Qi Ge's temper is obviously much greater. He sniffed the aroma of food and opened his moist black eyes: "I want to eat."

Qi Shiqin: "Wake up if you want to eat, OK? We are going home today. Your grandma is killing pigs today. Let's go back and see the excitement."

"Then I want to eat one first." Qi Ge agreed very much, and then opened his mouth wide, waiting for his father to feed him.

After eating it, he got out of the bed. There was a brazier in the room, but it was not cold. Qi Shiqin helped him hand over the clothes piece by piece, a small group of clothes was seriously dressed, and no one was needed to help.

The serving maid also brought the wash water. Wei Jingshu also woke up after the tossing. He was no better than his own son, standing by the bed and letting the servants get dressed.

After finishing their late breakfast, they got into the carriage, which was softly padded with animal skins, and it didn't feel cold while holding the hand warmer.

When I approached the village, I heard a sound of howling pigs. When I got to the ground, I just caught up with it. The pigs were sorely screaming and surrounded by people watching the excitement. Many men gathered to help, the white knives went in and the red knives went out, and it didn't take long for the pig to stop moving.

Everyone carried it into an oversized wooden container, which was filled with hot water. The pig killer took out tools to get the hair off the pig, and interested people also helped.

Several women in the Qi family were busy with their feet on the ground. After discussion, they would eat here at noon. Of course, they had to do something good when they killed the pigs.

By noon, some of them had already followed to the next house to kill pigs, while others had stayed close to each other. The Qi family put the two large square tables together to force people to sit down completely.

Everyone had a lively meal together. After everyone had finished walking, the atmosphere calmed down. Zhou Cuicui shouted to Qi Shiqin: "Little Liu, did you bring the red paper I asked you to bring?"

The red paper Zhou Cuicui mentioned is the one for the couplet. On weekdays, the village buys it at the market. This year, his son came back, so naturally he didn't have to go.

Qi Shiqin: "I bought it back."

Zhou Cuicui: "Then you have prepared the couplet these few days, it's almost the New Year, and we will post it at that time. It looks festive."

"Good." Qi Shiqin readily agreed.

Zhou Cicui again ordered several daughters-in-law to clean up the entire house and spotlessly clean. It was only two years after the large blue brick house was repaired, and it was cheap to tidy up.

After busy working all afternoon, the whole house looks refreshed and pleasant.

The New Year is about to pass. The past few days seem to be particularly relaxed. The whole village is full of cheerful atmosphere. Qi Shiqin took out the written auspicious couplet and pasted it with the paste from the kitchen. The next day was New Year's Eve. Zhou Cuicui always felt that there was something shortcoming in the house, so he took Qi Dalang and his wife to the street to see and buy some.

"Hey, stick this picture to the gate." Wei Jingshu said.

Qi Shiqin glanced at it: "It's okay."

Before the door, there was a fierce knock on the door, accompanied by an unceremonious cry: "Open the door! Open the door! Don't blame us for being impolite if you don't open it again!"

The little milk dog reacted first and yelled at the door fiercely, trying to deter the bad guys. Other people in the family heard the noise and they all came out. Qi Shiqin said to Wei Jing's book: "You go back to the house first."

Wei Jingshu knew that it was not safe to have a big belly, his eyes were worried, and he urged in an uneasy voice: "You be careful." He took Qi Ge's little hand and took his son back with him.

Squeaky——The door was opened by Qi Shiqin, and he looked at the visitor blankly: "What's the matter with you?"

The gluttonous thugs beckoned, and the younger brother brought up a man with a bruised nose and swollen face behind him. Qi Shilang drooped his eyes and called out: "Sixth brother." Then he lowered his head and said nothing.

Zheng cried and rushed forward: "Shiro, what's wrong with you? What have you guys done? I…I want to report to the official."

"Heh!" The leading thug sneered: "Reporting to the official? It is justified to pay off the debt, and it is useless for you to report to the official. Qi Shilang owes two thousand three hundred taels of silver in our gambling house. As long as you pay it back, then everything It's easy to say, but if you don't pay it back, hum, then don't blame us for being impolite."

"This, how is this possible?" Zheng Shi couldn't believe it, she said: "What you said is false, right?"

She shook Qi Shilang's shoulder vigorously, "You tell me, what he said is false, right?" Seeing Qi Shilang's ashamed and sad eyes, she yelled, "How can you do this? Ruined our home!"

Qi Shilang suddenly broke free, and ran forward to hug Qi Shiqin's thigh, and said bitterly: "Sixth brother, you, you save me, I don't want to be chopped off! You can't see you. You can't save it! Sixth brother."

Qi Shiqin resisted his fourth brother's nose and wiped his tears on his clothes. Although his relationship with the fourth brother was not close, it was not easy to leave it alone. He asked: "How did you owe so much money?"

