When he arrived in Yuecheng, Qi Shiqin first went back to the mansion, settled some bills on the account, took the bank notes in his arms, and was about to go to the casino to have a look.

The environment inside was noisy, and many people roared and blushed with thick necks and was full of alcohol. Qi Shiqin asked several people about Qi Shilang, but found nothing, so he had to pay the debt for him first.

Tomorrow is still a good year, Qi Shiqin turned around and planned to go to the Yinlou to buy a piece of jewelry for his mother, shocked!

At the entrance of the alley, Qi Shiqin stopped: "What are you doing with me?"

A man came out from the dim corner, his face was yellowish, his body was like a stick, and his mouth was full of yellow teeth with a smile: "You…are you Qi Shilang's brother?"

Qi Shiqin nodded: "Are you?"

"Hey." The man smiled wryly: "I know what you want to know, and I can tell you too, but—"

Qi Shiqin knew clearly: "As long as you are telling the truth, then I will give you a hundred taels of silver, but if you dare to lie to me…" He picked up a stone on the side of the road, squeezed it with his hand, and when he opened it, the stone would become thin. The face-like stone foam flows down from the cracks of the fingers.

The skinny monkey widened his eyes, swallowed, and habitually showed a flattering smile. Qi Shiqin's big yellow teeth made Qi Shiqin's head tilted unbearably, "Say it."

"Hey, in fact, the little girl from the He family found me a month ago and said that as long as I let Qi Shilang become addicted to gambling and make him owe a lot of money, she would give me a sum of money. And only a few hundred taels are not enough. , The more the better, so that she will give me more." The thin monkey said after finishing his words: "Sure enough, it is the most poisonous woman's heart. This woman is good enough."

Qi Shiqin frowned: "She met you in person? How would you know her?"

The skinny monkey wanted to move forward again. Qi Shiqin took two steps back because of the smell of wine. He stopped going forward and said indifferently: "She was wearing a cloak at the time, and her voice was lowered."

Then he said with disdain: "But I have not forgotten the voice I have heard of Skinny Monkey. I was in the same village as her, and the girl who married from the He family came back and built a big house for her family. I know clearly. I know all the rich in our village." Of course, he knows people well, and no one else knows him.

Qi Shiqin said: "Then logically she gave you a lot, why are you still looking for me?"

The skinny monkey's smile was extremely greasy this time, and he shyly said, "In fact, as early as when she came to tell me the request, I was ready to get another silver. After all, she didn't give me a seal. Fei, don't worry, my skinny monkey's words are guaranteed to be true, and this is all well-known."

Qi Shiqin drew a silver ticket and handed it to him: "You take it."

"Okay, thank you, uncle." The skinny monkey kissed on the bank note, bent over and bowed, laughing happily: "Uncle, please go slowly."

This is a damn individual talent! What made him feel sick, that big yellow tooth! It's not working anymore.

Knowing the truth of the matter, Qi Shiqin was not in a hurry to go home, and went to the Yinlou as originally planned to buy a gold bracelet for Zhou Cicui. Zhou Cuicui liked this, she was big, valuable and golden.

Then he carried the mynah that Wei Jingshu complained about. The mynah was black all over, with two mung bean eyes bright and dark, and his body was smooth and thin, but his mouth was a little bit cheap: "What are you doing? What are you doing? Don't speak? You talk to me for a while."

Qi Shiqin lowered the black cloth on the cage to block the light. Mynah suddenly jumped up and down inside: "Oh, it's so dark, you open it for me."

After a long while, seeing Qi Shiqin did not move, it mingled with gold and retreated, ready to take a break and talk.

When we got home, the door was unlocked, Wu's greeted him first, and said with a smile: "Xiao Liu came back, and you were not there just now, but a good thing happened. Our three younger siblings actually sent us 500 taels of silver. This It's a brother after all, breaking the bones and connecting the tendons."

She carefully looked at Qi Shiqin's expression. Her two sons hadn't finished their studies yet, so don't let her uncle spend all her money on her fourth brother. Ask her to say that this is what she deserves, she doesn't have a brain, and it hurts others.

