After raising them at home for a few days, after confirming that the two had no sequelae last time, Qi Shiqin brought Fulang to Yuecheng.

Wei Jingshu wanted to tell his parents about the pregnancy.

To be honest, Wei Jingshu prefers the prosperous Yuecheng than nesting in a small mountain village. The quality of life alone is completely different, and he likes to go out and wander around, but he glanced at Qi Shiqin next to him with a smile, if nothing happened, this person might be able to stay at home for ten and a half months. .

He keenly noticed Fulang's affectionate eyes, and Qi Shiqin looked around. The place was in the residential area and there were not many people outside, so he quickly leaned in and stole a kiss.

Wei Jingshu slapped him, seeming to be saying that this kind of behavior was too unreasonable, and finally he couldn't hold back, his smile was brighter than the sun.

Zhang was extremely happy when he told his parents about his pregnancy. Worried that no one would take care of him in the country, he planned to let Wei Jingshu stay in the house to raise a baby.

Wei Jingshu was a little moved, and entangled again: "But wouldn't it be so good?" I haven't heard of any family whose married brothers have to return to their parents' home to have children.

Zhang said, "But there is no one by your side who will help your mother to let go of your heart. Moreover, Qi's family is a farmer, and there is nothing good for you at home. You just bring some out by yourself. People may still have red eyes. , Behind the picks and picks, I say bad things about you."

Thinking this way, Zhang was even more dissatisfied. She herself was in the village at the beginning, so she naturally knew the living conditions there and what pregnancy was, she still had to work, and many people ended up directly in the field.

On the other hand, Qi Shiqin was taken by the magistrate of Wei to discuss the matter. In general, it was that his last good skill was reported to the Wei county magistrate by the returnees, so his father-in-law planned to set up a Qing suppression team to serve the country and the people as a good official.

The imperial court has sent troops to fight against tigers a few times, but the effect has not been great, especially in the area where they are located. If this problem can be solved, his performance appraisal this year should be excellent, and reporting it is also a merit.

From his son-in-law, the magistrate Wei seemed to see his hope of promotion.

After hesitating for a while, Qi Shiqin still nodded. Anyway, his teaching hours in the academy are relatively small, and he can't delay much.

Not long after the meal, Wei Jingshu and Qi Shiqin mentioned his plan. His eyes were round and his hands were unknowingly pulling on each other's sleeves, looking like a cute little boy. squirrel. Qi Shiqin touched his hair and said, "It just happens that I have something to do during this period. I just stay here and someone will take care of you."

"What's the matter?" Wei Jingshu asked in surprise.

"It's not a big deal." Qi Shiqin said: "You also know that tigers are more serious here, and you can't manage it in the yamen. Your father wants me to help."

After listening, Wei Jingshu immediately said anxiously: "How do you do that, don't you know how dangerous this is? And I am still pregnant with your child. I don't agree, what should I do if something goes wrong." Thinking of the last time He was angry and afraid of what happened.

"I don't care, anyway, you are not allowed to go." He simply played a trick.

After he finished speaking, Qi Shiqin patiently explained to him: "You know I won't do anything unsure. Anyway, I have been able to kill the enemy on the battlefield for many years. I still have this self-protection ability." He leaned forward and took one. A tender kiss was imprinted on Wei Jingshu's forehead, and he whispered: "Don't worry, you and your two children are waiting for me. How dare I have an accident."

Wei Jingshu's ears suddenly turned red, and Qi Shiqin's deep eyes and deep sexy voice made him unable to help being attracted.

He pulled Qi Shiqin's neck down and leaned in to kiss his lips. Qi Shiqin was taken aback for a moment, and regained the initiative with a smile. Wei Jingshu's eyes were covered with a mist of intoxication, and he could only breathe.

Going back and reporting to Zhou Cuicui, Qi Shiqin started to take a group of people into action. Of course, he would not tell his mother what he really wanted to do. The heart of the elderly is not so good.

After a few days of heavy snowfall, the mountains and forests were all white and empty, and they were lucky enough to meet their goal. The next thing can be said to be quite simple.

