At this time, several days have passed since the ascent of the mountain, there was no threat in the village, and everyone continued to walk around at will.

When Wei Jingshu saw a tiger rushing towards him, it was he who was taking Qi Ge to the village to welcome Qi Shiqin. It was getting late, but Qi Shiqin had not yet returned. He stayed at home quite boring. , I wanted to come out and walk.

Da Zhang's tiger's mouth was still filled with fishy anger, not to mention the different mighty power of this tiger, and the surrounding air seemed to be disturbed by it.

Wei Jingshu's body froze, his brain was blank, and he had no time to react. At this moment, a small figure rushed out.

Qi Ge's body was treated by Qi Shiqin not long ago. Knowing that his father is extraordinary, Qi Ge originally planned not to practice his internal skills so as not to expose his flaws. In his eyes, parents are of course more important than martial arts training.

However, Qi Shiqin couldn't stand his ability to open up an operation route in his body. This energy was purer than the internal force, and Qi Ge's accidental hits and collisions were so practiced.

However, no matter how good he will be in the future, Qi Ge at this time is just a person who has just started martial arts, and is completely invincible. Gradually, he started to be at a disadvantage, that is, the tiger was bent on hurting Wei Jingshu, so he could fight for a while.

To the tiger, Qi Ge is a human cub, and it does not want to harm children. But Qi Shiqin killed its partner, so it had to make him pay the price, first his husband, and then himself.

But Qi Ge has been pestering him, and the tiger has become impatient. Although he pity the cub, since the other party does not know what is good or bad, he will not be polite.

Qi Ge fell to the ground, and the tiger's blood basin slammed at him. He swiped a dagger and flashed past him. He looked at Wei Jingshu and said, "Mother, you go back quickly and lock the door so that you don't come out."

Wei Jingshu tried his best to lift his weak legs, but instead of going home, he ran to the village entrance and kept yelling: "Help! Help! Qi Shiqin, you B*stard will be gone if he doesn't come back. Help." Tears fell on his face, he was too scared, and kept yelling.

He understood that if he ran away, the child might not be saved. The only thing he can expect now is for his husband to come back. This point is almost the time for Qi Shiqin to return.

He was right, Qi Shiqin vaguely heard his shouting far away, and immediately drove his horse to gallop.

Hearing the sound of horseshoes of De, De, and De, Wei Jingshu was relieved, kneeling on the ground as if prostration, "Go ahead and see your son."

Qi Shiqin knew what was going on, the horse did not stop, and brought up a dust on the road, caught Qi Ge's small body that was knocked into flight, and put him aside.

Then he squeezed his finger bones and slapped his head, tilted his head to each side to relax his muscles, and then dashed forward a few steps, leaping and punching the tiger and stunned his head. The limbs were completely unable to sway. Stand up.

This series of actions looked handsome and dangerous, Qi Ge stared in his eyes. If he lives in modern times, he will know that this is the exclusive action of the gang boss before the fight. The pretending index is four and a half stars.

Of course, Qi Shiqin did this unconsciously, and his son is so dangerous, how could he still care about being handsome!

As he walked towards the tiger that collapsed on the ground, Qi Shiqin's voice was low: "What are you doing?" Of course, the ordinary tiger was directly beaten to death, but this one, he understood that it can speak and understand people. .

The tiger raised his head slightly. Its brain hurt too much. That punch directly caused its head to sink into a pit, and its skull was also broken. If it hadn't been drinking the spring water, it wouldn't be so lingering.

It made a whimper, and a pair of tiger eyes still carried hatred.

He Yue, who followed the tiger not far away because of her uncertainty, looked sad. She walked up and said in a low voice, "The tigress injured in the village a few days ago is her partner."

Seeing He Yue, the tiger rubbed his head on her hand like a kitten. He Yue's heart softened. After raising for so long, she still invested a lot of affection. She said: "The tigress is still pregnant. Dahu accidentally discovered that his partner was dead, and he lost control for a while."

Qi Shiqin stared at He Yue intently, and he looked at He Yue with an oppressive gaze. He was a little at a loss: "Sister-in-law did not forget why this tigress died?" Then he asked in a deep tone. : "If you want to seek revenge, how can you find my husband and children?"

Of course he knew that he killed it himself, but he said this because he wanted to know how the tiger understood that he killed it. People in the village dare not approach the tiger easily, let alone talk to it.

He Yue's face turned pale, and she was a little angry at his accusation, even if it was what she said, it was not true. And she didn't deliberately leave out the cause and effect. Her husband didn't kill the tigress, but was bitten. The tiger couldn't find revenge on them.

I think so, but there is still a trace of conscience in my heart. Knowing that this is her own unreasonable trouble, she said lowly: "It's my fault, I'm sorry."

Seeing Qi Shiqin raised his fist and wanted to strike again, He Yueyi hurriedly held his arm, "Don't!"

Qi Shiqin stopped, and said with a smile, "Whether a man or a woman is giving or receiving a kiss, Sansao should pay attention to it."

He Yue retracted her hand, feeling like she was being burned. She looked at Qi Shiqin resolute chin, handsome face, a pair of arm is so strong, Sisexingye, although that is not possible between two people, but she inevitably be attracted to himself and to yy some .

