"Xiao Liu, you have two pennies, how much money you have in this one, I heard that a court award is 10 taels." Qi Erlang is happy to think that his family needs so much more money at once.

Qi Shiqin said: "If the second brother wants to learn, I can teach you."

As soon as these words came out, Qi Erlang immediately showed a disgusting expression: "I still understand the truth of this. I am a lot of age, and I can't toss with you young and young. "Think of the little nephew who is a little older. Now that Xiao Liu gets up and running every day, he is full of excitement.

The key point is to run the train every day, a lot of misunderstandings, not to mention the sweat of his son's hard work, he still has a good reason to hide in the warm bed and sleep. Once Qi Ge's natural black accidentally poked his father's heart, Xiao Liu would definitely retaliate carefully.

He didn't want to be reduced to the same treatment as his little nephew.

During the conversation, the two of them entered their yard. Wei Jingshu greeted him first, looked up and down, and groped Qi Shiqin with his hands, and said, "Are you okay?"

Qi Shiqin raised his hand in front of Wei Jing's writing, "The hand is scratched and it hurts a bit." I don't know when the skin was scratched on the back of his hand. It is estimated that he accidentally rubbed a tree on which tree. big.

Wei Jingshu breathed a sigh of relief. God knows how worried he was when he heard people say that there were a pack of wolves on the mountain. This person just didn't worry. He looked resentful and said, "Go back to the house and wipe it with medicinal wine."

Seeing the sweet looks of the two, Qi Erlang couldn't help looking for his wife. Wu Shi was coming out of the kitchen, and when he saw him looking over, a smile appeared on his face, and the two went back to the room to talk.

Seeing that Qi Erlang is fine, Wu asked in a gleeful tone: "The third brother's leg is really hurt? What did the doctor say?"

"The doctor said he should cultivate well, otherwise he may have trouble walking in the future." Seeing Wu's joy, Qi Erlang felt a little uncomfortable. After all, his own brother was injured. He whispered: "Your brother has had an accident, and you are still smiling so happy."

Wu doesn't care: "Now that I know that he is a brother, I don't usually see you caring about him. Besides, his wife's virtues, you don't have any points in your heart. In front of your daughter-in-law, the third brother dare not even put a fart. Even the dog in the house only bites our family. This time, I'm not asking the sixth brother to save him."

Since He Yuelai, Wu's words can say a whole lot. She never felt that there was a big mistake. If you look like a bun, don't blame the dog for chasing. And didn't He Yue come back in revenge? No mercy.

At the same time, the people in the village carried the corpses of the wolf and the tiger to Pingba, which was spacious.

The village head came to discuss with Qi Shiqin. Although most of them were killed by Qi Shiqin, many people went up to the mountain and some were injured as a result. It's going to break up.

So it was decided that Qi Shiqin divided half of the court's reward for silver, and the rest would be divided among the others. For more effort, more serious injuries would be required. Part of the meat is distributed to every household in the village, and the rest is sold.

Everyone would divide the money sold. As for the tiger skin, because Qi Shiqin wanted it, the village head also decided to give it to someone and take it.

The village hasn't been so busy for a long time, and the distribution is decided. Everyone happily went to Pingba, ready to see the wonder. In the evening, there will be a bonfire party here. Everyone has brought their things. There are also craftsmen in the village who want to sing big plays, shadow puppets and so on.

The laughter of the children has been in the gully of the countryside, and a group of little dolls are having fun.

When he came back, Qi Ge walked in the middle, both of his little hands were held by his parents. With a little effort, he swayed with his parents' hands.

Qi Ge was unintentionally happy tonight. His father asked him to ride on his neck, and his mother was also by the side. He could also watch the big show. His snow-white face was red at the moment. He looked at Qi Shiqin and said, "Father. , Can I sleep with you and my mother tonight?"

Qi Shiqin was taken aback for a moment, and then remembered that he hadn't slept with the kid since he got home, and immediately agreed: "Of course."

When he went to bed at night, Qi Ge had already changed his clothes and lay in the middle of the bed spontaneously. Innocent, he always thought that the baby should be in the middle of sleep and be cared by his parents. However, Qi Shiqin directly put him in the innermost position, and lay in the middle by himself. After falling asleep, he turned his back to Qi Ge and hugged his husband to sleep more soundly.