Hearing what happened to He Yue, Qi Shiqin's eyebrows flicked a trace of disdain. Since he did it, he still earns the gratitude of others so hypocritically.

Said to the second wife: "This is what she should give us."

Wu clan looked at his younger uncle's gloomy brows and didn't dare to say anything.

Hearing the voice, Zhou Cuicui also came out and took Qi Shiqin's hand: "How is the matter?"

"I returned the silver, it's okay." Qi Shiqin calmed Zhou Cicui's emotions. He took out the bracelet he bought and said with a smile: "Mother, this is the bracelet I bought for you. See if you like it or not."

"Like to like." The matter had been resolved, Zhou Cuicui was relieved immediately, she had already said with a smile before seeing anything.

This gold bracelet has always been bought in a relatively simple style, but it looks great and looks good. It is different from the ones bought in the past. Zhou Cuicui immediately loved it: "It's so beautiful."

Seeing that my mother really likes it, Qi Shiqin is also happy. In fact, as long as he bought it, Zhou Cuicui didn't like it.

Mynah heard the movement outside and called out restlessly: "You let me out, let me out."

Wu was surprised: "Where does this sound come from?"

Qi Shiqin uncovered the black cloth, and a pretty bird immediately appeared in front of everyone. Mynah looked at everyone's stunned eyes, and said with satisfaction, "What do you guys see me doing? Although I know I'm growing up." Quite good looking."

The atmosphere was quiet, and then everyone burst into laughter.

"Xiao Liu, what a little bird you bought is really interesting." Qi Erlang said with his aching belly holding his smile.

Although Brother Grackle didn't know what they laughed at, it was sensitive to the sense that it was definitely not an admiration for it. It turned around angrily, facing the crowd, and decided not to talk to these bad guys.

"Oh, it's still angry." Wu Shi pointed to Brother Grackle and smiled.

The angry mynah flapped his wings in protest.

Qi Shiqin immediately took it to the study. Seeing Wei Jingshu, Brother Grackle couldn't care about getting angry. He jumped up and down and said, "Beauty, I finally saw you again. I miss you so much. Beauty, Beauty. ."

Mynah felt that he was a bird different from the mortal world, and it was also different from the other stupid birds in the pet shop. It was a bird with advanced taste.

Just last time during a beautiful day with heavy snow and wind, it met a beauty in a red dress. He opened the curtain, and since then it has fallen in love. It never saw anyone more beautiful than him.

Hearing this peculiar voice, Wei Jingshu ran over happily, hooked Qi Shiqin's neck with his hands, and put on his fragrant lips: "Msang Gong, you are so kind."

"Oh, beauty, look at me, look at me." Mynah jumped anxiously.

Qi Shiqin gave it an angry look: "You said you are a female bird, what kind of beauty is called all day long, and no matter how beautiful it is, it is mine."

Mynah was too lazy to deal with this bad guy, but it was a good bird that broke away from the low-level tastes. Also, what does the mother bird mean?

Forget it, I don't want to, it's still pretty beautiful. As long as it works hard, the beauty's heart must be itss, Mynah firmly believes.

Wei Jingshu smiled and stared at the always dignified Xianggong and a mynah. The family laughed and made noises, mixed with the calls of Mynah, and created a lively atmosphere for a time.

It was dark early in the winter, and it was not until the end of the meal, that is, at the time of early five o'clock, the sky was already dark.

Qi Shiqin wiped his mouth clean with a handkerchief, and said, "I'll go out and come back later."

Zhou Cuicui asked casually: "Where are you going?"

Qi Shiqin had already strode out: "Mother, I'll be back soon, it won't be easy to leave when it's dark."

He still remembered today's mother's fainting, and he had been making trouble for most of the day, and even the celebration of the New Year was a little bit less. If others don't let him have a good year, then she won't even think about it herself.

Qi Shiqin's knock on the door was particularly unceremonious, and Xiao Tao asked loudly, "Who?" The knock on the door was so loud, it was not polite at all.

"Are your parents here?"

Xiao Tao kept the door from entering, staring at Qi Shiqin like a thief, and asked, "What are you looking for with them?"

Qi Shiqin also didn't answer, and shouted directly to the bright room: "Brother, I have something to discuss with you."

