[The two little girls who can read Li Bai's poems appearing below are He Yue's two daughters, non-traversal. ]

The places where the master of the academy lived were not too far apart. Qi Shiqin took Lin Zhu and Cheng Peng to Master Wang who specializes in handling trivial matters in the academy. It happened that Master Wang was also the teacher of this class.

In comparison, Master Wang knew more about the students in the class than he did.

"Master Wang, there are some problems in the exams here, so I have to help you deal with them." Qi Shiqin said, repeating the matter briefly.

Master Wang nodded: "Well, your exam is important, so go back first." He is very experienced in dealing with this kind of thing. After all, there are so many students who have to fight the Master every year.

Qi Shiqin turned around and returned to the school. There was only occasional rustling of inkstone inside, and all the students were struggling with writing. He nodded slightly in satisfaction, obviously extremely pleased.

After a while, the two students who had gone out came back, but Lin Zhu's eyes were a little red, while Cheng Peng's expression was a little bit happy and proud. Qi Shiqin didn't ask anything, waved his hand to signal them to quickly return to their seats and continue to finish the exam paper.

After this assessment was over, it was almost time for lunch. Qi Shiqin tidyed up the examination papers he had collected, and then sent them to the designated place.

"Madam, I'm here again." Qi Shiqin greeted as soon as he entered the door.

A neatly dressed woman looked up at the door when she heard the words, she put on a gentle smile on her face before seeing anyone, and He Xianya's tone was also soft, saying: "It's just right that you are here, the teacher will prepare the meal. , Just waiting for you."

He was also used to eating meals, and when he heard these words, he hurried over to help serve food. The family gathered during the meal, and the four of them chatted from time to time. It was very pleasant.

While eating, Lin Zhu suddenly ran in from outside, her eyes were still red, and the traces of crying had not completely disappeared. She said: "Dean, I didn't cheat in the exam. I don't know how that thing came from. I don't accept Master Wang's judgment."

Chen Xiang showed up and stood up with concern: "Brother Lin, what happened to you?"

Lin Zhu once helped He Xianya's mother and daughter inadvertently, and the relationship became close as soon as they came and went. The dean didn't know the trivial things that had happened in the courtyard. He asked, "What's the specific situation?" He believed in Dean Wang Fuzi. Although he was more stubborn and rigid, he was honest and selfless. .

Lin Zhu thought of his current identity as a man, tried his best to hold back his tears, and said aggrieved: "I was writing seriously in the school, but suddenly Cheng Peng reported me that I was cheating, but I really didn't copy. , But he grabbed my sleeve as soon as he came forward and found a brochure from it."

Facing someone who is a little familiar, Lin Zhu couldn't help but choked and said, "But…but, I really…not cheated."

Dean Shen stood up and patted Lin Zhu on the shoulder: "Man, you can't say anything about it, don't cry."

Chen Xiang was also worried and stepped forward and gently stroked Lin Zhu's back, and said anxiously: "Father, I believe Brother Lin is innocent, you must pay him back."

After touching his beard, Dean Shen wondered that the child's temperament was still very kind, but the cheat sheet for exams was not necessarily true. He turned to look at Qi Shiqin who was picking up some vegetables and said, "Isn't your kid invigorating the exam? What do you think?"

Qi Shiqin was taken aback for a moment, and said, "I was so fascinated by reading at the time that I didn't notice the movement below. I know a little bit about Cheng Peng. His family is poor and his mother is also very sick. He is very persevering in studying. He often comes to ask me questions. I heard that he has to read until midnight. He is a very hard student. The popularity among his classmates is not bad."

As for Lin Zhu, he had also heard of some things. Lin Zhu didn't have much talent in the classics, but You Shan's poems were even ashamed of him. I really don't know that Lin Zhu, the daughter of Lin Zhu, had such a skill.

Lin Zhu was a little anxious when she heard this, but the person in front of her was her male god, a majestic general in history. She had to say: "I dare to swear to heaven, I Lin Zhu will never copy, Master, you believe I."

Lin Zhu was born in a business and his family is extremely wealthy. The guest house in Yuecheng is her family's property. She has travelled since modern times and found herself in the Zhou Dynasty. Think about the handsome, civilized and military general in the hit TV series. She is so excited that one day she will be able to see her own male god.

Holding the idea of ​​freedom on the one hand, on the other hand, wanting to see the male god up close, Lin Zhu secretly ran to Qingshan Academy to study.

However, the male god saw it, and it was as good-looking as it was described in the history books. But although male gods often smile, there is an unspeakable sense of distance, she doesn't dare to approach, but dares to look far away.

Seeing her anxious look, Qi Shiqin was a little surprised, what he said just now was actually biased. However, Lin Zhu faintly cared about his opinion and had a good impression of him. This makes Qi Shiqin somewhat inexplicable.

He said: "Master, you still need to be aware of the specific situation. I don't have any opinion." He has always thought about strategies when using soldiers in wars. He has never been patient with these intrigues in life.

To be honest, his instinct told him that Lin Zhu did not lie, but what about that? There is no evidence to prove her innocence.

After that, he asked Cheng Peng several times about this matter, but there was no result. Cheng Peng had a good quality in his heart. Everyone used that kind of rhetoric. No one could find out what was wrong, so he had to give up.

When the small stove was turned on again, Cheng Peng still came early and found a close position to sit down. In front of him, Qi Shiqin, who was glamorous in appearance, was looking at it with a book. Maybe it was the loneliness that no one knew after committing the crime. He suddenly asked: "Master, don't you ask me about it?"

