Perhaps it was because the tiger meat was eating a little too much, and the body was filling too much. Qi Shiqin had been a little restless for the past two days. As soon as the night fell, he hugged Wei Jingshu for joy.

"Jing Shu, help me, it's so uncomfortable." Qi Shiqin's whispered voice sounded in his ears, and his white neck was wet, leaving red marks.

Wei Jingshu's eyes flashed from the starting point, and the thin electric current wandered across his skin, bringing a burst of tingling pleasure: sensation. He thought with impatience, this guy made a begging tone, but his subordinates didn't even have the intention to wait for his consent, and forcefully pulled his hand to that position.

The fireworks in his mind kept rising into the sky, and the wonderful feeling made him immersed in it but couldn't bear to want to escape.

When he woke up the next day, Wei Jingshu felt sore and limp. He opened the quilt and took a look. The inside was naked, without wearing anything, with a strong arm resting on his waist.

Hearing the movement around him, Qi Shiqin opened his bewildered eyes. It was still dark outside. He asked, "Why do you wake up so early?"

Wei Jingshu ignored him, got out of bed and went to the toilet, his legs were a little soft.

"What's the matter with you?" Qi Shiqin could obviously feel his unhappiness, scratching his head helplessly, and he went to sleep in no mood.

Wei Jingshu sat on the bed and didn't speak for a long time. Finally, he couldn't help but hammer him a few times: "I told you no more, don't you understand? I cried afterwards, and you kept going."

This feeling was too stimulating, especially last night, the two were even more lingering, unlocking a lot of postures, making him both like and scared.

Qi Shiqin touched his nose nonchalantly, saying that when you did that before, you didn't cry less. But yesterday he was indeed too much, and gave Xiao Qingqing a grand instruction class.

He ignored Wei Jingshu's cold face and coaxed for a long time before finally letting the beauty show off. I have to say that his husband is really good-looking. The peach blossom eyes are like falling into the sky, and his heart melted when he watched with a smile, and a kiss without the slightest lust fell on him. On the eyelashes.

Wei Jingshu closed his eyes uncomfortably, a thin layer of blush on his face.

Then before he knew it, the little white rabbit fell into the hands of the big bad wolf again. When Wei Jingshu felt something behind him again, he couldn't help but scratched Qi Shiqin a few times, leaving a few words behind him. Traces of ambiguity.

However, within a few moments, Wei Jingshu frowned slightly, clutching his stomach, crying, and sweating all over his body was about to come out.

Qi Shiqin was taken aback, and immediately reached out a warm current into Wei Jingshu's abdomen, and after a few revolutions, his condition was relieved, and his pale face gradually returned to normal.

Regardless of venting, Qi Shiqin got up and put on his clothes, and said: "Is it better now? I'll ask you the doctor over and see."

When I went out, I felt a chill. Qi Shiqin looked up, and there was snow in abundance. Only then did he realize that time had passed and it had been a long time since he went home. This was the first snow of the year.

"Boom boom boom" knocked on Doctor Li's door, Qi Shiqin shouted: "Doctor Li, open the door, something has happened."

"Come here." It is common for Doctor Li to be awakened in the middle of the night. In addition, the elderly feel less sleep. At this moment, it is approaching dawn, and Doctor Li is not sleepy, so he immediately wakes up.

All the way to Qi's family, Doctor Li took his pulse, touched his long beard with one hand, and said, "Little Liu, your husband is happy."

The ecstasy spread over his whole body in an instant, Qi Shiqin showed a smirk on his face, holding Wei Jingshu's hand not knowing what to say.

Doctor Li looked at the appearance of the two of them, put away his medicine cabinet, and said with earnest words: "This young man, don't have to be too violent in the intercourse, especially since you just got pregnant with your baby, and you were not stable in the first few months. Fortunately, he is in good health, so there is no accident, and he still has to take good care of him in the future."

Wei Jingshu's face burst into red, and he was ashamed. Seeing Qi Shiqin nodding his head to the side, showing a silly father's appearance, he severely grabbed his waist.

When eating in the morning, Qi Shiqin announced the news.

Almost visible to the naked eye, Zhou Cuicui's attitude towards Wei Jingshu suddenly eased a lot, chanting that his son should kill two old hens in the family to replenish his body.

Qi Ge, who knew the news early in the morning, was taken aback for a moment, but he immediately raised his snow-white face, showing an expectant smile in an obedient and sensible manner. But in fact, his mood fell to the bottom, and he was a little at a loss. It was clear that his mother's attitude towards him had changed yesterday, and today there was another child who came to take his attention.

After eating, he obediently went to the study and did not turn a page for a long time.

He began to think, maybe his mother would tell his father about his suspiciousness. When the things he had hidden were touched by others, he found out at a glance. Since then, his mother has become more indifferent to him, even fearing him. It's just that he has always deceived himself and refused to believe it.

He began to complain, why didn't God let him drink a bowl of Meng Po soup when he was reborn again? He is obviously his father and mother's child!

Compared to a monster who might be a lonely ghost, Dad would still want to love his real child.

As soon as Qi Shiqin entered the door, he found the child sitting there alone, his mouth closed, his eyes filled with grievances. He smiled and put the child of Douding into his arms, and said, "Oh, what's the matter? We Xiao Ge are going to drop the golden Doudou, a man, you can't cry like this."

Qi Ge defended: "I don't have one."

The original sad atmosphere was completely dissipated when Qi Shiqin came in, and Qi Ge smiled embarrassedly.

The small group of children pretend to be mature, and they are almost going to be cute. Qi Shiqin never denies that he is a soft-hearted person, and he no longer teases Qi Ge. Turning to say: "Xiao Ge will be an older brother in the future. As the saying goes, the eldest brother is like a father, and you are also his half dad. Then the responsibility of caring for your younger brother will be left to you."

Qi Ge's eyes were ignorant, and he said, "But…I'm still a child." How can I take care of another child, and this is different from what he expected, shouldn't it be his parents who are busy taking care of the child? Does the younger brother ignore everything?

"Then what am I going to do?" He has never brought a child before.

Qi Shiqin thought for a while and said: "I heard that when a child is in his stomach, if someone often reads to him next to him, then he will be particularly sensitive to this aspect in the future, and he will learn much faster. It just so happens that Xiao Ge I'm literate, then you teach my brother for a while every day, OK?"

"Good~" Somehow, Qi Ge fell into Qi Shiqin's arms with a happily smile.

This is even so ordered.

After finding his own affairs, Qi Ge seemed a lot more relaxed. Every day, he happily went to Wei Jing to write a report, and he read it word by word in his book. God knows that his possible brother is now even three months old. No.

At night, Wei Jingshu pulled Qi Shiqin and asked, "Is the method you said true?"

Qi Shiqin nodded, and said solemnly: "Really, every day for a while, can be regarded as cultivating children's hobbies."

He didn't know the specific effect, anyway, it must be no harm.

Wei Jingshu nodded suspiciously, thinking about picking up the piano art he hadn't used for a long time. Recently, he became obsessed with the kind of script that the male protagonist is Pian Pianjia, maybe he can raise his son in this respect.


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