One is responsible for starting, a bunch of people are responsible for carrying them back, countless blood blooming in the forest. There is nothing to sympathize with. The lives of the people down the mountain in the past reminded that these dead things were not innocent, but they were the weak and the strong, and the survival of the fittest.

After busying for a month, it was finally time to return.

When he arrived at the Wei Mansion, Wei Jingshu, who had received the news a long time ago, was waiting at the door early. When Qi Shiqin came on horseback, he saw his husband holding his son's hand, and one big and one small gaze followed. When he saw him dismount, he came forward and ran towards him.

"Hey, slow down, you're all pregnant, why don't you care about your body at all." Qi Shiqin smiled and grabbed Wei Jingshu's arm, letting him jump into his arms. And Qi Ge's small group can only hold Daddy's thigh.

With his arms around Qi Shiqin's sturdy waist, Wei Jingshu felt like the world had suddenly stabilized, with a full sense of security. He restrained his tears and whispered coquettishly in Qi Shiqin's ear: "I miss you."

He hugged the person tightly in his arms, Qi Shiqin was very sweet in his heart.

After a while, Qi Shiqin patted Wei Jingshu on the shoulder and said with a smile: "Okay, it's cold outside, let's go back first."

While holding Wei Jingshu's hand, he bent down and picked up the little beanie on the ground, and kissed him, "My dear son, do you miss Daddy?"

Qi Ge nodded, staring at him with bright black eyes, and said, "I think, daddy, you haven't come back for a long time." Since being picked up by daddy, it is the first time he has been away from daddy for so long.

Qi Shiqin laughed out loud and said, "Okay, then father will accompany you and your mother. Have you listened to your mother during this period? Have you done your homework?"

Hearing this, Qi Ge had a small face: "I'm very obedient, but I don't want to study, it's too difficult. But I have to study for my brother." At the end he looked a little serious.

Wei Jingshu followed and said: "Xiao Ge is indeed very good. But you still have to read the book. You need to know the least things. Xiao Ge is very talented in martial arts. It seems that he inherited you."

Listening to my mother's praise, Qi Ge was a little bit ashamed of excitement, and replied in one mouth: "Okay, I listen to my mother."

Qi Shiqin glanced at his excited son, and said to his heart that his husband clearly belongs to the one who needs to be cared for. He did not expect that this stupid son would listen to his mother even more, even his least favorite study in the day. Should be down.

Entering the room, Wei Jingshu picked up the small bowl of ginger soup on the table and proudly said, "This is the ginger soup I specially ordered the kitchen to make for you. Drink it soon, and then go to the hot water to bubble the cold. "

Looking at Xiao Fu Lang with a smile, his eyes were full of praise, Qi Shiqin pretended to take it over and smell it, and then took a sip. Wei Jingshu leaned in nervously and asked, "How is it, it doesn't taste good?"

"Okay." Qi Shiqin gently kissed the corner of his mouth.

Wei Jingshu was a little embarrassed at the moment, and said grotesquely: "You are not serious, go and wash, I will find clothes for you."

After dealing with this stall, Qi Shiqin was ready to go to the academy to have a look. After so long, he asked the dean for a leave of absence, which was not very good after all.

When I arrived at the academy on the second day, there was still the sound of books in the air, revealing a long-lost silence and joy.

I went to my teacher's house and wandered around for a while. When I came out, I was arrested. As the New Year's Eve is approaching, the academy will have the final round of assessment, and then the annual vacation will be held.

And Qi Shiqin is going to replace an instructor who is in trouble.

Qingshan Academy is relatively strict in management, and cheating is never allowed. Serious cases will even be expelled from the academy. However, this kind of thing is always inexhaustible.

After entering the school, each student was already sitting in his place. Qi Shiqin sent down the test papers one by one, saying: "Although you may have heard this many times, the master still has to repeat it. It is forbidden to whisper during the test, especially not. Cheating is allowed, do you know? Otherwise, you will be at your own risk."

"I see, Master." All the students answered one after another.