"I, I don't know. I often ran over to play a few games and had a hand addiction. During this period of time, the more I gambled and became emotional, they were willing to make me owe money, so I just… I was just like that. Sixth brother, you must save me, I will never dare anymore."

The leader said: "How? Are you paying the money, or let me cut off his hand?"

Qi Shilang shuddered in fright, and begged even harder.

Qi Shiqin: "We won't have so much silver for a while, you have to give us some time."

The leader said: "Okay, then I will give you three days. If you still can't deliver it by then, we will be blamed for being ruthless. After all, we run a gambling shop instead of a shantang."

After putting down the cruel words, a group of people huffed and left.

Qi Shiqin doesn't understand this aspect of gambling shops. Even in modern times, his family is wealthy, he has never been in touch with this aspect, and his brother keeps his eyes on it every day. However, the sentence of repaying debts is right and right. This matter is a willingness to fight and a willingness to suffer, and he has nothing to do.

However, the gambling shop could make Qi Shilang owe so much, which made him feel a little inexplicable. To know that a few hundred taels of ordinary farmers' families would be enough to ruin them.

And if the Qi family divides Qi Shilang out, the gambling shop really won't get a penny. What is the purpose of opening the gambling shop? Of course it is silver!

Zhou Cuicui, who came home knowing that he owed a huge debt in his family, immediately passed out angrily. Qi Shiqin hugged his mother quickly, and shouted in panic: "Mother, mother, wake up."

"Little Ge, hurry up and find Doctor Li, and run faster." Qi Shiqin hurriedly turned his head and said to Qi Ge.

Qi Ge responded, and soon disappeared.

Not long after, Doctor Li sat on a round stool to give Zhou Cicui's pulse: "This is a faint caused by too much mood swings and shortness of breath. The problem is not big. I will write you a prescription to adjust it and keep a steady state of mind. "

"Thank you Doctor Li. Jing Shu, come here for the consultation fee." Qi Shiqin escorted Doctor Li out all the way.

When she returned to the bed, she silently held her mother's hand and used her own abilities to help her maintain her body. She was anxious for a while, but she really didn't expect this.

It didn't take long for Zhou Cuicui to wake up: "Little Liu, what's wrong with me?"

"Mother." Qi Shiqin took Zhou Cuicui's hand and comforted: "Doctor Li just came to see him, and said that you fainted because of a momentary anxiety. You are so old, why don't you know to take care of your body? What's the matter, how uncomfortable we children should be."

Zhou Cuicui rarely showed a gentle smile. She patted the back of Qi Shiqin's hand with her hand. In a blink of an eye, she remembered the bad news before she fainted. She couldn't help but tears and her voice trembled: "Where is that unfilial man? Let him roll over. ."

Qi Shilang moved over from the corner, did not dare to lift his head, and whispered: "Mother."

Zhou Cuicui got up from the bed fiercely, and grabbed Qi Shilang with a beating: "You beast, you are so bad at having a hard time at home, so why don't you just die, why don't you just die? What are you doing at home? There is not enough money to fill this hole!"

"Mother, save me, I don't want to die yet!" Qi Shilang knelt on the ground, perhaps at this moment he was scared and regretted.

After scolding for a long time, the mother and the wife started crying when they hugged each other.

Everyone was persuading, and someone outside shouted: "Is Qi Shilang in the house? Your lady jumped into the river."

Everyone was shocked, Qi Shilang hurried out, although the two had never had children, but the relationship was still quite deep, otherwise he would not have been guarding the hen who did not lay eggs.

All the way to the river, He Yuezheng was helping with some first aid, Qi Shilang pushed people over: "Get away!"

He Yue fell and squatted and said angrily: "Don't you see that I am saving your lady?"

Qi Shilang ignored her and cried and hugged Zheng on his own. Perhaps He Yue's first aid was useful. Zheng gradually came to his senses and saw her husband holding her. She cried and said, "What are you doing to save me? You are forcing me to die when you do this kind of thing. It just so happens that I don't want to live anymore, you let me go."

Zheng pushed away Qi Shilang's hand and wanted to jump into the river again, Qi Shilang hurriedly stopped.

Dr. Li also rushed over at this time. He had also heard of what happened to Qi's family. Everyone in this village who would quickly spread the news, he sighed in his heart, who was stained with a word of gambling. It's really terrible.

"Your lady is pregnant." Doctor Li said after taking the pulse.

"What?" Zheng was surprised, with a touch of joy in his eyes. This is the child they have been looking forward to for so long. Soon, the bright light disappeared again.

"Haha, I…I have children, I have children." Qi Shilang said incoherently excitedly.

"What if you have it? Follow you, the gambler father, every day, fear and fear?" Zheng asked: "I was born and raised this child by myself. I want to go back to my natal family. I will not let my child have a gambler. Father's."