So Qi Shiqin looked strangely at the woman who passed through and blushed slightly. Without thinking, he simply killed the tiger neatly. It is impossible for him to keep a pack of explosives by his side. He is fine by himself, but he is not alone.

According to his own logic, Tiger should indeed find him for revenge. But what he disdains is that He Yueyi's family hadn't stopped a bit. If it weren't for his help, Qi Sanlang would definitely be dead.

"You!" He Yue was slightly angry, looking at the dead tiger's eyes red, as if she had been caught by something in her heart.

Qi Shiqin ignored her. In a blink of an eye, he saw Wei Jingshu crying with Qi Ge who was lying on the ground holding the force. He felt that if he didn't coax, the child would cry too.

"Okay, it's okay." Qi Shiqin held Wei Jingshu in his arms and kissed his forehead and cheek with his lips. "If you cry again, our son will cry with him."

Wei Jingshu cried so much that he couldn't stop at all. He breathed a little bit quickly, and choked, "I'm so scared, I thought… I'm going to die."

Qi Shiqin stroked his back, "Relax a little, it's okay, crying for too long is not good for your health, you can see that your eyes are already swollen." And Qi Ge also stood up and wiped Wei Jingshu's tears with his little hands, immature. The voice said softly: "Mother, don't be afraid, Xiao Ge will always protect you."

Talking about that, the two of them cried together.

When the two were relieved, Qi Shiqin walked over and picked up the tiger corpse on the ground. Such a big tiger is not common, and its fur is smooth, which is the best. Moreover, I often drink spiritual spring water, the meat quality is definitely good, and it is good for my body to go home to eat and eat for my family.

Thus, He Yue watched Qi Shiqin stunned with one hand against the tiger, while holding Fu Lang with the other hand, and Qi Ge next to him, and the family of three walked back so harmoniously.

"Wait, this tiger…" He Yue called to them.

Qi Shiqin turned his head and said seriously: "Stew tiger meat to eat at night, Sansao can bring the third brother with him. With so many, my family can't finish a meal."

He Yue:…

I want to be quiet, don't ask me who is quiet.

After returning home, Zhou Cuicui first comforted Wei Jingshu's injured caution, and then several people were ready to go. Wu touched the fur on her hand and rubbed it with her face. The touch was perfect. She sighed, "This tiger skin is so soft, it feels too comfortable to the touch. I don't know how much silver it can sell?"

Zhou Cuicui glanced at it and said, "Don't even think about it. There is no shortage of money at home. It's a pity that such a good thing is sold. It's almost winter. I will bring it to Xiao Liu when it's time. It's warm."

Qi Shiqin heard it from a long distance. He smiled heartily. He seemed to be inexplicably energetic, and said, "Mother, don't patronize the child. I don't need these for my body and strength. The room is warm enough, but Mother, your hands and feet are cold all year round, and you can't sleep well at night. This tiger skin is just right. When you are done, you will be laid on the bed to save you from suffering at night."

A flower appeared on Zhou Cuicui's face, and it was no wonder that she loved the child so much. There was a son who always thought about her son, and she wished to give everything to him.

Wu cried his lips, thinking that this little uncle was able to talk and was willing, if she specified that she would not be willing.

When I was eating, the sky was completely dark, and a few thick candles were lit in the room, and the light was enough. The whole room was bright and bright, and it was no different from the day.

This meat really tasted different from what was separated in the village some time ago. Wu smashed his mouth and said: "This delicious and delicious food is grown up, and the taste is fragrant." She said that she glanced at the ground. The little milk dog staring eagerly, as if he could see its plump appearance when it grew up.

The little milk dog yelled at her twice, and pulled Qi Ge's trousers again: [Little Master, you want Erbao too, Erbao wants to eat too. ]

Qi Ge looked down at the little milk dog and said, "Go get your job."

Er Bao immediately ran away happily, his little ass twisted and twisted, looking quite happy. Not long after, it came over with its special bowl in its mouth, put the bowl under its feet, sat down obediently, and only watched Qi Ge's movements with those smart black eyes.

Just a few large pieces of meat for the puppy to eat, other people who watched felt a pain in their hearts, but Zhou Cuicui, who has always been the most frugal, completely ignored it, and looked at her grandson with kind and loving eyes.

Other onlookers in the Qi family: Who am I? where am I? What am i doing?

Do not! We don't believe it! This is not my mother, she must have been dropped. Why was Xiaoliu the most favored in the first place? Why is his son the most favored by the younger generation or Xiaoliu?

Zhou Cuicui[frowns]:…

Several daughter-in-laws: No, I don't listen, I don't listen.

Perhaps the biggest gain from this accident was that Wei Jingshu finally accepted his child completely. He didn't want to think that this child might already be the eldest of seventeen or eighteen. If he could be a good son for the rest of his life, why should he embarrass himself? Anyway, it was indeed born from his stomach.

But to be honest, Wei Jingshu has never seen a boy who is so innocent, Oedipus, Electra, and lover of the family. This is why he has gradually accepted Qi Ge.

What he didn't know was that Qi Ge had always lived alone in his previous life, and his mother would only see him when teaching him martial arts, or torture him when he was in a bad mood. The maid would never say a word to him, nor would the teacher who taught him say a word that had nothing to do with his schoolwork. He was alone.

More often, he has only one person, and no one can speak with him.


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