This series of Qi Ge looked dumbfounded? ? ?

In Qi Shiqin's words, the heart is on the left, and it is not easy to oppress the heart when sleeping to the right. Qi Ge nodded seriously, indicating that he had been taught. From this, it can be seen that part of his natural blackness comes from his father.

After enduring Qi Ge's crawling on the bed for a few days, Qi Shiqin couldn't help it anymore and took the child back to his own room: "You are not a three-year-old kid anymore, do you know if you want to learn to sleep by yourself?"

"But I don't want to sleep alone." Qi Ge's eyes were innocent, completely conveying his grievance.

Seeing this, Qi Shiqin thought for a while, and went out again to hug the little milk dog and put it next to Qi Ge's bed: "Okay, you are not sleeping alone. Erbao is your brother. You must take good care of him. . You can put it on the bed if you want. Erbao loves to clean it very much, and Dad often bathes it, and it's okay to sleep together."

The little milk dog hummed a few times: [Erbao's favorite is clean, not dirty at all. ] It jumped up directly from its nest, got up on the head of the bed and fell asleep. It fell asleep in less than a quarter of an hour, and its belly bulged with its breath. Qi Ge stretched out his hand and touched it. It was warm, and his cute little appearance made him no longer refuse.

After comforting his son, Qi Shiqin was finally able to go back to Wei Jingshu to do something indescribable. The sauce was stuffed for the whole night.

But in He Yue's house, the big tiger that hadn't appeared for a long time appeared again. His eyes were filled with grief, the howling no longer was loud, and the whole tiger looked stunned.

"What's wrong with you? What happened?" He Yue asked hurriedly.

The tiger couldn't speak, and just lay down on the ground in a daze. After turning on its intelligence, it began to slowly learn to think. After its tigress disappeared, it looked for a long time in the forest, but it never found it. Don't know if it's gone? Still caught?

It has a hunch that its tigress may really not come back.

Seeing the tiger in this state, Qi Sanlang asked He Yue, "What's the matter?"

He Yue shook her head and said, "I don't know too much."

The village had just gone through the tiger-fighting storm, and the tiger himself was not in good mood, so he did not wander around in the village. Occasionally, when the sun went down, Xiao Tao took it out and came back after a few circles.

The wife of the village chief's family also took the tiger skins made of nitrate to Qi's house on this day. When she was walking halfway down the road, she suddenly heard a loud tiger roar. When she looked up, she saw a big tiger running towards her, scaring her. In the two battles, the tiger skin in his hand fell to the ground all at once.

"Dahu, what are you doing!" Xiaotao cursed, who had recovered.

The tiger pounced on that tiger skin, sniffed lightly, rubbed his head, and gradually tears came down, and the sorrowful roar of tigers continued in the village.

The village chief's early seeing situation is not easy to run away.

Xiao Tao picked up the tiger skin and returned home with the big tiger, shouting: "Mother, you come out soon, something is wrong."

As for the origin of this tiger skin, Xiao Tao is also clear about it, so she is even more anxious.

"What's the matter?" He Yue ran out.

Xiao Tao immediately told her about the matter, and said: "Look like this, this tiger may be our big tiger's wife, you say…" He Yue has not finished the meaning, and she touched her daughter's head. , Look at the big tiger.

The body is much larger than the average tiger, the hair is smooth, and the whole body texture is full of power. The sound contained in the roar made her creepy, and her eyes were already red. He Yue shivered with fright.

Seeing the tiger looking up at her, He Yue reluctantly calmed down and said, "Some time ago, there were beasts in the village at night. Everyone was not worried, so they organized a team to go up the mountain to take a look. They came across it on the way back. Finally, it was Qi's little girl. The son killed it."

She did not say that Qi Shiqin killed the tiger to save her husband, nor did she mention that her husband was bitten by it.

She didn't dare to mention it at all. Seeing those bloody eyes filled with stern sharpness, she realized that even though the beasts had opened their minds, the animal nature hidden in them would never disappear.

The tiger glanced at He Yue, and immediately jumped out, at an amazing speed, and ran far away in the blink of an eye.

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