She knows the heart of the gamblers in the village. Qi Shilang used to itch a few small bets. She had persuaded him at that time, but Qi Shilang still went secretly. Later, she saw that Qi Shilang was still very measured and never played big, so she simply followed him, but she didn't expect that this indulgence would cause a big deal.

Qi Shilang stopped Zheng and said, "Don't, don't go, OK, it's all my fault, I will definitely change it in the future, and I won't bet anymore."

"Is this something for the future? You can't protect yourself now. Where do we get so much money from?"

Qi Shilang said: "Yes, yes, we still have Xiaoliu, he must have a way. Xiaoliu, you save the fourth brother, the fourth brother will be yours in the future, okay? Xiaoliu." He couldn't help but kowtow on the ground, and his forehead quickly dripped with blood, looking embarrassed, pitiful and hateful.

Zhou Cuicui: "You caused trouble by yourself. What did you do to embarrass your brother? Xiaoliu doesn't owe you." She was also sad, but she was not happy to think that her younger son was embarrassed. It was counted as Wei Jingshu's dowry. The family might be able to Make up enough money, but why should people take out their dowry?

For women and brothers, that is the guarantee for them to settle down in the future.

If the other daughter-in-laws had something to say, but the county magistrate stood behind Wei Jingshu, she couldn't let her little son look up in front of husband Lang from now on.

Wiping a tear, Zhou Cuicui said: "We will buy some from each of our houses, and then we will look for old houses in the village. I don't know how much money we can have. You have to rely on you for the rest. As for Xiaoliu——" Zhou Cuicui glanced at Qi Shiqin distressedly with tears in his eyes: "You often buy things from home on weekdays, and it is estimated that there is not much left, but this is related to the life of your fourth brother. You are a little bit more. Set aside some and keep some for your own household, and you will leave it alone in the future."

After that, Zhou Cui Cuixin seemed to be torn apart, and this home was destroyed like this!

The Wu family curled their lips, reluctantly, this is not their own husband, anyway, she will definitely not have much money at that time. But at the moment, she did not dare to hit the gun head.

"Mother, don't cry." Qi Shiqin put Zhou Cicui's arms in his arms, leaned her face in her arms, and lightly patted her back with her hands: "How can I care about this family? I will always be my mother's son. Do I want to live a good life on my own, but watch my mother suffer, then I can't do it. Don't worry, I'll ask someone to ask about this. It's nothing serious. I'll go later. It just so happens that the teacher should pay it back now. at home."

"My son." Zhou Cuicui cried bitterly, and it took a long time to calm down some emotions: "Don't force yourself, if you can't help it, then it's fate. You helped the family so much, you don't owe anyone else. Dean Shen has helped you so much, thank you so much, the relationship is mutual, we can't always let others help, you know?"

"Okay, I see, I know how to measure it." Qi Shiqin took the handkerchief that Wei Jingshu handed over and gently wiped the tears off his mother's face.

After sending Zhou Cuicui back, Qi Shiqin breathed a sigh of relief.

In fact, he has no opinion on paying back the money, and he doesn't care about other people's careful thoughts. As far as he is concerned, he has no shortage of silver. In addition to the obvious, there are also a lot of invaluable things in the space. Anything that can be solved with money is not a problem.

In this family, his eldest brother has taken him with him since he was a child, and he is often picked up by his eldest brother when he is studying. Feelings are free. And the second brother, I have to say that this is a person who is very good at getting along with others, he can make you willingly give him some benefits, and it is also a kind of love for Qi Shiqin.

As for the other brothers and sisters, he doesn't actually have much affection.

Of course, the most important thing is his mother. Qi Shiqin is more of an Oedipus and can't stand his mother's discomfort.

"Are you going to the city now? Do you want me and Xiao Ge to accompany you?" Wei Jingshu asked Qi Shiqin to change his clothes. He is not opposed to Xianggong to help others, this is a capable man, he believes that he will not endure hardship.

Of course, some of the precious jewelry Qi Shiqin gave him also played an important role, and Qi Shiqin's monthly business was also in charge of him.

Regarding the financial power of the family, Wei Jingshu was very interested, Qi Shiqin also let him, anyway, the family, he did not plan to spend any money.

Qi Shiqin said: "This is more than two thousand dollars. It doesn't matter if the money comes out. I have to find out about the situation." He kissed Wei Jingshu's white forehead. "You will teach your son to study later, let him Finish the assignments."

Because Qi Ge listened more to his mother's words, Qi Shiqin asked Wei Jingshu to teach together. In the study, they taught his son together. Then Wei Jingshu leaned on the recliner and looked at the script, while Qi Shiqin read some books. The picture was very harmonious and beautiful.

Of course, Qi Ge, who has been doing his homework under his parents' noses, feels that the beauty is not beautiful, then it is unknown.


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