Xiaotao glared at Qi Shiqin bitterly, and turned away. If her father saw that she would not let Sixth Uncle in, he would have to give her an angry meal.

As soon as he entered the door, Qi Sanlang took Qi Shiqin's hand and greeted enthusiastically: "Has the sixth brother eat it? We are eating, do you want to taste it?"

"No, I have eaten it." Qi Shiqin said: "I wonder if the third brother knows that the people from the gambling shop today came to the fourth brother for debt?"

Qi Sanlang suppressed the smile on his face, and said solemnly: "I've heard about it. Xiaoyue took 500 taels and sent it to her home. I know it's not enough, but our family doesn't have much money now. We usually It costs too much."

In fact, Qi Sanlang didn't know how much money he had in his family. The cooperation with the restaurant had already stopped. They can be said to be eating their own money and preparing to wait until next spring to make plans. All the money in the family was in He Yue's hands, and he knew that He Yue would definitely not be willing to take out most of it.

But he is also a bit selfish. His wife and children have never had a good life before, and the two daughters are about to find her husband's family, so they should leave some dowry for them. Moreover, five hundred taels is not a small number, and so many families cannot earn so much in their lifetime.

This can be regarded as Qi Sanlang wanting to officially cut off his concern for that family. Perhaps He Yue realized this, and when Qi Sanlang asked her for so much money, he unexpectedly did not object.

"Oh~ Sansao is really generous this time." Qi Shiqin said with a rare yin and yang: "My family is very grateful to Sansao, so much money, everyone has never touched it."

"Qi Shiqin, what are you crazy!" He Yue said loudly, feeling a little flustered for some reason.

Qi Shiqin looked directly at his third brother with both eyes, and said meaningfully: "I went to the gambling shop to pay off my debts and learned a piece of news by accident. I heard that someone had collected money and specifically attracted my fourth brother to become addicted to gambling. The money was really generous, brother…you say, who would spend so much money on a person who has nothing to do all day?"

Qi Sanlang was shocked. If he was someone else, his sixth brother would not make a special trip to tell him, and…

He subconsciously did not want to accept the truth. For Qi Sanlang, letting a person become addicted to gambling is more vicious than letting a person die directly, and what would be ruined would be an entire family.

"What are you talking about? If it's okay, don't delay our meal." He Yue scolded her face calmly, but her voice betrayed her true emotions.

"Heh." Qi Shiqin sneered: "Sansao is really a good method. It's a mere five hundred taels to make everyone fall in love with you. It's a pity that you are a bit unreliable in finding someone to do things. You have given so much money, too. I don't know how to give some hush money. Maybe Sansao doesn't know, the person you are looking for is from your village."

A little change is difficult for outsiders to recognize, but people who are acquainted can still recognize it.

He Yue's face was pale. In fact, she hadn't fully received the memory of the original owner. Most of the original owner's memory was the miserable days of her own life, and those that were too small would be scattered.

It can also be said that she only digested six or seven points of the original owner's memory. So except for the deepest and closest people, she actually doesn't recognize many of them.

Qi Sanlang turned his head stiffly to look at his wife, but he didn't seem to know him anymore. He still remembered that he complained to his wife about his grievances, and his wife helped him wipe his sweat with a smile, comforting him not to care too much. God will always pity those who are grateful and kind.

But now, his lips trembled: "Xiao Liu…Is what Xiao Liu said is true?"

Her husband's unfamiliar eyes made He Yue mad. She cried and cried, "What if it's true? He likes to gamble. Even without my guidance, it won't be like this in the future. You don't know what Qi Shilang is doing. For us, I used to push the job to you, and after the separation, I often said ridicule. Not long ago, I secretly beat our dog to death and eat meat."

She collapsed and squatted down and hugged her legs and said: "You don't know how deep my feelings are for that dog, and the tiger, they are all dead, don't you feel like your home is Is there something missing?"

He Yue cried almost out of breath.

Qi Sanlang felt soft in his heart, and turned hard to say: "These are not reasons for your unscrupulous harm to others. No matter how good a beast is, no matter how bad the fourth brother is, that is my flesh and blood brother."