During the Great Zhou Dynasty, the scholars had a deep pursuit of music. They used the piano to meet friends, use the piano to express emotions, and use the piano to inspire. The style of philharmonic music prevailed.

The gentleman uses the bell and drum to express his ambition, and the piano to play his heart.

In normal communication, you won't be embarrassed to go out with a skill. So many students in this class are actually students of Qi Shiqin.

For example, Qi He, who was winking at him, and a few friends, friends, and friends around him. The people in this class can be roughly divided into three factions, one is headed by Chen Nan and other officials, and the other is the masses who eat melons. This is the party with the largest foundation. The third is a group of people headed by Qi He.

To tell the truth, Qi He, the boy, the appearance of a fox and a tiger, really opened up a new world for Qi Shiqin. No matter how the people behind him got together before, they have been getting along so harmoniously since then. I have to say that Qi Shiqin is part of it. force.

As a representative of the former Qingshan Academy, Qi Shiqin is not bad in his literary skills. The most rare thing is that his teaching is not boring, easy to understand, and fascinating.

When he set up a small stove for Qi He, a group of friends and friends from Qi He would also follow him to take lessons. Except for some people who have no ambitions and are not strong willpower, there are really everyone who comes here and is very serious.

Ignore these mentions, the last time he met the student who was disguised as a man was named Lin Zhu. It should belong to the ranks of the people who eat melons. The whole person has a somewhat reckless personality, but he has a very kind heart.

Currently living in the same room with Zhao Qi, Qi Shiqin, who knows the news, is a bit complicated. If someone knows that Lin Zhu and a man are living together, then this woman may not be so arbitrary in the rest of her life.

Even if Zhao Qi, who lives with her, is willing to marry, Zhao Qi's mother may not be happy that her daughter-in-law can sleep in the same room with her son before marriage.

After distributing the test papers, Qi Shiqin looked around and looked at the students below who were already answering the questions seriously, and he sat down directly at the proposal table. Holding a volume of books in his hand and looking at it, some people used to say: If the scholar-officials did not read for three days, they would not have the righteousness in their chests.

Although he hasn't reached this level, he can still have some fun in this environment that lacks entertainment and has a strong atmosphere for reading.

Time flowed quietly, and suddenly someone below shouted: "Master, Lin Zhu is cheating."

Qi Shiqin raised his head and was talking about a student in the class who had fairly good grades. He asked, "What cheating?"

When she walked to Lin Zhu's face, Lin Zhu's face was already flushed, and she said angrily: "I didn't cheat, you are wronged."

"Huh, I also said that you didn't cheat, so what did you just take out of your sleeve?" The man grabbed Lin Zhu's sleeve and took out a pocket-sized notebook, both 4.5 cm long and 3.8 cm wide. , 0.5 cm thick.

Qi Shiqin took it over and took a look. The text in the volume was about 1 millimeter square, and it was printed by horn engraving. It was a small piece, stuffed into the ground at will, and it was really not easy for people to discover.

"This…this is not my thing, I don't have it." Lin Zhu couldn't argue with words, panicking. She looked at Qi Shiqin and asked for help: "Master, we usually have more contact with each other. You should understand what I am like. How can I do this kind of thing is of no benefit. And I used to The assessment results in here are not bad in themselves."

With that said, Lin Zhu calmed down a lot at once.

The students who watched the excitement around also nodded. Lin Zhu's grades usually go up a little bit in the middle reaches. Sometimes he often performs extraordinary performances when encountering assessments, and he has won scholarships twice.

Qi Shiqin nodded and said, "You two come out with me, and the others do the test papers carefully and hand them in when the time is up. Chen Nan, you help me take care of the discipline."

"Good." Chen Nan nodded, his prestige in the class is relatively high, Qi Shiqin is more willing to trust him than Qi He.

Chen Nan was the son of the prefect. He was arrogant and inaccessible. He also did some unreasonable things. Many students in the class dared not provoke him. But the few times Qi Shiqin had contacted, he felt that this person was pretty good.


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