stopped her: "I have already decided what is the use for you to go now. Everyone doesn't want to go. You didn't make others hate us by doing this. It was decided by the public, and the village chief is not easy to change it."

This was the reason, He Yue became sober when he was stopped by him, and had to go to pack her husband's things in a gloomy manner. It's a pity that the tiger from her family went back to the mountain a few days ago, and I don't know when it will come back, otherwise, we can protect her husband together.

Early the next morning, several officials from the Wei County Order also arrived, and the group went up the mountain mightily.

Qi Shiqin said to Qi Erlang: "Second brother, you will hide behind me when there is danger, and I will protect you."

Qi Erlang was moved and smiled all over his face and said, "You have to be careful about Xiaoliu." The others could not help but lament the deep feelings between the brothers.

Gradually everyone stopped talking, the air became tense, and there was no bird chirping in the big place. When the wolves appeared, no one was panicked, one or two were fine, but when twelve appeared at the same time, many people could no longer remember their purpose for coming here, and all the scared had to run down the mountain. .

At this time, Qi Shiqin grabbed Qi Erlang's clothes that he wanted to run, and threw him onto a thick tree. Qi Erlang hugged the trunk in a panic and didn't dare to let go.

At this moment, there were a dozen people left beside Qi Shiqin. He could feel that these people were shaking a little. When the wolves pounced, Qi Shiqin tried his best to end the battle as quickly as possible. His strength was so powerful that it was really just one at a time, and his skull was shattered.

Before everyone could react, it was over. Qi Shiqin sensed that another beast was about to come in the distance, and hurriedly said to these people: "I just saw a wolf chasing them. Everyone, please go over and help. I hope that there will be no injuries. Busy. There seems to be something coming over there. I'll check it out first."

A government officer hurriedly agreed, one was still manageable for them, and at most it was slightly injured and not in the way.

Seeing everyone left, Qi Shiqin looked at the tree: "Second brother, stay here first, and I will pick you up later. Don't come down by yourself."

Qi Erlang nodded again and again. They had walked for most of an hour when they came. Although this place was not deep in the mountains, it was close. Qi Shiqin did this just because he was worried that he would go out in danger, and it would be safer to wait for him to go back with him.

It is not winter at this time, although the weather has turned cold, but the first snow has not yet fallen. It stands to reason that animals shouldn't run into the village to find food because of hunger. It is not a place where they haunt all the year round. Qi Shiqin had been wondering before, and only discovered the real reason after entering the mountain.

He Yue used to set traps in the forest and pour some spiritual spring water in the pits, and some prey would easily fall in. Because it is always on the periphery of the forest, there will be no trouble. The problem was that some time ago, in order to lure the tiger out, she went to the depths of the forest and attracted the attention of other beasts.

With this, I found the foot of the mountain, so wolves would enter the village.

Feeling aura along the way, Qi Shiqin swallowed these away, and the water-soaked land could no longer attract the attention of the beasts.

When Qi Erlang's legs were numb in the tree, he saw Qi Shiqin come out. He waved his hand and said, "Little Liu, the second brother has been waiting for you for a long time. You didn't encounter any danger when you entered, right?"

Qi Shiqin shook his head, "Fortunately, let's go back soon, the family might be worried if they didn't see us."

Unexpectedly, he who specializes in finding faults didn't meet him, but the group of people who went back met a big tiger, and they couldn't get rid of the entanglement several times. Seeing the situation in front of him, his third brother was bitten on the leg by the tiger. Qi Shiqin hurriedly stepped forward to a wooden warehouse and beat him, and the tiger lay down softly.

"Third brother, are you okay?" Qi Shiqin asked nonsense. Before he could answer, he hurriedly said again: "Second brother, go down the mountain and find some hemostatic medicine, and then find a stretcher. The injury doesn't move well, the speed should be fast."

"Okay, I'll go right away." The bloody picture stimulated Qi Erlang to run fast, verifying that the human potential is indeed endless. He ran home without stopping at such critical moments, and then brought things up. Even He Yue was left far behind by him.

Not long after, Qi Erlang rushed back. Qi Shiqin had wrapped the third brother's wound with a cloth, and then used his abilities to keep him from losing too much blood.

"Little Liu, I brought the medicine."

Qi Shiqin took a look and said, "The blood has stopped, let's lift the third brother down and seek medical treatment from the doctor."

The two lifted the stretcher, and the person next to him also came to help. On the way, He Yue wanted to go forward and had no place to stand, so she had to rush down the mountain with the team.

After the doctor got the medicine, He Yue asked worriedly: "Doctor Li, how is his injury?"

Doctor Li sighed and said, "He was bitten off by a raw piece of meat on his leg, and his ligament was broken, which may hinder his walking in the future. But if you take good care of it, it might not be too serious."

He Yue only breathed a sigh of relief, thinking that there should be nothing wrong with having her own spring water. His face was a bit relaxed, and at the same time, he remembered that Qi Shilang was trying to let her husband join the team up the mountain, and his teeth tickled for a while.

Qi Shiqin looked at her as if she was still unknown, and reminded with a point of interest: "I think these beasts are quite weird. Isn't it usually only when it snows to seal the mountain and they can't find food before they come down? The season is wrong."

He Yue was taken aback, and then thought of the tiger she was attracted to, she suddenly got a cold sweat from fright, and hurriedly asked, "Isn't there such a situation before?"

Doctor Li is the oldest and has the most say: "In the past, only one or two came to the village by chance, but it didn't cause any major incidents. The tiger infestation in our place is not particularly serious, but it has been a bit more this year."

He Yue murmured: "That year is indeed quite unusual." She was already sure that her spring water must be the cause of the trouble, and her heart was indistinguishable for a while.

Seeing that He Yue didn't thank them, Qi Erlang said impatiently, "Since the third brother is all right, then we will go back first."

Qi Sanlang hurriedly said, "I really thank my second and sixth brothers today. Let's have dinner together another day." He Yue reacted and sent them out personally.


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