He couldn't understand why people have such heavy feelings for animals. The feelings can even harm He Yue, but he can feel He Yue's sadness.

He entered the room and went straight to the cabinet where He Yue put the silver, and found the key to open the box. He Yue didn't hide it from him, but he never opened it.

After counting, he took out two thousand three hundred taels, which happened to be the gambling debt owed by Qi Shilang. With this, there was not much left in the box. He did so with trembling hands cruelly.

"Xiao Liu, this is two thousand three hundred taels. As for the ones that Xiaoyue sent in the afternoon, it's our apocalypse. We are sorry for you." He tried his best to smile, but tears rolled in his eyes.

Qi Shiqin suddenly felt that the money had become heavier, he opened his mouth, still said nothing, and went home with the banknote.

After he got home, he went straight to the study, intending to hide the money. Seeing He Yue's appearance shouldn't be spoiled anymore. In this case, it is not a rare thing to let the Qi family keep a share of gratitude.

The things in the study are too neat, and what Qi Shiqin brought back was actually a part of the bank notes plus some silver ingots. There were a lot of money, and he had to find a good place to hide it.

To tell the truth, Qi Shiqin didn't know how his brain was ridiculous at this moment. He just thought that Wei Jingshu was in charge of the money at home, and he had some private money stuffed in the corner. Ahem~Although he is a man with space abilities, it is a man's pleasure to hide private money.

He was thinking that the silver could not be discovered, but he forgot that he could let Wei Jingshu help with it.

So after he hid it, at the moment Wei Jingshu came in, the nasty Grackle screamed like a justice messenger who consciously attacked the evil forces: "Beauty, that bad guy is hiding his private money behind your back. Under that table, go and take a look."

Damn it! You are a silly bird, why do you know what private money is! Qi Shiqin was simply unable to complain.

And you talk so quietly, does the store know?

"Hehe." Qi Shiqin gave a smirk, and then took back his expression after realizing that it was not in line with the style of painting, and said with some guilty conscience: "In fact, it is not private money."

Mynah continued to tease: "Private money, private money, the villain hides private money."

"Shut up." Qi Shiqin glared at the noisy mynah, "I yell again, I will stew you tomorrow."

Mynah suddenly shorted his arrogance by a foot.

I kept calling Qi Shiqin a big bad guy in my heart.

He took out the hidden silver: "This is it, I just went to the third brother's house… This is what he gave me, a total of two thousand three hundred taels, I think this is also very good, everyone. It's not bad to live a good life." He explained the causes and consequences to Wei Jingshu clearly.

At this time, Zhou Cuicui opened the door and walked in. She first looked at Brother Grackle: "I heard your cry all the way back, so what do you say?"

The mynah suddenly became energetic, and his cry was clear and loud: "Two thousand three hundred taels, from Brother Three."

what? Zhou Cuicui turned his head and saw the pile of silver on Qi Shiqin's desk. He stepped forward and counted the amount of gambling debt owed by his fourth son. But isn't it paid back?

There was no smile on her face, and she said, "Little Liu, what's going on?"

Qi Shiqin was like a kid who did something wrong, bowed his head and stood obediently: "Mother."

"Tell me the business." Seeing the child of the always-spirited son, Zhou Cuicui had a strange feeling in her heart. She had never experienced the feeling of educating children when the youngest son was a child.

So Qi Shiqin didn't dare to hide anything, and said everything again. By the time he finished speaking, Zhou Cuicui was already full of anger, showing that he was very angry: "You child, you feel pitiful when you see people crying, why don't you think so? It's not pitiful to think of your fourth brother. He became addicted to gambling inexplicably and owed a debt. He might get it in the future. It's his own business, and she can't decide what it will be in the future.

And how pitiful your sister-in-law is? Her husband will not give up the addiction afterwards, she almost jumped into the river and died, that is, one corpse and two lives. "

After finishing talking, she touched Qi Shiqin's dejected head, half distressed and said: "Mother didn't want to scold you, you, since I was a child, I can't stand it. Don't read books for too long, go to bed early. I have to get up early tomorrow."

When she reached the door, she turned around again and said, "Since the silver has been collected, you should put it away and don't leave it everywhere."


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