Qi Shiqin's eyes were puzzled for a moment. After realizing what he was talking about, he said, "This is your business?"

Cheng Peng said to himself: "Actually, that thing is not mine. I don't have the spare money to specialize this, but the people who want to get him regret it." A smile appeared on his face: "I don't like him, obviously He didn't need to show up. He was from a wealthy family and was still a girl, but he just came here to earn scholarships with poor people like us. It is not easy for my family to pay for the annual tuition. I work hard every day to earn more tuition. "

Only the top three in the class have rewards. The highest is usually given by Chen Nan. Chen Nan is a talented person. Even though his personality is not attractive, he is still convinced.

Lin Zhu belongs to the kind of fun in the usual way, and he makes a surprise before the exam. In addition, his poems are very good, his reputation is well-known, and he is still very popular with the master, and his overall evaluation will be greatly improved. At this time, the scholars liked poetry very much, and felt that using poetry to express aspirations and lyricism can judge a person's quality.

Most of the ranking in the class depends on the score on the test paper, but the teacher's usual evaluation of this person is also very important. Usually it is not to see whether a person is serious and hardworking, but to see his communication, etc., the communication of scholars, is not the poetry club or the like.

Some people get high scores for doing things, and some people are not liked by everyone, but they can still live well, not stunned by the crowd. Chen Nan and Lin Zhu are the second type of people.

In fact, gender is not the most important thing. The one that makes Cheng Peng feel disgusting is the other one. He leaned forward slightly and his eyes were very malicious: "Isn't Lin Zhu relying on his poems to win the Master's love and let everyone Worship? What if he didn't write this poem?"

Thinking that the leader of the conference hosted by the academy last time was forced by Lin Zhu to snatch it from him, he was disgusting. Although he doesn't like Lin Zhu, who doesn't like to stay at home, run into men's piles, and talk to men all day long, but if those poems that can be called quatrains are really written by Lin Zhu, he can admire them. Talented girl.

In the heart of Cheng Peng before, although it was impossible for him to marry such a woman who lived in a house with a stranger, this did not prevent him from appreciating her talent.

Qi Shiqin looked at him in surprise: "You said… she didn't write those poems?"

This year's students, however, said that Lin Zhu is the leader in poetry, and it is not an exaggeration to say that it is praised by everyone.

Cheng Peng did not answer directly, but said: "Once I went to the Fahua Temple to offer incense and discussed Lin Zhu's poems with a few friends in the back mountain. The talk was going up and I suddenly heard a girl's chuckle.

Turning around, we saw two well-dressed and well-groomed little girls. The one who laughed at us was a lively character. She said: "Who did you just say that this poem was written? Lin Zhu? Isn't this Li Bai's?"

Seeing that we didn't believe it, she went on to sing a few other poems casually, saying that they were poems by Li Bai, Bai Juyi, Du Fu and others. These poems are all beautiful lines that can last forever. "

Speaking of this, Cheng Peng showed an obsessive look on his face. He was a person who loved poetry very much. He soon recovered and continued: "The little girl said some of the poems I heard Lin Zhu said, but some No, we talked about it for a long time, and when I came back, I wrote down all these poems and I will try to appreciate them every day.

At that time, I didn't realize that Lin Zhu was copying others, because the girl was dressed up as rich and honorable. I thought she might have heard it from somewhere. After all, Lin Zhu's poems were spread throughout Yuecheng's literati circle.

Until one time the dean organized everyone to participate in a competition, this time many people were invited, and the subjects were temporarily designated by the magistrate. And the poem written by Lin Zhu is on my desk!

Later, I asked someone to ask him quietly, and he said that he wrote the poem at that time. Then I took advantage of him to be drunk and asked him if he knew who Li Bai was. "

Cheng Peng said blankly: "Doesn't he like to copy? Just let him copy enough at a time. I'm not so cruel, exposing his identity as a woman, so that she can't get married, but I don't want to watch such a disgusting thing every day. Jump in front of me. If she doesn't quit school for a day, I won't let her go. It's a pity that I can't find the girl that day, otherwise I must make Lin Zhu look good."

After he finished speaking, he sighed again: "It's a pity that those people with brilliant literary talents are in the hands of powerful and powerful, and they are not free, otherwise those poems will be enough to keep them famous forever."

Li Bai? Du Fu? ? ?

Qi Shiqin had never heard of these people, but based on his own situation, Qi Shiqin felt that Lin Zhu might have the same experience as him, but time and space are different.

He now also remembers some of the ancient quotes from his previous life, but he never thought of taking them as his own. If he hadn't disappeared from his childhood, he might have stolen a few of them. But now, he is extremely talented, and he is also stained with a bit of literati pride and disdain.

After a moment of silence, Qi Shiqin said: "Why are you telling me?"

Cheng Peng said: "I just don't want the master to misunderstand me." Of course, people who are interested in Lin Zhu will not believe it. It's just that there is no definite evidence. Cheng Peng knows it too, but he doesn't want the people he admires to feel that his character is improper. .

"Don't worry, I won't tell others about this." Qi Shiqin said.

Gradually, the others arrived, and Qi He smiled and said, "Uncle, I'm late."

Qi Shiqin nodded. He didn't have too specific time, and he didn't care. He motioned for him to sit down quickly, and then started to explain with the book.

It was getting late, and within a few days, the academy announced the results of the assessment. The Chinese New Year was about to come. The academy gave everyone more than a month of annual leave. The students packed their things and brought the schoolboys. , One by one went home.

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