The snow is getting thicker and thicker, and the air is full of cold breath. When Qi Shiqin came to Dean Shen to bid farewell, he unexpectedly found that Lin Zhu and her book boy were also there, and he nodded slightly.

Lin Zhu tried to suppress his inner excitement, and walked over and said, "Master Qi, have you not returned home yet?"

Qi Shiqin stopped: "Yeah."

Seeing that she hadn't said anything, she raised her footsteps to go again. Lin Zhu quickly stopped and said, "Wait…wait!"

"What's wrong?" Qi Shiqin looked at each other. Lin Zhu stammered for a long time and couldn't say a word. She just wanted to spend more time with the male god. This nervousness made it even more difficult to find a topic. "No…nothing."

Hearing this nonsensical conversation, Lin Zhu wanted to slap herself sober and sober. In Qi Shiqin's puzzled eyes, she forced herself to suffocate a sentence: "I… I heard from classmates that the Master would often give lectures to some students in private. , Can I come over and listen next semester? I don't think I'm outstanding in other aspects except poetry."

After she finished speaking, she felt a little frustrated. The most dazzling poems were not her own skills, but copied from her predecessors, but her own brain was completely incompatible with the poems, and she couldn't think of it when she tried to break her head. A decent one.

She wrote a song that she used to be familiar with in a moment of anxiety, but was praised by the master, and it was circulated throughout the academy.

The academy used to hold various activities, chanting poems and writing is as common as eating, Lin Zhu is often invited by other students.

As a result, she felt a little difficult to ride a tiger.

Some students have done something like writing a small note for the exam, but if she privately embezzles other people's work as her own, she will really lose her reputation and the academy will expel her.

So she can't expose her shallow foundation in poetry, isn't that equivalent to telling others that she copied it.

One step is wrong, Lin Zhu has struggled from the very beginning to the present indifferent. She thought that in this world, she probably knew these things, and it didn't matter.

Qi Shiqin looked at the nervous forest bamboo in front of him, and remembered Cheng Peng's words, he rarely kindly reminded him: "Aren't you afraid that people will discover your true identity?"

"Huh ~ what?" Lin Zhu couldn't recover for a while because he had never been seen through.

"Actually, I have never understood what you little girls think. If you comb a man's hair and change your voice a little bit, you think that others will not recognize it." Qi Shiqin said in a tactful tone.

He wanted to ignore these, but this smooth and white neck had no Adam's apple, and his ear piercings were about to grow up, but he looked like a girl.

Not to mention, few people in this world really recognize it, but Qi Shiqin's main purpose is to hope that Lin Zhu will never come back. Since he knew the truth of the matter and didn't intend to help Lin Zhu clear the stains of cheating, it would be fair to remind him in this regard.

Without involving his own interests, Qi Shiqin is always willing to do some small good things to balance his conscience.

Lin Zhu was obviously not frightened. Her wide-open eyes showed that she was incredible, and then she even said with a bit of joy: "Master Qi, you are still the first person to find out, it's really amazing."

If she was her male god, it would be safer for Da Zhou to have such a powerful general guarding her.

Thinking about this, the look in her eyes became more beautiful, Qi Shiqin had to admit that the girl's eyes were the most attractive, and she looked forward to it.

"Teacher, you've found out a long time ago, so I'm sure you won't talk about it anymore." Lin Zhu unconsciously said with a hint of flattery, "Teacher, you can help me, I don't want to marry someone so young that I haven't even met People from the school. This is what I finally won from my father. I also want to experience the joy of learning. I like everything in the academy very much."

Thinking that he had persuaded him, Qi Shiqin no longer cared about it, nodded in agreement, and said, "I have something to do, so I will be out of company first."

"Master, go slowly." Lin Zhu screamed joyfully behind him.

It was still early, and Qi Shiqin was familiar with his teacher's study, and Dean Shen was painting a picture of Kazuki Samui in the courtyard.

Although there were two pots of burning charcoal at his feet, the big open window still didn't let the warmth in the room.

Qi Shiqin teased and said, "Master doesn't care about his body so much. I guess I will nag again when my wife sees it."

"Your sister loves to worry about it, my body is tough. Come and look at my painting, and take a look at the poem by the way."

Qi Shiqin touched his nose, knowing that the little old man wanted to test himself again, he walked to the table to observe this picture of proud snow and cold plums, the plum blossoms were in full bloom, and there was even a lot of snow accumulating on the petals of its branches. . Although copying from the window, the scenery does not stop there.

After taking a closer look, he had inspiration in his mind, and he just started to write with a pen and splashing ink.

"Wear the plum blossoms and the wind

Snowdrifts are all over the four mountains

How can you become a hundred billion

One plum tree and one wengong"

His calligraphy is elegant and handsome, full of spirit and spirit, elegant and natural, and he changes the structure and the style of his writing. He is ingenious and does not have the traces of pretentiousness.

"Good, good." Dean Shen couldn't help clapping his hands and exclaimed: "Your writing is getting better and better. It is not elegant, qualitative but not wild, not irritating but not harsh, and gentle. And this poem is also very suitable for me. It's okay."

He laughed out loud, and he was extremely happy.

Qi Shiqin said: "Thank you very much for the teacher's cultivation. If the teacher were not willing to give the students the authentic work of Wang Tingzhi, who is known as the world's number one book, the students would not have the results today."

Dean Shen's heart is stunned, is that what he is willing to give! ! !

This B*stard had been playing the original idea, but he was absolutely defensive and still couldn't prevent it. After being drunk by the B*stard, he didn't know his mind and lost it.

Although the disciple has made progress, he is very happy, but his heart is also very painful! That's the real work of Wang Tingzhi!

"Walk around, didn't you say that your husband is pregnant? Go back and accompany him more quickly, I don't need you here anymore." Dean Shen hurriedly pushed people out, seeing nothing, he couldn't speak as a teacher. Forget it, it's not good if you can't hold back to export after a while.

"Hey." Qi Shiqin smiled: "The student, I just left."

"Hurry up." Dean Shen waved his hand impatiently like catching a fly. After Qi Shiqin left, he showed a satisfied smile, and looked at the painting with love, preparing to take it out someday to show it off.

Although it is the season of heavy snowfall, the street is still a lively scene. As the Chinese New Year approaches, more pedestrians will come out to buy things.

The hawkers were full of energetic, melodious and tactful shouts from time to time, and Qi Shiqin had already prepared the supplies for the New Year with the housekeeper, so he was not in a hurry.

On a cold day, Qi Shiqin couldn't help but bought a large bag of chestnuts steaming with sugar. He couldn't wait to go home, so he took two of them and tasted it. The taste was very delicious. Enjoying humming a little song, Wei Jingshu hadn't woken up when he got home. Since his stomach began to show, he was sleeping more and more, and he often didn't want to wake up in the morning.

"Jing Shu, get up, look what I brought you back." Qi Shiqin put the bag close to Wei Jingshu's face, and the fragrance of chestnut dipped through the oil paper.

Wei Jingshu was indifferent, and even wanted to slap him away. He lifted the quilt up and covered his entire face in it, indicating that he did not want to cooperate.

Okay, Qi Shiqin changed his goals and looked at his sleeping son on the side of the bed.

Children are more lethargic, especially in winter. Of course, warm quilts are even more attractive, and they still lie in bed with his mother, which makes Qi Ge both novel and satisfying.

His biological clock has gradually tended to the instinct of a child under the love of his parents. He woke up with sleepy eyes in the morning, looked at the parents next to him, and fell asleep in a daze. He is also helpless when he has a parent who likes to sleep late, Qi Ge thought about it cutely.

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